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Political Earthquake: Immigrants Dodge Democrat-Run Cities, Settle in the Heartland

Wyatt Earp: Brave, Courageous, And Bold

 Wyatt Earp

Any 1950’s kid who ever donned a cowboy hat and strapped on a six-shooter cap pistol remembers the theme song to The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. It was a TV show that ran (in glorious black and white) from 1955 to 1961. Starring the cool and handsome Hugh O’Brian, the series traced Earp’s career as a deputy town marshal in Ellsworth, Kansas, all the way to his time in Tombstone, Arizona, and the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

While not lasting as many years as either of them, Wyatt Earp premiered before both Gunsmoke and Cheyenne, providing three shoot-em-up TV westerns to “enrich” the minds of all those impressionable adolescents during the 1950s.

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Canceling Communism- Michigan solved. So let's deep dive into the direct implications

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This is 11 hours and I have only started it.  Start around 13 minutes and put up with the music as this seems worthwhile.

Barr on Radical Ideology in Schools: “The Greatest Threat that Religious Liberty Faces Today”


Trying to redeem himself, I guess.


“it may no longer be fair, practical or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr criticized what he described as the public schools’ changes in ideology and questioned the constitutionality of funding such public institutions during a speech earlier this month.

The story: Barr made the comments at the Council for National Policy’s annual gathering, where he received an award from the Alliance Defending Freedom. 

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Memorial Day Ceremony at The Wall 2021

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Joe Biden Ignores Rolling to Remember Motorcycle Rally

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President Joe Biden will ignore the annual Rolling to Remember motorcycle rally in Washington, DC, on Memorial Day despite past presidents taking part in the day’s events.

Organizers for the rally told Breitbart News they had not been contacted by the White House about recognizing or participating in the annual event.

The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Breitbart News.

The Rolling to Remember rally, previously known as Rolling Thunder, is now organized by AMVETS.

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Armed Black Supremacists in Tulsa: ‘There Will Come a Time When We Will Kill Everything White in Sight’ (VIDEO)

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7 groups? Must be small ones :) 

Meanwhile, the FBI is busy hunting down grandmas who aimlessly wandered through the Capitol on January 6.

Black activists from the New Black Panther Party and other groups staged an armed march in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.

Organizers held a Second Amendment “March for Reparations” and marched through downtown Tulsa.

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Crenshaw, Cotton Create Whistleblower Doc to Combat ‘Woke’ Efforts in U.S. Military: ‘We Are Going to Expose You’

 Rep. Mike Rogers, the ranking GOP member on the House Armed Services Committee, has echoed, “My Republican colleagues and I hear regularly from active-duty and retired service members that even holding conservative values is now enough to endanger a service member’s military career.”

On Saturday, Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, both military veterans, teamed up to release a whistleblower form for military members to fill out if they spot any “woke” training efforts.

Crenshaw tweeted, “Enough is enough. We won’t let our military fall to woke ideology. We have just launched a whistleblower webpage where you can submit your story. Your complaint will be legally protected, and go to my office and @SenTomCotton.”

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The survival of our Nation and its historic values, liberty and freedom are at state. Re-Post

I received another letter, so even though I answered it originally, I thought I should post again to make sure no one will be missed.

 I’m emailing you because you responded to the retired Generals and Admirals (Flag officers) open letter in support of our Constitution. Unfortunately, we could not add your name to the letter due to our extremely small volunteer staff size; we had to limit it to retired Generals and Admirals.

So many wonderful patriots responded that we looked for a way outside of the small retired Flag letter team to accommodate your desire to sign a letter similar to the one the retired Flags signed.

Former Congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West has taken up the mantle and is organizing a letter to encompass ALL retired military.  He is on the Policy Board of the American Constitutional Rights Union, a non-profit that is helping to coordinate the letter.  From my understanding, LTC West is looking forward to receiving a large groundswell of support from concerned patriotic citizens like you.

I’ve attached a copy of LTC (ret) West’s letter.  Please let me know if you would like your name added and his team will get back to you.

Thanks and may God Bless America.

 Joe Arbuckle

Major General

U.S. Army (retired)


 Open Letter from Retired U.S. Military: Support and Defend

As former members of the U.S. military who have proudly served our nation, we write to express our support for Constitutional freedom and liberty and our concern for our country as many powerful forces seek to bring Socialism and Marxism to our land.

