Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CNN Leads Unhinged Media in Attacks on Trump Disguised as ‘Reporting’

Another exciting week in the 2016 Trump Presidential Spectacular and another week of political obituaries predicting Donald Trump’s imminent demise.

Serious question: How many political obituaries have these people written about Mr. Trump since he descended into the fetid American political swamp on a glass escalator last summer?

But this time they really mean it!

Yeah, these people are about as credible and reliable as President Obama drawing red lines in Iran or Syria.

And just as we are learning that women and children in Syria were gassed with chlorine that may or may not have been funded with $400 million in laundered ransom cash President Obama had flown into Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane, the American political media was seized with the notion that somehow Donald Trump is crazy.

Well, if gassing children and sending my hard-earned tax money to the world’s largest theocratic sponsor of terrorism is sane, then please tell me where the hell the line for crazy is!

It was widely speculated in every corner of the media last week that Mr. Trump suffers mental illness.

His campaign staff has turned “suicidal.” He is “unfit” to serve, according to the current president who is overseeing the gassing of children in Syria and sent our tax money to the terrorists in Tehran.

If another campaign had begun such unfounded and scurrilous rumors, it would be a “dirty tricks” scandal. But when the media foments such unfounded and scurrilous rumors, it is called “reporting.”

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  1. Just a question - where did the $400 million come from? I thought Congress was the branch that controlled the purse. If I have missed a definitive answer on this I apologize. But aside from the fact that the money was a clear ransom payment to a terrorist supporting regime, the appropriation of funds by the executive branch without congressional oversight is blatantly unconstitutional (as if that matters anymore).

    1. (as if that matters anymore).