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The British were wary of the American expansionist William Seward who became a dominant leader of the new Republican party in the mid-1850s. He spoke indiscreetly of annexing Canada and usually sided with anti-monarchical revolutionaries in Europe. The British, experiencing American secession 80-some years before and discovering the positive effects of independence movements, advised accepting secession as an accomplished fact.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Lincoln’s Goal a Futile Dream

“The great majority of British observers remained convinced until very near the end of the war that the North could not win and that the Union could not be restored. There is abundant evidence of this belief in British publications and in the correspondence of British leaders.

“I do not see how the United States can be cobbled together again by any compromise,” the [British] Foreign Secretary wrote the British minister in Washington in January 1861. “The best thing would be that the right to secede should be acknowledged, that there should be a separation . . . “

During the first month of the Civil War the British minister reported from Washington that all chance of reconstructing the Union was “gone forever.” The Economist thought Lincoln’s goal of restoring the Union was “a futile dream.  Everyone knows and admits that the secession is an accomplished and irrevocable fact.”

In a memorandum to Queen Victoria at the end of 1861, the British prime minister listed the “virtually accomplished dissolution in America of the great Northern Confederation” as one of the noteworthy events of the previous year.

The belief that the North could not win the war was based on British experience during the American Revolution, on inadequate information reaching Britain on conditions and capabilities in both North and South, and most of all on wishful thinking by Britain’s ruling classes, which welcomed the division of the American superpower and feared the consequences in Britain of the triumph of popular democracy in the North.

The British remembered that during the American Revolution Lord Cornwallis had found it impossible to control very much of the American South. The Times of London, Britain’s most influential newspaper, doubted that it would be possible “to reduce and hold in permanent subjection a tract of country nearly as large as Russia in Europe and inhabited by Anglo-Saxons.” It advised the North to “accept the situation as we did 80 years ago upon their soil.”

(One War at a Time, The International Dimensions of the American Civil War, Dean B. Mahin, Brassey’s, 1999, pp. 24-25)

Federal Judge Promotes Cultural Marxism in Mississippi

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Just because you are a federal judge doesn’t mean that your rulings have to make any sense. All it means is that those rulings have to conform, above all, to the prevailing political theology. And the prevailing political theology (and it is a theology, make no mistake) is that any and all things Southern, white, and Christian must be uprooted from any and all places, starting in the South, and replaced with cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism IS the new political theology in this country and it will prevail no matter who ends up being president (Hillary) or how many states Trump gets stolen from him by the Republican Establishment, because both Republican and Democratic Establishment members are all avid practitioners of the religion of cultural Marxism. They live for it. As for the desires of the voters who pay the bills, they are absolutely last on the cultural Marxist list, if they even make it onto the list.

Dear Universities: THIS Is How You Deal With Social Justice Crybully Protesters

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Good to see at least ONE university is still run by mature adults.

According to this, Ohio State University’s Bricker Hall (the administration building on campus) was taken over by a bunch of whiny toddlers posing as college students. They were protesting the usual – safe spaces, the administration doesn’t UNDERSTAAAAAAAND them, come change my diaper the way I want it done. Oh, and they had a bunch of unreasonable social justice demands (one was about boycotting a company that did work in Israel? I don’t even know…) that the university officials had listened to – and then they promptly told these brats “Absolutely not!”

That’s more or less what this was about – the university listened to their demands and they said no.

So, like a two-year-old that wants a cookie before dinnertime, but mommy tells him that he can’t have one, they just stomped their feet and whined and cried.

And like a mommy with an unruly two-year-old, the university president and other officials told these glorified babies that if they didn’t clear out of the administration building, there would be Actual Consequences. Like, the police would escort them out by force AND the students would be expelled from school.

VA Falsified Vet Wait Times in 7 States

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USA Today reported:
The newly released findings of those probes show that supervisors instructed schedulers to manipulate wait times in Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, New York, Texas and Vermont, giving the false impression facilities there were meeting VA performance measures for shorter wait times.
In some cases, the system encouraged manipulation even without explicit instruction from supervisors. A manager in West Palm Beach, Fla., sent out laudatory emails touting the shorter wait times the system showed. Schedulers in Harlingen, Texas, reported being berated by supervisors when they booked appointments showing longer wait times for veterans. (It was “not pretty,” one employee said.)
In some cases — in Gainesville, Fla., White River Junction, Vt., and Philadelphia, for example — they found VA employees improperly kept lists of veterans needing care outside the scheduling system, a violation that also hid actual wait times.
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Dem Lawyer: Obama Can Appoint Garland to SCOTUS Without Senate Approval

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You're beginning to hear this legal theory more and more as it becomes clear the Senate has no intention of taking up the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

Does President Obama have the power to appoint a justice of the Supreme Court without getting the Senate's approval? The legal theory rests on an ambiguity in the Constitution and some legal sleight of hand.

