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Zombie training? OWS Atlanta turns into collective hypnosis 'one voice' weirdness

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

Occupy Wall Street protesters are undergoing collectivist zombie training in Atlanta, where a large group was caught on film engaging in a weird sort of "one voice" hypnotic chanting ritual that characterizes the key principles of both Communism and Socialism. Watch the video at:

Having an extensive background in studying linguistics and human psychology, I recognize mass hypnosis when I see it. The mind-numbing call-and-return vocalizations captured in this video reflect the same kind of mind control techniques used in cults, sporting events and even some church revival events. The whole point of this experience is to eliminate the individual mind and train everyone to think, and say, and do exactly what they are told to do by a "leaderless leader" who is really a mind control manipulator.

Bending the will of the masses

Watch this video. What you're seeing is classic mind control, shrouded in the context of a public protest. And yet these people are practicing the very same thing they claim to be protesting! What is that? The centralization of power in America.

That's the whole problem with Wall Street, and Congress, and the mega corporations -- they all concentrate power in the hands of the few while everyone else just follows along and does what they're told. This is a perfectly reflection of this hypnosis "zombie training" ritual at which one person holding the loudspeaker utters one verbal command after another as each one is repeated en masse by the crowd of clueless followers. That's much like the relationship between the Federal Reserve and U.S. bank account holders.

Free-thinking individuals do not engage in this kind of behavior! If I had witnessed this in person, I would have shouted out, "You are all zombies!" at which point I'm sure I would probably need my zombie defender flamethrower to roast the mindless masses as they tried to swarm over me with their "one mind" attack.

Watch this video and see for yourself. This is some really weird collectivist mind control stuff that should make you absolutely shudder:

Now, I don't have anything against a group of peaceful meditators who want to sit in a drum circle somewhere and pray for world peace. I've been part of plenty of that myself, and it's a valuable exercise in positive intention. But when it comes down to restructuring society, you've got to engage the individual creative minds of intelligent men and woman who can debate ideas from a position of individual sovereignty, not some sort of collective hive mind engaging in weird zombie chants.

A brief transcript of the Atlanta zombie protesters

Here's a taste of how the hypnotic trance ritual unfolded in Atlanta. Keep in mind the "leader" is on a loudspeaker so that his voice drowns out everyone else's, even though he claims that everyone should be equally heard...

SHOOT BOER hatespeech has to be challenged:

‘Afrikaners would've had no place in this country… Shoot the Boer hatespeech had to be challenged in court’

… writes historian Hermann Giliomee

10 October 2011 “The main issue in today's politics is whether the Constitution will flourish as a living document to which people of all classes and ethnic origins can appeal or whether it will become a dead letter. In the Afrikaans community the issue has recently surfaced in a polemic between Adriaan Basson, a journalist of City Press, and Kallie Kriel, who leads Afriforum, the civil-rights affiliate of the SA trade union Solidariteit.

Kill the Boer and “Shoot the Boer” chants were heard outside the courtroom from an aggressive crowd supporting the two murder-suspects in the slaughter of AWB-leader and Ventersdorp farmer Eugene Terre’Blanche . The UK Telegraph quotes comments from this crowd: “as one of the accused was brought out of the Ventersdorp courthouse, scores of black yours, some armed with bricks (picture above) erupted into whistles, cheers and ululation.

A woman described the two accused males as ‘heroes’, adding: ‘We are going to stand by them all the way’. Student Jerry Mooltsho, 20, was quoted as saying: ‘they (the suspects) have shown their anger towards the regime, Terre’Blanche deserves his death’. Terre’Blanche, old, ill and defenceless when he was attacked while sleeping in his homeestad, had by then already forsaken his crowd-pleasing Boer-nationalistic political rhetoric for religious evangelism before he was slaughtered: partially dismembered, just a few months after ANC youth league leader Julius Malema started chanting ‘Shoot the Boer’ and “Kill the Boer’ from public platforms.

Videos: Nelson Mandela and ANC military wing founder Ronnie Kasrils sing Kill the Boer; Julius Malema sings Shoot the Boer:


Manufacturing Terrorism & Obama’s Dangerous Precedent

Manufacturing Terrorism

The U.S. government has both hyped the threat of terrorism and helped create it, according to Ivan Eland, senior fellow at the Independent Institute and director of its Center on Peace & Liberty. It was not for reasons of national security that the White House authorized the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki, Eland argues in his latest op-ed. Although the American citizen preached jihad against the United States, he was what one expert called a “dime-a-dozen cleric.” His assassination was an act of political theater, meant to show that President Obama was “tough on terrorism.”

