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Cancer Center bans all Christian symbols of Christmas

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"No Nativity scenes" - Hollings Cancer Center spokeswoman Vicky Agnew
A South Carolina cancer center that gave Santa Claus the boot has reversed its decision, but said they will ban any Christmas decorations that are religious in nature - including the Nativity.

Cancer Center bans all Christian symbols of Christmas

The Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, SC, created a firestorm of yuletide controversy after they told a volunteer that he would not be allowed to dress up as Santa Claus, according to FoxNews.

Their Santa ban lasted about two days before they reversed course.

"Perhaps we stumbled here," Hollings spokeswoman Vicky Agnew said. "We are very well aware that Santa is not a religious figure, but we are a state institution and we wanted to tone down the overt commercial and any religious aspects to it."

Did you catch that? A cancer treatment center wants to "tone down" any religious aspects of Christmas!

So Santa gets a reprieve - but religious-themed Christmas decorations do not.

"That still stands," Agnew said. "We've got a diverse population here and a lot of folks celebrate the season differently – or don't celebrate it."
Hollings will not allow any religious symbols - at all.
"No Nativity scenes," Agnew said.


Contact Hollings Cancer Center director, Dr. Andrew Kraft, and urge him to reverse the center's anti-Christmas, anti-Christian policy banning religious symbols, especially during the Christmas season.

The English Defence League and British Freedom

EDL header
This afternoon a group of English Defence League leaders gathered at a venue in the West Midlands for an organizational meeting. Gaia was in attendance, and sends the following report:

The main topic of his talk was a future relationship between the EDL and the British Freedom Party, which recently elected Paul Weston as its chairman.

The atmosphere was definitely upbeat, and Tommy had the full attention of the assembled group during his talk. The crowd of 250-300 listened attentively and applauded from time to time. He explained that the EDL need to move up a notch — they cannot go on forever staging street demos. They are still widely perceived as a rabble, and as such cannot possibly obtain funding or be taken seriously by the political class.

He said that it has become imperative that the EDL gather political clout.

Pieter Loubser critical: Malmesbury farm attack

Young dairy-farmer Pieter Loubser, fiancee Brenda van der Westhuizen and children attacked with iron pipes and axe: after brutal assaults, three black men flee with wine and cd-player; farmer in critical condition: their children’s condition not referred to in news reports: but they were also attacked in their bedroom:

Statement by M J Swart, chairman of the club: “Members of the West-Cape Simmentaler Club are horrified and shocked about the cruel axe-attack on Pieter Loubser and his wife Brenda on Friday-morning Nov 18 2011 at their dairy farm near Malmesbury. Pieter and Brenda were attacked by three men with axes who broke open their homestead. Both are seriously injured. Pieter’s head-injuries are very serious and he is in the intensive-care unit.

Farm attacks place the food-security of this country in great danger. Irresponsible behaviour and statements by radical young black politicians are directly responsible for this – despite the fact that they themselves fatten themselves with food produced by those same farmers which are so badly maligned by these leaders. . As chairman of the club I ask each member to pray for their completely recovery and cure. We also pray for strength for the family in these traumatic times.” Thys Swart (Voorsitter: Wes-Kaap Simmentaler en Simbra klub) Picture above of Mr Pieter Loubser earlier this year by the National Simmentaler Championships.



Occupy San Francisco Moonbat Does Not Know What Sign She’s Holding

Most have figured out by now that the smelly losers comprising the Occupy Wall Street movement are clueless tools being exploited as pawns by Obama and his Big Union backers. To get an idea of how clueless, watch as a moonbat confesses without shame that she has no idea what the sign she’s been told to brandish even means:

Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism

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A powerful exposé of how political violence operates through the spaces of urban life.

Cities are the new battleground of our increasingly urban world. From the slums of the global South to the wealthy financial centers of the West, Cities Under Siege traces the spread of political violence through the sites, spaces, infrastructure and symbols of the world’s rapidly expanding metropolitan areas.

