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$20 at the grocery store in 1998, 2005 and 2012

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Sheriff To File Charges Against Colorado Democrat Leadership

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Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County, CO is going to press for an investigation against the Democrat leadership for extortion and influencing public, elected officials. The Dems are angry at the very large group of state sheriffs who testified against the anti-gun legislation. Sheriff Maketa made his serious statements on the radio station KVOR, the Jeff Crank show, in Colorado Springs between 9:30 - 10:00 AM. He will file charges with the Colorado State Attorney General's office. Sheriff Maketa got an email from the Dem leadership to back off and change their collective positions on gun control or the Democrat legislature would hold up or stop legislation that effects sheriff's pay throughout Colorado. Sheriff Maketa went on to say that this threat to pay does not effect him personally, but does other sheriffs in the state.

Daughter of North Carolina Patriots: Mary Lyde Williams

“Mrs. Marshall McDiarmid Williams, a portrait artist of renown, living in Faison, Duplin County, here first opened her eyes to the light of day in 1866, as Mary Lyde Hicks, daughter of Captain Lewis T. and Rachel (McIver) Hicks.” Her father, who commanded Company E, Twentieth North Carolina Regiment….was the grandson of Captain Thomas Hicks, who not only fought for independence in the Revolutionary War but was also a member of the Provincial Congress from 1774 to 1778. He was descended from the Hicks family of Virginia, an old and honored family of that State, whose ancestral line goes back to Sir Robert Hicks of Glouster, England, and through him to Sir Ellis Hicks, who was knighted by the Black Prince in 1356.

Mary Lyde William’s husband was the son of Captain John Marshall Williams of Cumberland County who first enlisted in the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry, and later in the Fifty-fourth North Carolina Regiment with brother-in-law Colonel K.M. Murchison and serving under General Stonewall Jackson.

Mrs. Williams spent her girlhood largely as a student in the Faison Academy and St. Mary’s School at Raleigh…and studied [portrait painting] under F.G. Fisher at Washington, D.C., and afterwards under Alexander of New York. In a few years she began to paint portraits and soon achieved a State reputation, being known today as one of the foremost portrait painters of the South. In the State Building in Raleigh….she has many portraits of jurists and philanthropists. The walls of the Confederate Museum at Richmond are adorned with Mrs. William’s portraits.

Mrs. Williams is also well-known in the United Daughters of the Confederacy, of which she was State President from 1912 to 1914, and she was on the advisory board of the Women’s Confederate Home at Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was chairman of the Gettysburg committee for placing the North Carolina Monument at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She was State regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution and also with the Colonial Dames….[and] first vice president of the State Historical Society and formerly belonged to the Council of the Scottish Society. During the Jamestown Exposition she was collector of Colonial antiquities for Duplin County. At the Gettysburg ceremony unveiling the North Carolina Monument in July 1929, Mrs. Williams said:

“[The Daughters of the Confederacy], who inherited a spirit of indomitable courage which so possessed them that they were determined, even in defeat, that the valour of their fathers should be acclaimed, saying of them "They shall be known in every latitude and named in every tongue and down through all the ages their story shall be sung." They said "Come forth O! ye sons of the South! Leave your awkward plows, forget the memory of your beautiful homes in ashes, with only the scent of the magnolia and jasmine left! Lift up our heads ye followers of the immortal Lee and Jackson! Remember, you lifted their names higher and higher until they are written on the horizon in letters of gold, making a celestial height which cannot fade away! Come forth and let us decorate you with the Southern Cross of the Legion of Honor. It is not made of rubies or gold, it has no commercial value but it represents all that was lofty in principle, pure in patriotism and dauntless in courage."

(Source: North Carolina, The Old North State and the New, Archibald Henderson, Volume V, North Carolina Biography, Lewis Publishing Company, 1941, pp. 49-52)

North Carolina’s War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“The Official website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”



Museum brings local history back home


Like fingerprints etched in mortar, the brushstrokes visible beneath the layers of pigment offer a glimpse of the creator behind the image, of a young woman who recognized the raw dignity of faces and images all but invisible to many of her social and cultural contemporaries.

As the daughter of a plantation owner, Mary Lyde Hicks wasn’t expected to take notice of the field hands and laborers that populated the shacks and back roads of her hometown. Born in Faison in 1866 shortly after the close of the Civil War, the daughter of Isham Faison, owner of Faison Plantation, found herself drawn to the images of African-American plantation workers, tenant farmers and handy men of her hometown, many of whom were former slaves struggling to reestablish themselves after the devastation of the war.

Having developed an early interest in painting, Hicks studied under several well-known artists of the day, including F.G. Fisher of Washington D.C. Soon afterward, she embarked on a career as a portrait painter and achieved statewide recognition for her talent and unique subject matter. Today she is recognized as one of the south’s foremost portraitists. Twenty-eight of Hicks painting have survived and are currently on display at the Museum of Archives and History in Raleigh.