Another recent case of “anti-terrorist” showmanship is even more transparent. Last month authorities charged Rezwan Ferdaus of Ashland, Massachusetts, with intent to attack the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol. Mr. Ferdaus planned to carry out his attack with a remote-controlled aircraft armed with explosives. The source of the foiled terrorist’s operational funds and equipment? The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Although she was careful not to call it entrapment, U.S. attorney Carmen Ortiz admitted, “The public was never in danger from the explosive devices.”

“This is not an isolated case,” Eland writes. “In similar cases, the FBI has provided the means to carry out the terrorist attacks but then arrested the alleged plotter. Such entrapment provides opportunities for people to do what they otherwise would not or could not do.... Such government hyping of the terrorist threat, or actual creation of it, to justify greater federal coercive action makes one wonder whether to fear more the low probability of a successful terrorist attack or the massive, expensive, and intrusive government efforts to combat it.”

The Government’s Illusory Terrorist Threat, by Ivan Eland (10/5/11)


Obama’s Dangerous Precedent

The assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki is monumental, hence the focus given to it in The Lighthouse. In his latest piece for the Huffington Post, Independent Institute Research Editor Anthony Gregory argues that the Awlaki assassination sets a dangerous precedent that jeopardizes Americans’constitutionally protected rights. It is, to use a word that has been invoked far too often on other occasions, unprecedented.

The U.S. Constitution, Gregory notes, guarantees legal due process to suspected traitors. Indeed, it “requires that ‘no deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,’” Gregory writes.

Though unprecedented, the assassination was not a total break from the past; arguably, it takes the policies of President George W. Bush just one step further. Unfortunately, the push for change” that swept Obama into the Oval Office seems devoid of consistency. “If Bush’s detentions without trial were objectionable to liberals, and Obama’s domestic ambitions offend conservatives, why should this not be a universal outrage?” Gregory writes. “What greater tyranny could there be than a president’s power to order a citizen executed without consulting Congress or the courts? This action has indeed crossed a line, descending further toward the very lawlessness the United States claims to stand against.”

Obama, the Ground-Breaking President?, by Anthony Gregory (The Huffington Post, 10/7/11)

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street in pictures

Via Milton Wolf

The mainstream media has been fawning over the Occupy Wall Street protesters asserting that it is a grass roots movement just like the Tea Party. Evidence has already surfaced that the radical left-wing labor union SEIU and ACORN are the organizing force behind the protests.

President Obama has ties to both of these groups and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the protests were engineered by David Axelrod or others in the Obama administration. It saddens me to think this of our president but the fact remains that this is the most corrupt man to ever serve in the White House.

We’ve also learned that organizers paid people to show up to the Occupy D.C. protest. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this payola is widespread because this has become a regular tactic of the socialist left.

So, back to the original premise that the media is equating the the OWS movement to the Tea Party. Furthermore lets see which movement is made up of patriotic Americans, and finally, which group represents mainstream America.


Frankenstein, Day By Day


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Eric Holder, Obama’s albatross

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

The Washington Post no less!:)

President Obama says that he has “complete confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder. That’s good news for Republicans. Pick almost any unnecessary, losing battle in Obama’s first term, and his hapless attorney general is at the center of it.

If not for the fact that so many of Holder’s decisions harm national security, he would be a political dream come true for the GOP – delivering up reliably disastrous controversies for the president every few months.

The latest controversy over whether Holder misled a House committee on “Operation Fast and Furious” — the botched federal gun sting that allowed hundreds of weapons to flow to Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the death of an ATF agent — is only the most recent of these debacles.

Holder’s bad advice began almost immediately after Obama took office, when he and White House counsel Greg Craig convinced the president to announce the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay by January 2010 — without even examining the feasibility of doing so. Not only did the president suffer the indignity of missing this deadline, public opinion turned against the decision so sharply that Democrats abandoned the president and joined Republicans in voting 90-to-6 in the Senate to block funds for the facility’s closure. Almost three years later, Guantanamo remains open and the administration has given up hope of closing it.

