Friday, July 23, 2021

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Loyalty to Brave Men

“We are told by the historians of an earlier age that whenever the renowned men of the Roman commonwealth looked upon the statues of their ancestors, they felt their minds vehemently excited to virtue.

It could not have been the bronze or marble that possessed this power, but the recollection of great actions which kindled a generous flame in their souls, not to be quelled until they also, by virtue and heroic deeds, had acquired equal fame and glory.

When a call to arms resounds throughout the land and a people relinquish the pleasant scenes of tranquil life and rally to their country’s call, such action is the result of an honest conviction that the act is commendable. In recalling such an epoch, the wish that a true record of the deeds done should be transmitted to posterity must dominate every patriot heart.

Loyalty to brave men, who for four long years of desolating war – years of undimmed glory – stood by each other and fought to the bitter end with the indomitable heroism which characterized the Confederate soldier, demands from posterity a preservation of the memories of the great struggle.

We cannot find in all the annals of history a grander record or prouder roll of honor, nor more just fame for bravery, patient endurance of hardships, and sacrifices.”

(Military History of Florida, Col. J.J. Dickison, Confederate Military History, Volume XI, Confederate Publishing Company, 1899, page 3)

The Cleveland Indians

Photo of Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump July 22nd, 2021

Can anybody believe that the Cleveland Indians, a storied and cherished baseball franchise since taking the name in 1915, are changing their name to the Guardians? Such a disgrace, and I guarantee that the people who are most angry about it are the many Indians of our Country. Wouldn’t it be an honor to have a team named the Cleveland Indians, and wouldn’t it be disrespectful to rip that name and logo off of those jerseys?  The people of Cleveland cannot be thrilled and I, as a FORMER baseball fan, cannot believe things such as this are happening. A small group of people, with absolutely crazy ideas and policies, is forcing these changes to destroy our culture and heritage. At some point, the people will not take it anymore!



 The Abbeville Institute

Their carven words all testify
Of then and now and future time
That these were they who kept the cause
Was given them by fathers past
And living still in coursing blood.

They token men
True to lineage.
To sons they left high honour and the land,
A legacy of action speaking still.

Let stone forever warn
The men who sit in marble halls
That sires are only seeming dead.
They hover near in grey embattled lines
Beneath thorn pennon’s scarlet flash;
And principles remain
Beyond their flesh and ours,
Beyond the stone.

Memorial Day, 2021

GRNC Alert: ATF is Ready to Drop the Hammer


Anti-civil rights Attorney General Merrick Garland and the ATF have issued a “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” which would effectively rewrite the 1968 Gun Control Act by adding new definitions and usurping the legislative power of Congress.

One part of the proposal would redefine 80% kits for frames and receivers. Instead of these kits being unregulated, they would instantly be considered complete functioning firearms.  This would mean that companies manufacturing them would need ATF manufacturing licenses, 80% lowers would need serial numbers, and they could only be sold by Federal Firearm Licensees using a Form 4473.

Translated, a box of parts would be considered a gun. A new category of gunsmith would be created, the “gunsmith-dealer,” which would imprint numbers on existing ghost guns and record the serial number in their bound book for inspection by the ATF at will.

A new category of firearm, “Privately Made Firearm,” would be created. The ATF would be able to arbitrarily decide what a “firearm” is.

Millions of AR-15 upper receivers would now be regulated as “firearms,” requiring serial numbers and exactly the same requirements as a full gun.  This would create a nightmare for millions of AR-15 owners, particularly if they want to swap upper receivers on their guns.

The ATF wants to be the sole arbitrator in what the laws really mean, opening a quagmire of indefinite determination of the law. On this dangerous ground, selective enforcement could close untold numbers of firearm businesses and make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Stop this unconstitutional over-reach by a federal bureaucracy: the comment period is open until August 19th.  Please send the message provided below ASAP to the link provided.
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Levin: “Teachers’ unions are our enemy. They are Marxists. There’s no question they are an appendage of the Democrat Party.......

 .....They are in business to make as much money anhave as much powers they can. They don’t give a damn about our kids. If you haven’t learned anything in the last 18 months, you’ve learned that, and they’ve announced that regardless of what parents or taxpayers think, they’re going to push this ideology.”
Exclusive — Mark Levin: Fight Back Against CRT with Classroom Cameras

Mark Levin, author of American Marxism, advised the use of cameras in classrooms to monitor teachers in response to the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in public school curricula.

Levin noted how government-decreed school shutdowns, ostensibly in response to the coronavirus outbreak, inadvertently allowed parents to observe neo-Marxist indoctrination of children relegated to remote-learning at home.

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Jesse Lee Peterson: “If they don't figure out how to steal the election again........

 Larry Elder campaigning

California-based talk show host Larry Elder will now appear on the state’s recall ballot despite a state official kicking him off, and a fellow California conservative and longtime friend of Elder says he wasn’t surprised Elder fought back.

After announcing his candidacy July 12 on his radio program, Elder witnessed the Secretary of State claim he failed to qualify because he did not submit five years of tax returns. A superior court judge ruled that state law is specifically required for primary elections, not a recall election, and ordered Elder’s name to be placed on the ballot.  

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The American Descent into Madness: Went from the Freest Country in the World to a Repressive and Frightening place. How did that happen?

Victor Davis Hanson: The American Descent Into Madness ... 

..... millions will collectively decide they have no choice but to push back and conclude, “In the 233rd year of our republic, we tens of millions are not going to cede freedom of thought and expression to thousands of Maoists. Sorry, no can do.”


Nations have often gone mad in a matter of months. The French abandoned their supposedly idealistic revolutionary project and turned it into a monstrous hell for a year between July 1793 and 1794. After the election of November 1860, in a matter of weeks, Americans went from thinking secession was taboo to visions of killing the greatest number of their fellow citizens on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Mao’s China went from a failed communist state to the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno, when he unleashed the Cultural Revolution in 1966. 

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EXCLUSIVE: More Evidence Leaked from China on the Deliberate Release of COVID-19 by the Chinese Military

Via Billy

The following information was provided by a source inside China who has knowledge of the circumstances and has been vetted.

COVID-19 was created in a laboratory by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and fine-tuned as a bioweapon.

It was specifically designed to be highly contagious, but often asymptomatic, have low lethality, but produce uncontrollable variants and possessing characteristics providing plausible deniability as a bioweapon.

According to Chinese military doctrine, such bioweapons are used prior to a declaration of war for political or international strategic needs, where the use of which can be denied. The intent (underlined) being:

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The Nuremberg Codes

 Via David

The Time To Throw Down Draws Near. Sooner Or Later It Is Going To Affect Us All.

Via Wes v NC Renegade


 Yesterday a news headline came to my attention that will affect mine and my families lives.

Charlotte hospitals announce mandatory COVID vaccine requirement for all employees

Charlotte hospital systems Atrium Health and Novant Health will begin requiring all workers get the COVID-19 vaccinations, hospital officials confirmed Thursday.

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