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The Ever Popular and Collectable M1 Garand


??) The author’s 1943 M1, about 1986, by which time the barrel had been replaced, displayed and photographed here with vintage ammo and U.S.M.C. militaria, on a World War II vintage camouflaged shelter half.


The M1 Garand’s rich history continues to grow as this rifle remains a popular option among collectors and competitors.


The rifle taking shape on John Cantius Garand’s drawing board in the 1920’s, even to 1932, was a very radical departure from its predecessors, not merely because it was a semi-automatic.

Garand conceived and designed the rifle and the tools and machines that would produce it. For the first time, it was a truly unique U.S. design. The Springfield single shots had been mundane but reliable, nothing that startled anyone. The Krag-Jorgenson rifles, from 1892, were beautifully made, the work of Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jorgenson, but genuinely obsolete from their inception. The ’03 Springfield was a fine rifle, based purely on the Model 1898 Mauser, license arrangements resulting in the payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the originating firm in Oberndorf.

Any new military firearm stirs up the “old guard.” This wild new thing, controversial from the very first announcements, stirred up imaginations and resentments far and wide.

Using the “gas trap” system, involving a false muzzle, handling a huge volume of hot, still expanding gases, was radical enough with the then-new .276 Pedersen Center Fire cartridge. There was considerable use of stainless steel in the gas cylinder and the piston of the operating rod. Using new, faster powders, it seemed the new cartridge would obviate the issues of sludge, residue and secondary ignition that plagued other such contraptions in the U.S., Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Russia.

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URME Surveillance

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W&L LEE Chapel Desecration Update



Desecrating the LEE Chapel by removing the Confederate Battle flags placed there in 1930 dishonored ALL Confederate veterans, especially the hundreds with direct connections to the university, including Gen. George Washington Custis Lee, whose birthday was marked this week.  Born September 16, 1832, he served 26 years as the 9th President of Washington and Lee University, following the death of his father in 1870. "Custis Lee" as he was called by his family, is also buried in the family crypt below the Chapel.

 Upon his death, on Feb. 18, 1913, University trustees resolved that "his administration witnessed periods of depression in the affairs of the University calculated to make the stoutest heart lose courage; yet at no time did he lose confidence in the work to which he put his hand."

Just over 100 years after his death, the university saw fit to capitulate to the demands of 6 agitators, rather than defend the honor and sacred memory of Custis Lee, his father, and hundreds of other Confederate Veterans.


The Va Flaggers traveled to Lexington for three days of Flagging Washington & Lee University last weekend.  It was VMI's homecoming and the streets and sidewalks were packed with students, parent, and alumni, almost all of whom offered their enthusiastic support for our efforts.


 While the weather offered some challenges, our Flaggers were determined, and they had the chance to talk with many citizens, students and tourists about the desecration of the LEE Chapel by university officials.

On this trip, we were told by Chapel docents that they know, for a fact, that Robert E. Lee specifically did not want Confederate flags at his funeral.  When asked for documentation of this claim, none was provided.  The gentle lady simply said that "that was what they have been told to tell visitors who inquire about the missing flags."

It is certainly sad, but not unexpected, that these types of  statements are being fabricated to try and "explain away" the desecration of the Chapel.


Jamie Funkhouser will be leading a group of Tar Heels to Lexington this weekend to continue the Flagging of Washington & Lee University after the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the chamber of the LEE Chapel.  This weekend is Young Alumni/Homecoming weekend for the University, and it will be an opportune time to forward the colors, educate the thousands of students, parents, and alumni who will be on campus, and protest the vile act of desecration committed by university officials.


They will be on site at the Chapel from 9-5 on Saturday, September 20.  Join them and be a part of what has been 2 months of a continued presence at Washington & Lee.  Contact Jamie via email at: for more information.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Grayson Jennings


Ex-Navy SEAL Claims Over 90% of Troops Do Not Support President Obama

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& none were surprised.

My Great Aunt Lucy Iana Leach - Reminiscences Of My Work, July 1939 (Excerpts)

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This picture shows three of my great aunt's from left to right, Mabel, Kate and Lucy with their playmate, Bob, around 1880. Many of the black and white Leach's had/have similar family names as listed in this article My Black, North Carolina Kinfolk

 Superintendent Of County Welfare, Warren County, NC.