The next unneeded firestorm came with Holder’s decision to release classified Justice Department memos on the CIA terrorist interrogation program and reopen criminal investigations into the conduct of CIA interrogators.

Paths of Hate

Finally watched the animation “Paths of Hate”

I very much recommend it — amazing visuals and attention to details. Be sure to switch to high resolution before watching.



Cain: 'Why Don't You Move the Demonstrations to the White House?'

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain called for the Occupy Wall Street protestors to relocate to the White House, in remarks he made Friday at the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit, in Washington, D.C.

“When a reporter asked me the other day: Well, what do you think about those demonstrations up on Wall Street? I said, first of all, Wall Street didn’t write these failed economic policies, the White House did,” said Cain.

He then added: “Why don’t you move the demonstrations to the White House?”

The Values Voter Summit is a three-day conference that brings together conservatives aligned on traditional ideas, beliefs and values. The summit also included appearances by presidential nominee candidates Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich.

“Wall Street didn’t write those failed policies, Wall Street didn’t spend a trillion dollars,” said Cain. “Wall Street isn’t asking to spend another $450 billion. It didn’t work with a trillion. It’s not going to work with $450 billion. You can demonstrate all you want on Wall Street. The problem is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!”


'Joe the Plumber' files papers to run for Congress

"Joe the Plumber," who gained prominence during the 2008 presidential campaign, has filed papers to run for Congress in Ohio.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher submitted a statement of candidacy for Ohio's 9th Congressional District -- a seat heavily changed in redistricting that will pit Democrats Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur in a primary. Wurzelbacher filed to run as a Republican.

Wurzelbacher, then an employee of a plumbing contractor, talked to Barack Obama as the candidate met with residents in his Holland, Ohio, neighborhood. Wurzelbacher suggested that Obama's tax plan would result in higher taxes for him.


North Carolina’s Highlander Loyalty

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission"

Brigadier General William MacRae (of Wilmington) and his North Carolinians cited below won great distinction in the Army of Northern Virginia, and regular commendation from General Robert E. Lee.

At Ream’s Station in August 1864: “The artillery fire of [Col. William J.] Pegram swept the enemy forces before the brigades advanced late in the afternoon, charging up to the Northern earthworks and fighting hand to hand---ending with a full rout of the enemy. MacRae had instructed Lt. W.E. Kyle, and his sharpshooters to concentrate upon the Northern artillery batteries firing at his forces, thus eliminating this threat. Once captured, the guns were turned upon the fleeing enemy by Captain W.P. Oldham of Wilmington and his men of Company K of the 44th North Carolina who opened a devastating fire.

“In a moment of panic our troops gave way,” a Northern colonel wrote [and] soldiers either threw themselves on the ground in surrender or fled across the railroad. Never in the history of the Second Corps had such an exhibition of incapacity and cowardice been given, a Northern soldier asserted. Author James Robertson’s states in his “A.P. Hill, Story of a Confederate Warrior” that “of the 2700 [Northern] casualties, 2150 had surrendered on the field…in addition, the army had lost 9 cannon, 3100 small arms and 32 horses. [Northern General] Gibbon was so humiliated by the rout at Ream’s Station that he submitted his resignation from the army.”

North Carolina’s Highlander Loyalty:

“When the troubles between North and South were gathering to a head in 1860, the Highlanders, with their conservative instincts, were almost to a man opposed to secession. But, taught to believe that their allegiance was due primarily, not to the federal government but to the State, no sooner did North Carolina go out, that they, with Highland loyalty, followed; and no men crowded to the front more eagerly, or fought more valiantly or more desperately to the bitter end.

Almost every man of those I met had served in the Confederate Army, and had left dead brothers or sons on the battlefield. Others, following the example of those who had left Scotland after the downfall of the Stuarts, and America after the triumph of the Revolution, had left the States altogether, and gone off to Mexico.

Amongst those I found at Wilmington was one who was a fine specimen of the material that the Highlands have given to Carolina, a spare, dark-visaged, soldierly fellow – Gen. William MacRae – whose personal valor and splendid handling of his troops in battle had caused him to be repeatedly complimented by Lee in general orders.

