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Natural Rights

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Scalia found dead with 'pillow over his head'

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“It wasn’t a heart attack,” Guevara said. “He died of natural causes.”You cannot have an inkling if this was true without an autopsy.

Since Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in his resort hotel room at Cibolo Creek Creek Ranch on Saturday, questions have been flying about the immediate declaration of “natural causes” as the means of death.

According to the ranch owner, Scalia was described as “animated and engaged” during dinner Friday night. He was one of three dozen invitees to an event unrelated to law or politics.

Yet just hours later, after missing both breakfast and lunch, he was found dead of apparent natural causes. Later, media outlets reported he had suffered a heart attack.

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The Lion

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Disregarding the unnecessary racial/religious connotations, this video makes an excellent case for the return of a strong man to counter the Muslim infiltration of our societies and if the PTB  think it can't happen again, they are sorely mistaken.

Scalia's death to be ruled a heart attack

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United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s heart stopped beating during his sleep, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told WFAA on Sunday.

Guevara officially pronounced him dead at 1:52 p.m. on Saturday. She will be the local official who signs his death certificate.

Hours earlier, the county judge told WFAA that myocardial infarction — or a heart attack — would likely be the cause of death listed. Guevara later said she would confer with the Justice’s personal physician on what specifically to show as the cause of death.

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Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs May 1, 1861


The Committee on Foreign Affairs, to whom was referred so much of the President’s Message as relates the affairs of the Confederate States with the United States, respectfully report :

That the truthful and able narration of the facts and principles involved in the contest between the Confederate States and the United States, which the President’s Message contains, constitutes a vindication of the course of the Confederate States, which ought to satisfy the world of the justice of their cause. But all who propose to change the general order of things amongst nations, stand at disadvantage. They are looked upon as assailing the peace of the world; and hence those who break up a long established government, and effect thereby the interests of other nations, owe it to them, as well as themselves, to make the justification of their course as complete as possible.

The contest between the Confederate and the United States, is not merely a contest of war. Wars too often determine nothing, but which nation is the strongest or bravest. This contest is a contest for constitutional government, in which the interests of all mankind are concerned. Your committee therefore propose on the wide subject committed to them, briefly to present some views in support of the President’s positions, which may not be useless in elucidating the relations between the Confederate and the United States.

'Algerian sex attacker shouted "Inshallah" - if Allah wills it - as he raped a 25-year-old German student - then asked her if she had enjoyed it'

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After the attack had ended, the Algerian man allegedly asked his victim if she had 'enjoyed it', the court heard

An Algerian man who almost killed his 25-year-old student victim shouted out 'if Allah wills it' in Arabic as he raped her in a darkened alley, a court has heard.

The man, identified only by his first name Rheda, is accused of following the student as she walked home from a nightclub at 5am in Hannover, Germany.

Afterwards, with his victim badly beaten, he is alleged to have climbed off her and asked her if she enjoyed it.

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Obama has rare parliamentary window to make recess appointment to succeed Scalia

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I can't imagine Obama not taking advantage of this.  Wonder if the House or Senate can reverse their agreement?

There was much hubbub in late 2012 when President Obama made four recess appointments during a short recess between two pro-forma sessions of the Senate in January of that year.

The case later went to the Supreme Court and the maneuver was ruled to be unconstitutional.

The key in the 2014 Supreme Court decision regarding the president’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board over the three-day break was that the justices found the executive branch determined what it interpreted as a recess.

But Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion that under the Constitution “the Senate is in session when it says it is.”

Obama said Saturday night that he would submit an appointment to the Senate, as part of his constitutional obligation, but “in due time.”

But now we have a completely different set of parliamentary circumstances.

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Tommy killed an Arab Jewish patron

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"Sniper SAS British special forces from a distance of about 1200 meters destroyed executioner instructor grouping "Islamic state" (IG) in the north of Syria. The operation, carried out about two weeks ago, according to the British tabloid The Daily Star. According to the newspaper, the whereabouts of the data received from the Special Forces instructor intelligence service MI6.

