Monday, September 14, 2020

The Antifa Threat: Fierce, Growling Dogs of Oppression

 US Attorney General William Barr
To Antifa, anyone to the right of Communists is a fascist. In this, they hold to the Leninist definition of fascist as capitalist. Antifa is essentially anti-capitalist and holds the usual Marxist extreme hostility to Christianity and its values.  It is also of foundational importance to Antifa and all Marxist organizations to undermine and discredit Christian values.
According to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, Antifa’s ultimate goal is world Communism, and their primary immediate goal toward that end is to bring down the Trump presidency.

Antifa is most active in the United States and Western Europe. Their common initial tactic in the subversion of democratic governments in both the U.S. and Europe is to employ extreme violence and the destruction of public and private property to create political disorder, discredit, the police, and intimidate the public and democratic leaders. They often try to goad police into reactions that might be used to undermine their credibility and authority. They have made local police forces their especially hated enemy.  Lately, Antifa has stooped to threatening and harassing the families of police.


  1. I heard on Alipac, via Rense, that the family of Cannon, the little
    boy who was shot in the head by some black sub, was going to
    have a candle lite service for Cannon in Wilson, NC. The black
    Chief of Police advise the family not to go forward as there
    could be violent trouble. Time to reorganize the KKK as a joke
    when it first came to the forefront but gained immense popularity.