He seemed to belong to a fighting family. His eight brothers had all been in the army or the navy. Their father, Gen. Alexander MacRae, had fought in the war with England in 1812, and, on the outbreak of the War Between the States, though then a man of seventy years of age, again took the field, and commanded what was known as MacRae’s battalion. He was the grandson of the Rev. Alexander MacRae, minister of Kintail, two of whose sons fell fighting for the Pretender at Culloden. The others emigrated to North Carolina, and one of them, Philip, who had also served in the Prince’s army, cherished so deadly a hate of the English in consequence of the atrocities at Culloden, that he would never learn the English language, but spoke Gaelic to the day of his death. The family settled in Moore County, which is part of what is still called the “Scotch Country.”

(Chronicles of the Cape Fear, James Sprunt, Edwards & Broughton, 1916, pp. 126-127)

North Carolina’s Highlander Loyalty

Occupied America

Via Red

"It looks like a rock festival the morning after, a tangle of tattered sleeping bags. But the demonstrators taking part in the three-week-old protest against Wall Street have created a functioning city within the city, a small, working democracy."

This unusually gooey paragraph introduces an AP story, "Wall Street Protest functions like a small city." The subject is, of course, the "Occupy Wall Street" event in New York. But wait, as they say on TV infomercials, there's more:

"There are task forces in charge of food, security, first aid, sanitation, legal help and Internet access. There's even a library. A generator supplies power for laptops and cellphone chargers."

This will sound depressingly familiar to any baby-boomer still able to remember the 1960's, when spontaneous demonstrations of peace-loving students were organized by SDS to show American parents how wrong they were to value money and success. Even before then-Governor Ronald Reagan had used the phrase, it was already morning again in America:

"Well I came upon a child of God, he was walking along the road

When I asked him where are you going, this he told me:

Said I'm going down to Yasgur's farm, going to join a rock and roll band

Got to get back to the land and set my soul free"..

"We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden."

The kids at Woodstock did not need government or police or the stock market. Miraculously they did not need jobs either. Hundreds of thousands of peace-freaks could assemble on a farm and live like Adam and Eve before the Fall.

"By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong," cooed Crosby, Stills, and Nash in Joni Mitchell's anthem to the doomed youth who would grow up to be stock brokers, real estate salesmen, and plastics manufacturers

Of course, every hippie I knew was a drug-dealer or a remittance man paid to stay far away from home.

The reality of Woodstock was filth, mud, drugs, and babies that would never know their fathers. I passed it up, but I did go to the infamous Rolling Stones concert at Altamont. Like Don McClain, I saw "Satan dancing with delight" and grew out of whatever counter-cultural delusions still possessed me. Four people died from violence and stupidity. That was the real 60's, and when all the foolishness and lies of the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement are sorted out, it will make Altamont seem as innocent as a Percy Grainger tune. (Not that Grainger was innocent.)

If you can believe the anti-capitalists writers who make up the news at The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the "Occupy" movement is a spontaneous outburst of ordinary Americans who are angry at being ripped off by the rich, as symbolized by Wall Street. It is one more populist uprising, like Bryan's free sliver campaign or the Western states progressives once dubbed the "sons of the wild jackass."

"We're the 99%," proclaims one demonstrator in New York, going a long way beyond Jerry Falwell's boast that he represented the "Moral Majority."

I have looked at films of the demonstrations spreading around the country like an outbreak of salmonella, and I don't see many middle American populists, and as badly dressed as the American majority is these days, they don't look a bit like the protestors. What I see are the kids of the 60's kids, and they are even weirder than my generation.

CNN Poll: Only 27% Have Favorable Opinion Of Wall Street Occupiers

Via bigtimer, AWD
More than half of all Americans have heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement and more have a positive than negative view of the protests, according to a new ORC International Caravan/CNN poll released Monday.

The protests, which began nearly a month ago and heave spread across the country, are seen favorably by 27 percent of those polled, who say they agree with the movement's position on the financial system. Meanwhile, 19 percent say they disagree with the movement, and 54 percent say they have no opinion.

Autumn Colors

Lock arms baron (Great story and pictures)

The Google Russian to English translator does a much better job than usual on this.


Occupy Wall Street Chants,"You Can Have Sex With Animals."

Via The Battle of Atlanta

Sex, drugs and hiding from the law at Wall Street protests

Via The Scottcarp Dream

The criminals are crashing the party.

