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Armed Elderly Man Kills Home Intruder

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 Armed Elderly Man Kills Home Intruder in Dallas

An armed elderly man in Dallas shot and killed a suspected burglar after finding him trying to break into his Dallas home this week. However, he was also forced to defend his actions after the would-be robber’s family showed up at his home.

The homeowner, a repeat burglary victim, found 33-year-old Deyfon Pipkins attempting to climb in the house through the window and fired at least one shot at the criminal, hitting his target.

Dallas police Sgt. Calvin Johnson told KDFW-TV that the homeowner is covered by the so-called “Castle Doctrine,” which provides legal protection to gun owners in Texas and other states who are forced to use deadly force against a home intruder.

“It means they don’t actually have to retreat once someone comes in their home,” Johnson said. “You have the option of using deadly force if you believe your life is in danger.”

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6th NC county passes 2nd Amendment Resolution

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 Moore County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to support the Second Amendment, but they stopped short of asking the General Assembly to nullify federal actions on the right to bear arms.
Moore County resident Charles Cooper asked commissioners at their Feb. 5 meeting to adopt a resolution similar to one passed by Beaufort County commissioners in January.

That resolution reportedly asked the state General Assembly to pass a law nullifying federal action that infringes on the right to keep and bear arms, and it forbade county staff members from implementing any such action.

Cooper presented a petition with more than 200 signatures asking commissioners to take action.
"We're here to ask you to protect our Second Amendment rights from federal infringement," he said. "You have taken an oath to protect and defend citizens, and we implore you to do that."

President Obama proposed a series of gun control measures last month, including legislation and executive orders that do not require congressional approval.

Commissioner Larry Caddell asked County Attorney Misty Leland to look into the issue.
The resolution passed by commissioners stated their support for the Second Amendment and a similar provision in the state constitution, but did not mention nullification or potential federal infringement of rights.

Abraham Lincoln: Follow The Money

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Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" has been a box-office hit and nominated for 12 Academy Awards, including best picture, best director and best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis, who portrayed our 16th president. I haven't seen the movie; therefore, this column is not about the movie but about a man deified by many. My colleague Thomas DiLorenzo, economics professor at Loyola University Maryland, exposed some of the Lincoln myth in his 2006 book, "Lincoln Unmasked." Now comes Joseph Fallon, cultural intelligence analyst and former U.S. Army Intelligence Center instructor, with his new e-book, "Lincoln Uncensored." Fallon's book examines 10 volumes of collected writings and speeches of Lincoln's, which include passages on slavery, secession, equality of blacks and emancipation. We don't have to rely upon anyone's interpretation. Just read his words to see what you make of them.

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McCain on gun control: Most of the Senate will support universal background checks

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No surprise but newsworthy insofar as I think this is the first time a Republican as prominent as McCain has talked openly about some new form of gun control passing Congress. If you’re not sure what he means when he refers to the plan Coburn and Schumer are working on, read this. They’re going to close the “gun-show loophole” but carve out exceptions for family transfers and maybe for people who’ve already been vetted for concealed carry. How many votes will there be for that? 

Well, they’ll start at 58: Coburn and Mark Kirk are part of the group that’s working on a compromise bill and McCain’s already hinting that he’s a yes, so add those three to the Democrats’ 55 (no Dem would dare oppose a measure that might complicate Obama’s “Republican obstructionism” message on gun control). Collins and Murkowski are always gimmes on big bipartisan initiatives too, so there you go — 60 votes for cloture, although there’s bound to be many, many more than that. 

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 On 20 February 1725 New Hampshire militiamen took part in the first recorded scalping of Indians by whites in North America, according to one of the inaccurate websites I use for daily history.

Actually it was the whites, I believe, British or French, who taught the Indians to scalp by paying bounties for the scalps of their enemies. Massachusetts offered a scalp bounty during King William's War in 1689, and again in 1703 and 1722. Mercifully, the practice has largely disappeared at private hands and has today been taken over wholly by the Federal Reserve. The yankee government scalps anyone the Fed might miss. Professionalism -- it's the cure for every ill.