In addition to her art, Hicks was also active in the civic life of her community. She served as the state president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy from 1912-1914, and was a member of the board of directors of the State Hospital at Raleigh. Four of her children served in World War II.

In an effort to return a part of the county’s history to its place of origin, Anne Taylor and Inga Flake, of the Faison Museum, recently inquired about purchasing Hicks’ paintings from the Museum of Archives and History. According to Taylor, the paintings, which were donated by Hicks’ son, B.F. Williams, were given to the museum under stipulations that prevent them from being sold. As a compromise, the museum offered Taylor and Flake 11×17, high-quality reproductions of the paintings, which are currently being housed at the Faison Museum.

NC: Remove Obstructions To Concealed Handgun Permits


Over the past two years, many of you have told GRNC that some sheriffs are obstructing concealed handgun permits by either delaying issuance or asking for intrusive personal medical information. Others are imposing extra requirements such as photos, character affidavits and fees for redundant criminal background checks.

1. GRNC has listened. Thanks to Representative Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe, Watauga, GRNC ****), this week will see introduction of the "Handgun Permit Modernization Act," which will:
  • Remove redundant mental health checks: Our CHP law predates the computerized National Instant Background Check System, which for several years has included mental health data. Yet NC CHPs continue to be delayed as sheriffs send forms to local mental health facilities. Worse, some sheriffs have begun requiring physicians to "certify" the mental health of applicants.
  • Stipulate that no additional information or fees may be required: Among the abuses we have seen, sheriffs have had applicants line up with sex offenders for mug shots, while others have required additional background checks (and fees), notarized character affidavits, and even contact information for employers.
  • Limit permit application processing to 45 days: At present, sheriffs are delaying permits for several weeks due to mental health check delays from local facilities.

  • Immediate Action

How to Avoid Rape

Meet Jacob Lew!


Former Newark Airport TSA screener says the job does little to keep fliers safe

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It is perhaps America’s most unsafe airport. Despite being the launching point for one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 — Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania — Newark Airport has had numerous security violations since. The latest: a fake bomb that made it past Transportation Security Administration officers. Here, a Newark TSA screener who recently left the agency tells how silly policies and lazy workers do little to stop real threats:
A LOT of what we do is make-believe.

I’ve had to screen small children and explain to their parents I had no choice but to “check” them. I would only place my hands on their arms and bottom half of their legs, and the entire “pat-down” lasted 10 seconds. This goes completely against TSA procedure.

Because the cameras are recording our every move, we have to do something. If someone isn’t checked or even screened properly, the entire terminal would shut down, as this constitutes a security breach.

But since most TSA supervisors are too daft to actually supervise, bending the rules is easy to do.
Did you know you don’t need a high-school diploma or GED to work as a security screener? These are the same screeners that TSA chief John Pistole and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refer to as a first-class first line of defense in the war on terror.

These are the employees who could never keep a job in the private sector. I wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog.

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The View from Abroad


The United States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and then by nobody. Wny? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East Timor? The hostility puzzles many Americans, who genuinely believe their country to be a force for good, a pillar of democracy, a defender of human rights.

To the rest of the world, none of this is even close.

If you have lived abroad, as so very few Americans have, the explanation for the hatred is obvious: Meddling. Relentless, prideful, uncomprehending meddling, frequently military, often with horrendous death tolls. Americans, adroitly managed by a controlled press, historically illiterate, incurious, decreasingly educated, either have never heard of the American behavior that angers others, or believe it to have been inspired by virtuous motives. Nobody else thinks so. Add to unfamiliarity with the wider world the constantly inculcated assertion that America is the greatest, most wonderful nation ever to exist, a light to the world, a shining city on a hill, and you get a dangerously delusional state. Especially now. In the past, American economic and military supremacy were such that the US didn’t have to care what others thought. The times, they are a-changing.

NC: Progressive Farmer

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 In 1866, Leonidus L. Polk started the Progressive Farmer. His journal eventually served over one million readers. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.

 In 1866, Leonidus L. Polk started the Progressive Farmer. His journal eventually served over one million readers. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.
Originally devoted to agricultural issues in the Tar Heel State, the Progressive Farmer started publication in Winston, North Carolina, on February 10, 1886. Farmer, Confederate veteran, newspaperman, and former North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, Leonidas L. Polk (1837-1892) founded the journal.
The periodical resembled other Polk editorial ventures, most notably the Farmer and Mechanic, a publication of the Department of Agriculture in 1877-79. From the beginning, Progressive Farmer offered essays with practical advice for farm families. The paper also included poetry, politics, and humor that related to farming issues. In 1891, for instance, the tales and sketches of "Zeke Bilkins," a fictional farmer with political interests, appeared regularly. A common practice of "Uncle Zeke" was to use the newly invented telephone to call, pester, and debate politicians on popular and contentious issues. "Uncle Zeke" always won.
Polk and his Progressive Farmer were widely credited with creating an agricultural school in North Carolina. The journal frequently included essays calling for the establishment of a separate college for agriculture and the mechanical arts under the Morrill Act of 1862. The University of North Carolina had been collecting the allotted Morrill money since 1875, but the institution never created a department of agriculture. To meet an increasing need, the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (currently North Carolina State University) opened its doors in 1889.