When we agreed to serve our country, we pledged to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. During our active duty service, we did just that.Today, although no longer active duty warriors, we are still bound to this pledge and believe we are ethically obligated to protect our country. As such, we put our nation’s leadership on notice. We believe the hard left turn toward Socialism and Marxism endangers our citizens and the future of this great nation. Although a difficult step to take, we believe this step is necessary for us to continue to demonstrate the integrity and moral courage our oath requires.

• We are disgusted by the dismantling of the rule of law in our great country. We never thought we would see the return to Vietnam-style disdain for public service. Unfortunately, this disregard and disrespect is corrosive and will lead to dangerous situations for citizens and law enforcement. A revolving door for criminals and a two- tiered justice system that offers up different penalties based on the viewpoints of the accused must end.
• It disturbs us to see the erosion of fair and honest elections. Civilians doubt that our electoral system accurately reflects the will of the people. Current service men and women struggle to find clear instructions on how they can execute their own constitutional right to vote and doubt their ballots will be counted. We reject efforts by those who seek to avoid fair and honest elections by deeming commonsense voting measures “racist.” The gold standard in voting, recognized throughout the world, is in- person, with identification, yet politicians are seeking to end this in the U.S.

• We oppose the politicization and ideological purging of our military. The focus of our military should be on training, readiness, and defense of our Nation, not leftist cultural “wokeness”.
• We decry the assault on our constitutional rights through censorship of written and verbal expression and we point out the complicit arrangement between private corporations and those in power to present only one point of view. Never did we think we would see the day when our media resembled Pravda.
• Bureaucratic abuses that have led to business and school closures and excessive lockdowns should not be tolerated by the American people. We do not get our rightsfrom the CDC, the FDA or from private corporations. And, as such, we will not toleratSoviet-style internal passports or anything resembling the Chinese social credit system where citizens are monitored and controlled, whether that system be carried out by the government or by their cooperative partners in the private sector.

• We stand with Israel and call upon all Americans to continue with the Mideast peace initiatives, the “Abraham Accords” and oppose re-engaging in the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is not in the interest of freedom-loving individuals.We believe it is in the self interest of all Americans to oppose this deal.
• We must continue our efforts for energy independence. We believe it is in our nation’s best interest to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and focus on regaining U.S. jobs and protecting the national security interests provided by energy independence.
• The perforation of our southern border is a lifeline for terrorists, drug cartels and human traffickers. The current administration’s position on open borders and illegal immigrants places our nation at risk from a health, economic and safety perspective. As a sovereign nation we have a right and a duty to protect our borders.
• We oppose the establishment of cooperative relations with China as we believe the Chinese Communist Party is focused on global militaristic and technological domination. It is currently amassing weapons to stage a takeover of Taiwan. America is bound by the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty which protects Taiwan from invasion by the People’s Republic of China. Our cooperation with China is at odds with our signed alliances and is not in American self-interest. We must focus on preventing Chinese
expansionism and protect our nation from attacks on our infrastructure by securing our gas pipelines and electric grids from penetration. We call upon the American people to join us in opposing the advancement of socialism by holding public officials accountable in the public square and the voting booth. We must elect local, state, and federal candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic.

The survival of our Nation and its historic values, liberty and freedom are at state.

Sen. Kennedy: Fauci ‘Flip Flopped Like A Banked Catfish’; Biden Sold Out U.S. ‘Like A Sack Of Potatoes’

Memorializing our Confederate Dead - A Southern, Christian Tradition

The Virginia Flaggers

Rev. John L. Girardeau, D. D.
Excerpt from the re-interment ceremony
Magnolia Cemetery in
Charleston, South Carolina
Confederate Memorial Day 10 May 1871
We have seen that in the complex constitution of our nature the religious element forms an integral part, and that provision is made for its exercise in the Divinely appointed institute of the Church. In contending against those influences which threaten to sap the foundations of every venerable institution, our slain brethren fought for their altars, as well as for their fire-sides and their political franchises. This is not an extravagant statement.

The spirit of the Christian Religion pervaded the armies of the Confederacy. The vast majority of our soldiers were its nominal adherents, and thousands of them were professors of the faith. Its influence was felt in almost every regiment. In the quiet of camp, during the march and on the eve of battle its sacred services imparted fortitude under hardship and heroic courage for the day of conflict. From the Commander-in-chief to the humblest private in the ranks a reverent respect was paid to its ministers and its ordinances.

