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Behind The Dixie Stars

Nelson Winbush. Be sure to open the link.


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7 minute Documentary featuring Nelson W. Winbush, a black son of Confederate black soldier Luis Napoleon Nelson who fought under Nathan Bedford Forest.. A series of interviews, documentation, stock footage, and reenactments all collaborate to help defend the Confederacy and it's soldiers against it's notorious reputation in regards to black slavery and what the Confederate flag actually stood for.

What is the League of the South?

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Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic. To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence. 

While our overall strategy–short, medium, and long range–is determined by the President, the Board, and our State Chairman, our tactical operational focus is on the local level. We intend to form active chapters in every county in every Southern State, and as many chapters as possible in non-Southern States. We also encourage individuals and families to personally secede from the corrupt and corrupting influence of post-Christian culture in America. We call this “abjuring the realm,” and it’s a real and dramatic first step all of us can take by simply withdrawing our support of and allegiance to a regime that has imperiled our future. 

While we seek to use shame and contempt to de-legitimate the institutions controlled by the Empire, we must not stop there. 

Jefferson Davis Birthday Celebration/Mass Flagging of the VMFA


Come celebrate the birthday of President Jefferson Davis at  Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond THIS Saturday and then join us afterwards on the sidewalk in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and take a stand for our Confederate Veterans and the flags they fought and died under!

 "Join the Virginia Division Sons Of Confederate Veterans at Davis Circle in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, for the Presidents annual celebration. Bag Pipe band, Honor Guards, Rifle and Cannon salutes. Free ice water, folding chairs and port-a-jons, for your convenience. Souvenir programs and ribbons. Ceremonial flags available. Keynote speaker is Bert Hayes-Davis, great great grandson of Jeff Davis. Free and open to the public, come on out, present a wreath for your organization, hope to see you there."

Woman Records Police Barging into her Home in Case of Mistaken Identity

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Less than a week after a tiny Pennsylvania borough announced the hiring of five new police officers to keep the community “safe,”, a group of at least seven officers barged into a woman’s home uninvited, kicking down a bedroom door before handcuffing her, then rummaging through her personal items, all because they were looking for her landlady – whom hadn’t lived there for years.

Robyn Ruckman managed to capture the first 2:31 minutes of Wednesday’s incident on video, but Turtle Creek police turned the camera off after discovering it.

But the little that she did capture on camera reveals a highly unprofessional group of police officers who don’t appear qualified for their job.

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Pre Test

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U.S. Senate short-circuits the Constitution on taxes, again.

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Losing Our Freedom

The Constitution is exceptionally clear on the origin of all taxes. “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” not the Senate (Article I, Sec. 7). When is the House going to protect its powers from the Senate’s intrusive attempts to steal its power? Recently the Senate passed the “Marketplace Fairness Act” by a vote of 69-27, an Internet sales tax, giving states the authority to require on-line retailers, with no physical presence in those states, to collect sales taxes. Americans will pay more taxes with this bill than without. It is a bill for raising revenue and it did not originate in the House as mandated by the Constitution.

To put the Senate in its constitutional place the House should never take this bill up. Instead, if they feel such legislation is needful, they should originate their own bill after which invite the Senate to take a new bill through the committee process and to the floor once again. I might also suggest not doing so for a year or two just to make the message stronger.

“You are infringing on our constitutional jurisdiction.” If the Senate will not do so, the House should consider the bill non-existent. Under no circumstances should they accept this bill as appropriate action on the part of their sister law-making body. Retailers, on the other hand, should refuse to pay this tax and challenge it in the courts on the constitutional grounds cited above.
Unfortunately, this is becoming a practice on the part of the U.S. Senate.

Ivy League Affirmative Action

4.5 GPA
2120 SAT
Affirmative Action punishes successful whites and Asians in the academy at the undergrad level. In CA, state statutes explicitly disqualify Asian-Americans because of their success, so that doesn't key into the criterion of bumping out whites, but are rather lumped in with them more often than not.

Though in general, I hate gender-based Affirmative Action in graduate and professional studies programs, which is ridiculous in bumping out qualified male candidates for underqualified females.

