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Say hello to my little friend: M203 and Joya de Nicragua

Tony Montana in Scarface with M203, "Say hello to my little friend"

“Say hello to my little friend!” You’ve almost certainly heard Tony Montana’s phrase and probably recall the M203 it heralded. What does it have to do with “Jewel of Nicaragua”, i.e. Joya de Nicaragua cigars? Stand by, we’ll explain.

Tony Montana was a hard-working, cigar-smoking, refugee from Cuba who came to the United States during the Castro era and made it big in the Land of Opportunity. He “made it big” murdering people and setting up a drug empire in Miami. Granted, he was a villain (or maybe anti-hero) but come here he did. He showed up with just the shirt on his back and died in a mansion surrounded by mountains of cocaine.

Ah, ya gotta love Hollywood. Or not. Incidentally, Hollywood is where most of Scarface was filmed after the residents of Miami protested the movie and its depiction of Cuban-Americans.

Open Letter To The NFL PLAYERS. The Boycott is coming.

Via Dennis Le via Teddy Daniels."A whole bunch of spoiled thugs .Who they think they are? What did they do for our country? Nothing. Boycott them , they don’t deserved a dime. Support our troups and send the monies to them instead of paying these bastards."
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You graduated high school in 2011. Your teenage years were a struggle. You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Your mother was the leader of the family and worked tirelessly to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate.

Academics were a struggle for you and your grades were mediocre at best. The only thing that made you stand out is you weighed 225 lbs and could run 40 yards in 4.2 seconds while carrying a football. Your best friend was just like you, except he didn’t play football. Instead of going to football practice after school, he went to work at McDonald’s for minimum wage.

You were recruited by all the big colleges and spent every weekend of your senior year making visits to universities where coaches and boosters tried to convince you their school was best. They laid out the red carpet for you. Your best friend worked double shifts at Mickey D’s. College was not an option for him. On the day you signed with Big State University, your best friend signed paperwork with his Army recruiter. You went to summer workouts. He went to basic training.

You spent the next four years living in the athletic dorm, eating at the training table. You spent your Saturdays on the football field, cheered on by adoring fans.

Tutors attended to your every academic need. You attended class when you felt like it. Sure, you worked hard. You lifted weights, ran sprints, studied plays, and soon became one of the top football players in the country. Your best friend was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. While you were in college, he deployed to Iraq once and Afghanistan twice. He became a Sergeant and led a squad of 19-year-old soldiers who grew up just like he did. He shed his blood in Afghanistan and watched young American's give their lives, limbs, and innocence for the US.

You went to the NFL combine and scored off the charts. You hired an agent and waited for draft day. You were drafted in the first round and your agent immediately went to work, ensuring that you received the most money possible. You signed for $16 million although you had never played a single down of professional football. Your best friend re-enlisted in the Army for four more years. As a combat tested sergeant, he will be paid $32,000 per year.

You will drive a Ferrari on the streets of South Beach. He will ride in the back of a Blackhawk helicopter with 10 other combat loaded soldiers. You will sleep at the Ritz. He will dig a hole in the ground and try to sleep. You will “make it rain” in the club. He will pray for rain as the temperature reaches 120 degrees.

On Sunday, you will run into a stadium as tens of thousands of fans cheer and yell your name. For your best friend, there is little difference between Sunday or any other day of the week. There are no adoring fans. There are only people trying to kill him and his soldiers. Every now and then, he and his soldiers leave the front lines and “go to the rear” to rest.

When the National Anthem plays and you take a knee, he will jump to his feet and salute the television. While you protest the unfairness of life in the United States, he will give thanks to God that he has the honor of defending his great country.

To the players of the NFL: We are the people who buy your tickets, watch you on TV, and wear your jerseys. We anxiously wait for Sundays so we can cheer for you and marvel at your athleticism. Although we love to watch you play, we care little about your opinions until you offend us. You have the absolute right to express yourselves, but we have the absolute right to boycott you. We have tolerated your drug use and DUIs, your domestic violence, and your vulgar displays of wealth. We should be ashamed for putting our admiration of your physical skills before what is morally right. But now you have gone too far. You have insulted our flag, our country, our soldiers, our police officers, and our veterans. You are living the American dream, yet you disparage our great country. I encourage all like-minded Americans to boycott the NFL.

National boycott of the NFL is November 8th & 15th in honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11. Boycott all football telecast, all fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military - some of whom come home with the American flag draped over their coffin.
Add MLB, NBA, and any other sport that kneels to this 🇺🇸
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September 11, 2020 University of North Carolina Asheville

Via HK
 Via skybill

Despondent watching those who accepted money to tear down the Cenotaph of our sainted dead in St. Augustine as they began their unholy charge;  I would hear a media report that the Board of Governors at the University of North Carolina Asheville had voted to change the names of two buildings at the Technology Center on Campus:  that of the Honorable Governor Zebulon B. Vance and that of Governor Clyde Hoey.