"I doubt if there is a race of people anywhere more willing to care for unfortunate children and babies than is the Negro."

"They will often take them at great sacrifice and hardship to themselves and treat them as their own. As a rule, no questions are asked as to the child's background and parentage. They seem to be more interested in the age, sex, and color of the child than anything else. In Warren County, the supply could generally meet the demand!"

"I was told that Warren County at one time had the highest percentage of Negro population of any county in the state, nearly 70%. A goodly portion of these were intelligent and cooperative. Practically all of them were loyal friends to anyone whom they thought interested in their welfare. When it comes to doing without things which we consider necessities, they can take it without complaining. As a rule, Negroes have a keen sense of humor that helps them over the rough places in life. When grief and sadness come to them, they suffer intensely, but it usually is short-lived."

"The generous and understanding cooperation, as well as the loyalty shown me by my friends, both white and colored, can never be forgotten. I shall always cherish this memory with a deep appreciation and with an abiding faith in the citizenship of Warren, my beloved county."

"I shall always number some of the Negroes of Warren County among my best friends."

(Aunt Lucy was a terrible driver. She could not learn how to back, so she finally had the rear of the garage removed so she could pull straight through! When she drove down Mosby Avenue in Littleton, she always stayed precisely in the middle of the road, and everyone would pull over to the side of the road in fear of their life! )



Great Aunt Lucy

My Great Aunt Lucy

(My G Aunt Lucy Iana Leach - Reminiscences Of My Work)

Generals skewer Obama for 'control' of airstrikes


Two retired U.S. generals have blasted a reported plan for President Obama to assert “personal control” over the selection of ISIS targets in Syria.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely and U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin said the prospect recalls the Johnson administration’s micro-managing of the war theater in Vietnam, when decisions made from Washington often resulted in selecting the wrong targets.

Boykin, an under secretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, said that while Obama’s reported decision to make all the bombing calls of ISIS targets in Syria were reminiscent of Vietnam, President Lyndon Johnson “at least had some military experience.”

Boykin pointed out Obama has never served in the military.

“[Obama] is absolutely not serious about strategy or destroying ISIS,” Boykin said. “There is no way we can destroy ISIS with the strategy he’s laid out, and it’s more problematic if he selects the targets.”

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Hidden America: Children of the Plains

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Propaganda Video: Death to Fascism! (How about death to Communism and Fascism?)

& the re-birth of the Confederacy


School Cops To Give Up Grenade Launchers

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Confiscated M16 rifles with 40mm grenade launchers

A Los Angeles school district says it will return three grenade launchers it received under a federal programme that hands down surplus military gear to local law enforcement.

LA Unified said in a statement that the 40mm arms were not "essential life-saving items" for the city's school police.

"We ... would not utilize this weapon within a school environment," it conceded. (Naw, you don't say.....)

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1970 Buick GS Stage 1: Factory Prototype Show Car

In 1970 General Motors pulled long-standing corporation-wide restrictions on engine displacement, allowing its various divisions to run wild with new powerplants ranging all the way up to 455 cubic inches. In Buick’s case, this new-found freedom resulted in one of the most formidable machines of the first muscle car era: the 1970 Buick Gran Sport Stage 1.

The GS Stage 1 built on the basic formula established in the Gran Sport, whose new 455 CI engine was rated at 350 horsepower and an astonishing 510 lb-ft of torque, the latter figure all-in at just 2,800 RPM. This was the highest torque rating of any production car except the Cadillac 472 and 500 CI engines, and it was made possible through higher displacement, larger valves in high-flow heads, a performance cam and standard cold air induction fed by twin hood scoops.

The Stage 1 expanded those parameters with even better breathing, incorporating still larger valves with stronger springs for high-RPM reliability, revised porting, a radical new cam and a rejetted version of GM’s versatile Rochester Quadrajet 4-barrel carburetor. The factory rated the Stage 1 at 360 HP, but most testers concluded it was over 400.  (Higher, I believe.)

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Mob Violence, Terrorists, & Fears of Tyranny: Are You Arming & Armoring Up?

 Come on down, commie.