We have seen Robert E. Lee, unattended by even a sergeant, go afoot through the mire to the soldiers’ gathering for worship, and sitting in the midst of them devoutly listen with them to the preaching of God’s Word, and mingle his prayers and praises with theirs. (Thomas J. “Stonewall”) Jackson was proverbially a man of prayer. He led his fiery and resistless columns into the tempest of battle with hand uplifted to heaven in token of dependence on God, and supplication for His blessing. It deserves to be mentioned that that great soldier before the breaking out of hostilities taught a humble Sabbath-School at Lexington, the pupils of which when his remains were taken there for burial followed them with every mark of affection to their last, quiet resting-place. I desire to record it, amidst the affecting solemnities of this funereal occasion, that during an extended experience as chaplain I never encountered a sick, wounded or dying Southern soldier who rejected the Christian faith, or treated its proffered consolations with contempt.

Let us then accept from them as in some sort martyrs for religion as well as for liberty the solemn obligation to maintain the Christianity which sustained them amid the privations of a soldier’s life and the anguish of a soldier’s death. Deo Vinidice

Special thanks to Dr. Ron Romburg for sharing this with us on this Memorial Day weekend.

Professor Admits Critical Race Theory Is To Build The ‘Church Of Marxism’ (VIDEO)

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The left is not even trying to hide their Marxist agenda for Critical Race Theory anymore or their true target for their many decades of transformation of America; Christians. The Marxist left wants to destroy the options for the spiritual pursuit of Christians and those who agree with Christians about human free will.

“The Marxist foundation of Critical Race Theory is at base a spiritual concern. If you read Marx you know he was concerned with alienation. Specifically alienation of the species being. That element of humanity that provide creativity that is unique to the individual and defines us from animals,” Glenn Bracey told a zoom audience of educators on why he was appealing to them to adopt a controversial set of ideas called Critical Race theory.

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Saigon Vietnam Virus Lockdown May 29, 2021: Foreigners except those Married to Vietnamese Nationals Ordered out: New more Dangerous Variant ID'd


Faust and the Devil–Teachers, Histrionic Historians


Why bother with opening the schools, if all that you’ll have is the same uneducated blowhards filling the minds of children with the same monstrous mush that is conjured by these same blowhards who want to be paid for sitting on their butts in the first place? Teachers go on vacation while telling students to “zoom’’ in on their “home” work. And parents are demanding, even pleading that this ilk returns to teach.

Stop begging! Let them stay on vacation—forever.  Most have been on vacation since they started “teaching” in the first place.

More @ The Abbeville Institute

World-Renowned Academic Physician Warns Against Vaccine

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Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine and he is warning against the Vaccine.

Tony Shaffer Claims AG Barr Told Him To STOP Investigating Election Fraud


This is a HUGE allegation.

According to private investigator Tony Shaffer, former Attorney General Barr told him to stop investigating claims of election fraud in the 2020 election.

This lines up with reports from various media outlets at the time who reported that Barr found ‘no evidence’ of widespread voter fraud.

Still, other sources also report that AG Barr deliberately hid information about the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation because he feared this could alter the results of the election.

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AZ State Senator On Audit: Results Could Be “Legally Actionable”


Actions have consequences.

Democrats everywhere are scared of this audit, and rightly so. More and more states and counties are now following Arizona’s lead, and are starting audit procedures themselves.

We have heard time and time again from Democrats that these audits will have no legal consequences, but according to Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, that may not be the case.

Rogers says that the results of this audit can be “legally actionable,” exactly what that means remains to be seen, but it can potentially spell a lot more trouble for Democrats.

Here is what Rogers said:

More @ WLT

Then and Now - The Changing of the Guard

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Then and Now

by Earl P. Holt III 

Occasionally, one gets a glimpse of what American education used to be like before the federa lDepartment of Education, the National Education Association and court-ordered desegregation destroyed American education and substituted a curriculum of communist propaganda and indoctrination by cowards,idiots and functionally-illiterate black baboons.This was before "Critical Race Theory" and other Marxist concepts like "White Skin Privilege"were fabricated,and it was a time when students actually learned something about their history, their civilization,its values and its founding principles.Whites and even some black students were truly educated, not merely indoctrinated.

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Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID

 Via Jay

Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID

A bombshell new study claims to have proof that Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a lab and then tried to reverse-engineer versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.

British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen wrote they’ve had primary evidence “of retro-engineering in China” since last year, but were ignored by academics and major medical journals, The Daily Mail reported Saturday, citing the soon-to-be-published study.

The study concludes: “the likelihood of it being the result of natural processes is very small.” The virus is still killing 12,000 people a day around the world. 

