Thursday, May 31, 2012

GRNC Alert 5-31-12 State of Emergency VICTORY!

Your coordinated efforts have beaten another bad bill!

Congratulate yourselves on applying pressure that has resulted in another GRNC win added to a growing trend of recent pro-freedom victories. As you recall, in the case Bateman v. Perdue, GRNC and SAF won the lawsuit over North Carolina's ban on transporting firearms outside the home during declared states of emergency, resulting in the law being declared unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. Because the state chose not to appeal, the decision stands and our unconstitutional law had to be repealed.

Rather than simply repealing the ban, however, NC Senate staffers apparently ran amok and drafted replacement language which was worse than the original law. But after GRNC issued alerts to tens of thousands of gun owners, your input shut down the committee and forced them to reconsider.

Suffice to say you made quite an impression. Instead replacing an unconstitutional gun ban with yet another unconstitutional gun ban, and even including language to "authorize" your right to bear arms in your home during emergencies, as did HB 489, the SOE gun ban is headed for repeal pending an almost certain floor vote in the Senate and House concurrence. This is what should have happened from the very beginning, and serves as a reminder that we need to remain ever vigilant against anti-gun legislation.

More good news:

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The President’s $8 Billion Coincidence

Via Cousin Bill

Off to the Pippen Reunion 2012

Pippen/Pippin Family Reunion "Dixieland" 06/ 10/07

Vietnam vet reunites with soldier he saved 42 years ago

Sugar Land store clerk shoots armed robber

Media censors race in school bullying suicide


A fifteen year old white male student committed suicide after being beaten and robbed repeatedly by three black males at his school. The media is censoring race in their reporting. (If the victim was homosexual, or the races were reversed, this would be a major national news story with commentary by Lady Gaga.)

Starting a U-Boat motor

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Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul):)

Ron Paul 2012

I understand that there are a number of Republicans (including Yours Truly) who are currently campaigning to become delegates to the Republican National Convention who have formerly expressed support for the presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

Like me, they may be running into some questions about their loyalty to the “presumptive candidate”, Mitt Romney.

For that reason, and others that I will soon explain, I thought it was high time for me to officially switch my support from Ron Paul and go on record endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

While I hope that my endorsement will help, in some small way, to promote party unity, I am also aware that there will probably be some cynics who doubt my sincerity. After all, it is public record that I have donated the maximum amount to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. And my neighbors might have noticed the four foot “Ron Paul 2012” banner in my yard or the the eight by four foot sign that I bolted to an unused utility pole (lit by two floodlights and surrounded by twinkling multi-colored Christmas lights).

So to reassure any sceptics, here is a partial list of the reasons I am endorsing Romney for president:

1. Consistency - Mitt Romney has been unwavering in his public devotion to the principles and issues that would help to advance the political career of Mitt Romney.

2. Flexibility - Unlike Ron Paul who has been ridiculously rigid in his defense of the U.S. constitution, personal liberty, a balanced budget and the sanctity of life (so much so that he earned the nickname “Dr. No” in congress); Romney has shown that he is capable of rolling with the punches, going with the tide, changing with the times, and bending with the breeze.

3. Supporters - The top six donors to Romney’s campaign are banks (including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, etc.). Who knows what is best for the average American? Why, multi-billionaire bankers, of course. Obviously Romney’s supporters have the kind of deep pockets that can not only pay for his campaign, but also buy the kind of congress that will make SURE that America will have another TARP bailout if we need it.

On the other hand, 97% of Ron Paul’s donations come from individuals. His top three donor groups are the active military in the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force. Many of his donors live paycheck to paycheck, are small business owners, or are even unemployed. No wonder a lot of them are running out of money. Ron Paul has only himself to blame. After twelve terms in congress, lobbyists from the big corporations don’t even bother to come to his office. They know it would be a waste of time.

4. Public image - With unrelenting national and international press coverage labeling him as the “frontrunner” (and now the “presumptive candidate”) Mitt Romney has tremendous credibility. He has pearly teeth, perfect hair, tailored suits and looks, well... “presidential”. Ron Paul wears suits that could have come off the rack at J.C. Penney, has kind of a squeaky voice, talks for an hour without notes (let alone a teleprompter), and looks like your favorite uncle. You would never catch Mitt talking about things like “monetary policy”. Borrrrrrring!

5. Freedom - Romney knows that the greatest threat to our freedom are the “Islamo-fascists”. Not the Chinese, that manufacture everything that we consume and that we depend on to finance our national debt. Not the politicians, that treat the constitution like a blank piece of paper and the U.S. Treasury like their personal piggy bank. Not federal agents, that can track us by GPS, tap our phones without a warrant, watch the books we read and websites we visit, and monitor the politicians we support. And certainly not the President of the United States who now has the legal authority to order the execution of any American citizen that he suspects might be a “terrorist”. Or the American-born underage son of a “terrorist”. Or the underage friend who happens to be standing next to the American-born underage son of a “terrorist”.
After all, Obama has promised not to execute any U.S. citizen within the borders of the United States without a trial and I am fairly confident that Romney wouldn't either. At least not without a really good reason.
Ron Paul thinks the National Defense Authorization Act is unconstitutional. That’s just crazy. The Bill of Rights prohibits “unreasonable search and seizure”, it doesn’t say anything at all about “vaporization by a drone missile”.

6. Foreign Aid - Romney understands why we should continue to mortgage our children’s future to give foreign aid to ANY government of ANY country that isn’t actually at war with us; including countries that are run by a dictator or whose citizens have a higher per capita income than the United States. Romney knows that the only TRUE friends are the ones that you buy and the best way to foster economic independence is to GIVE a country hundreds of billions of dollars.That is why Afghanistan, where 97% of the gross national product comes from the United States treasury, is so loyal and has such a vibrant economy.