I know the grades and scores are inflated over what they once were, and governor's school students in Virginia get a weighted 5.0 GPA, but still that's Ivy League entrance standards that minorities do NOT meet.

Homosexual Lobby Admits Defeat in Illinois


What we are starting to see are more people starting to break free from politically correct circles.

People are simply starting to say “NO” resoundingly. Maybe the PC mentality has begun to wear out its welcome. Maybe folks are starting to see it for what it is and are no longer afraid of being called racists or bigots if they don’t fall in line with it. Maybe the overuse of the race card since Obama was elected has made the race card nearly obsolete.

In a defeat that spells trouble for the homosexual community, passage of a gay marriage bill was stopped in its tracks in, of all places, Illinois. What is interesting about the make-up of politics in Illinois is that there is a large Democrat majority. They hold 71 seats of the 120 in the House and only needed 60 votes in favor of the bill to pass it. They couldn’t do that.

According to MassResistance, “the homosexual lobby spent a million dollars on lobbyists to get this bill through. They had approximately 40 lobbyists working on House members — compared to about 4 paid lobbyists for [the other] side.” That tells you something. It tells you that people are getting sick and tired of this issue and want it gone. Does this mean it’s the end? Certainly not. We can be sure that the homosexual community will not give up. They will continue to push ahead with their agenda.
But what is their agenda? As quoted in an article on The Blaze, lesbian Masha Gessen stated,
“The push for gay marriage has less to do with the right to marry – it is about diminishing and eventually destroying the institution of marriage and redefining the ‘traditional family’.”
Gessen went further in sharing her viewpoint.  She basically stated, “Gay marriage is a lie.” She followed that up with, “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.” Finally, she said, “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.”

It’s nice when people are honest, isn’t it?

16K Signatures To Recall Anti-Gun CO State Senator


Yesterday 16,000 signatures were delivered to recall Colorado State Senator John Morse. Morse has been a huge backer of the sweeping and numerous gun control bills that were passed in Colorado earlier in the year and signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper. Below is just a reminder of Mr. Morse’s thinking, or lack of thinking, as he spoke about massive gun control laws as though they would “stop bullets piercing children’s bodies.” According to opponents of the Democrat Senate President, they turned in twice as many signatures as needed on Monday.

Bill Adaska, a retired engineer from Denver who volunteered to gather the signatures for Morse’s signature in his district, said “This shot will be heard around the world. This is the race, right here, that’s going to show Washington and Chicago that when you come after our guns, we’re going to take you out.”

The Washington Post reports on Morse and his response to the recall:

NC: “Home School” Redefined

 The place to begin is the preschool section of the HSLDA website.

With the signature of Governor Pat McCrory on May 30, 2013, North Carolina enacted Senate Bill 189, which redefines the term “home school” in state law.

The old law defined a home school as “a nonpublic school in which one or more children of not more than two families or households receive academic instruction from parents or legal guardians, or a member of either household.”

Under the new law, beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, a home school is defined as “a nonpublic school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction, and determine additional sources of academic instruction.”

Whereas the old law limited the source of instruction for children to parents, legal guardians, or a member of either household in a two-household home school, the new law provides more flexibility and options for families to obtain instruction from other sources. The thrust of the new law is that the home school option for educating children is parent-directed, but parents and others named in the definition do not have to personally teach all of the subjects. While parents, guardians, or a member of either household should provide at least some of the instruction themselves, co-ops, tutors, and specialists for students with learning disabilities are among the additional sources of instruction that may be utilized.

This successful legislative effort was due primarily to the planning and work of North Carolinians for Home Education, the state’s largest homeschool organization.

• • •

Protect Your Family

If you or someone you know is not a member of HSLDA, will you consider taking a moment today to join or recommend us? Your support for our work enables us to defend individual families threatened by government officials and protect homeschooling freedom for all. Join now >>

Bowling alley in Clearwater, FL doing record business:)

Want to knock his teeth out?  A bowling alley in Clearwater, Florida, Bowl-O-Bama, is doing record business despite a bad economy.  The alley also reported a record number of 300 games. 