Drawing on a wealth of original research, Stephen Graham shows how Western militaries and security forces now perceive all urban terrain as a conflict zone inhabited by lurking shadow enemies. Urban inhabitants have become targets that need to be continually tracked, scanned and controlled. Graham examines the transformation of Western armies into high-tech urban counter-insurgency forces.

He looks at the militarization and surveillance of international borders, the use of ‘security’ concerns to suppress democratic dissent, and the enacting of legislation to suspend civilian law. In doing so, he reveals how the New Military Urbanism permeates the entire fabric of urban life, from subway and transport networks hardwired with high-tech ‘command and control’ systems to the insidious militarization of a popular culture corrupted by the all-pervasive discourse of ‘terrorism.’


Rep. Poe: Obama at War With US Energy Firms

The administration’s decision to postpone the Canadian XL pipeline despite the price of crude oil jumping above $100 a barrel has led energy-sector executives to suspect the administration “is at war with American energy production,” GOP Rep. Ted Poe of Texas tells Newsmax.TV.

The administration’s decision to postpone the Canadian XL pipeline despite the price of crude oil jumping above $100 a barrel has led energy-sector executives to suspect the administration “is at war with American energy production,” GOP Rep. Ted Poe of Texas tells Newsmax.TV.

Poe, who represents the heartland of the U.S. refinery industry in Southeast Texas, says delaying a decision on the XL pipeline until after the November 2012 election will hurt U.S. job growth. Once fully operational, that pipeline would deliver over 1.2 million barrels a day to the thirsty U.S. oil refineries that blanket the Gulf Coast region near Port Arthur, Texas.

“That’s as much oil as we get from Saudi Arabia,” Poe tells Newsmax. “Why not trade with a stable partner, rather than relying on Middle Eastern oil? Even the pipeline folks in Nebraska have now a new route that they want to go through, to go around the environmental concerns. The State Department says, ‘No, we’re not going to do it. We’re going to wait until after the election to make a decision.’”

Poe warned that Canada may simply build a pipeline west rather than south, and offload the crude into oil tankers bound for China. He said the administration’s decision appears to be motivated by politics: Environmentalists oppose construction of the Canada-to-Texas pipeline.
“By a failure to make a decision, we are just continuing down the road of high energy prices,” the Texas congressman said.

Other highlights from Poe’s exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV:

Coordinated Defense, use the terrain.

Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
--Robert Heinlein


American Mercenary
I have written before the words of men smarter than I, "It isn't a silver bullet, but the right mix of weapons that wins a war." One of the tenants of modern warfare is that "you don't win by withdrawal."

But you can't always be on the offensive, so what do you do? You become offensively defensive. Napoleon and Hitler both found out the hard way that "offensive defense" will suck the combat power out of your Army quickly. Let us set up a scenario, you are a German Jew in an alternate timeline where Hitler's rise to power happened in the 1960's. You've seen the writing on the wall and decide to be "Defiant" and resist to the end. You don't have a "silver bullet" weapon that will win your war, but you have access to a few hunting rifles and some captured military hardware.

So how do you get the right mix with what you have? By choosing the time and place of the fight. To choose wisely you need to know what you have, and what it can do, and where it can be most effective.

If you have four men with AK's, and four men with bolt action 30-06 Deer rifles, how do you match them up to kill the most of the jack booted thugs who come to kill them? Do you mate them up as sniper teams? Not likely, sniping and spotting is a skilled task. Better to make two teams of bolt rifle men at ranges 400 to 800 meters away from the kill zone, and the short range riflemen between 150 and 250 meters away. Spread them out so that a mortar round won't kill all four. Spread the bolt riflemen out so that their sectors of fire provide each other security.

What you do is set them up into three or four positions, so that the men with AK's can use a "reverse slope defense" of their position, and the bolt action long range teams can cover the flanks. A reverse slope defense is not intuitive, it is staying well behind the crest of a hill so that the enemy comes into view and gets shot. The downside is that if you lack the firepower to kill the enemy as they present themselves you will be overrun, but the tactical advantage is that the enemy cannot mass firepower against you.