TSA Reportedly Detains Wheelchair-Bound 3-Year-Old Girl, Orders Parents Not to Videotape Pat-Down

 TSA Reportedly Detains Wheelchair Bound 3 Year Old, Orders Parents Not to Videotape Pat Down

 The Transportation Security Administration is once again under fire, this time for allegedly detaining a wheelchair-bound 3-year-old girl, taking away her stuffed doll and ordering the girl’s parents not to videotape TSA agents patting her down.

The girl’s father, Nathan Forck, told Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes that the TSA treated his daughter like a “criminal.”

“And by extension, they were treating us as criminals,” he added.
The incident reportedly occurred at Lambert-St. Louis Airport on Feb. 9. Forck, his wife and their three kids were on their way to Disney World for a family vacation when the trip took an ugly turn. TSA agents reportedly pulled Lucy aside for additional security screening, despite the fact that she was 3-years-old and bound to a wheel chair due to Spina bifida.

“They specifically told me that they were singling her out for this special treatment because she’s in a wheelchair,” Forck told Fox News. “They are specifically singling out disabled people for this special scrutiny. It’s rather offensive to me as a father of a disabled child.”

A TSA agent told the family that they needed to pat down Lucy and swab her wheelchair. The family had already made it through a security checkpoint by this time. Forck’s wife, Annie, pulled out her camera and began filming the incident, which agents told her was “illegal.”

“You can’t touch my daughter unless I record it,” she can be heard telling an agent in the video. Forck then asked an agent to “cite the law” that says they can’t videotape them.

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Christie: I 'Agree with Andrew Cuomo on 98% of Issues'

 Two despicable individuals.

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), who is widely expected to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, may have just harmed his chances by signifying his support for the policies of ultra-liberal New York governor – and possible 2016 Democratic opponent – Andrew Cuomo. Talking with union leader Larry Bulman, political director for United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters, Christie reportedly said, “I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo. I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.”

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‘Where’s The Fence?’ Sen. McCain Faces Angry Residents While Defending Immigration Plan During Town Hall

 Absolutely worthless.

On Tuesday night, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) faced a frustrated crowd when defending his immigration plan during a town hall meeting. Responding to concerns about border security, McCain received a less-than-pleased reaction from residents.

“There are 11 million people living here illegally,” he said. “We are not going to get enough buses to deport them.”

About border security, McCain highlighted the need to utilize better technology, according to an Associated Press report. Furthermore, he said a pathway to citizenship should require learning English, as well as paying back taxes and fines for breaking immigration laws.
Some of the reaction, however, was negative:
Some audience members shouted out their disapproval.
One man yelled that only guns would discourage illegal immigration. Another man
complained that illegal immigrants should never be able to become citizens or vote. A third man said illegal immigrants were illiterate invaders who wanted free government benefits.
McCain urged compassion. “We are a Judeo-Christian nation,” he said.
One particular heated exchange with Keith Smith, a resident who suggested, “Cut off their welfare and all their stuff, and they’ll go back.”

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For immediate release:

As state and local jurisdictions are increasingly passing laws which infringe upon the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, J&G Sales is implementing a new policy on shipping restricted items to these states and localities.

Effective immediately, laws that restrict firearms, ammunition, or magazine possession by law abiding citizens will also be applied to state and local law enforcement and government agencies in that jurisdiction. All residents will be treated equally. Honorable citizens, law enforcement personnel, and government agents, should all be allowed to utilize the most effective defensive equipment available.

J&G believes that there should not be a difference between the rights of citizens and those of government employees. This new policy will also help us to be sure we avoid the consequences of not conforming with the anti-firearm regulations in these various jurisdictions.

We expect to lose some revenue from government purchases, however we feel it is essential to defend the US Constitution by making a statement about the importance of the Second Amendment in maintaining our freedoms.

We await the day when all law abiding citizens will be able to possess the most effective means and tools available for self-defense regardless of where they live or for whom they work.

Thank you

N.Y. bill would force gun owners to buy at least $1M in insurance

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 **FILE** A popular semiautomatic pistol manufactured by Springfield Armory at G. A. T. Guns in Dundee, Illinois

New York needs to be cut loose from land and pushed in the sea to never return.

A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, a Democrat, would require the state’s residents to acquire liability insurance as a condition for gun ownership.

“Any person in this state who shall own a firearm shall, prior to such ownership, obtain and continuously maintain a policy of liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars specifically covering any damages resulting from any negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person,” the measure, dubbed S2353, reads.

