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Defensive Considerations for Resistance Forces

Resistance/insurgent operations should be inherently offensive in nature. Defensive operations by guerrilla forces should be the exception that proves the rule. Whether the goal of such an operation is to protect the personnel and physical infrastructure of a widely dispersed guerrilla base in the mountains, a rural farming community that provides foodstuffs for the logistical support of the resistance, or an individual survival retreat homestead, the old cliche that the best defense is a good offense holds true.

Nevertheless, defensive protective operations may be critical to support and/or facilitate further offensive efforts, as well as to prevent enemy penetration of resistance-controlled territory and destruction of critical resistance support infrastructure. Defensive operations are conducted to resist, defeat, or destroy an enemy assault only in order to facilitate follow-on offensive actions. Otherwise, the resistance element should always choose to evade contact with an attacking enemy force, choosing to fight on their own terms instead.

The Fall Of Saigon April 30, 1975: 37th Remembrance

Leaving for the NC PATCON tomorrow and won't be back until late on the 30th, so I will put up my yearly, heart felt post. After eight years, the saddest day of my life.

My boss and good friend, Bob Goodpaster took this of me while I was covering a demonstration.  May he RIP and also the American, VNCH and allied troops who breathed their last here.

TET, Little Saigon, Westminster, California 1976/77?

"Remember the Americans who fought and died for US.
We may have lost the battle, but we won our freedom"


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How Well I Remember: 700 Million For SV in 1975

Screw the unions

Intrade odds 2012

The Republicans to control the House of Representatives after 2012 Congressional Elections

Last prediction was: $7.84 / share
Today's Change: -

The Republicans to control the Senate after 2012 Congressional Elections

Last prediction was:

Your Obama reelection cheat sheet

’m going to try to build a little cheat sheet that Nealz Nuze readers can use when then get into the inevitable arguments with voters involved in the national suicide pact to reelect Barack Obama.  For the first portion of the cheat sheet I’m going to rely for the most part on some data gleaned from a column by U.S. News & World Report editor Mort Zuckerman.

Here are your talking points.
How about a job?  About 15 million Americans of working age have no job and are looking for work. 

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Florida Man Mistakes Girlfriend for a Hog, Shoots Her

Life at home for one Florida man  got a lot more complicated when he accidentally shot his girlfriend in both legs thinking she was a hog.

Flagler County Sheriff's deputies say 52-year-old Steven Egan was hog hunting Saturday night with   girlfriend Lisa Simmons  at a hunting camp off a rural county road in Flagler,  in the northern part of the state.

Around 7:30 p.m., officials said, Egan shot at a hog and then left Simmons behind in the tent to go look for it.  When he heard a noise in the woods he fired his gun again, thinking it was the animal.

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Ever the victim........

In the face of any sort of opposition, credible or rhetorical, the default position of Democrats/Communists/Fascists (but I repeat myself) has been to whine like little bitches with an acute case of vaginitis.  Case in point, "Eugene Robinson" wrote an OpEd for the Indystar with this quote,

the extreme language we hear from the far right is qualitatively different from the extreme language we hear from the far left -- and far more damaging to the ties that bind us as a nation.
Which is complete and utter bullshit.  Allow me to quote our sitting President.
  If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.
we must punish our enemies.
Mmmm mmmm mmmm, Barack Hussein Obama......  But evidently there is nothing "disturbing" about that language.  How about this gem?

argue with [people], get in their faces
Or this one?

If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.

Michigan university's Jim Crow museum began with founder's Alabama finds

 We're going to play this race card until the last dollar trickles in.

Via Billy

The objects displayed in Michigan's newest museum range from the ordinary, such as simple ashtrays and fishing lures, to the grotesque — a full-size replica of a lynching tree. But all are united by a common theme: They are steeped in racism so intense that it makes visitors cringe.

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Confederate flag prom dress keeps TN student from celebration

  1. Here we go again. Another useful idiot school administrator.

Gibson County High School senior Texanna Edwards was — like many of her classmates — looking forward to her prom last Saturday.

But Edwards didn’t get to attend because of her attire — a knee-length red dress decorated with bright blue stripes and white stars inside the stripes. The school’s colors are red, white and blue, but the dress resembles the controversial Confederate battle flag.

Edwards, 18, said she wasn’t allowed inside the prom after school officials told her the Confederate flag prom dress was “offensive and inappropriate.”

“We asked why they thought that, but they kept saying the same thing over and over,” she said Monday.

 “We kept asking people walking inside — black and white — and everyone said they loved it. Two black women even went off on the principal. They were upset with the principal. No one was upset with me.”

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Stop Corporate Welfare of Ex-Im Bank

President Obama’s most recent push focuses on promoting manufacturing and doubling America’s exports. A February White House release reports $3 billion was rolled back into the U.S. Treasury since 2005 as a kind of profit from Export-Import Bank loan activities. Authorization for the Ex-Im Bank expires in May 2012. Legislation is in the hopper that would extend that authorization; opposing legislation also exists that would terminate the program. Question is, what does the Ex-Im Bank really accomplish?