More @ New York Post

Paul Ryan Will ORDER Republicans To Surrender To Leftists, Bash Trump - Report Starts @ 2:07

Paul Ryan's speech has reportedly been leaked, revealing Mitt Romney's former running mate is set to bash President Trump, populism, and order Americans to stop fighting culture wars. Plus, American employers are rebelling against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Lincoln’s Triumph over the States

Contrary to the following passage, there was no “constitutional riddle of the American federal system” to be discovered as it was crystal clear in the document, but certainly the Founders’ constitution was powerless against designing men and a lack of virtuous citizens. The Founders’ created no nation – but a federated system of sovereign States which had delegated specific powers for a federal agent to exercise, and strictly forbidding any others. The years 1789 through 1860 were filled with steady encroachments and usurpations by the federal agent of the States.

Observing and experiencing the faults of that constitution, the Southern Founders’ altered the former document to better serve those it was intended to govern and protect, with more chains and locks affixed to the agent.

As President Jefferson Davis departed Richmond in 1865 with federal armies at the gates, he mused: “The principle for which we contended is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.” (Lost Cause, Pollard, pg. 749)

More @ Circa 1865

Truth, Bromides and Sales Talk

“It has hardly been grasped that the media have assumed a strange and dominant role in American politics. They have constituted for more than half a century an impermeable barrier between the voters and the candidates. Nothing has been presented without their prior censorship. Whatever this may be, it is not democracy.

Who are these people who proliferate in print, airwaves, and the internet, and who pass down imperious moral pronouncements without any known credentials to do so? Who voted for them? Who gave them such great and irresponsible power?

Merely by speaking the truth, by refusing to bow to their pretensions, [Donald] Trump has weakened their power. That is all it took. Simply speak the truth, and the “commentators” and “reporters” are revealed as the malicious ignoramuses that they are.

The Republicans have never had the courage to do that. They follow consultants, who warn them not to look unattractively mean-spirited. Don’t speak to the people, and for Heaven’s sake, don’t listen to them. Give them bromides. Anything else will upset the smooth pursuit of office, the only goal that has ever been sought by Republican “leaders” other than protecting and enhancing wealth.

A baker’s dozen of presidential wannabes all spouted identical sales talk. “Conservative” means nothing to them except as a popular advertising slogan.”

(Sounding the Trump, Clyde Wilson, Chronicles Magazine, October 2016, excerpt pg. 16)

Memorial Day flag Display in Illinois

Our Memorial day observance flag display for 2021 is up. Lots of horn honks from passersby's and can you imagine only two "f*** you" shouted so far, sad but in years past there were none of those. Illinois is indeed a strange place. While times may be a changing history stands.  

Your Northern Copperhead Friend



Judicial Watch on FOX News: Schoolchildren Taught MAGA Is White Supremacy

The Wayback Machine: Ronnie Poe’s pickin’ parties

A couple days ago on Facebook, Tim Kreh shared this Richmond TV station’s story from three decades ago about bluegrass pickin’ parties a few miles west of Warrenton.

It happened every Thursday night for decades in Ronnie Poe’s garage near Amissville. The late Ted Kreh — Tim’s father — played a leading role with guitar, mandolin and his voice as a member of the Shenandoah Travelers.

More @ Fauquier Now

Georgia Hires Crimnal Defense Lawyers

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Friday, May 28, 2021

The communist takeover of America happening in real time

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"The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution."

The Left is rampaging across our nation. Portland, Oregon, is burning, and many other cities face continuous looting, rioting and destruction. Literal miles of Minneapolis, Minnesota, have been destroyed. Democrat-run cities are hemorrhaging people – fleeing for the relative sanity of red states. And while the Antifa/Black Lives Matter mob is wreaking havoc, destroying businesses and neighborhoods, leaders in those communities have taken an inexplicable hands-off attitude, even to the point of restraining a police response. Following the accidental police shooting of Daunte White in a Minneapolis neighborhood and generalized unrest over the Derek Chauvin trial, Minneapolis police and National Guard troops were targeted in a drive-by shooting.

More @ WND

Because Memorial Day is coming up, never forget why we have a Memorial Day to begin with.....

 Via Billy

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'KILLED MORE AMERICAN SOLDIERS THAN HITLER'

Faces of Fauquier: Butcher leaves nothing to waste


  Mosby Troop Disbandment Monument

Marshall, Virginia 

 Middleburg, Warrenton, Marshall, Fredericksburg/Raleigh

 Fire/Livestock/Mosby/Country Doctor/Poison/Bisquits


Sometimes, people want to buy ostrich, alligator and this, that and the other. I can certainly source almost anything that someone wants to try.