 Any person who has not purchased insurance in compliance with the law within 30 days of its passing would be in violation of the law.

Such an occurrence “shall result in the immediate revocation of such owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own such firearm.”

Gun Buy-Back

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Participating in a gun buy-back because you believe the criminals have too many guns, is like having yourself castrated because you believe that your neighbors have too many kids.

Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns And Freedom

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Spread this latest work by Matt Bracken and friends far and wide, especially the video:

Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom

Democide is the elimination of a despised group by a government. It includes genocide, politicide, and other forms of state-sponsored mass murder. The hated minority headed for extermination may be defined by religious, racial, political, class, cultural or other attributes. Between 200 and 260 million people were the victims of democide in the 20th century, several times more than were killed in international wars during that period.

The first widely studied modern democide occurred in Turkey between 1915 and 1923, when the Turkish government decided to eliminate the country’s Christian minority, primarily ethnic Armenians and Greeks who had Turkish roots extending back to before the Islamic conquest. Two million Christians were murdered on forced marches into deserts without water or food. This democide occurred in view of Western reporters, who took photographs and posted contemporary wire reports. The fact that the democide was known outside Turkey did not deter the Turkish leaders.

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GRNC Alert 2-20-13 Hagan calls for registering private gun sales


Tells gun control extremist Chris Fitzsimon what he wants to hear…


Demonstrating poor judgment characteristic of an anti-freedom politician who earned only a GRNC 1-star evaluation, Senator Kay Hagan recently gave a radio interview with left-wing activist, Chris Fitzsimon, Director of NC Policy Watch, a “progressive” policy organization.

During this ranging interview, which turns to gun control at about six minutes, Hagan made clear her support of expanded background checks that are a key part of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein gun ban. Hagan claims such checks represent a “positive move” toward keeping “guns out of criminals’ hands”.

What “universal background checks” actually are is a mechanism for gun registration, the necessary prelude to confiscation. Usefulness of such checks in stopping crime is vanishingly rare. According to economist and social scientist John Lott, Jr., purchases prevented by the current NICS system are almost always false-positives, serving only to harass and hinder the law-abiding.

Sen. Hagan clearly needs to be reminded that NC gun owners will tolerate NO COMPROMISE with Obama’s gun ban.

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GOA Alert: Urge Your Congressman to Sign the Stockman-Broun letter

We’ve seen this happen a dozen times in the past 45 years:  Anti-gunners introduce legislation to ban most guns or set up a national gun registry.  And, too often, so-called “pro-gun” legislators negotiate a “compromise victory” for gun control advocates. 
Of course, the “compromise victory” merely serves as a platform for the next round of gun control demands.
We’re here to say:  Enough!
We’re sick and tired of having our congressmen parse our survival with enemies who want to destroy us:
* In the Senate, Tom Coburn (R-OK) is, sadly, working on gun control “compromise” with the most notorious gun grabber in the Senate -- none other than Chuck Schumer himself.
* In the House, Congressmen like Paul Ryan (R-WY) have indicated that they might support a ban on private sales at gun shows -- stating that private gun buyers should first get the permission of the government (as if that would stop criminals from getting guns).
This is outrageous and a betrayal of American gun owners!  Gun control would do nothing to stop the shootings in Newtown, Aurora, and Tucson.  And we’re sick and tired of crooked politicians who want to exploit these tragedies for political gain.
The very liberal and anti-gun Ed Rendell -- who is the former Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania -- summed it up pretty well when he said anti-gunners were “lucky” Newtown was so horrific. If a conservative said this about an act of terror, there would be a national uproar. But liberals say these things with impunity.
We are not willing to give moral monstrosities like Rendell a single word of anti-gun law.
And the way to stop it is for pro-gun Congressmen to sign the Stockman-Broun letter, which would petition the Speaker of the House to observe the “Hastert Rule” with respect to anti-gun legislation. 
Under the Hastert Rule, no gun control could be brought to the floor unless it was supported by a majority of the Republican caucus -– 117 Republican representatives.   
As we stated in a previous alert, we believe that gun control should die if only one constitutionalist-representative opposes it -- or even if none do.  But, as a practical matter, if 117 congressmen sign a letter demanding that Boehner not bring up a gun control bill opposed by those 117 congressmen, gun control will die.  Without that letter, Democrats will join with anti-gun Republicans, and gun control will pass.
Enforcing the Hastert Rule would prevent MSNBC and the Obama administration from doing what it has discussed incessantly:  Forming an anti-gun coalition between House Democrats and a handful of “blue state” Republicans, who would be picked off, one by one. 
The Republicans hold a majority in the House.  We should encourage them to “man up” and start determining the agenda, and not let the anti-gun Democrats determine it!
ACTIONClick here to contact your Representative.  Urge him to sign the Stockman-Broun letter.  Please note that there are two different action responses for you to send, and the system will automatically send that response, depending upon whether your congressman is a Republican or Democrat.