Established in the 1930s under an executive order by FDR as a portion of his New Deal bureaucracy, the Ex-Im Bank was to aid in financing and facilitating exports and imports between the U.S. and other nations or agencies, and specifically the Soviet Union. Loans (direct and intermediary for re-loaning) to overseas customers would be given, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. In return, foreign customers would agree to purchase products from certain producers -- a win-win for recent loan customers such as China National Nuclear Power Corporation, the failed Solyndra, General Electric, Boeing, and the failed Enron, all having been politically favored by the Ex-Im Bank.

In the 2011 annual Ex-Im report 44 percent of $32.7 billion in federal financial aid went to just three corporations -- Boeing, General Electric and Black and Veatch International, an engineering firm. That’s $13.5 billion in help securing export business they should have been able to secure for themselves. Critics say this is corporate welfare and subsidization. Candidate Barack Obama was one of those critics. In a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, September 22, 2008, he said the Ex-Im Bank was “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.”

The Ex-Im Bank awards and serves very few who profit tremendously from the program. A Cato Institute analysis reports that awards of the Ex-Im Bank process are “redistributing resources from the productive sector to its chosen clients.” This is a distortion of the economy, and inserts politics into commercial decisions in an attempt to “correct market failure” in cases of supposed unfair competition.

The “unfair competition” argument is sure to be a major talking point for both Democrats and Republicans who support extending the Ex-Im Bank’s charter for several more years, and also extending the loan cap upwards to $113 billion, or even $140 billion as in the case of H.R. 4302 (1 sponsor) and companion bill S. 1547 (1 sponsor). However, according to the Cato Institute article cited above, "The claim that the bank supports U.S. exporters who face unfair competition from subsidized firms abroad is unverifiable, as the bank does not publish figures regarding the extent of this countervailing activity."

While Americans continue to see a ballooning national debt already over $15 trillion, and their once-secure futures ransomed, it’s crazy to allow these bureaucrats to provide advantageous funding for private corporations while the fact remains that taxpayers are significantly exposed to billions of dollars of risk through potential defaults for Ex-Im foreign loans and loan guarantees in a highly volatile and faltering global financial market. Take it from the Ex-Im Bank Mission statement page: “We assume credit and country risks that the private sector is unable or unwilling to accept.”

Contact your representatives here and let companies and foreign customers find their own private funding sources. Real growth comes from honest competitiveness, not market manipulation. Have them support H.R. 4268, the Export-Import Bank Termination Act of 2012, to end unfair polices of an agency whose activities are outside the enumerated powers of the Constitution.


Your Friends at The John Birch Society

Rubio, Gingrich, Romney and Carter

Fat chance on getting help from Tea Party/Ron Paul supporters.  Talk about the kiss of death

The “Progressive” brand — for what does it stand?

Yesterday we learned that Representative Allen West (R-FL) was disinvited from an NAACP fundraiser in his home state of Florida. Last week, West had commented that “I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.”
West, who came under fire for his controversial comments, responded by penning a piece in The Hill:
My colleagues in the Congressional Progressive Caucus have taken umbrage with my equation of their ideals with those of communists. Why? Why shouldn’t we have this discussion? What part of their agenda are they trying to hide?
We must be able to openly discuss how our fundamental freedoms are being slowly chipped away by an over-reaching nanny state that has bit by bit slipped its tentacles into every aspect of our lives, from the types of light bulbs we can use to the size of our toilet tanks.
In a follow-up interview with TheStreetTV, West commented that “…when you look at the history of the Communist Party, when it came to the United States of America, back at the turn of the century, they rebranded themselves and called themselves ‘Progressives’”:

Arrest made in racially tinged beating of Mobile man; suspect and victim had feud (Updated)

Via Billy

Police today arrested Terry Rawls, one of the men accused in the mob-beating of a man in the city’s Pleasant Valley community.

Rawls, 44, declined to comment as police led him to a squad car to take him to Mobile County Metro Jail on a first-degree assault charge.

Mobile police spokesman Cpl. Christopher Levy said authorities made contact with Rawls Tuesday night and that he turned himself in today. Levy said 2 to 3 additional arrests are possible. Chad Tucker, a spokesman for the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office, said no additional warrants have been issued.

Rawls has a lengthy criminal history, including a previous conviction for first-degree assault, according to court records.

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An Afghan police commando's story – video

 On 16 April 2012 the Taliban launched their most ambitious ever attack on Kabul, targeting parliament and the diplomatic enclave. The assault caught the city by surprise, but so did the response of Afghanistan's security forces, who for perhaps the first time ever were fully in charge of the fight against the insurgents.