In the Marshall butcher’s hands, nothing goes to waste.

Amanda Luhowiak, 40, would have it no other way.

“I love being able to take a whole, entire animal and break it down into usable parts and pieces,” explained Mrs. Luhowiak, who with husband Derek co-owns The Whole Ox, a custom butchery at 8357 W. Main St. in the Northern Fauquier village. “We’re really using absolutely everything — every little piece of the animal.”

More @ Fauquier Now

Here are the Six Republicans Who Voted With Democrats to Create a Jan. 6 Commission

Video Analysis: How a Pro-Trump Mob Overran Capitol Police

On Friday, Senate Republicans successfully blocked the effort to open debate on the creation of a commission to investigate the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C., marking the GOP’s first successful legislative filibuster of the Biden presidency. According to initial reports, the final vote was 54 to 35.

The six Republicans who voted in favor of the commission were Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mitt Romney (R-UT), and Ben Sasse (R-NE).

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Breaking: Windham Auditors Tampered With Machine Tape Data

Via Hal


The forensic audit in Windham, New Hampshire is over, but the momentum to keep it alive is just getting started. Late Thursday, Marilyn Todd of NH Voter Integrity Group made some bombshell discoveries.

Last Friday, when the machine reports were being printed at the audit, Todd, who has kept a close watch on Hursti, took pictures of them. Late Thursday, she had the report pictures up on her computer when something earth-shattering caught her eye. She spoke about it Thursday evening in a live video with Nick Moseder, CammCon, Susan Dee Settenbrino, and Professor David Clements.

Much, much more @ Uncover DC

POLITICS GOP blocks Democrat-driven probe of Jan. 6 riot

 Video Analysis: How a Pro-Trump Mob Overran Capitol Police

 VNCH flag above.

Senate Republicans on Friday blocked the creation of a bipartisan panel to study the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

The Senate vote was 54-35 — short of the 60 votes needed to consider a House-passed bill that would have formed a 10-member commission evenly split between the two parties.

While initially saying he was open to the idea of the commission, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell turned firmly against it in recent days. He has said he believes the panel's investigation would be partisan despite the even split among party members.

McConnell said of Democrats, “They’d like to continue to litigate the former president, into the future.”

More @ ONN

Release the Jan. 6 defendants: Malkin interview w/Marty Tankleff

President Trump Interview: Tuesday May 25th 2021 Steve Cortes

Comment on Pandemic exposes need for choice, brings surge in homeschooling


Home schooling is fine, however I DO NOT want school choice! The school where I grew up - a formerly decent, quiet place with good state ratings and a great atmosphere - is now overrun with feral outsiders. Reason being is that every morning there is a line of cars stretching from the entrance to the building, around a half mile down the street. These are people who do not live in the district, but have relatives who do and they use that address to get their "children" into the school. These people come from such wonderful places as the South Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Yonkers. The school board won't say anything because they're afraid of being labeled racists.

A friend of mine who's daughter currently attends our old HS tells me that out of the 60, or so kids that are allowed into the school, two, maybe three are serious students, the rest are no different than the element they left. They come into the school and instead of seeing a place for a fresh start, they bring the element they left behind and start drug rings, gangs and fights, especially the females.

No, separation is the only answer. The feral garbage MUST be made to remain where they are if we're to keep our remaining good schools in their current state. I am sick to death of these "educators" with the no child left behind crap. It's time to face facts that some species in our society will forever be nothing but a drag on the rest and that it's time to wall them off. Better yet, make sure no more of them get in in the first place.

 ~~ Anonymous

Army Under Fire for New Recruitment Ad Criticized as ‘Woke’

 The backlash the Army received from the video has now caused them to disable comments on it.

The Army is taking heat after releasing new recruitment videos that people are criticizing as being “woke.”

The animated recruitment videos were uploaded to YouTube and they highlight the stories of multiple soldiers on their way to join the Army.

One of the stories showcases a female soldier who was raised by two moms in the state of California.  The soldier discusses attending LGBT rights parades during her childhood.

The advertisement went viral, and negative reactions quickly started pouring in.  As of today, the video has received 100,000 dislikes, and only 4,500 likes.

More @ Military

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Door Gunner Tribute

The Four Declarations of Causes for Secession Do Not Prove the War Was Fought Over Slavery


A gentleman wrote me this past March stating that when arguing history, Northerners always use the four declarations of causes for secession as proof that the War Between the States was fought over slavery.

