Sunday, September 13, 2020

Say hello to my little friend: M203 and Joya de Nicragua

Tony Montana in Scarface with M203, "Say hello to my little friend"

“Say hello to my little friend!” You’ve almost certainly heard Tony Montana’s phrase and probably recall the M203 it heralded. What does it have to do with “Jewel of Nicaragua”, i.e. Joya de Nicaragua cigars? Stand by, we’ll explain.

Tony Montana was a hard-working, cigar-smoking, refugee from Cuba who came to the United States during the Castro era and made it big in the Land of Opportunity. He “made it big” murdering people and setting up a drug empire in Miami. Granted, he was a villain (or maybe anti-hero) but come here he did. He showed up with just the shirt on his back and died in a mansion surrounded by mountains of cocaine.

Ah, ya gotta love Hollywood. Or not. Incidentally, Hollywood is where most of Scarface was filmed after the residents of Miami protested the movie and its depiction of Cuban-Americans.

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