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Islamic Paradise and Fanatical Jihad

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For centuries, pirates sponsored by the Muslim Ottoman Empire’s four provinces on the North African (Barbary) coast of the Mediterranean had preyed on European shipping. These Barbary Pirates from Tripoli, Algiers, Tunis, and the Sultanate of Morocco had begun capturing American ships and ransoming their crews in 1784. Because the new American nation had no Navy, the Spanish advised the American Minister to France, Thomas Jefferson, to pay the Barbary Pirates tribute as economic protection. In fact, the Tripoli Pirates threatened war against the United States unless they paid tribute. In March 1786, Jefferson and John Adams met with Tripoli’s envoy to London. They asked him by what right Tripoli and the other Barbary Pirate provinces had to make war on nations that had done them no injury. His answer, according to Jefferson, was a classic brief on the Islamic doctrines of Paradise as a reward for Jihad:

“The right was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

Jefferson and Adams recommended against paying a tribute, rightly reasoning that it would only encourage more piracy. Congress, however, did not feel they had the means to resist. When Jefferson became President in 1801, he rejected paying tribute to pirates. He won the war with a strengthened U.S. Navy and Marine Corp in 1804, remembered ever after with the Marine Corp Hymn celebrating victory on “the Shores of Tripoli.”

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Burns Chronicles No 23 – Terrorism Enhanced Penalties v. Due Process

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So far, ten of those charged in United States v. Ammon Bundy, et al, have pled guilty, and the eleventh is soon to follow. They are, as follows:
  • Jason Blomgren (Joker J), pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Brian Cavalier (Booda), pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge and a charge of possessing firearms or dangerous weapons in a federal facility.
  • Blaine Cooper, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Travis Cox, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Eric Flores, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Wesley Kjar, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy
  • Corey Lequieu, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Joseph O’Shaughnessy, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy
  • Ryan Payne, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Geoffrey Stanek, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge.
  • Jon Ritzheimer, scheduled to plea
So, why are they pleading? Is it because they really think that they are guilty?

Most, if not all, of those above have been “intimidated” or “threatened“, by federal prosecutors, either directly, or through their appointed counsel, that a Terrorism Enhancement could result in a sentence of 30 years, possibly for each count.

Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket

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Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly defended an embattled banker during an official visit to Bangladesh while Clinton Foundation officials tried to steer money from an Abu Dhabi oil company into the banker’s coffers.

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation traced the convoluted payment by TAQA — formally known as the the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company — to Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank.

Yunus is a long-time friend and Clinton Foundation donor.

Study: Nets Squash Hillary’s Terror Woes to Scold Trump’s Gun Remark

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Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should have been forced to deal with campaign messes on Tuesday, but the three networks only treated the Republican’s problem as a huge gaffe worthy of extensive coverage. ABC, CBS and NBC deluged viewers with more than five times more coverage — 25 minutes and 35 seconds versus 4 minutes and 41 seconds —  to Trump’s “Second Amendment people” remark than they did to the father of an ISIS-inspired terrorist sitting right behind Clinton at a rally in Orlando, Florida.

CBS pounced on Trump’s comment that “maybe” “Second Amendment people” can do something about Clinton’s judges, highlighting the story for 14 minutes and 24 seconds on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. In contrast, the Evening News and CBS This Morning hosts allowed just a scant 59 seconds to Seddique Mateen, the father of a man who murdered 49 people in an Orlando night club, attending a Clinton at a rally on Monday.

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State Dept. shuts down questions on Clinton Foundation emails

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A State Department spokeswoman said Wednesday that the agency does not believe Hillary Clinton violated any ethics requirements by interacting with Clinton Foundation donors.

"We feel confident that all the rules were followed," Elizabeth Trudeau, State Department spokeswoman, said amid a backlash over previously undisclosed emails that showed the special access foundation donors enjoyed in the early months of Clinton's tenure at the agency.

Trudeau shut down questions during the agency's daily briefing about emails that suggested a Clinton Foundation official had informed one of Clinton's top aides that it was "important to take care of" an individual whose name was redacted. Clinton's aide responded that the agency was working to find him a position.

New photo of Hillary being propped up so she wouldn’t fall

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 Hillary propped up by man in L.A., April 2016

The photo above shows Hillary Clinton being firmly held up by a man on her right side (Man #1) to keep her from falling over as she leans slightly forward speaking to the crowd with a microphone in her left hand. Man #1’s right hand is clasping Hillary’s right hand, while his left hand grasps her upper arm.

Another man on Hillary’s left (Man #2) has his right hand and arm extended, ready to assist her. Behind Hillary is an obscured third person (Man #3) whose extended hand can be seen reaching out under Hillary’s left elbow.

Hillary may also be using adult diapers for incontinence. According to National Enquirer, the humble supermarket “tabloid” that broke the stories of former Democratic VP candidate John Edwards’ adultery and out-of-wedlock child, and actor Charlie Sheen’s HIV and off-the-charts bisexual promiscuity:

Naw, who would have thunk : A New Study Finds That Men Are Weaker Today Than They Were 30 Years Ago

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A New Study Finds That Men Are Weaker Today Than They Were 30 Years Ago

Think you’d beat your dad in an arm wrestling competition when he was your age? Bad news: he’d probably kick your ass.