7. Foreign Policy - Here again is where Romney really shines. He knows that American exceptionalism means that we should police the world. He knows that in this age of global economy, there are no nations in which the United States does not have a “vital national interest”. And even if there were, we could always justify bombing them to “prevent a bloodbath” or “promote democracy” or “enforce a U.N. resolution”. That means that Americans can rest easy knowing that we are spending ourselves into bankruptcy paying for the defense of impoverished countries like Germany, Japan, and South Korea so that they don’t have to tax their corporations which can then manufacture inexpensive cars and flat screen TV’s that put Americans out of work.

8. National debt - Romney is against it. How do we know? Because he said so a whole lot of times in a very convincing tone of voice. And just as soon as he is elected president he will show us how we can eliminate the budget deficit without raising any taxes, eliminating any cabinet departments, reducing military spending, or cutting Social Security, Medicare, or any other popular program. How will he do this? Well he hasn’t explained his whole program but it has something to do with getting rid of all of those federal regulations that are smothering small businesses like Goldman Sachs.

9. Immigration - Romney is the only candidate who has had the guts NOT to come out with a firm stand on this thorny issue.

10. Charisma - Romney has tons of it. Almost as much as Obama. Why is this important? Because in 2016, when the national debt has soared to record heights and unemployment is still in double digits it will take a lot of “charisma” to convince the voters to put him (or any other Republican) back in office.

11. Economy - Romney is a businessman. That means he is an expert on “economics”. He is also in favor of “free enterprise”. That’s why he likes the Federal Reserve. They print all of our money. Then they GIVE it to Goldman Sachs, which LOANS it back to the U.S.Treasury and charges the taxpayer interest. How is this “free enterprise”? Because Goldman Sachs gets to take our money, for FREE!
But that isn’t the reason Goldman Sachs is the biggest contributor to the Romney campaign. Its because they know he is the “best man for the job”. And he knows a lot about the economy.

Romney had enough sense to know that the only way out of the 2008 crash was to give $700 billion dollars to the same guys that had caused the problem. Like Obama, he knew they were “too big to fail”, especially after Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan had bought them at fire sale prices. That is because Romney understands “free enterprise”.

12. Electability - Romney is electable. Everybody knows this because we heard it on Fox News. He knows that he doesn't need the support of the thousands of young people who have been attending rallies for Ron Paul or attending conventions or campaigning door to door or becoming delegates or GOP party officials for the first time. Why? Because he isn’t Obama. And he understands “free enterprise”.


Anyway, those are a few of the reasons why I am endorsing Mitt. But I saved the best for last. The main reason I am endorsing Mitt Romney is for my children.

More @ Daily Paul

Former Obama ally and Dem congressman Davis switches to GOP

Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis is switching sides, abandoning his former ally President Obama to become a Republican -- lamenting that the country has "gone backward" since Obama took office.

Davis is making the announcement in the run-up to a possible congressional comeback in Virginia, though he says he has not yet made up his mind whether he'll challenge Democratic incumbent Rep. Gerry Connolly. He used to represent Alabama.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Davis explained the rationale behind his switch. He said he "took inventory" and decided "what we're doing is not working."

Davis said the government's policies are "counterproductive," suggested businesses were hurting and described economic growth as stagnant.

"Every time we think we're beginning to move forward, we fall backward," he said.

He also sounded a note of disenchantment with Obama.

More @ Fox

LANGUAGE! A Black Power leader says blacks will lose if a race war occurs in America.

Via Ranger on Spilling Cracker Blood

Of course, a liberal will go ahead and view it, but reply that he's "offended" afterwards.......:)

Only 19% See Obama, Romney As Best Possible Presidential Candidates

The populace isn't as brain dead as I thought.

Mitt Romney may have clinched the Republican nomination this week, but most voters aren't happy with the choices they now face in this year’s presidential election.

Just 19% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Romney and President Obama are the two best people running for the presidency. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 64% don’t believe they're the best possible nominees. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it's in the news, it's in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on May 26-27, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

When High Heels Come to Boot Camp

When High Heels Come to Boot Camp

Two female soldiers are suing the US military for “violating the rights of servicewomen by excluding them from certain military positions and from ground combat units because of their gender.”

In wars past, it has been men fighting and men dying. Female nurses and medics have been killed, but it is mainly men who have sacrificed their lives.

Women have never been drafted. I have argued with some who say: “Women should be treated exactly equal to men in the military.”

“And if there was a draft?” I ask them.

“Well, then women should have a choice if they want to go or not,” they respond, unaware of any logical contradiction.

More @ Taki's


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Silence Lies, A history of Viet Nam

What Today’s Students are Learning About the Vietnam Era


There has to be an enormous amount of care taken when compiling and editing any historical work. If the objective is to present history in the most accurate, factual light, there has to be a weigh in of sorts between the historian’s world view and the relevant facts uncovered in the research. An editor must be able to overcome his own biases when exposed to facts that contradict his beliefs. Exposure to a fresh history, like a first impression, imprints a powerful residue on the psyche of the reader. A fresh history, or the first exposure to an event or era, usually takes place in school. So it is not so much the history per se to which a student is first exposed, but the attitude of the editor presenting that history.

In recent years school books across the country have come under scrutiny for blatant bias. These are easy to expose because they are so blatant. Traditional American values, our Judeo-Christian origins and American exceptionalism are disappearing in textbooks at an alarming rate. In that newly available space themes more hostile to our unique heritage are inserted. This comes in concert with the successful effort to remove from the schools and vilify our traditions, prayer and virtue.

