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Convicts and Indentured Servants to America

The need for labor in its American colony stimulated not only the indentured servitude detailed below, but also slave trading by England’s Royal African Company. This was formed in 1662 with the king’s brother, the Duke of York, as president. It would have an outright monopoly on bringing enslaved Africans to the New World until 1697, when the British Crown permitted private traders to carry slaves to British colonies and paying a 10 percent duty.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Convicts and Indentured Servants to America

“A principal source of labor for the [American] plantations during the seventeenth century were the white indentured servants brought from England. In the mother country the farm hands and laboring classes received miserably low wages . . . [and] found it almost impossible to save [6 pounds], the average cost of passage to America. The only method by which they could transfer their labor from a cheap market in England to a dear market in America was the indenture system, really a credit, or installment system to pay the passage money of crossing the Atlantic. The servant signed a contract by which he sold his labor to a master for a period usually of four or five years.

Immigration into the colonies was vastly stimulated by the profitable business of securing servants for the American market. John Harrower, an indentured servant in Virginia, described in his diary which he kept from 1773-1776, a class of merchants called Soul Drivers, who met immigrant and convict ships at the docks to buy servants, whom they would drive through the colonies “like a parcel of Sheep” to sell to the highest bidder. Such servants were sold for prices ranging from [20 pounds] for the highest type, Scottish soldiers captured after the Jacobite revolt, to [4 pounds] for Irish vagrants.

Most of the indentured servants were young men and women under twenty-five years of age. Under some masters the indentured servitude approximated the conditions of slavery. The master had the right to punish his white servant by whipping, and the servant could not leave the plantation without permission. If a servant married without consent or if a maidservant had an illegitimate baby, the term of service was extended for one year. If a servant ran away and was arrested, he or she was punished by extending the term of service two days extra in Virginia and ten days in Maryland for every day of absence.

The labor shortage in America was so great that it led to the dark crime of kidnapping. There were professional agents in England known a “spirits” who kidnapped “drunks” in taverns and young persons on the streets to ship them to America for sale as servants. The British government used the Southern colonies as well as the islands of Jamaica and Barbados as a dumping ground for convicts.

(A History of the Old South, The Emergence of a Reluctant Nation, Clement Eaton, MacMillan Publishing, 1975, pp. 23-31)

Steve King: I Will Not Vote for Boehner as Speaker

Via comment by Sioux on Louie Gohmert to Challenge Boehner for Speaker

Lord, please let them keep coming.

This week, Members elected to the 114th Congress will rise, place their left hand on the Bible, raise their right hand and state,

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

This oath does not say, “I will support and defend the … United States…” Our oath is a specific requirement to swear, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States…”

President Obama has repeatedly plunged our nation into a constitutional crisis. No past president has so cavalierly violated his own oath and through naked political calculation, willfully violated the Constitution. When a president does violence to our Constitution, those who also take an oath to our Constitution have an absolute duty to defend it. We need a Speaker of the House who carries in his bones the conviction of our oath.

More @ Breitbart

[Watch] Third Mosque Attacked In A Week – Imam Claims It Is A Result Of Nationalist Fear And Ignorance

Gee, I won't be able to sleep tonight envisioning all of them going up at once........

One mosque was fire bombed and vandalized on New Year’s Morning, another on Christmas Day injured five when a fire bomb was thrown through a window into another mosque. A third incident was described as an unsuccessful attempt to torch yet another mosque.

Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister of Sweden, the nation where the incidences occurred decried the acts as “hateful violence” adding that his nation would “never tolerate this kind of crime.”

The Muslim population of Sweden is exploding, with projections that they will account for forty percent of the population by the year 2030, a mere fifteen years from now. Muslims have not been shy about exploiting their numerical advantage to the maximum in any nation in which they are settling and clearly they will not hesitate to attempt to dominate Sweden as well when the opportunity presents itself.

The increasingly popular Sweden Democrats Party issued statements saying that their nation has the “most irresponsible immigration policy in Western Europe” and that “Swedish people don’t feel at home in their own country anymore.”

Man survives brawl that left a knife stuck in his head for hours

Man Writes This Calm Final Message on Facebook… Then Kills His Wife and Himself

Early on Tuesday morning, a Dover, N.H. man named Mark LaVoie walked into a hospital and shot his wife and then himself, killing them both.

Although authorities have remained tight-lipped about the incident, as there is an ongoing investigation, friends and family members confirmed the identity of the man and his wife, Katherine.

It appears that Mark killed his wife Katherine “out of love” in the private hospital room she was registered in, based on a heartbreaking, but incredibly calm and rational final post to Facebook that he made before committing the murder/suicide, according to The Blaze.

(NOTE:  It appears that Mark LaVoie’s Facebook page has been taken down, but his entire post was preserved and published by the Boston Globe.)

Opinion: ATF letter regarding Sig Pistol Stabilizing Braces.

Via Jeffery

Another fine example of why "administrative law" needs to be abolished. These are rules made by Bureau Cats (they too need to get off the .gov teet and stop trying to play God) who can imprison, fine, confiscate, etc. with impunity. These rules are not really laws because citizens are being forced to abide by a rule put in place not by the process as outlined in the Constitution but by what these Bureau Cats "think" should be law.
These bypass all three branches of government without any accountability to the enforcers. It is not just the BATFE, but the EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, and many other branches of state and federal government. It really is "taxation without representation". Many people are unaware that these transgressions are just wrong. It is your job to educate them.