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Man with concealed-carry permit fends off attacker


A military service member with a concealed-carry permit detained a man who assaulted him Friday afternoon outside Jake’s on Fourth in downtown Olympia until police arrived to arrest him, a police spokeswoman said.

The man was walking on the sidewalk outside Jake’s about 3 p.m. Friday when a man started “trash talking,” then struck him in the head, Olympia Police Department spokeswoman Laura Wohl said. The attack was unprovoked, and the two men did not know each other, Wohl added.

The assault victim has a concealed-carry permit, and removed his firearm, pointing it at his assailant, Wohl said. Olympia police arrived and arrested the assailant, Wohl added.

Becky Gerritson gives tearful testimony to Ways and Means Committee on IRS targeting her Tea Party group

"I’m a born free American woman, wife, mother and citizen. And I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place. It’s not your responsibility to look out for my well-being, and to monitor my speech. It’s not your right to assert an agenda. Your post, the post that you occupy, exists to preserve American liberty. You’ve sworn to perform that duty. And you have faltered."

Poll: Should Jefferson Davis' birthday still be a state holiday in Alabama?

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Today is an official state holiday in Alabama to commemorate the birthday of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America.

AL.com is asking today: Should the state continue to recognize Davis' birthday as a paid state holiday?

A chart provided by the National Conference of State Legislatures listed Mississippi as the only other state to designate Davis' birthday as a holiday, and it is recognized on Memorial Day.
Texas once designated Davis' birthday as a holiday, but in 1973 combined it with Robert E. Lee's birthday as Confederate Heroes Day on Jan. 19. It is listed as a "partial staffing holiday."

Davis was born June 3, 1808 in Kentucky. He was inaugurated as president of the Confederacy on Feb. 18, 1861 in Montgomery.

Before that he was a U.S. senator and secretary of war.

After the war, he was captured by Union troops in Georgia and indicted for treason. He was imprisoned for two years but was released without a trial.

He spent the remaining 12 years of his life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Vote @ AL

Tea-party captain: IRS scandal leads to Obama


FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe says the IRS scandal is twice as bad as Watergate because of the breathtaking extent the agency was used to target conservative organizations filing for tax-exempt status as well as their donors.

“Watergate was an example of abuse of power by a few very powerful people, including the chief executive and the specific targeting of a few specific enemies,” Kibbe told WND. “In this case, you have an institution-wide bias, a widely known understanding that the IRS was targeting people based on their politics and their political philosophy. It was known for several years and yet it continued and it continued, and so you have one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government, as policy, going after the citizens, the mom-and-pop community leaders. They weren’t powerful.  They weren’t in a position to fight back. It was a widely known thing among tea partiers for years, and now the rest of America is finding out about it.”

Kibbe said the details emerging about this scandal suggest far more high-ranking officials were aware of the IRS policy toward conservative groups than the Obama administration is willing to admit.
“The story coming out of the White House and the trail back to the top of the executive branch continues to grow and the story continues to change, and we still don’t know who knew what,” Kibbe said. “The path of authority is quite clear here. The IRS is part of the Treasury Department. The head of the Treasury Department reports directly to the president of the United States. For the Obama White House or even the Treasury Department to claim that they knew nothing about that, either they’re grossly incompetent or they’re not being honest and that’s what we need to get to the bottom of.”

More @ WND

List of Anti-Gun Companies you should know about

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GunDetail - Assault Weapon Ban

Next time you go to the store or the movie theater, consider that your hard earned dollars may be paying not only for the good or service you buy but also to undermine your Second Amendment rights. Many of these companies actively oppose gun rights by supporting gun control legislation or by opposing legislation that expands gun rights (Volkswagen). Others give generously to anti-gun groups (Ben & Jerry’s) or their executives serve on the boards of anti-gun groups (Disney). Still others, refuse to do business with US gun manufacturers (Bank

We’re not just talking about “No Firearms” signs at the front door, here. These companies are openly hostile to the Second Amendment. When you support these companies by buying their products you subsidize the anti-gun groups that they associate with or help pay the lobbyists and lawyers they hire to fight against your Constitutional liberties.

Volkswagen – Most recently lobbies against legislation to permit employees to keep firearms in their cars at work.