Lured by cheap drugs and free food, creepy thugs have infiltrated the crowd of protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park for Occupy Wall Street, The Post has learned.

“I got warrants. I’m running from the law,” boasted Dave, 24, a scrawny, unshaven miscreant in filthy clothes from Stamford, Conn. “I’m not even supposed to be here, but it’s as good a spot as any to hide.”

Wanted for burglary, the drug-addled fugitive said some of his hard-partying pals clued him in that the protest was a good place to be fed, get wasted and crash.

“I’ve been smoking and drinking in here for eight days now,” said Dave, booze on his breath and his eyes bloodshot as he lay sprawled on a tattered sheet of cardboard. “I need to get some methadone. Every day, I wake up, and I’m f--ked up.”

Drugs can be easy to score -- a Post reporter was offered pot for $15 and heroin for $10.

They’ve already fueled at least one violent incident, when a wasted nut job socked a medical volunteer in the face before others hauled the attacker away.

“We are trying to keep everything calm and work with the police, but there are some crazies in here,” said Paul, a security volunteer.

“The other day, there was a guy charging people $5 to use the McDonald’s bathroom. He was on LSD or high on something.”

But the creeps can’t give a bad name to the group’s overall anti-greed message, protesters said.

A coalition of religious leaders and their followers yesterday marched from Washington Square Park to the encampment with a makeshift golden calf in the shape of the Wall Street bull, leading protesters in such spirituals as “We Shall Overcome” and “Down by the Riverside.”

The crowd chanted, “We are the 99 percent!” -- referring to the millions of Americans not among the top 1 percent of the country’s earners -- along with priests, rabbis and imams.

“You are fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaiah. You have thrown off the yoke. Occupy, occupy, occupy!” shouted Warren Goldstein, chair of the history department at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

The golden calf sat atop a brown platform that marchers carried on their shoulders. On the platform were the words “false idol.”

The clerics -- some holding signs that read, “Jesus is with the 99%” -- said they were there to support the movement.


Wall Street Flea Party: Refulgence of Infantility

It is abundantly clear. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is a socio-psychological regression. It is socio-pathological. It is clarion infantile behavior.

It is often the case that aberrant, pathological behavior–when manifested through a social group or a wide-spread social setting–seems acceptable or functional. Abnormal behavior, committed groups, seems to be established as integral, fundamental, or normal.

The media, such as has evolved since 1960, has certainly had the power to sanction the unseemly. News media validates the most hideous deviance of behavior. It exaggerates, distorts, and perverts, simply by call attention to the behavior, as if it is worthy of attention.

Add to this the political process, and downright self-destruction and even murderous intent are given an important social function. In a society where everyone can vote, the lower elements always ascend. Without discretion, “equality” becomes the destruction of productivity. To idolize egalitarianism is to distort reality. Political idolators thus contribute to public misapprehension and ubiquitous frustration. Reality is a messy mix, and cannot be mended. But, in our tyranny-tending society, freedom is falsely associated with equality–and a mean materialistic equality.

If the stench of the Flea Party camped in Zuccotti Park weren’t enough to demonstrate the purely infantile behavior of these social degenerates (or, better, socio-psychologically retarded people who have never matured), then the strange and benumbing mantra-styled public discourses they have practiced should be convincing. There is something ├╝ber-weird and darkly cultic about this. Have a listen to an incident at the Atlanta Flea party:


Out Of Control Atlanta Cop Terrorizing & Abusing Citizens Allowed To Stay On Force

Via California Tree of Liberty


Is Obama Stupid and Clueless or What?

Godfather Politics

Over the weekend, President Barack Hussein Obama publicly challenged Republicans to explain to him and the nation why they oppose his jobs bill.

Ever since Obama first presented his jobs package, Republicans have been telling the President, Democrats and the American people why they are opposed to the plan.

They have repeatedly said they are against paying for the jobs plan by increasing the taxes of the wealthy.

They have also stated that they are against the temporary nature of the employer tax incentives.

They are also against the plan because they believe as do many analysts believe that this massive stimulus plan will not create nearly as many jobs as the President predicts. Some analysts have figured out that Obama’s plan will cost taxpayers over $230,000 per job created.

House Republicans have passed a dozen bills that they believe would help create jobs, but Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats have refused to even look at eleven of them. Perhaps had they actually taken a look at the various plans presented by the Republicans and reported them to the President, he may have a clue as to what they are saying.

