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Antifa Pukes Are Losing Their S--- All Over The Country

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We hope you enjoy this photo of the Robert E. Lee monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond, taken shortly after storms moved through last night.

The photo was posted on a local news station's social media page and immediately went viral with overwhelming support for the image AND the monument.

What a beautiful and fitting image of God's promise lighting up the sky over a man who lived his life as an example of duty, honor, and Christian character!

“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”  Genesis 9:13

God bless the eternal memory of Robert E. Lee, and God save the South!

The Revenge of the Confederacy

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 The American political divide is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, religionists and secularists.  It is between roughly two halves of the country, each of which would be perfectly happy to see the other wiped, by violence if necessary, from the face of the earth.  That was not how the North and the South felt about each other when President Lincoln ordered the invasion of Virginia by Union troops in 1861, and perhaps not four years later when Lee surrendered his sword to Grant at Appomattox.  Politics in America is no longer political, or even ideological.  It is existential, the existence of one side having become a moral and personal affront to the other.  Each can no longer tolerate the sight, sound, smell, or thought of the other.

Leftists Already Losing It As Trump Nominates Justice Scalia’s Son :) !

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Another Trump administration nomination is driving progressives up the wall.

After Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was forced to resign due to backlash over his involvement in a lenient plea deal with financier Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 — who now faces sex trafficking charges — Trump tapped attorney Eugene Scalia to fill the vacancy.

And the left lost its collective mind at Trump’s nomination announcement.

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Union Army Total War Policy in Missouri: The Palmyra Massacre 1862

 Union Brig. General John McNeil- Promoted November 29, 1862

Following the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854—which allowed Kansas to allow or reject the institution of slavery by popular sovereignty—a destructive and sometimes bloody border war between Kansas and Missouri partisans raged for six years.

The grizzly Manson-style murder of five settlers from Missouri in Pottawatomie, Kansas, in 1856, by the radical abolitionist, John Brown, helped fuel a growing flame of regional distrust. Brown was later hanged in 1859 after an unsuccessful attempt to capture the U.S. arsenal in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. He had planned to start a bloody slave insurrection.

The fact that Brown was praised in many of the pulpits, newspapers, and political debates in New England greatly alarmed the South. This added more fuel to the already smoldering issues of States Rights and enormous, unfair tariffs.

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John Wilkes Booth and David E. George–one and the same?

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This is the question I started this entire series of articles out with back in early May of 2019. In the process of dealing with this I found that this subject opened up a can of hidden worms that I had not anticipated when I started out. I have come to the conclusion that none of us has ever really been told the whole truth about the Lincoln assassination and the reasons for it. All we have ever been told is a fairy tale geared to satisfy the lowest common denominator of our society. The same goes for the Kennedy assassination. The same principles were used to “report” both and in no way do they satisfy those who really want the truth. They satisfy those who do not have the sense to question anything and no one else!

‘50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know’: HarperCollins Reveals Breitbart Editor Jerome Hudson’s Book Cover

Breitbart's Jerome Hudson to the 'Leftist Plantation': 'They Don't Own Us and They Never Will'

Publishing powerhouse HarperCollins has released the book of Breitbart News Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson’s highly anticipated book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, which promises to deliver the counterintuitive facts the establishment media have worked so hard to hide.

On the most axial issues facing the nation; your professors; your politicians in Washington, DC; TV talking heads; and Hollywood celebrities don’t want you to know that:

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Trump Considering Ending Refugee Resettlement to U.S.

 Izzy Berdan, of Boston, center, wears an American flags as he chants slogans with other demonstrators during a rally against President Trump's order that restricts travel to the U.S., Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, in Boston. Trump signed an executive order Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 that bans legal U.S. residents and …

The Trump administration is considering effectively shutting down the country’s refugee resettlement program, according to a report, a scheme which has brought more than 3.5 million foreign nationals to the United States since 1980.

According to three sources who spoke to Politico, federal immigration officials at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have suggested that the annual refugee cap be set anywhere between zero or 3,000 to 10,000.

