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Why Are Guns Important To A Free People? Ted Cruz Has The Answer

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Why Are Guns Important To A Free People? Ted Cruz Has The Answer

Ted Cruz is rocking the boat now more than ever, and I LOVE it. (Also, have you seen the Cruz street art in San Francisco? It’s freaking awesome. I want to buy a crapton of the posters and tape them all over my neighbor’s cars, quite frankly.)

Anyway, Ted Cruz participated in a 10-question interview with John Harwood, and he did a great job calling out the “new species of yellow journalism,” or as you may know them, PolitiFact. They’re really into fact checking jokes these days. (Then again, PolitiFact also launched an in depth investigation on the price of Scott Walker’s sweater, so that tells you what we’re dealing with here.)

Anyway, Cruz was asked about our Second Amendment rights, and Breitbart News followed up with another question:

Why are guns important for a free people?
"America was founded on a revolutionary concept," Cruz said. "Namely, that our rights don’t come from government, they come from God Almighty. The natural rights of man include life, liberty, and property. Each of those rights is dependent upon being able to preserve the safety and security of your own family. In fact, the very first Congress not only acted to protect our Second Amendment rights but mandated the militia act; that adult free men must own a musket."

The Don Fanucci of American Politics (Or: The Real Cause of the American 'Civil War')

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Image result for he Don Fanucci of American Politics (Or: The Real Cause of the American 'Civil War')

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the American “Civil War,” more accurately described as the War to Prevent Southern Independence.  It is also the 31st anniversary of the movie, The Godfather, Part II.  A single scene in the movie illustrates the true cause of the “Civil War.”

The scene in question involves a Hells Kitchen New York Mafia boss in the early twentieth century named Don Fanucci, whose character is based on a real-life Mafia boss named Ignazio Lupo (“Lupo the Wolf”).  In the scene Don Fanucci meets with a young Vito Corleone (who would later become “The Godfather”) after discovering that young Vito and some friends had been quite successful operating as thieves in the neighborhood.  The purpose of the meeting was to extort money from the young Mafia wannabes since that, after all, was a big part of the “business” the Mafia was in at the time.  Don Fanucci (and Ignazio Lupo) would go to all business people in Hell’s Kitchen and essentially say, “If you want to do business in ‘my’ neighborhood, you’ll have to give me a percentage – or else.”  (Ignazio Lupo meant business; he is “credited” with at least 60 murders).

Here is what Don Fannucci said to Vito Corleone, from the script of The Godfather, Part II:

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On 150th Anniversary of Appomattox, Communists Stomp On, Spit On, and Publicly Burn Confederate Battle Flag At The Florida State Capitol

 In Tallahassee, e-activism flops

Update: Tallahassee SDS is holding their next meeting on April 15 and their next rally on April 18 at the Florida State Capitol.

This is an absolute disgrace … what follows is a rant and a call for change.

Yesterday, a group of about 60 communists led by Tallahassee SDS and a number of small leftwing groups marched from the Florida State University campus to the Florida State Capitol where they stomped on, spit on, and publicly burned a Confederate Battle Flag on the 150th anniversary of Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.

Yes, communists … here’s the punk wearing the red shirt below who organized the event. His real name is Zachary Schultz and he runs Tallahassee SDS. His co-organizer’s real name is Regina Joseph. That’s her below in front of the Soviet flag:

The Walter Scott Shooting – and Being Misled By Media Ideology…..

 Walter Scott map 2
walter scott tazer leads
Picture with the taser wire highlighted

When we begin to research the facts of controversial issues we eventually find the deconstruction of a false media narrative, and exposing how the media manipulates public opinion of events, ultimately becomes the purpose of our research more than anything else.

In case we have not said it clearly enough, allow me to repeat. We hold no disposition or option as to the Walter Scott shooting itself. These threads are to get to the FACTS of who, what, when and where; leading toward discussion of the possibilities inherent in the “why”.

You know, what the Fourth Estate used to do…

It is not a consequence of whether Michael Slager was right or wrong. Nor a matter of whether anyone “deserved” anything, or if anything was “justified”.

Just a simple search for the truth. The truth that has no agenda nor disposition toward anyone’s opinion of it.

We Need No Declaration of Independence

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 toombs 2 

Many current Americans, indeed perhaps most, regard the firing on Fort Sumter in April 1861 as a premeditated act of violence by South Carolina against the United States Government. They further assume that violence was both intended and desired by Southern leaders in the months leading to the War Between the States. After all, the South should have known that a bloody conflict would follow secession. Such a revolutionary act had to be met with force. This is a misconception and a gross distortion of the public record. Southern men anticipated that violence might be a possibility but they hoped not a probability, not out of weakness, but because they considered the act of secession to be a perfectly legal, defensible, logical, and most importantly, American option in 1860 and 1861.

Jefferson Davis articulated this point in his First Inaugural Address, but he was not alone. Across the South, delegates to State secession conventions consistently spoke of peace and the legal and philosophical underpinnings of secession. This was no revolutionary act. In November 1860 during the legislative session to consider calling a secession convention in Georgia, Robert Toombs insisted, “We need no declaration of independence.”


New Gun Technology Breakthrough: Get 7.62mm Platforms without Legal Red Tape

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.56.35 PM

Want 7.62 without all the red tape?

