Monday, September 14, 2020


  All  for nought
"Now, after sending Our Best Young Men To Die on distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office." 23 July 2008 10/'67 - 5/'69 USARV, 6/'69 - 09/'71 OICC/RVN+, 06/'73 - 25/04/'75 DAO, US Embassy RVN


Why is it we only see white people at BLM riots?  Many of those Crackers are well past the 'college kid' stage, why are they out there. chanting and fist pumping.  Seems like, if they want the 'Black Experience', they could move to Detroit, DC, Philly, or Shitcago.  Black folks ain't stupid, when the shooting starts, they're gonna be over at Queenie's poppin' Popeye's 'n Miller, watchin' it go down on TEEVEE.

I've been a working man all my life, and have lived that life in the old South. by and large.  I've worked elbow to elbow with black men all my life.

I've lived and worked on the border, I've lived and worked with Latinos all my life, when it wasn't blacks.  We go to Church with Latinos.

I love 'em all.  Most are really great people.  Maybe because I came up dirt road po', eatin' beans an' cornbread, I have an affinity for 'my kind of folks'.

We ate that cornbread that had little bits of stone in it, green onions out d' ground and 'maters off the vine.  Ever eat a Guinea Hen?

OK, so I'm having trouble with these very well off poseurs. Where the hell did they come from?  What the hell does Faith Hill know about anything?

We all know that every black athlete has been groomed for his 'sport' all his life.  He's been taken care of from the time he ran his first sprint.

Grades made, College paid, NFL/NBA laid.  What are they bitchin' about?  I know the federal government hires ex-ball players and pays them damn good money, just to show up once in a while.  I tried to fire one dope smokin' fool, who had a degree in Construction Science, who couldn't count rebar in a form, yet was hired as a GS11 engineer. (That's because they don't give the FSEE any more. As long as your body is warm you're hired) No chance, Lance.  He ended up being Project Engineer, still smokin' dope, still comin' in one or two days a week, still sleepin' through contract meetings.  Your Tax dollars at work.  He was deeply resented by the real black guys, who didn't dribble.

Ramblin' now, I'll quit here . .


The seeds of Marxism sown in the 60's and 70'd have born fruit.  These are rich white kids who have never known hardship and are either Marxist or fellow travelers.  Some of these are also well trained agitators, along with those who went to Syria for combat training.


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