A properly prepared defense is made by the acronym PMSDF. Preparation, Massing Effects, Security, Disruption, and Flexibility.

Never stop preparing, prepare fields of fire, prepare avenues of egress, prepare obstacles to channel the aggressor. Massing effects means that you coordinate your assets so that you kill the most of them for the least of you, do this by assigning sectors of fire and priorities of fire. Security, if you don't have 360 security you are killing yourself and your men, if you don't conceal yourself from the "eyes in the sky" then you are killing yourself all over again, even at night.

Disrupt the enemies movements, plans, and tempo. And flexibility, make sure you can flex out of any one position to fight from another. Even your "go to hell plan" needs to have two or three variations.

But use the terrain, find a slope that you can overwatch with long rifles and defend with shorter range weapons, keep a river or swamp between you and the enemy if you can. Natural obstacles are just as effective as concertina wire or a tank ditch. Complex urban terrain requires a lot more planning, and has more risks of civilian interference. However life is risky, and we reduce risk by planning.

So plan your defense. Then attack yourself and see if you can flank your planned position, or if you can find an avenue of approach that allows the attackers to set up intersecting grazing fire. Then adjust your defenses to deny the attacker those advantages. Accept some risk, but mitigate it to the best of your ability by planning, preparing, and practicing "offensive defense."

Critique of Topsy Turvy

I bought this to read, then for Dixie's homeschool and it is as stated, maybe worst. The author's bias becomes apparent immediately. I'll have to take it to the range.

Topsy-Turvy: How the Civil War Turned the World Upside Down for Southern Children (American Childhoods Series)

I bought Topsy Turvy under the impression that it would be a book of true history. Instead, its contents live up to its cover, a cover which captures a drawing from Uncle Tom's Cabin, a hate-stirring novel by another imaginative female novelist I have now concluded the reading of Jabour's work dealing with the "same old, same old--same song, millionth verse."- Jabour's book is just another echo of all that politically correct historians have spewed forth since Lincoln, his Marxist buddies, and their newly imported, hired guns, non-English speaking foreigners destroyed the heart and brain of America and converted the Republic with its Constitutional law into a joke called Karl Marx's Democracy .

Jabour does sprinkle a few historical facts about on the pages of her "hysterical novel," but for the most part she writes not for readers seeking truth, but for the liberated, beguiled women in "women gender" history classes. Those students are programmed to appreciate her digs at white Southern children and their supposedly horrifically prejudiced, slave-torturing mamas. Can it be that Jabour does not know that northern slave owners, once they acquired white bondsmen (slaves, really) and bonds-kids or Scot and Irish folks to work for pennies in their factories, dumped (for bucks) their black slaves on the South? Those northern factory owners needed Southern cotton--so of course the north benefited by exporting black slaves south.

Jabour does not confess this truth. Her research may not have been thorough enough to reveal it. She seems to have depended only on the "approved" findings of other not too honest researchers and writers out to make a buck. She may not even know that northerners owned both white slaves and black ones and were harsh owners--undoubtedly more harsh than were 99.8 percent of Southern owners of blacks. Jabour's failure to research and mention northerners' slavery role is not surprising-- books reporting hideous treatment of the north's slaves neither sell nor earn academic distinctions for their authors.

There are even today vast numbers of northerners who have no knowledge that there was a slave plantation once in the very heart of New York (revealed by recently discovered skeletons). Jabour may be unaware that the slave ships were only northern ones-- not Southern ships--and those northern ships never flew a Confederate flag. The U.S. flag is the flag of slavery, just as is the British flag, the Danish flag, the Italian flag, the Spanish flag--practically all the flags of all the nations in the world, including South American flags and flags of African nations and lands inhabited by Muslims. The flags of all these nations once flew over slave ships.

