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My Great Aunt Lucy Iana Leach - Reminiscences Of My Work, July 1939 (Excerpts)

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This picture shows three of my great aunt's from left to right, Mabel, Kate and Lucy with their playmate, Bob, around 1880. Many of the black and white Leach's had/have similar family names as listed in this article My Black, North Carolina Kinfolk

 Superintendent Of County Welfare, Warren County, NC.

"I doubt if there is a race of people anywhere more willing to care for unfortunate children and babies than is the Negro."

"They will often take them at great sacrifice and hardship to themselves and treat them as their own. As a rule, no questions are asked as to the child's background and parentage. They seem to be more interested in the age, sex, and color of the child than anything else. In Warren County, the supply could generally meet the demand!"

"I was told that Warren County at one time had the highest percentage of Negro population of any county in the state, nearly 70%. A goodly portion of these were intelligent and cooperative. Practically all of them were loyal friends to anyone whom they thought interested in their welfare. When it comes to doing without things which we consider necessities, they can take it without complaining. As a rule, Negroes have a keen sense of humor that helps them over the rough places in life. When grief and sadness come to them, they suffer intensely, but it usually is short-lived."

"The generous and understanding cooperation, as well as the loyalty shown me by my friends, both white and colored, can never be forgotten. I shall always cherish this memory with a deep appreciation and with an abiding faith in the citizenship of Warren, my beloved county."

"I shall always number some of the Negroes of Warren County among my best friends."

(Aunt Lucy was a terrible driver. She could not learn how to back, so she finally had the rear of the garage removed so she could pull straight through! When she drove down Mosby Avenue in Littleton, she always stayed precisely in the middle of the road, and everyone would pull over to the side of the road in fear of their life! )



Great Aunt Lucy

My Great Aunt Lucy

(My G Aunt Lucy Iana Leach - Reminiscences Of My Work)

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