Bank of America – Recently told McMillan Group they no longer wanted their business because they were a firearms company.

U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret

Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.

The Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to house a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3. As with all Defense Department projects, detailed specifications were made public so that contractors could bid on the $25 million project. The specifications included more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls.

"If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility," said an Israeli military official who commented on the publication of the proposal but declined to be named because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the facility. He declined to say whether plans for the facility have been altered as a result of the disclosure.

"This is more than worrying, it is shocking," he said.

More @ McClatchy

18 Signs That Massive Economic Problems Are Erupting Everywhere

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

This is no time to be complacent.  Massive economic problems are erupting all over the globe, but most people seem to believe that everything is going to be just fine.  In fact, a whole bunch of recent polls and surveys show that the American people are starting to feel much better about how the U.S. economy is performing.  Unfortunately, the false prosperity that we are currently enjoying is not going to last much longer.  Just look at what is happening in Europe.  The eurozone is now in the midst of the longest recession that it has ever experienced.  Just look at what is happening over in Asia.  Economic growth in India is the lowest that it has been in a decade and the Japanese financial system is beginning to spin wildly out of control.

One of the only places on the entire planet where serious economic problems have not already erupted is in the United States, and that is only because we have "kicked the can down the road" by recklessly printing money and by borrowing money at an unprecedented rate.  Unfortunately, the "sugar high" produced by those foolish measures is starting to wear off.  We are going to experience a massive amount of economic pain along with the rest of the world - it is just a matter of time.
But for the moment, there are a lot of skeptics out there.

For the moment, there are a lot of people that are declaring that the problems of the past have been fixed and that we are heading for incredibly bright economic times ahead.

Unfortunately, those people appear to be purposely ignoring the economic horror that is breaking out all over the globe.

The following are 18 signs that massive economic problems are erupting all over the planet...

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Bridenstine Questions President's Leadership

III CQB Training Class - SoCal

 III Percent Patriots, Sam Kerodin, Kerodin
My Dad used to tell me, "In a fight, the one who bleeds the most loses."
Don't bleed more than your enemy.

DHS flags tweets about 'militia,' but not 'jihad'

You can thank the Electronic Privacy Information Center for forcing the Department of Homeland Security to release its list of “keywords” that are used to by its agents to monitor you on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The list, including phrases, reveals which words you probably want to avoid or else risk being flagged and eyeballed as a possible terrorist or someone who is otherwise posing threats to the United States. Words included such innocuous terms as: “Militia,” “exercise,” “cops,” “national security” and “facility.” Interestingly and of note, “jihad” was not included, nor were the words “Middle East,” “Arab,” “Muslim,” “terrorist” or “pressure cooker.” Perhaps those are on a different DHS red flag list?

The Electronic Privacy Information Center sued to obtain the list, but not before it had filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents contained within DHS’ 2011 ‘Analyst’s Desktop Binder,’ which, according to a Forbes report, is “used by workers at their National Operations Center, which instructs workers to identify ‘media reports that reflect adversely on DHS and response activities.’”

More @ WND

The Global Divide on Homosexuality: Greater Acceptance in More Secular and Affluent Countries

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As the United States and other countries grapple with the issue of same sex marriage, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by region on the broader question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society.

The survey of publics in 39 countries finds broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, the European Union, and much of Latin America, but equally widespread rejection in predominantly Muslim nations and in Africa, as well as in parts of Asia and in Russia. Opinion about the acceptability of homosexuality is divided in Israel, Poland and Bolivia.

Attitudes about homosexuality have been fairly stable in recent years, except in South Korea, the United States and Canada, where the percentage saying homosexuality should be accepted by society has grown by at least ten percentage points since 2007. These are among the key findings of a new survey by the Pew Research Center conducted in 39 countries among 37,653 respondents from March 2 to May 1, 2013.1

More @ Pew Global

Yankees on alert as Hunley surfaces in New York

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File/Associated Press The H.L. Hunley Traveling Exhibit alarmed motorists last week as it pass through New York City on its way to Connecticut for a Civil War show at Mystic Seaport. Local, state and federal authorities had to track down the replice of the Confederate sub after folks worried terrorists were bringing a torpedo to town. 

