Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anders Breivik: Too Sane for Comfort

My brother has just been to stay with me in Italy. He may be a top London lawyer, but he is a mixed-up liberal lefty. He has lots of rich Muslim clients—a mere coincidence, no doubt.

“Muslims make no distinction between church and state. The church is the state,” I told him. “That’s OK, is it? I mean, in London, in 2012? They’ve even got Sharia courts now, I hear.”

I suggested that one fine day in London the punishment for homosexuality, adultery, and apostasy might become death by stoning.

So he said: “You wouldn’t be able to say what you’re saying in London. You’d be arrested for incitement.”

“Not even in private at a dinner like this?”

“You wouldn’t be invited.”

“So four wives is fine, is it?”

“They need the permission of the other wives.”

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