Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tommy killed an Arab Jewish patron

Via panzerbar  

"Sniper SAS British special forces from a distance of about 1200 meters destroyed executioner instructor grouping "Islamic state" (IG) in the north of Syria. The operation, carried out about two weeks ago, according to the British tabloid The Daily Star. According to the newspaper, the whereabouts of the data received from the Special Forces instructor intelligence service MI6.

Exploration is also reported that the training camp of militants where occupations led the field commander, is close to the village school. Because of possible civilian casualties was an airstrike on purpose to put it is impossible, and it was decided to carry out the operation by two SAS group.

According to The Daily Star, a sniper fired at a time when the instructor was showing cadets how to cut off the victim's head with a knife , an ax or a sword. Eliminate militants newspaper, citing an informed source called "chief executioner in the region." Sniper rifle used Dan.338 Israeli production, equipped with a silencer and flash suppressor."

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