Generally speaking, we can trace the current climate to the 60s. Since the introduction of Marxism in the 19th Century, the philosophy had mainly been promoted by elitist intellectuals; those who know better how a peasant should live than the peasant himself.

By the 60s our post WWII prosperity had deprived us of peasants. It had also filled our universities with the beneficiaries of our capitalist prosperity. It was in these universities that Marxism established a serious base among those suffering from prosperity guilt; those who wished to assist the less fortunate with gifts of other people’s wealth. The vehicle that drove Marxism to its stealth position of esteem today was the Vietnam conflict.

It is an editor’s prerogative to choose what stays and what goes in presenting a comprehensive history in a confined space. Very often it is what is not in the history that exposes an editor’s bias and distorts history. Brevard County High School students are getting their Vietnam era history from The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century. This textbook is published by The Holt McDougal Publishing Company; copyright 2005. It will be teaching students until 2012 when a review of textbooks is scheduled.

In The Americans the editors cram 30 plus years of Vietnamese history into 30 pages. Chapter 22 is devoted to the Vietnam War in conjunction with the turbulent 60s.

A good historian need not experience the history he’s presenting but regardless, it should be well researched. Generally, the presentation is accurate in what this textbook chooses to present. But it is far from an accurate history. In this one, an entire theme is missing. The silence on this theme is a lie of omission so blatant that it corrupts the entire history and ignores a large part of the legacy of that era.

More @ Grumpy Opinions

Raceless Rape Exposes BBC Deceit

Heh.:) Good tongue in cheek.
Paul Weston

It takes quite a bit of self inflicted torment and anguish within the traitor class at the BBC to make me feel sorry for them, but their take on a recent rape case in Luton has almost managed to achieve this. Almost… but not quite.

The BBC can never honestly admit that what they routinely refer to as “Asian rape” is actually Muslim rape, leading more realistic observers to wonder how they would report a rape case when the perpetrator was an Asian Muslim and the victim an Asian Sikh/Hindu/Chinese/Thai etc etc.

Well, now we know the answer.

Luton police in talks over Sikh protest is the BBC headline, with the following excerpts taken from their article:

Police have said they are talking to community leaders following a protest by hundreds of Sikhs at a Luton police station……about 250 people gathered at Buxton Road on Tuesday over an allegation that a young Sikh woman had been sexually assaulted.

“Before the protest, senior officers had attended the Gurdwara in Dallow Road to meet Luton Sikh community leaders to explain the investigation into the report of an assault on Monday…after considerable negotiation with representatives from the group, who were invited into the police station to talk, the protesters left at 11pm.

A 19-year-old man charged with common assault in connection with the allegation is due in court later.
I can just picture the turmoil and consternation within the spinning brains of typical BBC propagandists here. One imagines that hours of high level conferences were held at BBC HQ; hours of inward looking incomprehension as reality overtook their desperately manufactured fantasy of Asian rape rather than Muslim rape; hours of the ever-deepening awareness that their entire liberal meme of multicultural lies and evasion was shortly to be exposed as just that.

“Honestly, how can these damned Muslims be so stupid?” drawled the Armani clad, classless, public school and Oxbridge educated Tarquin Toolightly, Chief Commissar of the BBC’s Diversity and Community Cohesion Unit. “How can they expect us to keep covering for them if they start raping Asians? Why can’t they just stick to raping white girls? This puts us in a very embarrassing situation. We can’t possibly headline the story with Asian man rapes Asian woman! We would end up looking like idiots!”

“This does put us in rather a quandary,” squeaked his assistant, Ms Glenda Ratchet, BSc (Hons) in Media Studies/White Female Oppression/Diversity and Treason. “It would be just too awful if we actually told the truth. After all, Islam is a religion of peace, virtue and female empowerment. How on earth are we going to spin our way out of this awful situation? I quite agree with you Tarquin, why couldn’t they just stick to raping white under-age girls from traumatic backgrounds? Their lack of community presence made our evasion and lies so much easier to manage!”

“And it gets worse,” said Tarquin. “It appears that the Sikh protest has been joined by the EDL. How can we portray Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll as ignorant racists if they are in amiable cahoots with the bloody Sikhs! This whole thing is turning into a nightmare! All our hard work and lies are unravelling! Bloody Muslims, why can’t they just stick to raping white girls!”

But Tarquin was not on 200 grand a year for his race-war and class-war ideology alone. He also possessed a brain of such cunning deviousness that he was able to come up with an absolutely stunning wheeze: “I know how to handle this, let’s just not mention Muslim OR Asian, then no-one will know who the rapist was! Although I suppose we will have to mention that this selfish victim was a Sikh, unless we can just spin her as a member of a nameless, raceless community!”

US Airforce servicemen arrested for mob attack in Australia

Via CofCC

Kings Cross brawl
The fight started outside the Goldfish Bowl Hotel, and ended after a running battle into Bayswater Road. Picture: Bill Hearne

A MASS brawl erupted on the streets of Sydney's red light district last night with punches and kicks thrown between two groups, with one group reported to be Australian defence force personnel.

One group were seen wearing red and black baseball caps and were of dark complexion, while the other was made up of predominately Caucasian males.

The Caucasian group were Australian servicemen out of Richmond. Early reports said the other group were members of the US Air Force.

More @

Obama "Then and Now"

Via Blue

George Zimmerman: Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Via The Last Refuge

Boy Scouts’ Policy on Gays Being Challenged Again

Godfather Politics


Will liberals ever get it? The Boy Scouts is not the place to be propagandizing for the gay lifestyle. The Boy Scouts’ membership has said so, its leadership has said so, and the Supreme Court has said so.

Yet, here we go again.

Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, who was raised by two lesbians and wrote a book called “My Two Moms,” has presented a petition signed online by 275,000 people to the Boy Scouts asking for the reinstatement of Jennifer Tyrrell, a lesbian, as den mother of her 7-year-old son’s Cub Scout pack.

Tyrrell was relieved of her position as den mother in April because Scout rules prohibit gays in the organization.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled, in a case brought by a gay former scoutmaster, that the Boys Scouts as a private organization can bar gays as troop leaders. The Boy Scouts is the parent organization of the Cub Scouts.

Boy Scout officials accepted Wahls’ petition during their National Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., earlier today, and they met briefly with Wahls to discuss the petition and the position of the Scout leadership.

Wahls said the meeting was “productive.”

“It went well. It was an honest conversation, but a productive one,” Wahls told, adding that the representatives seemed “receptive.”

“The fact that the meeting happened is a really positive indicator,” he said.

Scout PR director Deron Smith said in a statement, “The Boy Scouts of America teaches its members to treat those with different opinions with courtesy and respect at all times. … Scouting maintains that its youth development program is not the appropriate environment to introduce or discuss, in any way, same-sex attraction. Parents and caregivers should have the right to decide when and how to discuss the issue with their children.”

Wahls said he thought the policy would eventually change, citing President Obama’s recent “evolution” on gay marriage.

There’s a reason the Boy Scouts have a policy of no gays in leadership positions, and it’s a pretty obvious one. Just like most parents would agree it’s a bad idea to let a heterosexual male go on a camping trip alone with a bunch of pubescent Girl Scouts, so it’s a bad idea to let a gay man go on a camping trip or be alone with a bunch of young boys. If anything, it’s a worse idea.

The gay rights movement, in its incessant efforts to force Americans to endorse their lifestyle, may be focusing on lesbians in Scouting because a woman, even a lesbian, is generally not seen as a threat to young boys, whereas the perceived risk rises with gay males.

A 2002 study titled “Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement,” by former California legislator Steve Baldwin, found a higher per-capita rate of child molestation among gays than heterosexuals. Recall also the Catholic Church’s child molestation scandals, in which the overwhelming majority of cases involved homosexual acts.

The Scouts are right that their program is not the place for exploring alternative sexuality. Their program is designed to help boys grow into productive adults with the confidence and leadership that comes from mastering a wide variety of challenging skills.

It’s a private club, as the Supreme Court pointed out. If gays want something similar that allows their lifestyle, they could easily form their own group.

But the gay rights movement wants access to the Boy Scouts for the same reason it wants access to public schools: a new, vulnerable, impressionable young audience that can be persuaded to support or even join what is at best a controversial lifestyle choice.

Ultimately, it is an effort to erode traditional morality, recruit young people and force those who disagree with the gay lifestyle to acquiesce to demands for social and political favoritism.

Why a Confederate soldier deserves a grave marker by past commander PA Dept, SUV


I am writing because I must take exception to Jim McClure's comments about the effort to re-mark the grave of the unknown Confederate soldier along the Susquehanna River near Wrightsville.

This soldier was probably like most men that served in the Confederate army --from a rural or farming background, with a modest family income, and not a slave owner, who was defending his country's right to exist as he saw that right. As a soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia, he was simply an instrument of his government's policy, and since you know nothing of his personal background you have no right to judge him or belittle his service to his government. You cannot judge him using today's politically correct ideas in the context of the social and political world that existed 150 years ago.

I don't think that anyone in today's world can morally defend the inhumanity, injustice and cruelty of slavery. Nor can anyone condone the horrors that occur during war. But I would remind you that what the Army of Northern Virginia did on Pennsylvania soil to gather supplies and provisions was absolutely no different than what Gen. Hunter and his Union army did in the Shenandoah Valley or what General W.T. Sherman's army did on their march from Atlanta to Savannah. As a matter of fact, in accordance with General Lee's Order #73, the Army of Northern Virginia was not nearly as destructive as Hunter or Sherman. Before starting his march to the sea, Sherman requisitioned copies of the 1860 census for Georgia to see where the richest path for his armies lay so that they could "live off the land" without having to depend on a long supply line.

If you wish to condemn an individual for the actions of their government, and consider that their military service for that government should be forgotten along with the memory of that individual, what would you do about the members of the U.S. 7th Cavalry under the command of Ltc. George Armstrong Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn? The 7th Cavalry was being used as an instrument of U.S. Government oppression to drive the Native American population from their ancestral lands because of the white man's greed for buffalo hides and Black Hills gold. Ltc. Custer's job was to round up the Native American population, remove them from lands on which they had been living before a white man ever set foot on the North American continent, and confine them to a reservation on which they could no longer live their way of life, but was convenient for the white man who wanted their land and resources.

I don't know if you are a military veteran, but if you are you should be ashamed of yourself and your remarks about another veteran like this. Allow me to suggest that you get Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's book titled "The Passing of the Armies." Read the part about where Gen. Chamberlain is again placed in command of his old brigade, and is designated as the officer to officially receive the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. And continue reading about Gen. Chamberlain's thoughts about his former foes on the battlefield, and his actions that he took in receiving the surrender as the Confederates marched forward to stack arms and give up their flags. Remember, Gen. Chamberlain was severely wounded by his enemy and carried the scars and difficulties caused by those wounds for the rest of his long and distinguished life.

I am also reminded of a story about the commander of the Massachusetts Department of the Grand Army of the Republic. The Massachusetts Department placed a monument on the battlefield at Petersburg, Va., after the Civil War. While dedicating the monument they were hosted by Confederate veterans from the area, with which they shared some good hospitality. The next year for their annual convention the G.A.R. veterans invited their Confederate hosts to Massachusetts to return the hospitality, with all of the men marching together in a parade, with the event being covered well by the press. A woman wrote the Massachusetts Department Commander to express her dismay and outrage about this show of hospitality, explaining that she had lost two sons in the late rebellion and she could not understand how the G.A.R. veterans could march down the same street with the Confederate veterans. She said she would not be caught dead on the same street with a Confederate veteran.