Those four declarations prove nothing of the sort.

Below, is our correspondence including the question posed by the gentleman, but first, here is some additional information:

More @ Charleston Athenaeum

Belgium’s anti-lockdown ‘Rambo’ facing terrorism charges, TRACELESS for 5 days while several countries join manhunt efforts

 Via G.W. Long via The Feral Irishman



Hundreds of troops from Belgium, and beyond, have now thoroughly searched a vast area in the country where a fugitive soldier armed with highly dangerous weapons is believed to be hiding. However, no trace of him has been found.

A well-trained sniper from the Belgian army, Jurgen Conings, who has combat experience in several war zones including Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, disappeared on Monday. Having reportedly left life-threatening notes to several top officials, the 46-year-old man is believed to have taken several anti-tank missiles, a submachine gun and a handgun with an ability to pierce bulletproof vests from his unit’s ammunition depot. He himself is believed to be wearing the vest.

More @ RT

Pandemic exposes need for choice, brings surge in homeschooling

 black homeschooling mom and child

"Virtual learning" in America over the past year likely exposed many parents to what their children were actually being taught in the public school system – and apparently it resulted in a surge among minority families to seek alternatives such as homeschooling.

The pandemic shutdown has led to a big jump in the number of minority families choosing to homeschool. Census Bureau data indicate a surge of homeschooling in black communities during that period – jumping from 3.3% early in 2020 to 16.1% last fall, to the delight of black pastors.

More @ ONN


Via Peter Bui


                                      May be an image of outdoors, tree and text 

As Mother would say:

Beer, beer,  beer makes you want to cheer, wine, wine wine makes you want to dine and gin, gin, gin makes you want to sin."

NC: Big Screens Under the Stars & Tubin’ the Tar

Big Screens Under the Stars

 Big Screens Under the Stars

 Tubin’ the Tar

 Tubin’ the Tar

Does the Bill of Rights Protect You Outside Your Home?

Stephen P. Halbrook is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the Independent books Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France, Gun Control in the Third Reich, and The Founders’ Second Amendment.

In late April, the Supreme Court announced it would hear New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett during its next term, which begins in October. With a ruling due by June 2022, it will be the court’s first major Second Amendment decision since 2010 and perhaps its most consequential.

In 1791, the Bill of Rights was created for the people against the government. The Bill of Rights—including the Second Amendment—has stood firm in the minds of the citizenry as a bulwark of American freedom.

The central issue in the latest case is whether the Second Amendment right to “bear arms” extends outside of the home. Sure, you can take your gun from your bedroom to the kitchen, but can you take your gun outside? If the answer is no, then we must ask: Do other constitutional freedoms—from the free exercise of religion to freedom of speech to rights against unreasonable searches and seizures to due process of law—also end as you exit your home?

More @  The Independence Institute

DeSantis: People Coming To FL ‘Overwhelmingly’ Registering As Republicans; Democrats Switching To GOP

The 19th Century Roots of Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory

Via Carl

While Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation Theology are 20th century creations, the cultural and theological roots of these ideas find a clear path back to the mid 1800’s. Black Liberation Theology is credited principally to James H. Cone, who was a leftist African-American teacher and theologian at Union theological Seminary in New York, but in many ways, it just built on what had come before it. This school of thought sees the Christian mission as bringing justice to oppressed people through political activism and recasts Jesus as the political liberator of oppressed Black masses (Let Us Reason Ministries 2009).  Black Liberation theology portrays Jesus as a poor black man who lived under the oppression of “rich white people”. The notion of “Blackness” is not merely a reference to skin color, but rather is a symbol of oppression that can be applied to all persons of color who have a history of oppression (Bradley 2010, 17-35). Cone further explains the core beliefs of Black Liberation Theology by saying, 

Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill himThe task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community. Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemyWhat we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposalUnless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.” (West 2003)

More @ The Abbeville Institute

A Day as a King

The frustration I heard in the voice of a four-tour force recon vet discharged after a mortar ended his service was undeniable. It was also evident that the insults hurled from a woke mayor in a Texas city had him in a state of calm, but determined resistance. He spoke of the BLM march through the city given a route that went past the “biker bar” section of town as evidence of the taunting taking place across the country by mayors and governors who are determined to get a violent reaction. “We’re not that stupid,” he said.