Exploration is also reported that the training camp of militants where occupations led the field commander, is close to the village school. Because of possible civilian casualties was an airstrike on purpose to put it is impossible, and it was decided to carry out the operation by two SAS group.

According to The Daily Star, a sniper fired at a time when the instructor was showing cadets how to cut off the victim's head with a knife , an ax or a sword. Eliminate militants newspaper, citing an informed source called "chief executioner in the region." Sniper rifle used Dan.338 Israeli production, equipped with a silencer and flash suppressor."

Resident of Calais speaks. This is the death of civilization.

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Former Isis Yazidi sex slaves take up arms for revenge, to win back Mosul and 'bring our women home'

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An armed brigade made up entirely of former Yazidi sex slaves has joined ranks with the Kurdish Peshmerga to take back Mosul from Isis and “bring our women home”.

In a region with a proud history of all-female fighting forces, the Yazidi brigade has seen its numbers bolstered in recent weeks as more and more women break free from the Isis jihadist group’s oppressive regime.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, the brigade’s leader Captain Khatoon Khider said there are 500 recruits awaiting training to join the 123 who have already taken their place alongside the Peshmerga on the front line.

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TRUMP Warns French Mag of ‘End of Europe’ – Adds, “If I Would Have Been at Bataclan, I Would Have Fired”

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trump europe

In a recent interview with French Magazine Valeurs Actuelles Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump predicted mass immigration will lead to the “end of Europe.”
Trump also condemned the strict gun laws in France telling the magazine “If I had been at the Bataclan, I would have fired."

Trump said he would have shot the ISIS terrorists at the Bataclan.

I always have a gun at me. I can tell you that if I had been at the Bataclan or in a cafe, I would have shot.

Mark Dice: Antonin Scalia Murdered by Obama to Open Supreme Court Spot for a Liberal? - Illuminati Conspiracy

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Road To World War III: Turkish Army Enters Syria After Second Day Of Shelling As Saudi Warplanes Arrive

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Meanwhile, since all that would take to unleash a full-blown war is for some Russian to be unexpectedly blown up, events like this do not inspire much confidence in the Syrian "ceasefire":
On Saturday, the geopolitical world was shocked when Turkey began shelling Aleppo, where the Syrian opposition has its back against the wall in the face of an aggressive advance by Hezbollah and the IRGC supported, of course, by Russian airstrikes.

To be sure, everyone knew Ankara and Riyadh would have to do something quick if they wanted to preserve the rebellion. Their proxies are being rolled up rapidly by Hassan Nasrallah’s army and Vladimir Putin’s air force juggernaut. But few expected the escalation would come so quickly.

But Recep Tayyip Erdogan is unpredictable (just ask the lone surviving pilot of the Su-24 Turkey shot down in November) and this weekend, he decided that there’s no time like the present when it comes to starting World War III.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Justice Antonin Scalia


“Movement is not necessarily progress. More important than your obligation to follow your conscience, or at least prior to it, is your obligation to form your conscience correctly. Nobody — remember this — neither Hitler, nor Lenin, nor any despot you could name, ever came forward with a proposal that read, ‘Now, let’s create a really oppressive and evil society.’ Hitler said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to restore our national pride and civic order.’ And Lenin said, ‘Let’s take the means necessary to assure a fair distribution of the goods of the world.’
“In short, it is your responsibility, men and women of the class of 2010, not just to be zealous in the pursuit of your ideals, but to be sure that your ideals are the right ones. That is perhaps the hardest part of being a good human being: Good intentions are not enough. Being a good person begins with being a wise person. Then, when you follow your conscience, will you be headed in the right direction.”
—Excerpted from Justice Antonin Scalia’s commencement address at Langley High School, in Virginia, where his granddaughter was graduating in June of 2010.