Evidently Jabour does not know Louisiana had thousands of freed black people years before Mr. Lincoln's term of office--and that Louisiana's free blacks were educated and prosperous. Is it not odd how the wildly acclaimed historians seem so unaware that emancipation began in the South long before the Marxists and their buddies, the crazed abolitionists, started the Republican Party?

Jabour makes quite a big deal contending that white daughters of Confederate mothers merely reflected a parent's perverted views. Children can absorb parental beliefs? What an earth-shaking, psychological revelation! -

It follows then that Jabour must conclude the daughters of the morally superior northerners, also, mirrored the beliefs of their parents and thus, the children of some northern preachers thought, as did their papas, that all Southern preachers should be hung by the neck until dead. (Marxist propagandists were experts!) General Sherman and Mrs. Sherman's kids, then, must have believed that all Southern women and children (of a certain class) should be eliminated--and the entire South turned into ashes. General Grant (a Marxist approved U.S. President) and his family held black slaves even after the end of the U.S. war. Does this mean the Grant children thought slavery o.k.? Members of Mr. Lincoln's U.S. Senate voted to torture helpless Confederate prisoners, starve them to death, have them shot, freeze them, etc. --so must we believe that the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. of those men agreed that prisoners should be tortured if they were Southerners? (To think that some northerners today have complained about prisoners having their heads dipped in buckets!)

A Southern holocaust and cultural genocide was created by noble northerners, so, Jabour must conclude that the north's children reflecting their parents' views believed the holocaust in the South and the genocide there perfectly justified-- in fact, hunky dory! If that kind of thinking is not topsy turvy, what is?

The Communist brainwashing goes on and on and comes out here--in the Jabour text.

I consider the Jabour book nothing more than another hate-mongering work of the very type created back in the 1800's by skilled Marxist-Communist propagandists. Perhaps Jabour is an innocent who thinks she is telling the truth, but she is merely repeating the exact lies circulated by the hundreds of 1848ers (Communists) who wrote propaganda for northern newspapers and journals as part of the continuation in America of their failed Socialist Revolution in Europe. Karl Marx, himself, wrote regularly for the New York Tribune, does Jabour know that?

Joan Hough "Joan Hough"
Critique of Topsy Turvy

Warren Buffett's Non-Profit Tax Shelter Gives $$Millions for Abortion Mills

View the millions each year he gives to other tax-exempt foundations to fund abortion, namely Planned Parenthood. Similarly, view the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, all chartered tax-exempt by the IRS. These are just two of the most prominent examples of how America's soul is being subverted from within, subsidized by the American people. (There are now over 1,000,000 tax-exempt foundations)

Search out who's funding (at your expense) your own pet peeve issue:

10 Southern Pictures 1904-1940

10 Southern Pictures 1904-1940

Lawsuit: Man fired for not wearing "666" sticker

Via Tom Stedham
A Georgia factory worker claims in a federal lawsuit that he was fired after he refused to wear a 666 sticker he feared would doom him to eternal damnation.

Billy E. Hyatt claims he was fired from Pliant Corp., a plastics factory in northern Georgia near Dalton, after he refused to wear a sticker proclaiming that his factory had been accident-free for 666 days. That number is considered the "mark of the beast" in the Bible's Book of Revelation describing the apocalypse.

Hyatt, who said he's a devout Christian, had worked for the north Georgia plastics company since June 2007 and like other employees wore stickers each day that proclaimed how long the factory had gone without an accident.

But he grew nervous in early 2009 as the number of accident-free days crept into the 600s. As the company's safety calendar approached day 666, Hyatt said he approached a manager and explained that wearing it would force him "to accept the mark of the beast and to be condemned to hell." He said the manager assured him he wouldn't have to wear the number.

When the day came on March 12, 2009, Hyatt sought a manager to discuss his request. He said he was told that his beliefs were "ridiculous" and that he should wear the sticker or serve a three-day suspension.


Picketers turn out for right to carry arms

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars
About a dozen gun enthusiasts picketed Friday afternoon in front of Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, but their real target was Berkeley County Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely.