Men today are weaker than they were 30 years ago, research in the Journal of Hand Therapy found.

In the study, men aged 20-34 have lower grip and pinch strength – which measures how strong your hand and upper extremities are – than the same aged guys did three decades ago.

In fact, the average grip strength for men ages 25-29 is nearly 12 kilograms lower today than it was before.

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Hillary Can’t Fill High School Gym in Iowa – Trump Sells Out 12,000 Seat FL Arena

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Alexander @alexmorat
At a jam packed BB&T TRUMP RALLY. The Dems are lucky to have a few thousand. Just wait till November.

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NC: No Menu? At The Beefmastor Inn, That’s No Problem.

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It’s a Friday night in Wilson, and Cliff Watson walks into The Beefmastor Inn with a drink in his hand. There are only 10 tables in the restaurant, and all of them are full.

Watson announces his party of four and is told there will be at least a 30-minute wait. He looks delighted and chirps, “Sounds great!”

“You bring a group, you put your name in, and then you tailgate while you wait,” Watson says matter-of-factly. He’s a veteran of this routine, having eaten at The Beefmastor through a series of owners — the current owner is Chad Ellis, who started as a waiter before purchasing the restaurant in 2007. Watson once tailgated at The Beefmastor for four hours on New Year’s Eve. He admittedly doesn’t remember much about the actual meal once he made it inside.

Watson takes a sip of his drink, exchanges hellos with Patrick Mitchell, who Ellis describes as his right-hand man at the restaurant, and heads back to the asphalt parking lot. Soon, Watson will be leaning up against his car, drink in hand, at least a half-hour away from getting a table, and it seems like he’s … pleased?

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250 (*214?) Half-Starved North Carolina Heroes v 25,000

 "Don't surrender this fort!"
The war nearly over in early April 1865 and Southern regiments vastly outnumbered and starving, the defense of Fort Gregg by the decimated Thirty-seventh North Carolina demonstrated the resolve to continue the struggle for independence. Like the earlier heroic defense of Fort McAllister in Georgia, Fort Gregg can be easily compared to the embattled Texians at the Alamo.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Two Hundred-fifty Half-Starved North Carolina Heroes

“The Federal infantry soon came into sight. One Mississippian later wrote: “Ah, what a contrast, what a soul-sickening spectacle to behold. 25,000 men, flushed with recent victory, to be hurled against 250 . . . half-starved heroes, whose hearts of steel [quailed] not even at such fearful odds.”

“About ten o’clock the enemy commenced charging with four or five lines,” Lieutenant [Dallas M.] Rigler [of Mecklenburg County] would write a few years after the war. “We did not fire until they were within forty yards, and then gave them one volley; they wavered, and then the first line gave way; the second came forward, and came within thirty yards of the fort. We yelled and fired – they stood a few seconds and then broke. The third retreated also, but the fourth and fifth came to the ditch around the fort.

While this fighting was in the front, one line came in the rear and almost got inside the fort through the door. About twenty men charged them, drove them back. About eleven o’clock they scaled the walls of the fort, and for several minutes we had a hand to hand fight. We used the bayonet, and killed almost all of them that came on top.”

Private [Angelum M.] Garrison [of Mecklenburg County] chronicled: “A man of Company D, of our regiment, volunteered to shoot while three of us loaded, and we did the best that was possible. This soldier of Company D took good aim, and I think he must have killed or wounded scores of the enemy.”

Twenty-year old Lieutenant [Dallas M.] Rigler would conclude his story of the defense of the fort:

“About half-past eleven they attempted to scale the walls again. We met them with the bayonets, and for several minutes it was the most desperate struggle I ever witnessed; but it did not last long. Soon they were all killed or knocked back, and then a deafening shout [arose] from our boys. [But] by this time the ammunition was almost out, and our men threw bats and rocks at them in the ditch. No ammunition would we get, and after a short struggle, they took the fort, and some few did fire on us after they got possession, but their officers tried to stop them.”

General [Cadmus] Wilcox would add this, viewing things from outside the fort while in the Confederate lines: “As they [Federals] appeared at this point [Fort Gregg], they were either shot or thrust off with the bayonet . . . Again and again this was done. At length numbers prevailed, and the parapet of the little work was thickly covered with men, six [Northern regimental] flags seen on it at one time; and from this dense mass a close, and of necessity destructive fire, was poured down upon the devoted band within.”