Obviously, the South is the only place where old times are not forgotten.

On Friday afternoon, a New York motorist called police with a tip about a potential terror threat. Seems someone was hauling a suspicious-looking object — it resembled a torpedo — on the highways around the city.

Before long 30 agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were searching for this potential menace.

Even Coast Guard cutters in the area were on the lookout, since the thing looked sort of like a boat.
They should have set the terror color chart to Rebel Gray, because they were just hunting for a bunch of good ol’ boys from Summerville hauling a replica of the H.L. Hunley to Connecticut for the weekend.

“It’s pretty bad when four Confederates and a replica of the Hunley can cause all this,” says Mark Clark, general manager of the exhibit. “Maybe they were worried we were here to get them back.”

You know, this is the most trouble the Hunley has caused Yankees in nearly 150 years.

Educate, not destruct

The Battle for American Survival: An Urgent Call to Patriotic Political Action


Not many realize it yet, but immigration is currently the determining issue of all other political issues. Every political, economic, and social issue facing the country today and most importantly in the future depends on how we resolve the immigration issue.

Other issues, such as taxes, education, government spending, government regulations, judicial appointments, abortion, gun control, energy, property rights, foreign policy, national security, marriage and family, and Constitutional limits to government power receive much more attention by the media and politicians. These are all very important issues, yet national policy on all these issues and many more depend upon how the immigration issue is resolved.

The public is still scarcely aware of the immense importance of the immigration issue.  They have not yet seen that every freedom, our very liberty, and the future of our Constitutional Republic are in the balance. Only a few in Republican national leadership seem aware of the implications that massive amnesties and massive increases in legal immigration will have on the economic welfare of American workers, taxpayers, and communities.

Most seem blind to the impact of massive expansions in immigration on the voting electorate. All the the principles upon which the nation was founded may soon be lost to us and and our posterity. All the important issues fore-mentioned would be determined by a new electorate unfavorably disposed to our cultural heritage and principles of government.

The amnesty for unlawful immigrants and massive expansion of legal immigration proposed by the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill, S.744, if passed, would bury forever any chance of future immigration reform. Nothing would stand in the way of tyrants and demagogues to change the fundamental nature of American culture and government. Thereby would also be buried any hope of future conservative majorities in Congress. Thereby would also be buried all the principles of true liberty, which conservatives hoped to see maintained and prevail.  Thereby every issue will be decided according to the godless principles of materialist statism, unresponsive to the will and cries of the people. Thereby will be buried the Republican Party except as a shadow of its former principles and influence.

Thereby would be buried a great Republic and the freedoms and hopes of its people.

I hope it is not too late for the American people to wake up to the chilling facts. Our nation is in grave and immediate danger of irreversible self-destruction by extraordinarily misguided immigration policy. The worst imaginable and most arrogant form of this self-destruction is in the Schumer-Rubio or "Gang-of-Eight" Senate immigration bill S.744.

If ever there is a time to write, call, fax, or email your U.S. Senators, it is now.

I am an Air Force Vietnam veteran. A third of my squadron was killed in action. Their sacrifice and the sacrifice of every American patriot since the founding of our country will have been futile if S.744 is passed.

There is no honorable excuse for any informed member of Congress to vote for S.744. They owe it to their people and personal honor to oppose it with all their energy and courage.

I especially hope North Carolinians will contact Senator Richard Burr, who is said by reliable informants to be "on the fence." Contact information is listed below. Please pass this on to like-minded patriots.