It might be possible in the near future.

Well, it already is possible, but having the ability to print off your own 7.62 platform in your home could be coming to a town near you.

As engadget writes:

In 2013, Defense Distributed created the world’s first 3D-printed handgun, the .38-caliber Liberator. The following year, they unveiled an AR-15 receiver capable of firing hundreds of 5.56mm rounds without fail. This year, designers from FOSSCAD has raised the bar yet again.

They’ve successfully crafted and test fired the receiver for a Colt CM109 modular battle rifle — the AR-15’s badass big brother.


A Grand Adventure cover
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. At Vassar some ditzbunny got blitzed, got laid, and a year later decided that she had been sexually assaulted. I guess she didn’t notice it at the time. You have to be alert to know when you have been raped. It can happen when you are distracted, maybe working on your laundry list, and you don’t find out about it for a while.

Congruent with the national fantasy that college girls don’t know about sex or the effects of beer, a conventionally imbecilic judge found the guy guilty. No surprise here. (“What part of “yes” don’t you understand, your honor?”)

But check out the astonishing email she wrote to the offender:

"I'm really sorry I led you on last night I should have known better then [sic] to let my self [sic] drink yet, I really don't want this to effect [sic] our team dynamic or friendship. I don't think any less of you at all I had a wonderful time last night I'm just too close to my previous relationship to be in one right now."

Doesn’t sound very raped to me, but what do I know? I love her grammar. The child is semiliterate. I couldn’t have gotten away with such stuff in the sixth grade. Vassar? The national fingers drop. Drop, drop, drop they drop.

Sheriff: Hundreds watched 'gang rape' in Panama City Beach in broad daylight, did nothing to stop it

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Bay County (Fla.) Sheriff Frank McKeithen said he "will not back off" in seeking changes to tamp down spring break behavior in Panama City Beach Friday after two Troy University students were arrested in connection with a video that McKeithen said showed a "gang rape" that occurred on the beaches of Panama City Beach last month.

McKeithen said the video shows a 19-year-old victim who appeared to be incapacitated on a chair behind Spinnaker Beach Club when she was assaulted by multiple men. McKeithen said the incident occurred "in the broad, open daylight," and hundreds of bystanders did not try to stop the incident or report it to authorities.

"Within 10 feet from where this is happening there are hundreds, hundreds of people standing there watching, looking, seeing, hearing what is going on, and yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to the point where obviously this is acceptable somewhere, but I will tell you it is not acceptable in Bay County," McKeithen said.

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Is spring break a cancer? Panama City Beach has to stop the 'tumor,' sheriff's spokesman says

 Standing behind a table lined with 49 neatly arranged guns on one end and dozens of plastic bags filled with marijuana, ecstasy, heroin and other confiscated drugs on the other end, Maj. Tommy Ford of the Bay County Sheriff's Office made his case, yet again, that the college spring break scene in Panama City Beach, Fla. has gotten out of control. 

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The "land of the freeloader and the home of the brain-dead."

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After the 9/11 debacle, (whoever was responsible for that) President Bush got on tv and said that the terrorists that did it hated us because of our freedoms. At that point my first thought was "what hogwash." And as the Bush administration went along after 9/11 they made more than sure that American citizens would never again be burdened with too much freedom and to do that they gave us the Patriot Act. It has gone downhill from there.

By the time our current commissar came along to inhabit the White (Red) House he had promised us that he would fundamentally "transform" the United States and would have the most "transparent" administration in history. This line didn't even deserve to be rated as hogwash--it was even below hogwash. I probably couldn't come up with a term for it that wouldn't get me shut down so I will leave it to your imaginations. Suffice it to say that I, long ago, had given up believing the political fertilizer slingers that assured us we were living in a "free country." I knew they were lying and so did they--but they did it with such a straight face that most folks, less suspicious than me, bought into it.

5 key demands US dropped in Iran talks

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The framework deal on Iran's nuclear program has come under heavy scrutiny as the Obama administration seeks to sell the agreement to skeptical lawmakers.

Many of the terms mark a shift from President Obama's stated goals at the start of negotiations 18 months ago.

Democrats and the White House say those changes are the result of tough negotiations and are calling for time to allow diplomats to finalize the accord.

But Republican critics say the administration made concessions that go too far and secured little in return.

Here are five areas where the administration shifted course during negotiations:

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Remington's Alabama plant is running, and the first gun is ...

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Alabama's new Remington firearms plant is up and running, and the first gun to bear the Huntsville stamp is a pocket .380-cal. pistol being marketed to women as well as men.

That's the word from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville Friday where Remington proudly showed off the small semi-automatic model RM380 with "Huntsville" stamped on the right side.

The pistol, which holds six cartridges in a magazine with room for a seventh in the chamber, is apparently also being made in Charlotte, N.C., if a giant poster for the handgun is evidence. The picture shows the new handgun with "Charlotte" stamped on its side.

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INVASION: Here Are the 190 US Cities Obama Selected to Dump Muslim “Refugees” [FULL LIST]

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President Barack Obama has allowed an influx of 100,000 Muslim immigrants a year into the United States. However, these immigrants are not being properly screened or vetted to protect national security.

The State Department has released a list of 190 cities in the U.S. that these immigrants can go to.

New O’Keefe Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah Across California

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