When multi-media project Kabul: A City At Work got exclusive access to police commando Hamidullah – captured on camera in his bloodied combat fatigues – he became the face of Afghan heroism. This is his story …

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Black voters favor NC marriage amendment 59 to 31%

Via Rebellion

The constitutional amendment on marriage appears poised to pass, but a new poll shows support slipping two weeks before the May 8 primary.

The Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday shows 54 percent of primary voters support making marriage between one man and one woman the only legal union recognized in North Carolina – down four percentage points from a month ago.

Read more here:

One Arrested In Matthew Owens Beating

Wednesday 12:50 p.m.
BREAKING NEWS: Mobile police make first arrest in the Matthew Owens beating case. Witnesses say Owens was beaten by a mob of 20 people.

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Anders Breivik: Too Sane for Comfort

My brother has just been to stay with me in Italy. He may be a top London lawyer, but he is a mixed-up liberal lefty. He has lots of rich Muslim clients—a mere coincidence, no doubt.

“Muslims make no distinction between church and state. The church is the state,” I told him. “That’s OK, is it? I mean, in London, in 2012? They’ve even got Sharia courts now, I hear.”

I suggested that one fine day in London the punishment for homosexuality, adultery, and apostasy might become death by stoning.

So he said: “You wouldn’t be able to say what you’re saying in London. You’d be arrested for incitement.”

“Not even in private at a dinner like this?”

“You wouldn’t be invited.”

“So four wives is fine, is it?”

“They need the permission of the other wives.”

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Editors Choice at 500px

Hasselblad Wedding by Daniel Krieger (smoothdude) on
Hasselblad Wedding by Daniel Krieger

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Kids think we're better off dead

A 12-year-old girl has responded with the stunning “I wish we didn’t exist” to questions about how she feels about pollution and humanity’s impact on the earth, according to a new video released by Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America.”
The response came from a 6th-grade girl identified only as Kalie, from Gault Elementary. Sussman met her during Earth Day events in Santa Cruz, Calif., recently, where he traveled to ask “What is the most serious threat facing mankind?”

“Kalie has been green-washed to the point where she readily admits, ‘Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist,’” Sussman reported.

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Samuel L. Jackson: 'Hell Yeah' Guns Should Be Legal


"The Avengers" co-star Samuel L. Jackson sounds like most celebrities while discussing the Trayvon Martin case.

He says the shooter in Martin's death, George Zimmerman, should be in custody even though Jackson doesn't know all of the relevant facts in the case. No one does at this point. But Jackson's stance on guns isn't so predictable.

"I dont mind people having guns, I grew up with guns in Tennessee."

Asked if he still owns a firearm, Jackson replies, "Hell yeah. I'm not going to be the one without the gun when the people who have guns show up." 

Tenth Amendment a Waste of Ink?

Via Buy-A-Gun Day

 An agressive attack on the Tenth Amendment was posted recently at RedState entitled The Tenth Amendmenters and it states;

“There is much talk here on these pages and on other conservative sites that the Tenth Amendment is some broad grant of state’s rights. Many argue that because of the 10th Amendment, the federal government cannot wade into areas that traditionally have been the province of state governments. However, to assert that argument is to read way too much into the Amendment as stated.”
And further the Federalists bowed to the demands of the Anti-Federalists;

“As such, they viewed a Bill of Rights as being superfluous within the constitutional framework. Still, to abate these unwarranted fears (in their estimation) they gave into the Anti-Federalists and agreed that the first Congress would take up a Bill of Rights. In fact, the first eight amendments are essentially lifted from state constitutions in existence at the time.

 Almost as afterthoughts, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments were added.” — The Tenth Amendmenters
Afterthoughts? For an “afterthought” to become an amendment this is what is required;

Sunday School & The Cause II

My wife and I teach the high school Sunday School class at our church.  This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to weave our cause into the lesson.

The lesson was about choosing to stand with God and the passage was Exodus 32:25-32.  In this Moses was coming down after being on the mountain with God.  As he came into camp, there was Aaron and the other Israelites dancing around with the golden calf.

Moses chastised Aaron for succumbing evils of idolatry.  Moses was going through the camp in a rage.  He took the golden calf, burnt it, ground it to do and made the children if Israel drink it.
This wasn’t enough to sway the shameful ways of the people.


Levi and all his sons came to stand with Moses.  They then put on their swords and slew every brother, companion and neighbor, totaling 3000.

We are at that point in this nation.

We are a nation of false idols.  Look at the kids.  All they want is the newest, fastest, biggest screen phone, tablet, etc, etc, etc.
They have not a care about anyone or anything else other than themselves.

So I asked the kids in the class if they knew of someone taking a stand.  They all shook their heads no.

So, I asked them about a stand that a small group of people took 237 years ago.  Again, none knew.

So I explained about their  fight for freedom.  The stand that these patriots took against an oppressive government.  Just like the Israelites did when Moses led them out of Egypt.

 I then wound this into the Civil war and how the South was taking a stand against the oppressive Yankee regime located in the swamps of the Potomac.