Mike Scruggs
June 4, 2013

Senator Burr's contact information:

217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Asheville office:

151 Patton Avenue, Suite 204
Asheville, NC 28801

Fax     (828) 350-2439


Via Bill

In all the media furor over the abuse of power by the IRS, "We the People" are again being snowed, so that those who control our lives will ultimately maintain their control over us. The federal bureaucracy has learned how to use an issue (real or contrived) in collusion with the media to subvert the average citizen's attention away from any real understanding of how our liberty has been stolen by them. The current congressional investigations of the alleged corruption within the IRS will serve our masters well by lending an air of legitimacy to an agency that should never have been brought into existence in the first place! The question should not be "did the IRS abuse it's power"? The question should be: "Is the IRS a legal entity authorized and and sanctioned by the consent of the American people? The question is not, abuse of power!  The question is, usurpation of power never delegated by a supposedly free people! (Do you, who may be reading this, know anyone who would have voted for an agency to be created with the awesome power over your life liberty and happiness such as the IRS now has? or for that matter,  the BATF, ICC, DOT, EPA, DHS, ad nausea um! )

 "The phony body of non-law, called 'internal revenue codes', (again to give it legitimacy in the eyes of "We the People") which supposedly gives the IRS their authority to terrorize American citizens, and extract (extort) varying portions of the fruits of their labor from their first job until death, was only a transition from the chattel slavery of Negroes, to the enslavement of all Americans regardless of their ethnicity. One definition of the word "slave" is: a  person who is forced to work for another against his will. Under the Federal Reserve/IRS system, a citizen of the US Socialist Empire is forced by the threat of terrorism and/or imprisonment, from the time of their first job until death, to hand over a portion of the wages they earn from their labor to someone who neither worked for it, nor traded anything of value for it...... and we get nothing back for it, not even infrastructure or administrative costs to run the government! It all goes to pay interest on debt created by loans made to our government by a handful of wealthy bankers, (the so-called Federal Reserve)  who incidentally have the power to create money by simply cranking up the printing presses, talk about a sweet-heart deal!)

 This body of non-law began with America's premier terrorist, Abraham Lincoln, who killed over 600,000 Americans and destroyed fully 1/3 of our country while terrorizing, killing, raping and pillaging the homes of  women, children, and old defenseless men both negro and white, during his late campaign to transform the former united states of America from a free republic of sovereign independent states into a centralized socialist empire.

 Dis-honest Abe Lincoln, enacted the first income tax and began the IRS to collect it. (we must always remember, that once a federal bureaucracy is established it becomes malignant, and like a cancer, just keeps growing and growing) After the "War to Prevent Southern Independence" the income tax was abolished, but not the IRS. Our Lords and Masters, (Congress) aided and abetted by the Khazar bankers, passed another income tax in 1894, but in 1895 it was found to be un-constitutional by the Supreme Court, and struck down! It took them (the bankers and politicians) a mere 17 years to find a way around the Supreme Court by the illegal passage of the 16th amendment in 1912. If anyone who reads this doubts what I've said, may I refer you to the literal bible on this subject: "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

 Real true freedom will never be had until, and unless, we kill the beast! The Federal Reserve and the IRS must be done away with! Allowing Congress to further legitimize the IRS by slapping their wrists, because they got caught serving the Empire will only serve to enslave us further!

Man robbed of beer, held at gunpoint fights attacker with knife

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Desperate times.:)

A Rock Hill man being held at gunpoint by two teenage boys on Saturday managed to injure one of his attackers with a pocket knife, police say.

At about 11:30 p.m., officers received calls about a possible armed robbery near Hampton Street, according to a Rock Hill police report. When police arrived, they found a man kneeling on the ground with a cut on his head.

The man, 47, told police he was walking home from the store with an 18-pack of Busch Light beer in hand when he noticed two teenage boys, both 16, following him, the report states.

One of the boys brandished a gun, police say, and told the man to “give it up.” When he heard the boy chamber a round in the gun, he grabbed the boy’s arm, took out a pocket knife and swung the knife at the boy.

The man said the boy hit him several times with the handgun before he fled with the other teen, the report states. Police found the discarded 18-pack of beer on the ground, while EMS treated the man, who said he could positively identify his attackers if police found them.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/06/02/4081431/police-man-robbed-of-beer-held.html#storylink=cpy

"Right to Refuse": Legislation to Overturn Obamacare Mandate


Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) today applauded the introduction of the Senate companion to H.J. Res. 28, the "Right to Refuse” amendment by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). The provision, which Palazzo introduced in the House of Representatives in February, would effectively reverse the ObamaCare individual mandate tax and prevent future attempts to tax individuals and businesses for failing to purchase goods and services.

More @ Palazzo