Rand Paul on Filibuster: I'm Just Getting Started


After filibustering the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA for nearly 13 hours Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he was just beginning his fight to restrain the executive branch, demand more transparency, and ensure the U.S. government does not use drones to kill U.S. citizens on American soil in violation of the Constitution. 


Paul, in a Friday op-ed in the Washington Post, wrote that while the Senate eventually confirmed John Brennan as director of the CIA, "this debate isn’t over."

"The Senate has the power to restrain the executive branch — and my filibuster was the beginning of the fight to restore a healthy balance of powers," Paul wrote.

He said President Barack Obama "still needs to definitively say that the United States will not kill American noncombatants," because the "Constitution’s Fifth Amendment applies to all Americans; there are no exceptions."

Paul said he wanted to "sound an alarm bell from coast to coast" with his filibuster to let everybody "know that our Constitution is precious and that no American should be killed by a drone without first being charged with a crime."

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Second Park ranger: Supervisors pushed sequester cuts that visitors would see

Another federal employee has come forward to claim the Obama administration resisted efforts to ease the impact of sequester.

A U.S. park ranger, who did not wish to be identified, told that supervisors within the National Park Service overruled plans to deal with the budget cuts in a way that would have had minimal impact on the public. Instead, the source said, park staff were told to cancel special events and cut "interpretation services" -- the talks, tours and other education services provided by local park rangers.

"Apparently, they want the public to feel the pain," the ranger said.

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Pro-gun voters put heat on Democratic senators


Back during the Clinton era, the Democrat faced a choice: support an assault weapons ban urged by a president from his own party and risk angering constituents who cherish their gun rights, or buck his party. He chose the ban, and nearly lost his Senate seat.

Now, as he begins his campaign for a seventh term, Baucus faces the question again. For weeks, gun foes have sought assurances he would oppose the assault weapons ban. But it was only this past week he said he would oppose it.

That decision alone doesn't settle the issue for his re-election campaign. His opponents are watching closely, eager to pounce as he navigates a series of other gun control proposals, including an expected call for universal background checks.

Baucus' predicament is one that a group of Democrats like him in the West and South are facing. They hail from predominantly rural regions of the country where the Second Amendment is cherished and where Republicans routinely win in presidential elections.

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Ryan: New GOP Proposal Will Balance Budget Using ObamaCare Repeal

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Rep. Paul Ryan of Janesville said Sunday his new budget will promote the repeal of Obamacare and balance the federal budget in 10 years.

Ryan, appearing on "Fox News Sunday" said Americans were owed a balanced budget, and his proposal as chairman of the House Budget Committee would include enough cuts to get there in 10 years.

Ryan said the focus of the ObamaCare repeal would be to stop the expansion of Medicaid, which serves low-income U.S. families.

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UPDATE: Number Of U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Two Weeks

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On February 22, "Right Views" reported that a growing number of firearm companies have suspended the sale of guns to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens' rights to own them.

In just two weeks, the number of companies participating in what has been named the "Firearms Equality Movement," has more than tripled from 34 companies to 118.

The Police Loophole lists every company and links to the statements that each has released regarding their new policies.

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Hypocrite! Gabby Giffords husband Mark Kelly buys AR-15 (which he called ‘assault weapon’)

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It’s amazing what hypocrites so called anti second amendment gun activists are. Gabby Giffords herself was photographed shooting an ‘assault weapon’ before the 2010 election to try and gain ‘street cred’ in her district for that election which is pro second amendment. Since being shot in the head by a nut job, she’s become very anti-gun, which I can obviously understand, going through what she had to. But her husband, Mark Kelly is a different bag all together. Kelly is also riding the anti-second amendment train, probably profiting off it from left wing anti-second amendment groups.

Recently, Mark Kelly called an AR-15 an ‘assault weapon.’ Yet Breitbart has revealed that Kelly recently purchased an AR-15 AND a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona. Don’t worry though, Kelly says he doesn’t plan to keep the AR-15 (uh huh.) Here’s a picture of the hypocrite Mark Kelly actually paying for the AR-15. Mark Kelly is a cheap attention whore and this is likely to pardon the expression back’fire’ in his face.