Friday's picketers, all of whom wore guns, openly and concealed, belong to the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, a legislative lobbying group. They contend that the Second Amendment and West Virginia law gives them the right to carry guns on college and university campuses.
The issue stemmed from the October arrest of Joshua Lee Beck, 26, a Blue Ridge Community and Technical College student and former Martinsburg correctional officer, who allegedly repeatedly violated the school's rules limiting the possession of firearms on campus.

A sign on the school's main entrance reads: "No firearms or weapons allowed on this property."

West Virginia law bans guns from elementary, secondary and vocational technical schools, but it's vague on banning them at colleges and universities, Games-Neely said.

55% of California voters oppose their "Dream Act" politicians ramrodded through

Via Rebellion
Many Californians worry that they are being priced out of the state's public university systems, and they object to allowing illegal immigrants the same financial aid that U.S. citizens can receive at the campuses, a new poll has found.

Fifty-five percent of the voters questioned said they oppose a new state law known as the California DREAM Act. It will permit undocumented students who graduated from California high schools and meet other requirements to receive taxpayer aid to attend the University of California, Cal State and community colleges starting in 2013. Forty percent support it.

But there is a huge ethnic divide on the issue, according to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times survey: 79% of Latinos approve of the law, while only 30% of whites do.

Homosexuals Threaten and Vandalize Churches Standing for Biblical Truth

Godfather Politics
Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights, Illinois was host to a banquet planned by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality in which they were honoring Dr Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika and pro-family activist. The intent of the banquet was to uncover the agenda used by homosexuals to get their sinful lifestyle accepted by society.

Prior to the banquet, several chunks of concrete were hurled through the church’s windows. A note attached to one of the pieces of concrete read:

“Quit the homophobic s—!”

On the evening of the banquet, security cameras at the school run by the church, caught vandals hurling more chunks of concrete through the entryway doors of the school. Scrawled on one of the pieces of concrete was the message:

“Shut down Lively”

Another piece of concrete carried a note attached which read:

“This is just a sample of what we will do if you don’t shut down Scott Lively and AFTAH. F— Scott Lively. Quit the homophobic s—!”

The church and school have hosted other events in the past where members of the Gay Liberation Network protested outside. At this event, the protesters spat on Christians attending the event and threatened them with physical violence, but no arrests were ever made.

More recently, Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, spoke out at a city council hearing and started receiving threatening phone calls in less than twenty-four hours.

The city council was discussing plans that would create a special class or status to protect gays, lesbians and transgender people. If passed, the provision is to be added the city’s anti-discrimination policy.

Pastor Blair challenged members of the city council to justify such actions when at the present, there hadn’t been any cause or need to protect one group of people over another. He also told the council that homosexuality was against what the Bible taught and that should further preclude any thought of giving them a special status and protection.

At 4:12am the next morning, the first threatening call came into the church with subsequent calls following over the next few hours:

“I have committed homicide more than one time and in more than one state – and yet have not been caught or charged. Think about that.”

“I will be coming to visit you at 1230 North Sooner Road. I will be seeing you, bringing you something.”

“I will be coming to see you at 1230 North Sooner Road.”

“I suggest you listen to this message clearly. A (muffled) has been placed on your property in the building, as well as some visitors will be visiting Pastor Blair at his residence. This is just to let you know. Thank you. Detonate it, detonate.”

There were more messages left on the church’s voice mail, but they were so vulgar and profane that the report I read would not reprint them. Pastor Blair reported the calls to police who claim they are investigating the matter, but as yet, no arrests have been made. The pastor refuses to step back from his stand on what the Bible says about homosexuality being an abomination and a sin.

Had any of these things occurred at a homosexual event or office, it would have been labeled a hate crime and the police would have taken immediate measures to pursue the perpetrators. Or if this occurred at a Muslim mosque it would be a hate crime and swift action taken.