From someone who has seen his share of death and destruction in the chaotic villages of a war-torn nation, he knows what is being fomented against him and those like him. They want the conflict, just like they wanted to hang the “insurrection” tag on a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. on January 6th. Unlike the woke peaceful protests all summer that were embellished with flame, wrecked buildings and murder, the January 6th peaceful protest saw only instigators (probably infiltrators) breaking a window or two. There is no comparison between the occupation of federal court buildings, looting and burning by those released from jail the day before for the same mischief and a crowd being let into the capitol on the sixth only to further the insurrection narrative.

More @ 12 Round

GOP Rep. Mast: ‘The Most Dangerous Thing for Our Military Is Wokeness’

 During a Thursday interview with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) discussed the letter House Republicans recently sent to Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, which voiced concern with “the growing trend of left-wing extremism” in the armed forces.

The GOP lawmakers wrote that the creeping in of politics is jeopardizing the United States military’s status as one of the nation’s most respected institutions.

Mast warned that “the most dangerous thing for our military is wokeness.” The retired Army Ranger added that wokeism in the military is “going to cost people’s lives in the end.”

More @ Breitbart

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

ATF Claims FOIA Request on Hunter Biden Gun Violates His Privacy.

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Laws for thee but not for me? It’s fair to ask how administration enforcers would react had this story been about anyone’s son but the president’s. (Cropped from photo by acaben: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

U.S.A. – -( Six months after attorney Stephen Stamboulieh filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on my behalf regarding the agency’s reported involvement in the case of Hunter Biden’s gun, we have received an answer. ATF won’t tell us anything because it says Biden’s privacy interests outweigh the public’s right to know.

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Biden ATF nominee confirms he'd ban AR-15s, America's most popular rifle: David Chipman claims the common firearm is 'particularly lethal'

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Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa suggested putting Chipman at the top of the ATF would be like "putting Antifa in charge of the Portland Police Department."

It's because this gun, the common AR-15 rifle, is "particularly lethal," says Joe Biden's nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

That's why he'd like to ban it.

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[Photos] 10 Black-and-White Images of Saigon in 1970


*Marine Monument above in 1970.


Saigon Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long marched to the *Marine Monument [seen partially above] in downtown Saigon, saluted, stated "It is finished,"  then committed suicide, a single shot to the head with a .45.

A trip to Saigon in 1970 by photographer Jerry Bosworth yielded a small cache of black-and-white images that vividly depict a city in flux.

Even though little is known about their author, the street photos are considerably high-quality for the era. 

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A Portrait of Loss, Growth and Adaptation in New Orleans' Vietnamese Community

When it comes to the Vietnamese diaspora in the United States, everyone knows about California’s huge community.

Some may be familiar with other communities in Houston or the Washington D.C. area, but you rarely hear about Vietnamese in New Orleans. This group, which numbers around 15,000 people, is the focal point of Things We Lost to the Water, the debut novel from Eric Nguyen, the editor-in-chief of online literary portal diaCRITICS.

It tells the multi-generational story of a Vietnamese family who flees southern Vietnam at the end of the war and arrives in New Orleans under sponsorship by the Catholic church, tracking their lives all the way through the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Katrina on the city.

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White Brandeis Dean Kate Slater posts epic critical race theory rant: ‘I hate whiteness’

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A white Brandeis University administrator defended critical race theory in a social media post that included how she hated “whiteness.”

“Yes, all white people are racist in that all white people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and whiteness is the norm and default,” Kate Slater, assistant dean of Graduate Student Affairs, posted on Instagram.

“That includes me!” added Slater, who describes herself on her personal website as a white anti-racist scholar and educator.

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Luzerne county Pennsylvania has become the latest electorate to be plagued by errors from its Dominion voting machines.

This happens way too often, right?

This time the story comes out of a county in Pennsylvania, and the ‘error’ reported seems to conform to a pattern we know all too well.

According to local sources, Republican ballots were labeled as Democrat ballots.

Errors happen all the time, and this would be fine if the errors didn’t overwhelmingly favor one party.

We never hear about Dominion ‘errors’ affecting Democrats now do we?

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Tom Cotton Mocks David Chipman’s Inability to Define ‘Assault Weapon’

During the May 26, 2021, Senate Judiciary Confirmation hearing, Sen. Tom Cotton (R) mocked ATF nominee David Chipman’s inability to define the term “assault weapon.”

Cotton asked Chipman, “You have called for an ‘assault weapons’ ban. I have a simple question for you, what is an ‘assault weapon?'”

Chipman responded, “An ‘assault weapon’ would be, in the context of the question you ask, whatever Congress defines it as.”