Gregory L. Diskant, a senior partner at the law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler and a member of the national governing board of Common Cause, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining the theory:

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Trump Supporters Walk Out of Georgia Delegate Fight After Party Picks Cruz Supporter…’Uproar in the Hall’

 Georgia Trump Supporter Walks Out

Donald Trump supporters walked out of a delegate election in Georgia Saturday to protest a vote that robbed Trump of all of his slated delegates from a district that he won in the primary.

A Cruz-Rubio alliance at the district convention in Buford, Georgia helped to knock Trump supporters out of the district’s national delegation altogether. Cruz supporters implied that Trump’s people would “embarrass” the district at the convention in Cleveland. Then things got heated.

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Reince Priebus to RNC: Leave Convention Rules Alone Next Week in Hollywood, Let Delegates Themselves Handle in Cleveland

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Reince Priebus Speaks Justin Sullivan Getty

The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, has warned off members of the RNC from making any changes to the Republican National Convention rules at next week’s spring meeting of the 168-member organization, Breitbart News has learned.

“Reince believes strongly that the rules of the convention should be set by the delegates who have been elected by the grassroots activists of Republican voters,” Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief spokesman, said in an email late Saturday. “He is asking the RNC members to leave it up to them.”

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TRUMP Likely to Win West Virginia Vote But Lose the Delegates to Cruz

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cheated ted cruz

Donald Trump has a new enemy in the fight for national convention delegates: the alphabet.

Trump is well-positioned for a resounding victory in West Virginia’s May 10 primary, but his win will be accompanied by a delegate selection process stacked in favor of people with last names at the beginning of the alphabet — rather than his most committed supporters.

It’s a quirk of West Virginia’s mind-bogglingly complex delegate election process that has the Trump campaign on red alert and seems likely to leave the mogul with weaker support at the national convention than he’s expected to earn in the state’s primary. It’s yet another convoluted primary system likely to add fuel to Trump’s complaints that the rules of the Republican nomination process are rigged.

“Not even Einstein could easily understand the selection process today,” said Mike Stuart, a former West Virginia Republican Party head and chairman of Trump’s campaign in the state.

ANOTHER VOTER-LESS WIN FOR TED=> Cruz Sweeps All Delegates at Wyoming Convention

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A Ted Cruz rally broke out at the Wyoming Republican Convention today.

Cruz then grabbed 14 of 14 Republican National Delegates at the voter-less contest.

The Tump team had 6 candidate but they were all voted down at the convention.

CNN reported:

It’s a Ted Cruz sweep in Wyoming.

Cruz won 14 of 14 Republican National Convention delegates up for grabs at the Wyoming state convention here Saturday.

The crowd here was clearly in Cruz’s corner, as the Texas senator was the only candidate to make the trip to Casper — ahead of a major snowstorm — and Sarah Palin, scheduled to speak for Trump, previously canceled.

“If you don’t want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, if you don’t want to hand the general (election) to Hillary Clinton, which is what a Trump nomination does, then I ask you to please support the men and women on this slate,” Cruz said, holding up a piece of paper of 14 recommended delegates.

Obama immigration actions face critical day at high court

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Stick those two female things on the right into the midst of a pig pen and they would blend in perfectly. :)

Monday marks a critical day for President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, as his legal team makes arguments to the Supreme Court to allow them to go forward.

In oral arguments, the Obama administration will ask the justices to lift a lower court injunction that blocked the implementation of the programs, which would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to live and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

A group of 26 states, led by Texas, will argue the injunction should be kept in place because Obama overstepped his authority and the programs would pose high costs on their governments.

The court is expected to hand down a ruling in June. But Obama and his allies are facing the possibility of a deadlock that would hand a victory to Texas and the states.

If the short-handed court splits 4-4, the lower court’s ruling would be left in place, which would virtually guarantee the programs will not go into place before Obama leaves office.

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GOP blasts IRS over illegal immigrants' tax returns

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Comments from Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen on how the agency handles the tax returns of illegal immigrants are drawing outrage from conservative lawmakers.
It is the latest in a string of complaints that congressional Republicans have leveled against the agency.

The issue in this instance concerns illegal immigrants who use other people’s social security numbers (SSNs) to get jobs and then file their taxes with their IRS-issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs).

Although the tax returns contain false W-2 information, the IRS continues to process them, and the agency does not notify the people whose SSNs were used.

Responding to questions from Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday, Koskinen said that in such cases “it’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe.”

The IRS is looking to see if there is a way they can alert victims whose SSNs were used fraudulently without discouraging people from filing their taxes, he added.

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9/11 Victims Families Furious As Obama Tries To Block Passage Of Bill Holding Saudi Arabia Responsible

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“It’s stunning to think that Obama and our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens,” said Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and who is part of a group of victims’ family members pushing for the legislation.


Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Barack Hussein Obama

The Obama administration has lobbied Congress to block the bill’s passage, according to administration officials and congressional aides from both parties, and the Saudi threats have been the subject of intense discussions in recent weeks between lawmakers and officials from the State Department and the Pentagon. The officials have warned senators of diplomatic and economic fallout from the legislation.

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