Lastly, House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wrote President Obama a letter on September 6 outlining their objections to the jobs plan and presenting their recommendations to him.

So a month later, Obama stands in front of a crowd and reveals his stupidity and cluelessness by challenging the Republicans to state their objections to his jobs plan when they’ve been doing it for the past month anyway.

Issa to Holder: “You Own Fast and Furious”

October 10, 2011
Dear Attorney General Holder:

From the beginning of the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, the Department of Justice has offered a roving set of ever-changing explanations to justify its involvement in this reckless and deadly program. These defenses have been aimed at undermining the investigation. From the start, the Department insisted that no wrongdoing had occurred and asked Senator Grassley and me to defer our oversight responsibilities over its concerns about our purported interference with its ongoing criminal investigations. Additionally, the Department steadfastly insisted that gunwalking did not occur.

Once documentary and testimonial evidence strongly contradicted these claims, the Department attempted to limit the fallout from Fast and Furious to the Phoenix Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). When that effort also proved unsuccessful, the Department next argued that Fast and Furious resided only within ATF itself, before eventually also assigning blame to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona. All of these efforts were designed to circle the wagons around DOJ and its political appointees.

To that end, just last month, you claimed that Fast and Furious did not reach the upper levels of the Justice Department. Documents discovered through the course of the investigation, however, have proved each and every one of these claims advanced by the Department to be untrue. It appears your latest defense has reached a new low. Incredibly, in your letter from Friday you now claim that you were unaware of Fast and Furious because your staff failed to inform you of information contained in memos that were specifically addressed to you. At best, this indicates negligence and incompetence in your duties as Attorney General. At worst, it places your credibility into serious doubt.

Following the Committee’s issuance of a subpoena over six months ago, I strongly believed that the Department would fully cooperate with Congress and support this investigation with all the means at its disposal. The American people deserve no less. Unfortunately, the Department’s cooperation to date has been minimal. Hundreds of pages of documents that have been produced to my Committee are duplicative, and hundreds more contain substantial redactions, rendering them virtually worthless. The Department has actively engaged in retaliation against multiple whistleblowers, and has, on numerous occasions, attempted to disseminate false and misleading information to the press in an attempt to discredit this investigation.

Your letter dated October 7 is deeply disappointing. Instead of pledging all necessary resources to assist the congressional investigation in discovering the truth behind the fundamentally flawed Operation Fast and Furious, your letter instead did little but obfuscate, shift blame, berate, and attempt to change the topic away from the Department’s responsibility in the creation, implementation, and authorization of this reckless program. You claim that, after months of silence, you “must now address these issues” over Fast and Furious because of the harmful discourse of the past few days. Yet, the only major development of these past few days has been the release of multiple documents showing that you and your senior staff had been briefed, on numerous occasions, about Fast and Furious.

The Mexican Cartels

A month after you became Attorney General, you spoke of the danger of the Mexican drug cartels, and the Sinaloa cartel in particular. The cartels, you said, “are lucrative, they are violent, and they are operated with stunning planning and precision.” You promised that under your leadership “these cartels will be destroyed.” You vowed that the Department of Justice would “continue to work with [its] counterparts in Mexico, through information sharing, training and mutual cooperation to jointly fight these cartels, both in Mexico and the United States.”

Under your leadership, however, Operation Fast and Furious has proven these promises hollow. According to one agent, Operation Fast and Furious “armed the cartel. It is disgusting.” Fast and Furious simply served as a convenient means for dangerous cartels to acquire upwards of 2,000 assault-style weapons. On top of that, the Government of Mexico was not informed about Fast and Furious. In fact, DOJ and ATF officials actively engaged in hiding information about Fast and Furious from not only Mexican officials, but also U.S. law enforcement officials operating in Mexico for fear that they would inform their Mexican counterparts. This strategy is inapposite and contradicts the promises you made to the American people.

Your September 7, 2011 Statement

On September 7, 2011, you said that “[t]he notion that [Fast and Furious] reaches into the upper levels of the Justice Department is something that at this point I don't think is supported by the facts and I think once we examine it and once the facts are revealed we'll see that's not the case.” Unfortunately, the facts directly contradict this statement.