Al $harpton Gets Completely Humiliated…

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Al Sharpton had a pretty bad 2014. In fact, save for the Democratic Party and Malaysia Airlines, I can’t think of any entity that had a worse 2014.

In between the revelation that the reverend was a tax cheat (again) and race-baiting so hard that even the leftist media began to turn on him, the year definitely ended with Sharpton’s political stock sharply lower.

And when he tried to put a good face on it, hilarity ensued.

Reverend Al decided to use Twitter to ask the public at large for topics for his year-end wrap up show.

Needless to say, when you open things up to the public at large, you also open yourself up for embarrassment. Which is exactly what happened.

Louie Gohmert to Challenge Boehner for Speaker

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 AP Photo

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) announced Sunday morning on Fox & Friends that he would challenge current Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in his re-election bid.

Boehner has faced growing criticism from grassroots activists skeptical of his conservatism. As Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle reported, recent polling shows a majority of Republican voters would like their Representative to vote for someone other than Boehner.

Gohmert, first elected to Congress in 2004, told Tucker Carlson, “We’ve heard from a lot of Republicans that [they would] vote for somebody besides Speaker Boehner but nobody will put their name out there as running, so there’s nobody out there to vote for.” Gohmert mentioned that changed with the previous day’s announcement from Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Florida), and then Gohmert said, “And I’m putting my name out there also today to be another candidate for Speaker.”

More with video @ Breitbart

How $harpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations

Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist?

Then you need to pay Al $harpton.

For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.

Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with the activist preacher after leaked e-mails showed her making racially charged comments about President Obama. Pascal was under siege after a suspected North Korean cyber attack pressured the studio to cancel its release of “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un.

Pascal and her team were said to be “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” The Post reported.

Reach out and touch someone

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Denmark: Muslims beat random couple with bottle and iron chains in the face (graphic photos)

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More Christmas-terror. Nanna writes on her Facebook: “The blood is streaming from my mouth, the back of my head and the other wounds. My lip is split in two, all the way up to the nose. … I do not understand.. I am left with a lot of questions. Why? Why us? What is the meaning of this extreme violence? What is happening in the head of those immigrants, when they thrash a couple that is on their way home from Christmas Eve? I am filled with hate, frustration, and sadness. I do not want them in my neighbourhood, my city, or my country.”

The answer for Nanna’s questions is the same answer to why Muslims kill, maim, rape, and persecute non-Muslims everywhere in the word: the Quran orders Muslims to do it. Translated from EB:

More @ 10 News

Bizarre sex story involving Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and Bill Clinton may be true

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On the surface, this sex scandal involving Prince Andrew, second in the line of succession to the British crown, famed constitutional lawyer Alan Derschowitz, and former President Bill Clinton, would appear too bizarre to be true.

But in a civil suit filed this past week in Florida, alleging that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein received special treatment from the government in a child sexual abuse case in 2008 in which Epstein served only 13 months in jail while avoiding far more serious charges, all three celebrities were named as persons having sex with underage girls at Epstein's estate on his Carribean island.

The Communist Rebellion In Our Streets

Via Sioux

It’s early days in 2015.  Do you know where your children and grandchildren are?

Well on their way to a Common Core-trained empty life of Communism, where only the elite like Barack Obama’s children and his top advisor Valerie Jarrett’s daughter and potential grandchildren can possibly escape it.

While out and out communism is making hostages of the children, worried and looking for intervention is where their parents and grandparents should be.

Let there be no room for lost time through second guessing.  The violent blowback to the Michael Brown, Eric Garner shootings is not—and never was—a spontaneous, grassroots uprising by an anonymous Black community.  It’s a deliberate, long-planned organized agenda that was devised by the Bob Avakian-led Revolutionary Communist Party, USA; proof of which can easily be found by Googling.

This is the message anyone can find on the homepage: “Wilson Has Walked. Amerikka must come To A Halt! There is Righteous Resistance And You Must Be Part of It!”

Middle School Kids Taken To Hear Louis Farrakhan Call For Violence Against The 'Crackers"

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"We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this goddamn country up!”

An administrator at Booker T. Washington Middle School in Baltimore, MD, took forty young teenage students as young as eleven-years-old to the 2nd Annual Black United Summit International (BUSI) conference where they heard bigoted purveyor of hatred Louis Farrakhan reference white people as "crackers” and a call for “retaliation” for Michael Brown's death.

According to Danette Clark, ​who wrote about the conference for the Education Action Group's website EAG News, the theme of the conference was "Re-Claim, Re-Pair, Re-Form, Re-Produce, – REPARATIONS NOW!" The event was held at Morgan State University and attended by more than 2,000 “students, community leaders, and distinguished guests.”

More @ Truth Revolt

"Animals actring like animals": #Ferguson Protesters Shut Down Sen. Wyden Town Hall – Threaten to Beat Security Guard

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Senator Ron Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) attempted to hold a town hall in Portland, OR, on Saturday, January 3rd. Ferguson “I Can’t Breathe” protesters, together with the $15 Now!

communists, busted through the event, even threatening to punch safety officers who were trying to shut the doors, and took over the whole town hall.

More with videos and pictures @ Progressives Today