St. Augustine Cenotaph on Barge after removal from Plaza de la Constitution

They would defend this Board action centered on their wishes that everyone at their diverse Campus should not feel negatively sensitive because of whom these men were. Vance, because he owned slaves and Hoey because he was a segregationist.

Some more poppycock from a school system that had toppled the Silent Sam Cenotaph on the Campus in Chapel Hill, and placed themselves above the law by continuing to ignore the lawful court order to put it back.

Never mind that the Father of our Nation, George Washington owned slaves, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves , Benjamin Franklin owned slaves, and so did “good help is hard to find Ulysses S. Grant” when he entered the White House.

And not to forget that US President Lincoln was a staunch segregationist and offered to keep the Africans in slavery forever if the men of the South would come back to Congress and ratify the Corwin Amendment; our “root hog or die” President.

Governor Hoey, like most of the members of the North Carolina Assembly in 1937 -1941” could be called “segregationists”.. However, we must take a look at what he did to move the lives of the black populous forward on the life highway for social, political, economic, and most importantly educational vertical mobility before condemning him to oblivion.

Following the 1938 Gaines Supreme Court decision on racial segregation in higher education, Hoey asked the North Carolina Legislature to provide for segregated higher education for blacks. He said that the people of the State believe in equal opportunity in their respective fields of service and that the white race cannot offer to do less than simple justice to the Negro. So much he did to further this charge; his name was placed on a building at North Carolina Central University, a Historic Black College.

And, I might add, that all of my teachers from grade school until my senior year with the exception of Mrs. Chandler and the new Principal, Dr. Robert Holtzclaw, were graduates of these Jim Crow schools. God bless them!

On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, in protest of this Board action, I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and head for the UNCA campus. Upon arriving, I would make my way through a sea of yard signs that read; Black Lives Matter and adjacent to them signs depicting the Lesbian, Gay Transgender flag. I would be met by the new black University Police Chief who came out with several of his staff and assured me that as long as I was there; he and his Officers would look out for my safety.

On this day, I would do what the Board of Trustees should have done ....Teach their students!

The first student that I encountered would ask me “didn't I think it was insulting to the Black Lives Matter organization for me to be on campus posting the Confederate flag and don in a Confederate soldiers uniform , and what was my purpose for being there?”

I told him that the domestic terrorist of Black Lives Matter had come into my home town burning, looting, and maiming our citizens while leaving behind destruction, and blaming it on our black citizens. And furthermore, placing the Gay Pride flag alongside the Black Lives Matter signs on this campus in the heart of the Bible belt  - as though our black citizen’s sanction- is the real offense . No, they just tolerate it.

I told him and several other students now gathered that I was there to protest the Board of Governors removal of Vance and Hoey's names from the buildings of the Technology Center.

“Are you an Uncle Tom? Don't you know Hoey was a segregationist?” he retorted.

I would repeat the aforementioned.  And that when I marched to Texas on the Historic March Across Dixie, as I passed a schoolhouse in Alabama, several black men would ask my brother would I come into their school and tell the students about the journey I was on.

Ironically, on the front of the building was a large bronze plaque that read ... John Essex School, A George Wallace Magnet School.  And when I entered the school there was nothing but black kids, and only one white lady teacher. Governor Wallace was probably the most famous segregationist in the South. However, black folks voted for him in majority every time he ran for Governor, and as well his wife when she ran. Many of the black citizens of Alabama told me to forget about some of the things he said;  “look at what he did for us” they said.

I told him to "go into the book store and ask whoever was in charge to order the Historic March Across Dixie Photo Journal and Documentary DVD's by Terry Lee Edgerton so that he might clean up his tunnel vision about the honorable people of the South."

One Jewish boy said that I put the Mayor of Asheville in a box unjustifiably by stating that she had betrayed the Jewish people because she sanctioned the removal of the Vance monument in downtown Asheville.  He assured me that all Jews don't think alike.

I told him to "head to the library and read a copy of the Vance lecture:  The Scattered Nations."  And that I agreed with him about Jews with differing opinions; George Soros and the thugs that he sponsors... Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and a host of others who have used black folks to enrich their coffers, leaving nothing behind for them anything but suspicion and hate, for something they wanted no part of .... just like the removal of Vance's Cenotaph in downtown Asheville; a Crown jewel that is as much theirs as any other citizen of our City.

Governor Vance is the most decorated citizen of our great State, and his achievements for all of our people are unparalleled.

After several hours of teaching, I would thank the Chief and his staff. He would insist on walking me to my car. And in our conversation as we walked, it was determined that we might be kin folk. God bless you!

Your brother,

Drew Brees & Jacob Blake

Via Jay


The Coming Festivities

I am constantly assessing and evaluating my position/situation relative to the bleak future we face in this country.

This election of 2020 has NO GOOD OUTCOME.  If DJT wins, the enemy will continue their campaign to destroy the country, and increase their efforts.