Lanny Breuer, the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, clearly a member of the Department’s senior leadership, knew about Fast and Furious as early as March 2010. In fact, I have learned that the amount of detail shared with Breuer’s top deputies about Fast and Furious is simply astounding.

For example, Manuel Celis-Acosta was the “biggest fish” of the straw purchasing ring in Phoenix. From the time the investigation started in September 2009 until March 15, 2010, Manuel Celis-Acosta acquired at least 852 firearms valued at around $500,000 through straw purchasers. Yet in 2009, Celis-Acosta reported an Arizona taxable income of only $15,475. Between September 2009 and late January 2010, 139 of these firearms were recovered, 81 in Mexico alone. Some of these firearms were recovered less than 24 hours after they were bought.

This information, and hundreds of pages worth of additional information, was included in highly detailed wiretap applications sent for authorization to Breuer’s top deputies. It is my understanding, the Department applied to the United States District Court for the District of Arizona for numerous wire taps from March 2010 to July 2010. These wire tap applications were reviewed and approved by several Deputy Assistant Attorney Generals, including Kenneth A. Blanco, John C. Keeney, and Jason M. Weinstein. Breuer’s top deputies approved these wiretap applications to be used against individuals associated with the known drug cartels. As I understand it, the wire tap applications contain rich detail of the reckless operational tactics being employed by your agents in Phoenix. Although Breuer and his top deputies were informed of the operational details and tactics of Fast and Furious, they did nothing to stop the program. In fact, on a trip to Mexico Breuer trumpeted Fast and Furious as a promising investigation.

Gary Grindler, the then-Deputy Attorney General and currently your Chief of Staff, received an extremely detailed briefing on Operation Fast and Furious on March 12, 2010. In this briefing, Grindler learned such minutiae as the number of times that Uriel Patino, a straw purchaser on food stamps who ultimately acquired 720 firearms, went in to a cooperating gun store and the amount of guns that he had bought. When former Acting ATF Director Ken Melson, a career federal prosecutor, learned similar information, he became sick to his stomach:

I had pulled out all Patino's -- and ROIs is, I'm sorry, report of investigation -- and you know, my stomach being in knots reading the number of times he went in and the amount of guns that he bought. Transcribed interview of Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson at 42.

At the time of his briefing in March of last year, Grindler knew that Patino had purchased 313 weapons and paid for all of them in cash. Unlike Melson, Grindler clearly saw nothing wrong with this. If Grindler had had the sense to shut this investigation down right then, he could have prevented the purchase of an additional 407 weapons by Patino alone. Instead, Grindler did nothing to stop the program.

Following this briefing, it is clear that Grindler did one of two things. Either, he alerted you to the name and operational details of Fast and Furious, in which case your May 3, 2011 testimony in front of Congress was false; or, he failed to inform you of the name and the operational details of Fast and Furious, in which case Grindler engaged in gross dereliction of his duties as Acting Deputy Attorney General. It is fair to infer from the fact that Grindler remains as your Chief of Staff that he did not engage in gross dereliction of his duties and told you about the program as far back as March of 2010.

In the summer of 2010, at the latest, you were undoubtedly informed about Fast and Furious. On at least five occasions you were told of the connection between Fast and Furious and a specific Mexican cartel – the very cartel that you had vowed to destroy. You were informed that Manuel Celis-Acosta and his straw purchasers were responsible for the purchase of 1,500 firearms that were then supplied to Mexican drug trafficking cartels. Yet, you did nothing to stop this program.

You failed to own up to your responsibility to safeguard the American public by hiding behind “[a]ttorneys in [your] office and the Office of the Deputy Attorney General,” who you now claim did not bring this information to your attention. Holder Letter, supra note 1. As a result of your failure to act on these memos sent to you, nearly 500 additional firearms were purchased under Fast and Furious.

The facts simply do not support any claim that Fast and Furious did not reach the highest levels of the Justice Department. Actually, Fast and Furious did reach the ultimate authority in the Department – you.

Veteran Defenders

Via midnightrider, L&P
It is my great privilege and honor to rally America's veterans to join the ranks of the Veteran Defenders of America - now a division of PatriotsUnion.Org Network.

I meet veterans across America who share my grave concerns about the future safety of our country and the preservation of our cherished liberties.

Perhaps the greatest threat to our safety and liberty is the threat of radical Islam. This threat goes well beyond the threat of terrorism. Islamists, both inside and outside of America, are looking for any and every way to infiltrate and subvert our country through what is known as "stealth jihad."