Tuesday night, a mob in Ferguson, Missouri, stormed a city council meeting and promised a race war if they didn’t get a pre-ordained guilty verdict in the Michael Brown affair.
“You are ISIS to black people,” one speaker told council members.
The audience jeered a woman who voiced support for the police. She received a police escort from the building after the meeting.
Speakers also threatened to shut down St. Louis Cardinals and Rams games this Sunday, disrupt weekend grocery shopping trips throughout the area and mount massive demonstrations if the Cardinals reach the World Series.
Lastly came the foreshadowing of further violence if Wilson is not charged and convicted.
“If Darren Wilson gets off, you all better bring every army you all have got. ‘Cause it’s going down,” said one speaker.
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Attempted Robbery at Gunpoint On Buenos Aires Street Caught on GoPro

BOLO: Fake Warsaw Pact Soldier With A Mohawk Ambushed PA State Police

 Eric Frein allegedly ambushed and killed a young Pennsylvania State Trooper and seriously injured another.

If anyone sees a fake foreign solider with a mohawk, consider him deranged and dangerous:

The suspect in last week’s fatal ambush outside a rural Pennsylvania State Police barracks belonged to a ‘military simulation unit’ whose members play the role of soldiers from eastern Europe.

Eric Frein, 31, ‘appears to have assumed that role in real life’ as he seeks to avoid capture, Lt. Col. George Bivens said.

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Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots

Australian counterterrorism forces detained 15 people Thursday in a series of suburban raids after receiving intelligence that the Islamic State militant group was planning public beheadings in two Australian cities to demonstrate its reach.

About 800 federal and state police officers raided more than a dozen properties across 12 Sydney suburbs as part of the operation -- the largest in Australian history, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin told the Associated Press. A sword was removed as part of evidence at one of the homes.

Separate raids in the eastern cities of Brisbane and Logan were also conducted.

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Nearly 20 States Now Reporting Enterovirus D68 Outbreak

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Cases of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) are exploding all across the country with nearly 20 states reporting dozens of cases. The outbreaks are growing so quickly that the Centers for Disease Control are lagging far behind announced cases.

On Wednesday the Washington Post reported that 16 states had reported cases of the respiratory illness. But only hours later, New Jersey also announced it had found some cases quickly bringing that number up to 17. Then Minnesota became the 18th state later that same day.
The outbreak has been growing since at least mid-August.

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Terronoia Theater Presents: Staged ISIS Attacks

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Provoking war abroad raises specter of staged attacks at home. 

September 18, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - The FBI has foiled yet another entirely fabricated terror threat of its own creation, with missing mechanisms in two firearms provided to a potential terrorist being the only thing that prevented this latest case of entrapment from going "live."

A Rochester man, Mufid A. Elfgeeh, is accused by the FBI of attempting to provide material support to ISIS (undercover FBI agents), attempting to kill US soldiers, and possession of firearms and silencers (provided to him by the FBI). The FBI's own official press release stated (emphasis added):

According to court records, Elfgeeh attempted to provide material support to ISIS in the form of personnel, namely three individuals, two of whom were cooperating with the FBI. Elfgeeh attempted to assist all three individuals in traveling to Syria to join and fight on behalf of ISIS. Elfgeeh also plotted to shoot and kill members of the United States military who had returned from Iraq. As part of the plan to kill soldiers, Elfgeeh purchased two handguns equipped with firearm silencers and ammunition from a confidential source. The handguns were made inoperable by the FBI before the confidential source gave them to Elfgeeh.

Decision Making in Survival Situations

Survival Decision Making

We all usually keep forgetting that when SHTF things will be different in many ways.

We talk about lack of food, clean water, coffee, or simply lack of hygiene. And we say that people gonna die because of that and because of lots of violence. Based on my experience, all above is correct, but we also usually forget one simple fact: pressure!

Guy from my street worked before SHTF as a computer technician. Those years here were time when computers were started to be widely used in big companies. He was something like famous in that field, so he had good life, nice home, car, family and everything else.

When SHTF he just like great number of other folks was simply lost. While chaos was spreading through the city he stayed home watching through the window how people sporadically run across the street to avoid sniper fire and shelling.

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