The Massachusetts Department Commander responded that although he did not agree with the reasons why the Confederacy went to war, the Confederate veterans were really no different than him in that they were serving in the army for a cause in which they believed. They had suffered the same cruelties and hardships together during the war. He said that when he would eventually die, he expected to see Confederate veterans on the streets of heaven, and if she could not be found dead on the same street as a Confederate veterans then she could go to Hell.

I have two great-great-grandfathers who served in Pennsylvania regiments during the Civil War. They both survived the war, and have received honored burials in their home communities. This unknown Confederate was not so fortunate, but he certainly had a mother, maybe a wife and children, and certainly other family members who knew the pain and loss of never knowing where he died, or if he received a decent burial. His death, and his service, do not deserve to be forgotten if for the sake of respecting his family that never knew his fate.

As a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, I am proud to take part in helping to remember the service and sacrifice of this veteran, just as Gen. Chamberlain was willing to respect and honor his defeated foes. As a fellow human being, we can do no less.

Ivan E. Frantz, Jr. is past commander of the Pennsylvania Department, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He lives in York County.

Porn Star Luka Rocco Magnotta Sought in Ottawa-Montreal Body Parts Case – Snuff Video Uncovered – Cannibalism!

The porn start is suspected of mailing a bloody foot to the Conservative Party Headquarters in Ottawa.

A liberal senator blamed conservatives for the bloody foot in the mail.

Porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta is being sought by Canadian authorities in connection with the Ottawa-Montreal body parts case.
The National Post reported:

A video which purportedly shows a suspect wanted in connection with the Ottawa-Montreal body parts case brutally killing and sexually assaulting a naked man appears on a Canadian-operated website.

Police are now studying the gruesome video which was believed to have been taken by the suspect, identified today by police as Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Magnotta is wanted in connection with the discovery of a man’s torso stuffed in a locked suitcase in Montreal — whose hand and foot were mailed to Ottawa.

A man by the same name as Magnotta – who is featured on a number of lurid Internet sites – is a low-budget gay porn star suspected of appearing in a number of kitten-killing videos.

More @ The Gateway Pundit

The Ultimate Ugly American

He certainly portrays a monkey quite well.


Not all American cultural exports are highly appreciated. From Tokyo:

James “King Tight” Blackstone, seen here intimidating passengers as his conspicuously non-Japanese friends hoot and holler, has been accused of killing an Irish exchange student named Nicola Furlong after she attended a rap concert. When it comes to social justice for Trayvon, the arm of the lawless is long.

Apparently Nicola never got The Talk. Even in Japan, it might have saved her life. Score a point for PC thought cop Rich Lowry.

RIP Nicola Furlong.

Fredericksburg Memorial Day Remembrance Walk 5-28-2012

Huguenot Springs Confederate Cemetery Memorial Day Service

Shoot and Be Dammed!

"Shoot and Be Dammed!" by Keith Rocco

Fort Gregg, VA, April 2, 1865 -- In the last days of the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was fighting with its back to Richmond. These battle-weary but determined Confederates were facing overwhelming odds. A section of guns from the Third Company, Washington Artillery of New Orleans, "...the most famous of the confederate volunteer artillery organizations," was posted at Fort Gregg, a critical portion of the thin line of defense close to the Appomattox River. If the fort fell, the Union forces could break the Confederate line.

On April 2, 1865, the Union forces attacked Fort Gregg. The 270 defenders had to hold until Lieutenant General James Longstreet's men could occupy new positions. Assault after assault broke against the walls of the fort like a rising blue tide against a rock. One of the assaults swept over the parapet of the fort. Lieutenant McElroy's guns of the Third Company, Washington Artillery barred the way. Three-inch Parrot rifled cannon, loaded with canister were aimed at the attacking Federal soldiers at point blank range. A Union soldier called to Private Lawrence Berry, who had the firing lanyard in his hand, "Don't fire that gun! Drop the lanyard or we'll shoot!" Berry yelled back, "Shoot and be damned!" and fired his cannon into the faces of his assailants. Almost immediately Berry went down with multiple wounds. The tenacious defense of Fort Gregg gained precious time for Confederate forces to solidify their lines. The courage, dedication and self-sacrifice of the Washington Artillery is carried on today by the 141st Field Artillery, Louisiana Army National Guard.

Megyn Kelly exposes ‘swatting’ against conservative bloggers and commentators

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Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren - The Cherokees Will Not be Silenced

Many wonder why we Cherokees are so insistent on Elizabeth Warren coming clean about her false claims of Cherokee ancestry. This is not a political issue to us. We don’t care if Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat, Republican, or an Independent. We do care, though, if she goes around claiming to be Cherokee and has tried to benefit from that claim.

Some people might not realize there are only three federally recognized Cherokee tribes in the United States, but there are more than 200 groups who fraudulently claim to be Cherokee tribes. While the federally recognized tribes have very specific criteria their members must meet in order to be enrolled or registered, there is no consistent criterion for membership into the fraudulent groups. Many members of these fraudulent groups base their claim of Cherokee ancestry on the same thing Ms. Warren bases hers on…family lore.

The Updated Trayvon Martin 7-11 Raw Feed Video from DiwataMan (Non-Media Version)

I am reposting the Trayvon 7-11 video from Diwataman for a several reasons. First, it is simply an exceptional catch that deserves to be reposted. From high altitude, or with only a casual glance, it might seem a little irrelevant, alas it is not. It is very significant.