But since the target of the attacks and threats are merely Christian churches and leaders, the incidents have not been labeled as a hate crime nor do the police in each case seem to be treating the offences as being a serious matter. It’s sad to see the deterioration of Christianity in America and how it is the only religion that those professing tolerance can’t tolerate.

Ron Paul: "Reality Check" on Fox 19

HCSO: Dad shoots suspect holding daughter at gunpoint during attempted home invasion

Via The Dorkfish Express


HOUSTON—Richard Goodie is not the kind of father you want to mess with. A pair of suspects found that out the hard way Friday morning in a botched robbery in northwest Harris County.

It all started when Goodie’s 14-year-old daughter, Moriah, was headed to school around 6:30 a.m. Investigators said she’d just locked up her home and was walking down the sidewalk when she was approached by two men.

"She was approached by two black males. One with a pistol grabbed her around the neck and had her in a choke hold, and held the pistol to her head," Lt. Jeff Stauber of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.

Luckily for Moriah, Richard Goodie heard the commotion. He grabbed his handgun and fired a warning shot, but the suspect still wouldn’t let Moriah go.

"The gentlemen that had her around the neck said he was going to kill her if [the father] did not back away. [The suspect] started dragging the young girl into the street. There was some separation, and at that point the daddy was able to fire one shot at the suspect," Stauber said.

Richard Goodie’s shot struck the suspect in the abdomen, causing him to let go of Moriah. The second suspect fled the scene.

"It was scary. It was scary. But I had to do what I had to do. He was jeopardizing my daughter’s life, my life. So I had to do what I had to do," Richard Goodie said.

Thankfully, Moriah was not hurt.

"My dad did what he had to do, but I’m good," she said.

The injured suspect, later identified as Matthew Hendricks, was airlifted to Memorial Hermann. He is expected to survive.

Police said a third suspect – the teen's mother – was arrested when she pulled up to the scene in a car. Investigators said she and the injured suspect have both been charged with aggravated robbery, but they would not comment any further on what the mother's role might have been.

Occupy A Desk!

Reclaiming Dead Soil through Hugelkultur

We have a problem. Most of the land we live on (even in rural communities) is barren. That means the soil can't support life without massive injections of imported petro-chemical fertilizer's, irrigation, and mechanical labor. Worse, it takes years to reclaim dead soil.

A home or community with dead soil (as essential first step to building a productive landscape), won't help y0u survive an economic winter. So, here's a trick that may help out, but you need to start earlier than latter.

It's called Hugelkultur (it's from a brilliant german permaculture engineer called Sepp Holzer, although he started doing this well before the permaculture brand emerged). Simply, it's soil on top of a bed of rotten wood. There are lots of very informative and quirky instructional materials on the Web about it (from vids on YouTube to discussion pages). Also, Sepp has a great book that includes this and more.


What happened to wages of native-born workers after Arizona passed E-Verify?

Via Tom Stedham
Lawmakers in several states have vowed to pass undocumented employer sanction laws after the Supreme Court upheld Arizona's this year. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has drummed up some support to pass a federal version in Congress that would require all employers to use the government's E-Verify database to ensure their employees are authorized to work--or risk losing their business license.

Arizona provides a case study for the effects of a tough E-Verify law on the labor market.

According to a study released this year by the Public Policy Institute of California, about 92,000 or 17 percent of the Hispanic non-citizen population of Arizona left in the year after the state passed E-Verify legislation. The researchers say most of them were illegal immigrants, and determined that the recession was not the cause of the exodus by comparing the migration patterns to those of other states.

Sub-Caliber Flare Gun Insert

The Sub-Caliber Flare Gun Insert is perfect for boaters, campers or hikers. Our insert simply slides into your 26.5mm flare gun to allow you to fire .22cal rimfire ammunition. The rifled steel barrel is in encased in a lightweight corrosion resistant adaptor adding minimal additional weight. The offset barrel is positioned to make for a pefect shot every time. To top it off, the insert slides right into your 26.5mm flaregun and is ready to shoot, making installation foolproof.


Dog Tease

Roundabout via Cousin Colby