There are other threats to our safety and security, such as the threat of natural disasters, where a grassroots, volunteer organization of veterans could make a difference.

You and I swore an oath to defend our nation and our Constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic. When I retired from the Army, my oath did not retire, and I trust yours didn't either. I call upon you today, my fellow veterans, to join me in honoring that oath by becoming a member of the Veteran Defenders of America.

The motto of the Veteran Defenders of America is "The eyes and ears of freedom, because we know freedom isn't free." I invite you to become a member of the Veteran Defenders of America and join me as our "eyes and ears of freedom."

Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (Ret)

Ron Paul Signs Books & Marches to Federal Reserve Bank of NY

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 10-08-11 to 10-09-11

Injustice Everywhere
  • Iowa State trooper arrested on burglary charge for breaking into a woman’s home with the intent to sexually assault her. [0]
  • Huntington WV police were caught on video arresting a man for obstruction while he was videotaping a cop searching someone’s car.
  • New Orleans LA cop indicted for malfeasance involving the death of his K9 partner from a fall down an elevator shaft while he was working an off-duty job. [0]
  • Rio Arriba Co NM sheriff’s department was raided by state police as part of an investigation into allegations of destruction of evidence and falsified reports involving a fatal DUI accident case. [0]
  • Pinellas Park FL cop was arrested on domestic battery charge for intentionally shutting a kitchen cabinet drawer on his wife’s hand [0]
  • New York NY police have asked an exclusive police officer website to remove a discussion where the photo of an internal affairs officer who is leading the investigating into the ticket fixing scandal was posted after that officer subsequently started getting death threats [0] That same message board was also in the news recently involving a thread where NYPD officers were expressing outrage that a cop took a picture with a #OccupyWallStreet protester while making the peace sign with his fingers.
  • Northbridge MA cop was arrested on drunk driving charges after head-on crash injuring his passenger and another motorist [0]
  • Marco Island FL cop fired after invesitgation found him at fault in 2-car crash for speeding w/o lights or siren [0]
  • Seattle WA police began handing out tickets to motorists and cabbies who were honking in support of #OccupySeattle protesters. Oddly, we’ve never heard of officers doing this to people honking in support of other protests. [0]

Hank Jr. writes song about 'Fox & Friends,' ESPN

NASHVILLE, TENN. (AP) - Hank Williams Jr. is about to have his say.

Williams’ has cut new song “I’ll Keep My …,” calling out “Fox & Friends” and ESPN after an interview last week on the Fox News talk show led to the end of his association with the sports network and “Monday Night Football,” long home to his “Are you ready for some football?” theme.

He’s also scheduled to appear on “The View” and “Hannity” on Tuesday to discuss the uproar that sprung up after he made an analogy that President Barack Obama and House Speaker Rep. John Boehner golfing together was like Nazi leader Adolph Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round.

ESPN decided to pull Williams’ intro from last Monday’s “MNF” telecast after the comments and the move became permanent Thursday when both sides said they’d decided to pull the spot.

Williams wrote the topical third verse of “I’ll Keep My …” when he woke up Friday morning and he and a group of players laid it down in a Nashville studio by Friday afternoon. It could be on iTunes late Monday or early Tuesday.

In the song Williams, son of country music icon Hank Williams, says “Fox & Friends” hosts twisted his words: “So Fox `n Friends wanna put me down/Ask for my opinion/Twist it all around.” He finishes the verse: “Well two can play that gotcha game you’ll see.”

Early in the song, he says the U.S. is “going down the drain” and says it’s becoming “The United Socialist States of America.” He mentions keeping “Fox & Friends” and ESPN out of your home toward the end of the song.


Cancel your Our State, Down Home In North Carolina magazine if you have a subscription

I have enjoyed many years of this magazine until their, The Civil War (sic) series, which is written by Philip Gerard who is evidently the Marxist-In-Charge of "Creative Writing" at UNC Wilmington. Maybe Mike Adams can straighten him out. Gerald's articles do their best to show how bad Confederates were and really, there were just so many of them who were for the Union! Screw him, the magazine and the horses they rode in on. [Yes, mother I realize I'm ending the sentence with a preposition, but that's how the saying goes.:) ]

P.S. Please spread this.