Politico‘s Ted Hesson reported:

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National conference teaches librarians how to sneak drag queens past parents

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The American Library Association’s recent national conference provided librarians from across the country with strategies for advancing gender identity ideology in schools and finding ways to bring “Drag Queen Story Times” into public libraries despite the objections of local communities.  

The conference was held just as disturbing stories came to light across the country about Drag Queen Story Times (DQST) held in public libraries. On the West Coast, young children were photographed having extreme physical contact with a drag queen, while on the East Coast, a drag queen who read to young children was discovered to be involved with numerous lurid and pornographic sexual businesses and activities.

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Fears of Beguiled Posterity

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The writer below, knowingly suspicious of the muse of written history, reminds the reader that “The best schools of history are around the hearth-stone. The best lessons of patriotism, of veneration for the past, of true and laudable appreciation of noble deeds, are received at the lips of a mother. Her unerring instincts teach her to select with wonderful skill the best exemplars to kindle the aspirations of youth. They keep alive the traditions of a land and suffer nothing of enduring value to perish.”  The following is excerpted from Rev. H. Melville Jackson’s address to the Richmond Howitzers banquet at Richmond, December 13, 1882.   The Great American Political Divide

Fears of Beguiled Posterity

“It has been said of General Robert E. Lee that he often expressed the fear lest posterity should not know the odds against which he fought.

No solicitude respecting his future fame disturbed the serenity of a mind lifted above the petty ambitions of personal reputation; but, the daily witness of incredible heroism, daily spectator of the dauntless courage with which a decimated army faced undismayed an overwhelming foe, [Lee] . . . feared lest the examples of knightly valor and splendid fortitude, which you have exhibited to the ages, might, through the incapacity or incredulity, or venal mendacity of the historian, be finally lost to the human race.

Soldiers, you cannot bear to think that your children’s children shall have forgotten the fields on which you have shed your blood. You cannot think with equanimity that a day will come when Virginia shall have suffered the fame of her heroes to be lost in obscurity, and the valorous achievements of her sons to fade from memory.

And if you thought, to-night, that the muse of history would turn traitor to your cause, misrepresent the principles for which you fought, and to deny to you those attributes of valor, fortitude and heroic devotion you have grandly won, your souls would rise up within you in immediate and bitter and protesting indignation.

The North, it is said, is making the literature of these times, has secured the ear of the age and will not fail to make the impression, unfavorable to you, which time will deepen rather than obliterate.

Diligent fingers are carving the statues of the heroes of the Northern armies, writing partisan and distorted versions of their achievements, altering, even in this generation, the perspective of history, until, at no distant day, they shall have succeeded in crowding out every other aspirant of fame and beguiled posterity into believing that the laurels of honor should rest, alone and undisturbed, upon the brows of your adversaries.”

(Our Cause in History, Rev. H. Melville Jackson, Southern Historical Society Papers, Rev. J. William Jones, editor, Volume XI, 1883excerpts pp. 27-28)

Recipe – Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Groundhog) (Or Other Small Game)


In the West, squirrel is not what’s for dinner. We don’t have large deciduous forests with fat grey or fox squirrels running around. There are plenty of fox squirrels in city parks and neighborhoods, but hunting them is not worth the hassle of dealing with upset neighbors. We now have a season on red squirrels in Idaho, but they are so small that it hardly seems worth the effort. The point is, squirrel recipes are not very common out here.

While at a conference in Florida the other day, I was intrigued when my server at the restaurant told me about all the tasty meals her grandmother used to make and that her favorite was squirrel. I was delighted when she promised to share the recipe with me, and I’m sharing an updated version with you.

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The Unbearable Pettiness of Academic Race and Gender Politics

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DHS chief challenges Democrats to help improve conditions at border

 Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan speaks at a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 18, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress on Thursday that the answer to troubling stories of overcrowding of illegal immigrants at the border is to increase money for ICE detention in the interior, putting the burden back on the Democrats most vocal in complaining about the conditions. Mr. McAleenan testified to Congress as the finger-pointing over the border reached new depths, with some top Democrats lodging accusations of torture and Nazi-style tactics against federal law enforcement, citing the masses of illegal immigrant adults kept in unsanitary conditions at border facilities.