(The Thirty-seventh North Carolina Troops, Tar Heels in the Army of Northern Virginia, Michael C. Hardy, McFarland & Company, 2003, pp. 228-229)

Watch Out, Hillary: After His Speech In Detroit, Donald Trump Is Back


DONALD TRUMP’S hard-hitting economic speech in Detroit this afternoon is his big move to regain control of the narrative of the presidential election: Do we want four more years of subpar economic performance and increasing chaos overseas? Most voters don’t want a third Obama term, which is what Hillary Clinton represents. Polls show that by an overwhelming margin Americans think the country is on the wrong track. But two weeks of eye-rolling, self-inflicted wounds have emphatically played up the only theme that can get Clinton into the Oval Office: Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be our Commander-in-Chief.

Trump has to hammer two big issues: the economy and security (both here at home and overseas), and Detroit is part of the reset. (Astonishingly, Hillary Clinton is doing her part to help Trump get back into the game by compulsively bringing up her emails, spinning more lies and utterly implausible explanations.)

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Much ado about nothing: Donald Trump didn't threaten Hillary Clinton, Sen. Jeff Sessions says

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Sen . Jeff Sessions said Donald Trump's controversial statements about Second Amendment supporters putting a stop to Hillary Clinton appointing Supreme Court Justices were not a threat against the Democratic presidential nominee.

"What I think he's saying is Second Amendment people care about this," Sessions told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "Hillary Clinton's position on the Second Amendment is that she will appoint a judge that will make it not a personal right which means that any state and any city in America can completely ban firearms."

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Second largest 2-month drop in global average satellite temperatures. Largest 2-month drop in tropical average satellite temperatures.

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NOTE: This is the fifteenth monthly update with our new Version 6.0 dataset. Differences versus the old Version 5.6 dataset are discussed here. Note we are now at “beta5” for Version 6, and the paper describing the methodology is still in peer review.

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2016 is +0.34 deg. C, down 0.21 deg. C from the May value of +0.55 deg. C (click for full size version):

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Do hackers have Huma’s home videos of Hillary?

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The 4chan user, posting anonymously, said “SHTF (sh*t will hit the fan) in 48 hours.
“Huma Abedin is the leak.

“Private videos of Hillary shot by her to be released,” the post reads.

The post alleges they were videos of Hillary Clinton in meetings that “prove treason.”

The post claims Russia Today has the videos — given to them by J.A. (likely Julian Assange) — and will air them likely Saturday.


The Decline of Civility

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One of the unavoidable consequences of youth is the tendency to think behavior we see today has always been. I’d like to dispute that vision, at least as it pertains to black people.

I graduated from Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin High School in 1954. Franklin’s predominantly black students were from the poorest North Philadelphia neighborhoods. During those days, there were no policemen patrolling the hallways. Today close to 400 police patrol Philadelphia schools.

There were occasional after-school fights — rumbles, as we called them — but within the school, there was order. In contrast with today, students didn’t use foul language to teachers, much less assault them.

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CNN Leads Unhinged Media in Attacks on Trump Disguised as ‘Reporting’

Another exciting week in the 2016 Trump Presidential Spectacular and another week of political obituaries predicting Donald Trump’s imminent demise.

Serious question: How many political obituaries have these people written about Mr. Trump since he descended into the fetid American political swamp on a glass escalator last summer?

But this time they really mean it!

Yeah, these people are about as credible and reliable as President Obama drawing red lines in Iran or Syria.

And just as we are learning that women and children in Syria were gassed with chlorine that may or may not have been funded with $400 million in laundered ransom cash President Obama had flown into Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane, the American political media was seized with the notion that somehow Donald Trump is crazy.

Well, if gassing children and sending my hard-earned tax money to the world’s largest theocratic sponsor of terrorism is sane, then please tell me where the hell the line for crazy is!

It was widely speculated in every corner of the media last week that Mr. Trump suffers mental illness.

His campaign staff has turned “suicidal.” He is “unfit” to serve, according to the current president who is overseeing the gassing of children in Syria and sent our tax money to the terrorists in Tehran.

If another campaign had begun such unfounded and scurrilous rumors, it would be a “dirty tricks” scandal. But when the media foments such unfounded and scurrilous rumors, it is called “reporting.”

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Multiple Officers Shot In Ambush, Suspect In Standoff With SWAT

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Two Arkansas police officers were shot Wednesday morning as police descended upon a house in which the shooting suspect had taken refuge.

The officers were taken to a hospital in Fort Smith. A deputy who was shot was reported in critical condition and was taken into surgery.  Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells was also taken to the hospital but has since been released.

TV stations KHBS/KHOG reported the suspect was identified by the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department as Billy Jones of Greenwood, who the station said was described as “having negative feelings” toward police. A large number of weapons were inside the house where the suspect had taken refuge, witnesses said.

From a wall at Ft Benning

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Went to basic at Bragg. 

"I'll tell you what used to piss me off about Special Forces. We would deploy to some third-world hole in the wall country on a classified mission. We would ruck for days over mountains and through jungles to reach a village populated by "stone-aged throw-backs to evolution", and when we got there, there would be a "Green Beret-wearing SOB", sitting there drinking hot coffee and reading that morning's edition of the Fayetteville Observer Times."

 --SFC Pete St. Pierre, US Army Rangers

Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

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 Seth Rich Bloomingdale2

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.