Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hidden America: Children of the Plains

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  1. Thanks Brock for the post......

  2. I am so glad I finally sat down and watched this video on Youtube (it's blocked here, Brock). What a wonderful man Look Twice will be some day. I pray he keeps his strength to go all the way to the WH - in 20 years, be on the lookout for Look Twice.

    I once knew the tribal attorney at Pine Ridge while we were trying to help out with the medical services there - the "wonderful" federal govt. built some houses so that the people could get out of their dilapidated trailers -can you imagine the winter winds blowing across the prairie?? - no one would live in the houses - Guess Why - because the fed contractor who built the houses failed to include any sanitation hookup. 30 years later, $100s of millions spent but no improvement, no hope on the Rez - head exploding again. David would be proud of this wonderful young man. ;)

    1. David would be proud of this wonderful young man.

      Indeed. I still have the scrapbook you put together at Dixieland, as I remember.

  3. Have you ever seen any videos of David dancing?

  4. I remember seeing it quite awhile ago, but there is nothing, no evidence of it at all on either his website or out there in Google land. Surely I didn't make that up in my mind???