Axiom 4: A Blueprint To Restore The Articles of Confederation

This is the fourth of the "12 Axioms of Freedom Restoration" set forth in my introductory article on this topic, "How to Restore the West."

The restoration of America's first and legitimate government will not be a quick or easy task but it is necessary if we are to survive as a free people and nation. While the US should, of course, retain both the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we must return to a decentralized confederation structure of government like Switzerland or Canada and add in the right of Swiss style referendums so citizens can terminate or initiate legislation when Congress fails to follow the will of the people.

While there have been many thoughtful and needed proposals about how we need to end the Fed, return to a gold backed currency, require term limits, repeal the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution, require a declaration of war for military action or a balanced budget and other changes, none of these will restore limited government or our republic. I agree with these ideals and many more but all will be ineffective if we retain the federal government structure in place now.

How could any American believe a law, congressional act or even an amendment to the Constitution could in any way control or limit the powerful interests running our government today? The Bill of Rights sounds great, the balanced budget amendment or national debt limit are compelling but all are meaningless gestures to a gullible public who really want to believe in America and our government.

NC: Ironclad CSS Raleigh, Defender of the Cape Fear

 The CSS Raleigh 
Its keel laid down in the Spring of 1862 at James Cassidey’s
shipyard in Wilmington and construction delayed by labor
disputes and material shortages, the CSS Raleigh was
commissioned by the Confederate States Navy on
3 April 1864 and placed under the command
of Lt. John Wilkinson. 

This officer had just returned from Canada where he
was to command the captured USS Michigan on
Lake Erie had the secret operation not been compromised.
Wilkinson returned South and his assignment to the
CSS Raleigh lasted only a few weeks as he was
ordered to Richmond to be part of an operation to
free Southern prisoners at Point Lookout.

Command of the CSS Raleigh fell to
Lt. John Pembroke Jones, an officer very familiar with
local waters as he was part of the US Navy’s Coast
and Geodetic Survey detachment in the 1850s which
surveyed and charted the coastline in this area.

The CSS Raleigh was a Richmond Class ironclad,
designed by Capt. John L. Porter, Chief Naval
Constructor for the Confederate States Navy.
Its length was 150 feet (172’ overall), a beam of
32 feet, drew 12 feet of water, and armament
consisted of 4-6” guns and perhaps a spar torpedo.
To man the vessel, 197 officers and crew, plus
a detachment of 24 marines were aboard.

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Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

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Authorities in New Jersey allege a Muslim man beheaded two Coptic Christians, burying their bodies and heads and hands in separate graves near Philadelphia, bringing the horror of the persecution of Christians in Islamic nations to the United States.

According to New York’s WABC-TV, the Muslim was identified as Yusuf Ibrahim, 28. He was taken into custody after the bodies were found.

The report said investigators alleged Ibrahim killed the victims then severed their heads and hands, and buried the remains in the back yard of a home in Buena Vista, N.J.

The report said the victims were from the Coptic Christian community in the area. One of the victims had come from Egypt not many years ago.

While the report said police did not indicate a motive, friends of the victims wondered if it was something to do with religion.

WABC reporter Jeff Pegues wrote: “To members of the close knit Coptic Orthodox church the pain is real.”

“It’s a shock, something like this doesn’t happen to people like that,” one resident told him.

The report said police described the suspect as “ruthless” and “calculating” and said he belongs behind bars.

Pamela Geller, who blogs about Islam at Atlas Shrugs, said it “appear have been a ritual killing, religious in nature.”

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