Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dear Universities: THIS Is How You Deal With Social Justice Crybully Protesters

Via David

Good to see at least ONE university is still run by mature adults.

According to this, Ohio State University’s Bricker Hall (the administration building on campus) was taken over by a bunch of whiny toddlers posing as college students. They were protesting the usual – safe spaces, the administration doesn’t UNDERSTAAAAAAAND them, come change my diaper the way I want it done. Oh, and they had a bunch of unreasonable social justice demands (one was about boycotting a company that did work in Israel? I don’t even know…) that the university officials had listened to – and then they promptly told these brats “Absolutely not!”

That’s more or less what this was about – the university listened to their demands and they said no.

So, like a two-year-old that wants a cookie before dinnertime, but mommy tells him that he can’t have one, they just stomped their feet and whined and cried.

And like a mommy with an unruly two-year-old, the university president and other officials told these glorified babies that if they didn’t clear out of the administration building, there would be Actual Consequences. Like, the police would escort them out by force AND the students would be expelled from school.

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