Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New Zogby Poll: Trump Is KILLING It Highest numbers of his presidency

According to a new Zogby poll, President Trump is killing it. His job approval has climbed over 50%, (51%) the highest of his tenure as president, higher than Barack Obama’s (48%) was at the same time in his presidency.

Additionally, the majority of millennials (18-29) approve of the president (51%); even more of the age group from 25-34 approves of him (53%), and even more of those aged 35-54 (59%). 58% of men approved of Trump, a slim minority of women (48%) approved of him.

48% of suburban voters approved of Trump and a whopping 60% of rural voters approved.

Dispute erupts over which ex-DOJ officials pushed Steele dossier

Woman Pushes Elderly Man Who Told Her To Be Nicer Off Bus, Faces Murder Charge

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Edwin Stanton And The Coup d’ Etat

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There was an interesting and revelatory article, written by a David Offutt, that appeared in the El Dorado News-Times  in El Dorado, Arkansas on February 7, 2005. It was entitled Lincoln Assassination as a Planned Coup d’ Etat . Although I had not particularly thought of it in those terms, Mr. Offutt may well have had something in that contention.

His article, printed out, is two and a half pages long so I am not going to try to reproduce the whole thing, but will try to hit some of the high points he made.

The Life Semi-Aquatic With 1968 Can Tho

When it comes to old photos of Vietnam, Saigon - as one of the country’s leading tourist destinations in the 1960s - always dominates in terms of volume and variety. That makes this set of photos of Can Tho, taken by William Ruzin in 1968, all the more precious.

Ruzin was an American soldier based in Vietnam in the late 60s. With an eye for photography, he brought along his trusty Minolta and Yashica cameras to document his tour in Vietnam, until he departed from the country in 1969.

The scenes from the Mekong Delta town are a mixture of urban and rural vistas: one minute, one’s ambling along a busy metropolitan street filled with vintage cars and in the blink of an eye, vegetable gardens, alluvium-filled rivers and thatched houses paint a picture of pastoral quietude.

Can Tho was established where the smaller Can Tho River meets the Hau River, one of two distributaries of the Mekong River. The city is then sectioned off by smaller canals, which have been an indispensable part of Can Tho life for centuries, as water transport arteries, irrigation resources, and more.

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Nunes on the importance of exposing real origins of Russia probe & 'The Insurance Policy'

Lindsey Graham Just Introduced New Legislation to Fix the Border Crisis. Here's What it Does.

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Lindsey Graham Just Introduced New Legislation to Fix the Border Crisis. Here's What it Does.

"What I'm trying to do is stop the flow coming from Central America to regain control of our border and stop a humanitarian crisis that I think is just going to get worse over time. One of the most important things I can stress to you is that people are trying to get caught. They're not avoiding getting caught," Graham continued. "So when we talk about building a wall as Republicans, that makes sense to stop illegal entry into the country, try to direct people into areas where we have a better chance of apprehending them. That doesn't work when the goal of the person is to find a Border Patrol agent and turn yourself in."

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Yes, The Alabama Legislature Is Right To Openly ‘Defy’ Roe V. Wade

It is erroneous to think of an idiosyncratic (let alone wrongly decided) Supreme Court edict, such as Roe, as the "law of the land" which is binding on all fellow constitutional actors. There is nothing in the Constitution's text, structure, or original understanding to indicate that. And in fact, the Alabama state legislators' oath of office emphatically contradicts that line of thought.

So the great state of Alabama has officially passed the strongest pro-life bill in the country. The bill, which bans all abortions except for those deemed truly necessary to save the life of the mother, now awaits Republican Gov. Kay Ivey's signature. The bill contains no exceptions for pregnancies resultant from rape or incest, and has already induced a general state of meltdown from large swaths of the rabidly pro-abortion cultural Left.

NC: Black Leaders Accuse Planned Parenthood of Deceiving Residents To Infiltrate Neighborhood

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An organization of conservative African-American leaders is accusing Planned Parenthood of engaging in deception in order to open an abortion clinic in a historically black neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Douglass Leadership Institute — a pro-life, pro-free-market and pro-limited-government educational and policy group — working in conjunction with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg minority clergy community, voiced its concern about the opening of the clinic in the Cherry Hill district, which will be the only Planned Parenthood location in the city that provides abortions rather than referrals, according to The Christian Post.

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Quang Ngai 1965 + South Vietnam'68-'70

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Wife picks up her dead husband on the battlefield of Quang Ngai 1965

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South Vietnam '68-'70