But we normal people have no alternative, if the enemy wins, we lose everything.  E V E R Y T H I N G.  Trump with chaos, Harris with unmitigated disaster. A disaster from which we'll never recover.

The whole ideal of America is on the ledge.  We have never been in so dangerous a position.  Never.

The probability of economic collapse is real, the enemy controls Wall Street and is capable of blowing up the Markets anytime.  The probability of civil war exists, but I don't believe the sheep will actually rise against the wolves.  The mask is a surrender flag and too many have fallen for that scam.  The war, if it comes will not last long. Grinding poverty, loss of property, income, famine, and genocide ALWAYS follow a Communist take over.  ALWAYS.

If you don't yet kabish, you are in the opening phase of a Communist revolution.  Antifa, BLM, RevCom and all the rest are Communist organizations.

OK, all that said . . . the Decision:  Mom and I are fired shots, of no use to anybody in the coming storm.  I'm not going to burden my kids with the care and feeding of useless eaters.  That said, don't take this as a suicide note.  No, God doesn't approve that play.  Instead, we'll stay put, make the best fight we can, and die in place.  By the time that happens, nobody will miss a couple more old farts on the burn pile.

I anticipate interruptions of communications, power, utilities, and services.  When the pay checks quit, so do the people.  When the USSR went toes up, everybody's pay stopped.  Overnight.  The Army just walked away, the police showed up to bum food and smokes, trains stopped, planes stopped, People sold off what they had to get food.  The USA started paying the Army to guard the nukes and weapons depots.  It was exceedingly rough and a lot of old people passed over.  This time, there's nobody to take up the slack, for us.

In the Navy, we had a call, "Rig the ship for heavy weather!"  When you heard that, you hunted up your life jacket and said your prayers.

I say now, to all of you "Rig the ship for Heavy Weather"  Vaya con Dios!



 I generally agree, Dick and I think we have a lot to worry about.    Those of us who haven't retired yet need to worry about the debt making our retirements worthless.    I hope with the right leadership we can grow our way out of the debt issue.

Moral and social decay is another.   In the face of slavery, black Americans had very strong families.    When families were broken up through bankruptcies, sales, estates, everyone knew who their relatives were, where they were and even who their owners were.   But in the name of 'compassion' (read: buying votes) Lyndon Johnson and Great Society succeeded where the KKK could never hope to.  Our families, off all races and groups, need to reset as the foundation of society.   I've said before I'm in agreement with Senior Chief over Stuart Slade's History, Politics and Current Affairs.   We needed to deal with the communists in the '50s when they were small time, preferably with treason trials, gallows and firing squads.   It's going to be much more painful now that they've embedded themselves in society.  Burn, Loot, Murder is just an anti-family commie front group.

But overall, I don't see the situation as bleak.    Darkness is coming, but it will be an opportunity, to make things right, to set us back on the proper path.  I have no doubt there will be suffering and a price to pay to do so, but a little suffering is good for the soul. Sacrifice makes us appreciate what we sacrifice for all the more.   The tree of liberty hasn't been watered in quite a while.   Maybe it needs watering to remind who we are as a people.

~~Rich H


I agree with both of you.  My kids are far away, living their own lives. I'm a distant grandpa, pretty much alone except for cousins, aunts and uncles, all of whom are my age or much older.  I've got some good neighbors in this decaying little village, a few of whom I can count on to return fire when its needed.  I've been preparing for some time, and continue to do so.  My plan, hold what I have, and if need be, sell my life dearly.  Even at 62 I know I'm better with a gun than 90% of those out there. I just have to stay low and stay smart until I need to sell.  I'm envisioning, at best, a situation here like Northern Ireland.  At worst, we break apart like the SU did, with all the misery of that. Except we will probably endure an ACW situation like Kentucky or Missouri for some years, raiders, burning out and all that.  It aint gonna be pretty any way it goes.

  I've mentioned before a book I'm reading by and by, The Peace that almost ways: The forgotten story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference  and the final attempt to avert the Civil War.  The rhetoric on both sides, the perfidy of the press and their instigation, mirror our own time. Almost exactly, so I remain hopeful, but realistically am certain this isn't ending well.

~~William M.

Trump’s attorney general under fire for calling Black Lives Matter a ‘Bolshevik organisation’ with ‘fascistic’ tactics

Via Allen

Bill Barr also referred to the Democrats as a ‘Rousseauian revolutionary party’ invested only in tearing down the system

US attorney general Bill Barr made waves with a Fox News interview this weekend in which he called the Black Lives Matter movement “Bolshevik” and “fascistic” – and the fallout is still simmering.

Host Mark Levin, who conducted the interview, is now pushing back against the mainstream media’s coverage of the segment, accusing newspapers’ fact checkers of lying about Black Lives Matter’s true nature and declaring that journalists are in cahoots with “violent Marxists”.