Cotton responded, “You’re asking us to ban ‘assault weapons’ and we have to write legislation. Can you tell me, what is an ‘assault weapon?’ How would you define it?”

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Keep Asheville Wearied, Keep the Rebel Remnant Weird

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“Keep Asheville weird” has been the unofficial motto for this Western North Carolina city for as long as I can recall. But the once-quaint Blue Ridge town has become wearied. It’s tired and worn out in its progressive predictability.

This is really nothing new to Dixians who have been paying attention.

“Asheville is a tumour on the face of North Carolina.”

“I call it Trasheville.”

“A town full of fudge packers, smelly hippies, and dip shits.”

“Asheville is the western version of the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.”   

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Mob Filmed Jumping On Occupied Police Cruiser In St Louis

 Minneapolis: People Flee the “Defund the Police” Movement as Blacks Go Ape

"Saint George Floyd memorialized by a racist White House today"

Racist black power fists raised at the White House by the $27 million beneficiaries of Minneapolis's largesse.

"Saint George, the dead felon....what a role model for Joe Biden to memorialize......and why the connection between Floyd's death and white supremacy. 2 of the 4 charged in Floyd's death were NOT white and in  Derek Chauvin's trial. there was not a single allegation that race played any part in Floyd's arrest or what transpired after Floyd resisted arrest and swallowed fatal quantities of two different drugs h e had planned to sell prior to being pinched."

Between 1997 and 2005, Floyd served eight jail terms on various charges, including drug possession, theft, and trespass. In 2007, Floyd faced charges for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon; according to investigators, he had entered an apartment by impersonating a water department worker and barging in with five other men, then held a pistol to a woman's stomach and searched for items to steal. Floyd was arrested three months later during a traffic stop and a 7-year-old victim of the robbery identified him from a photo array. In 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea deal and was paroled in January 2013. 


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Repost 2013: See My Jumper Hanging On The Line

See My Jumper Hanging On The Line


“Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home”


Seventy-six years ago, on May 8, 1945, at 2301 hours, Central European Time, World War II in Europe officially ended. Although the war would continue in the Pacific Theatre for several more months, May 8 marked the dramatic end of what was certainly the most horrific and disastrous land war in history. European culture was changed irrevocably. A civilization which had survived the devastation and depopulation of the Thirty Years War, the horrors of the French Revolution and Napoleon, and then the calamity of the Great War of 1914-1918, now witnessed a kind of final collapse, a coup de grace by which its politics, its history, its traditions, its very mode of viewing the world were undone.

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The Real Jim Crow: How Northern Jim Crow Laws Moved South


 Thomas D. Rice, The Original Jim Crow

“Jim Crow” was the stage name of New York actor Thomas D. Rice (1808-1860), who made a career of minstrel performances in blackface and thus popularized that form of entertainment. The name “Jim Crow” came from a popular 1832 song, “Jump Jim Crow,” written and sung by Rice and became a common term referring to African-Americans.  Later it became a nick name for legislation restricting the rights of African-Americans. Blackface is not necessarily demeaning. Rice may have based his character on slave folk tales about a clever trickster.  Al Jolson (1886-1950), a Russian Jewish immigrant, and the most popular and beloved American entertainer beginning with the movie The Jazz Singer in 1927 and lasting for many decades, was said to be the “king of blackface.”  Jolson’s personal feelings and many of his songs were certainly sympathetic to African-Americans. What most people do not know is that Jim Crow laws first originated in Northern States.  Northern Jim Crow Laws were the model for Southern States following the ruin, corruption, and oppression of Reconstruction. As author C. Vann Woodward has stated, “Jim Crow has had a strange career.”

In Aexis de Toqueville’s 1835 book,  Democracy in America, he wrote that "the prejudice of race appears to be stronger in the States that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists; and nowhere is it so intolerant as in those States where servitude has never been known."

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I Don't Believe It: Former CIA Director John Brennan Concerned About Far-Left Democrats and Antifa Violence

Former CIA Director John Brennan Concerned About Far-Left Democrats and Antifa Violence

Former CIA head John Brennan expressed concern about the extremist of the left-wing as well as Antifa during a conversation with a Harvard Kennedy School professor.

The story: Brennan, who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and is now a senior intelligence and national security analyst for NBC and MSNBC, took part in a virtual conversation hosted by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute last week. During his appearance, Brennan discussed a number of topics with Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Juliette Kayyem who is a former Assistant Secretary at DHS and a Security Analyst for CNN.

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