Friday, June 25, 2010

Action: House Bill 1726

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North Carolina House Speaker Joe Hackney (D) and the democratic caucus are planning on passing a bill Monday that will put government in charge of what children can be fed in private daycare centers!!! One vote has already been taken and this bill could pass the house this Monday Night!

House Bill 1726 would make it a crime to: serve sugar-sweetened beverages to children of any age; serve whole milk to children two years of age or older; serve flavored milk to any child; serve more than six ounces of juice to any child regardless of age or how long the child is cared for.

Click here to email your lawmakers and tell them that PARENTS should make decisions for their own CHILDREN, not the government.

These mandates would apply to every child in child care, without regard to each child’s health or nutritional needs, and without regard to parental wishes.

Even worse there is no excepting for the health of the child . Diabetic children could be denied juice to treat low blood sugar!!!!!!

Click here to TAKE ACTION. Contact your lawmakers tell them to vote against House Bill 1726


Dallas H. Woodhouse
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina

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