From the outset the entire story of altruistic Trayvon Martin headed to the 7-11 for his “brother” Chad was simply silly. 17-year-old kids do not go out in the rain, at night, and walk over a mile just to get dad’s girlfriend’s kid a bag of skittles. Every intellectually honest person knew that story, while it might have sounded great -and was indeed Julianesque- was implausible. This video, and DiwataMan’s discovery of Trayvon’s actual intent, reflects the far more believable explanation.

Secondly, the “Three Stooges” should be easy to identify because one of them used a debit card for his purchase, and they need to be interviewed by authorities.

Third, knowing Trayvon ended up with a cigar to make into a marijuana blunt, begs the obvious question “why was it not on him when he was shot”? Generally a person would not smoke the entire thing en route home, no need too. So where was it, and where was the accompanying blunt filler ie marijuana.? Simple questions.

Fourth, combined with his intentional removal of his button from his jacket, and his placing his ear buds in his pockets, this deconstructs the entire narrative of why Trayvon took off running, and leads to the question of where did Trayvon end up physically located that allowed him to a) ditch the contraband, and b) remove the pin, ear buds, etc in preparation for the encounter/confrontation.

You see, when you are intellectually honest and ask these ‘reasonable’ questions based on the video, you end up with a scenario considerably different from what was originally sold by Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson and Ryan Julison. Trayvon could not have been “hunted down”, chased and caught etc.

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House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

GOP leadership in the House of Representatives announced that legislation to thoroughly audit the secretive Federal Reserve, a wildly popular measure pushed by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) for decades, will come up for a floor vote in July. Honest-money advocates and pro-transparency activists celebrated the news as a historic opportunity to rein in the central bank, which has come under heavy fire — especially in recent years — for debasing the U.S. dollar, manipulating markets, and showering big banks with trillions in bailouts.

The legislation, H.R. 459, already has over 225 co-sponsors in the House including an impressive roster of senior Democrats and Republicans, some of whom chair important committees. In the Senate, however, a similar bill has only about 20 co-sponsors so far, forcing Audit-the-Fed activists to wage a massive campaign aimed at exposing Senators who refuse to support transparency at the shadowy central bank. Polls in recent years revealed that four out of five Americans support auditing the Fed.

Defense: More Concepts To Take Into Consideration

Rainy weather is giving me a little slack time so I’m back at it today – and please excuse me for crappy art I’m not an artist. In the last entry we examined the immediate zones (A through C) and dissected their strengths and weaknesses. I originally wanted to start covering some of the measures we’re going to take in that zone but feel that it’s important to cover some basic methodologies before I get into that. During this entry we’re going to take a few pieces of military defensive theory and apply it with some minor changes.

First up the acronym OCOKA is going to help us better evaluate the defensibility of our immediate Area of Operations (AO) and give us something to focus on when it comes to improving and modifying our position. OCOKA is normally used in the evaluation of determining defensive positions but since our defensive position is pretty much already set for us we don’t have that luxury. Nonetheless OCOKA can be useful for our purposes. Before we go any further I’m going to define OCOKA and give some examples of how and what it applies to in our immediate AO. OCAKA is:

Lori Anne Madison, a six year old homeschooler: Speller extraordinaire

Lori Anne Madison is one of the top 278 spellers in the country. She’s competing today in Rounds Two and Three of the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

............most of the spellers (84%, to be exact) are 12 to 14 years old.

Lori Anne is six.

That makes her, not only the youngest competitor this year, but the youngest competitor on record since the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee began in 1925.

A homeschooling second-grader from Woodbridge, Virginia, (here’s her photo) Lori Anne has won gold medals in both the National Mythology Exam (it’s intended for grades 3-9) and the National Classical Etymology Exam (it’s intended for grades 6-12).

She recently placed first in her state and second in the nation among second graders in the 2012 Math Kangaroo competition. Oh, and she also won first place in the county home school science fair.

When she was four.

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Illinois State Representative Goes Ballistic During Screaming Speech Over Pension Vote (video)

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Don't blame you, Sir.

contractors to change job loss figures, recordings reveal

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Obama administration officials may have pressured government contractors to change job loss estimates associated with coal regulations, audio recordings reveal.

The tapes show that unnamed officials with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) asked government contractors to change their calculations of job losses associated with the Stream Protection Rule.

A preliminary draft of an environmental impact statement estimated that up to 7,000 coalminers could lose their jobs under the administration’s “preferred” regulation. After a leaked copy of the report went public, officials asked the contractors to compare job estimates to a model in which another regulation was enforced, rather than the real world numbers.

“It’s not the real world, this is rulemaking,” an OSM official tells a skeptical contractor on the recording.

“If we’re to assume [the 2008 rule] is enforced in the coal-producing states, this is a very small [impact],” the contractor replies. “But that, as you said, is not the real world, that’s pretending … I thought we were looking at what’s going to change in Kentucky, what’s going to change in Pennsylvania, what’s going to change in Ohio, what’s going to change in Wyoming.”

When a second OSM official makes light of the “theoretical discussion,” the contractor shoots back that “his [the OSM official’s proposed criteria] was theoretical, mine was practical.”

The agency fired the contractors studying the rule less than one month later.

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Reality Check: Did Mitt Romney Really Secure GOP Nomination With Texas Win?

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Let's have another war.........

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It's none of our business.

Bashar Assad's fortified palace atop Mt. Qassioun

Obama recently vetoed a detailed Franco-Saudi plan for ending President Bashar Assad’s rule by means of a massive air strike against his palace that would at one fell swoop wipe him, his family and top leadership circle out, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report.

