Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Woman Pushes Elderly Man Who Told Her To Be Nicer Off Bus, Faces Murder Charge

Via Susan Lee


  1. just reading the headline, I made various assumptions about the perpetrator accused of this crime. I had thought perhaps it was a prejudicial thought on my part. I gave that some thought before hitting the link to read the story. turns out to not be prejudicial thinking but was in fact life experience being recalled. what a thug.

  2. Welcome to the 21st century where people have become obstacles.

  3. Yep, we're all equal. Don't make me laugh.
    Not a 'humane' soul rushed the the elderly mans assistance.
    They just avoided eye contact with the savage one.

  4. Evil people exist, this beast is one of them

  5. I saw the video yesterday and was amazed that no one else, including the driver made a move to take the perp down or help the victim. "Welcome to the Jungle." Now the Video is "unavailable." I also hear that she pleaded guilty. So WTFO, why would the video be taken down? Because it would become a training tool for others wondering how they can get to "ULTIMATE Level" taxpayer BENNIES, in prison for life.

    1. It opens if you click on 'Watch on Facebook' above.