Their plan was for the presidential palace situated atop Mount Qassioun northeast of Damascus to be devastated by French warplanes taking off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier off Syria’s Mediterranean coast and Saudi and United Arab Emirates bombers flying in through Jordan.

They would bomb the palace for 12 hours in several sorties while at the same time American fighter jets launched from a US aircraft carrier cruising in the Mediterranean or Red Sea would shut down Syria’s air defenses, which are considered among the most sophisticated and densely-arrayed in the region.

US warplanes would also keep the Syrian Air Force grounded and prevented from repulsing the incoming bombers.

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Ecuadorean Indian Special Forces

"My favorites - Indian special forces from the wild. The coolest went on parade in family trunks and spears:"

‘Citizen Militias’: Arizonans Vow to Take Matters Into Their Own Hands to Protect Border

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Arizona Militias Vow to Protect Their Borders After Citizen Border Group Bill Defeated

Arizona militias say they are done waiting for the government to protect their borders after state lawmakers shot down a bill that would have created a state-sanctioned border militia unit.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that militia volunteers remain committed to stopping what they say is an invasion of smugglers and illegal immigrants, even after being denied state organization status.

The defeated bill would have created a 300-member volunteer militia at the request of the governor. They would have been be armed; however, a provision in the bill required that members be screened in order to prevent violent extremists from joining. You can read the text of the bill here.

Like almost any topic related to illegal immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border, the issue is extremely contentious. The Daily Star reports:

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Forged BC intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials being prepared


An intelligence source in Hawaii who warned early last year that a forged Obama birth record would be released now says that amid continued doubts about the authenticity of the document posted on the White House website, a forged “original” birth certificate intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials is being prepared and could be released as an “October surprise.”

The source, who has contact with Hawaii government officials, was questioned by Mike Zullo, the head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team. Zullo recently returned from a trip to Hawaii to follow up on leads in the posse’s investigation of Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election ballot in Arizona. Arpaio announced March 1 that his team found probable cause that the document posted by the White House April 27, 2011, is a forgery.

Zullo told WND today that regardless of whether the Hawaii source’s information pans out, he wants to see the original microfilm record of Obama’s birth.

“If they decide to try to produce a document, we’re going to be skeptical,” he said. “We’ve been calling for the microfilm from the beginning.”

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Allen West Confronted by CREDO PAC, Smacks Down Operative

I believe West was thinking of hitting him when he put his hand on the man's shoulder.:)

Reflections of an Aging Confederate

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Written and Performed by Carl V Jones, NWC Brigade Commander, Alabama Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Watch and learn some truths about why the War Between the States was really fought.

The US President's Hit List or "Death by PowerPoint"

John Robb: Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization

Last Friday, I wrote a post on how:

  1. US national security agencies increasingly use computerized analysis of collected data to designate a person as an enemy combatant.
  2. The US currently uses non-judicial Presidential "hit lists" to simplify the killing of people (including US citizens) designated as enemy combatants.
  3. The US is rapidly increasing its use of drones to kill enemy combatants nearly anywhere in the world 24x7x365.

The scary part is that the combination of these trends is the path of least resistance to an automated totalitarianism.

For those of you out of the loop on what is going on, it probably seemed to be a bit of a stretch. Particularly, the idea that the President could put American citizens on a military hit list without going through a judicial process.

If you were skeptical on the existence of a hit list, here's an article from today's (almost on cue) New York Times.

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The Buffalo Soldiers and genocide

To the Editor

It is with the heaviest of heart that I write this communication. As an American Indian and former resident of the great state of Alabama, I am deeply offended to read that a monument has been erected to a group of soldiers whose greatest claim to fame was participating in the planned genocide of the American Indian.

One does not need be a history professor, to be aware of the contributions/atrocities of the so called Buffalo Soldiers; one need only use any search engine available on the world wide web, look long enough and with eyes open and the truth will surface.

The Buffalo Soldiers participation in the wars waged against the American Indian in the west, was simply a continuation of the planned genocide or physical removal at the very least, set into motion by President Lincoln, who made no secret of his disdain of the American Indian.

President Grant took up the reins and along with generals like Sherman and others waged an all out offensive campaign to eradicate all American Indians men , women , children, young and old alike. In a excerpt from "How Lincoln's Army Liberated the Indians" by Thomas J. Lorenzo it is stated

"Sherman planted a racist tautology: Some Indians are thieving, killing rascals fit for death; all Indians look alike; therefore, to get some we must eliminate all . . . deduced from this racist tautology . . . the less destructive policy would be racial cleansing of the land . . .". More detailed references can be found such as "Sherman was once brought before a congressional committee after federal Indian agents, who were supposed to be supervising the Indians who were on reservations, witnessed "the horror of women and children under military attack." Nothing came of the hearings, however. Sherman ordered his subordinates to kill the Indians without restraint to achieve what he called "the final solution of the Indian problem," and promised that if the newspapers found out about it he would "run interference against any complaints about atrocities back East" (Fellman, p. 271).

Ironically, some ex-slaves took part in the Indian wars. Known as the "Buffalo Soldiers," they assisted in the federal army's campaign of extermination against another colored race.

I could give reference after reference, and I suppose it would matter little in the scope of what happened all those years ago to my ancestors seen through the eyes of the modern world. However, having ancestors who died at the hands of the Buffalo Soldiers I find it in poor taste to place a monument to soldiers no matter the color of their skin ,who willingly murdered, raped, and plundered the American Indian. It is too similar to Hitler's "Final Solution" for my stomach.

With reserved regards,

T. Warren
KAW/Osage Mixblood
Bridgeport IL.

Introducing The Stainless Banner Publishing Company

Good Evening!

The Stainless Banner Publishing Company is presently accepting submissions of non-fiction, biographies, memoirs, novels and alternate history about the War of Northern Aggression.

The Stainless Banner Publishing Company offers the author:
  • Professional editing
  • Dynamic covers
  • Hard cover or paperback
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  • High royalties paid monthly
  • Your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other outlets
  • Free advertising
I do not have to tell you that we face an insidious enemy who is in the process of turning Southern emblems of courage and and devotion into symbols of hatred and racism and our heroes into villains. So, this small press was created solely to help preserve Southern heritage and history.

Please help me spread the word to authors who are looking to publish a manuscript on the War.

Submissions can be made at Additional information can be found at

Thank you,

C.L. Gray

C.L. Gray
The Stainless Banner
a FREE e-zine dedicated to the armies of the Confederacy.
The Stainless Banner Publishing Company
A Small Press Dedicated to the Preservation of Southern Heritage and History
To submit a manuscript:

AGENDA Pippen/Pippin Reunion 2012

Pippen/Pippin Family Reunion "Dixieland" 06/ 10/07


Pippen/Pippin Reunion
June 2, 3, & 4, 2012
Saturday 6-3-12

Registration- Best Western

Lunch on your own

Tour Guide Monica Fleming

12:45 PM - Leave motel travel to Veterans Museum

1:00 PM - Tour of Veterans Museum - Talk on Civil War Trails and Battles in the Tarboro Area

1:30 PM - Tour of Calvary Church and Pippen’s/Pippin’s buried in the Cemetery

2:30 PM - Tour of Blount-Bridgers House and Family Pictures,

Tour of other Pippen,/ Pippin Homes in the Area,

Spend time in Library

4:00 PM - Tour of Billy Wooten House (Old Joseph Pippen Place)

Dinner on your own

7:00 PM - Meet in meeting room at the Best Western- Monika Fleming will give a talk, Bill Pippin and Joel Pippen will give insight on their trips to England. Exchange family history, look at pictures, tell stories, learn and meet new friends. (Please bring pictures, stories). Discuss future Reunions.

LETS MAKE THE TIME 7:00 PM….....if everyone is not back from dinner, we wait a few minutes before officially starting anything.

Sunday 6-04-12

10:00 AM Church Service in Hotel Meeting Room or around Swimming Pool – Or Church on your own

10:30 AM - Check out of Hotel

11:15 AM - Leave Best Western and travel to Abrams


12::45 PM - Leave for Brock Townsend’s

1: 00 PM - TOUR OF Brock Townsend's (Cullen Pippen) Home

2:00 PM - Until GROUP PICTURE - Time for fellowship

Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair

Not that anyone is surprised.

President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to Dolores Huerta, an 82-year-old labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers union.

Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA describes itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”

Huerta has claimed, “Republicans hate Latinos,” and has spoken fondly of Hugo Chavez’s despotic regime in Venezuela. Some of her more radical comments were captured in this audio clip:

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Donovan - Universal Soldier

Brings back memories. The year before I joined the Army, the year of Dr. Zhivago, The Umbrellas of Cherborg, my '65 Hi-Po Fastback with carpet saturated in bourbon, seconds from death, DUI, Karen Bersch, Bobby Lang my carpet layin' gift of gab friend with trashcan full of beer and ice in the backseat of his old Buick on Sundays, pints of bourbon from our local bootlegger every night at around 2AM because we needed just a little bit more, blood and guts in a bar, caving, PBR, shooting groundhogs with my '98 Mauser, deb parties, Cooperstown, Virginia Gentleman, seeing the local cops view us going by them at over 100MPH at the end of a 1/4 mile at night on a public road and doing nothing about it, ad infinitum.

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Obama's ceremony: Upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.

As though this is unusual....... Lord only knows the gaffes that would occur if he didn't use his teleprompter.:)

Poles and Polish-Americans expressed outrage today at President Obama’s reference earlier to “a Polish death camp” — as opposed to a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland.

“The White House will apologize for this outrageous error,” Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski tweeted. Sikorski said that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk “will make a statement in the morning. It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”

The president had been trying to honor a famous Pole, awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who sneaked behind enemy lines to bear witness to the atrocities being committed against Jews. President Obama referred to him being smuggled “into the Warsaw ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself.”

Sikorski also tonight tweeted a link to an Economist story noting that “few things annoy Poles more than being blamed for the crimes committed by the Nazi occupiers of their homeland. For many years, Polish media, diplomats and politicians have tried to persuade outsiders to stop using the phrase ‘Polish death camps’ as a shorthand description of Auschwitz and other exemplars of Nazi brutality and mass murder. Unfortunately this seems to have escaped BaracK Obama’s staff seem not to have noticed this.”

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May FTF recap/June FTX

NCRC Piedmont Region

To all Alamance personnel,

Our FTF was this past weekend and I would like to thank everyone who attended. After the hot dog lunch, discussion included the NC PatCon, GA PatCON and the national PatCon. From what I could find out, the NC PatCon had more attendance than the national. Randy Dye (NCRenegade blog), Michael Downing (NC Rangers) and NC State Representative Glen Bradley were some of the speakers there. Brock Townsend hosted the PatCon and the hospitality was excellent. He's planning another PatCon for the 1st weekend of October. Other items discussed at the FTF was: possible False Flag events, local, tactical and state comms in the event of a SHTF situation.

The June FTX is tentatively scheduled for the 22-24th. This will be held at Tom's location. Will send out directions when we get closer to the dates. Training covered will be as follows:

Weapons sight-in/possible drills (depending on turn-out)
Wild Edibles
Patrol procedures and Hand Signals
Land Nav
Possible other training

If you have and questions or suggestion, as always, please feel free to contact me.

Eric L Albright, C.O.