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Roswell cop fired after Confederate flag complaint

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A Roswell pastor said a police officer was fired on Thursday after the Roswell Police chief received a complaint that a Confederate flag was flying outside the officer’s house where an official police vehicle was parked in the driveway.

Cousin Dale's First Canadian Heritage Not Hate Confederate flag rally in Saskatoon today! Started simple, just me!

WWII The Story of “Bad Angel”: American Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for Shooting Down an Unarmed American Transport Plane

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P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel" in Hanger #4 at the Pima Air and Space Museum.
 Kill marks on "Bad Angel".

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving 2013, Ms. Karen, my 94-year-old father, Bill Gressinger, and I were visiting Pima Air and Space Museum.

We were in Hanger #4 to view the beautifully restored B-29, when I happened to take notice of a P-51 Mustang near the big bomber. It’s name … “Bad Angel”.

P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel" in Hanger #4 at Pima Air and Space Museum.

I was admiring its aerodynamic lines and recalled enough history to know that until the Mustangs came into service, the skies over the Pacific Ocean were dominated by Japanese Zeros.

Then something very strange caught my eye. Proudly displayed on the fuselage of “Bad Angel” were the markings of the pilot’s kills: seven Nazis; one Italian; one Japanese … AND ONE AMERICAN. Huh? “Bad Angel” shot down an American airplane?

Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace, Mr Cameron (Bush & Obama) - Paul Weston

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Another Truck Bomb Parked near Nice Defused & France calls on 'patriotic citizens' to join the reserves

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The French Special Forces defused an explosive-laden truck parked on a highway near Nice, local media reports. A bomb disposal operation was conducted on a highway near Nice where a truck attack occurred Thursday night.

Also French Police Detain One Person During Raid in Nice.

French police have detained one person during a search raid of the suspected driver's house, who careened through crowds of people in Nice on Thursday night, iTele TV channel reports.

"We have seen policemen in masks take someone away, we don't know who it was," an iTele correspondent reported.

The correspondent also confirmed, that a bomb squad detonated a suspicious parcel while raiding a truck parked near the house.



 The scene in Nice on July 16 2016

The French interior minister has called on "all patriotic citizens" to become reservists to boost security in the wake of the attack in Nice, in which 84 people were killed.

Bernard Cazeneuve reiterated that France would call up 12,000 reservists.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a lorry into crowds marking Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais on Thursday, before he was shot dead by police.

So-called Islamic State claimed one of its followers carried out the attack.

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No More After Nice, let’s stop the nonsense.

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No more flags of foreign countries posted on Facebook in a spirit of solidarity. No more empathic Twitter hashtags. No more empty statements by heads of government declaring that “the terrorists have failed in their effort to turn us against one another.” No more equally empty statements by other heads of government expressing their own country’s support for “our ally in its time of grief.” No more calls for love in the face of hate, or candlelight processions as a response to murder. No more clicking of tongues and shaking of heads over the horrible loss of life—as if people had died in a one-off natural disaster, a hurricane or tornado or tsunami—followed, after a few days, by a return to normal. Until the next time, of course.

No more attempts to psychologically analyze every new jihadist—to probe his troubled family or professional life in an attempt to figure out what “turned him to violence and extremism.”

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Hamburg: Death of a City

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And everybody praised the Duke
Who this great fight did win.
‘But what good came of it at last?’
Quoth little Peterkin.
‘Why, that I cannot tell,’ said he,
‘But ’twas a famous victory.’
Southey, after Blenheim


Woven into the tapestry of the Second World War, the air blitz is a stark reminder that this war, perhaps more so than any other affecting the European continent, provided for the deliberate destruction of civilians as an instrument of policy. Most of us are familiar with the major events of World War Two and of these, the blitz on such major cities as London and Liverpool stand out as beacons of devastation. The blitz on Coventry was equally tragic and the horror is increased as we subsequently learn that civilian losses could have been reduced enormously but for the fact that Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the time, refused to warn Coventry’s inhabitants that their city was to be raided lest the enemy realise their code had been broken.

Sir Basil Liddell Hart, Britain’s foremost historian, described the policy of bombing civilian targets as being: “The most uncivilized method of warfare the world has known since the Mongol invasions.” It is a sad reflection on Britain that it was a British Government which initiated this war crime which by its nature would needlessly destroy so many European lives, not to speak of British lives lost in raids of retaliation.

Muhammad The Skateboarder ....

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Ha! Mike Pence Must be a Good Choice for Trump – The Libs Hate Him

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  • Was born and raised in Indiana and earned is J.D. from Indiana School of Law.
  • He has been married for more than 30 years and has 3 children.
  • Since taking office in 2013, Pence has enacted the largest state tax cut in Indiana history while also eliminating the business personal property tax for Hoosier small businesses, and lowering corporate income taxes.
  • When Pence took office in January 2013, Indiana unemployment stood at 8.4%. Since then he helped Indiana create over 100,000 private sector jobs and unemployment in the state is now down to under 5%.
  • The state has invested more than $800 million in new money for roads and bridges in Indiana under Pence.
  • Prior to being governor, Pence represented portions of Eastern Indiana in the United States House of Representatives for more than a decade. During his time in Congress, he served in leadership roles as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee and Chairman of the House Republican Conference.
  • He is respected by many in the Republican Party as a true conservative.
All of the above is good but what proves that Pence is the right choice for VP is the reaction from the ultra-left liberal media
  • The New York Times has critical headlines related to Pence such as “Proudly out of Sync with his Times”, part of “The Political Reality Show” and the Times asks “Will Mike Pence Satisfy the Insatiable Right?”
  • The liberal British publication the Guardian stated about Pence – “he’s a colourless nothing in a suit who ostensibly lends stability to Trump’s endless parade of berserk neon theatrics.”
  • Liberal Yahoo News says “He is most well-known for a controversial religious freedom bill”.
  • The Liberal Boston Globe quotes Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta who says, “By picking Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump has doubled down on some of his most disturbing beliefs by choosing an incredibly divisive and unpopular running mate known for supporting discriminatory politics and failed economic policies that favor millionaires and corporations over working families.” (Lowering taxes and promoting jobs in Indiana must be what Podesta means by discriminatory politics because it sure isn’t failed economics.)
  • The never right Huffington Post’s headline is “Mike Pence’s Loose Grip On Reality Is Almost As Bad As Trump’s”.
With all this negative press from the left wing media, one thing be sure, Mike Pence is a good pick for Trump, the Republican Party and America!

Planned 'Day of Rage' protests fail to materialize, with some exceptions

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Police departments nationwide anticipated “Day of Rage” protests, following the announcement by an account claiming to represent the hacker group Anonymous. It called for 36 cities to participate in response to killings of civilians by police.

Despite the passion and compassion shown in recent days and weeks by people taking to the streets over killings of and by police, the hyped “Day of Rage” protests largely failed to materialize on Friday.

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Ergodan And The Coup That Failed...Or Did it?

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As it appears that the coup in Turkey has failed at that can only mean that Ergodan will become the unchallenged dictator of Turkey and its transformation into an unrestrained Islamic state will only move more quickly.  The fate of those officers and soldiers involved I have no doubt will share the fate of Hitler's SA on the night of the long knives.

The dangers Ergodan will now present are obvious. Turkey is already inside the military structures of NATO and possesses the second largest Army in NATO.  It is no particular secret that Ergodan's differences with ISIs are not religious or philosophical but purely political.  Ergodan is just as much a revanchist for the past power of the Ottoman Empire as Putin is for the lost Russian Empire. And they both blame the West for the loss.

The realities of past conflicts between the Ottoman and Russian Empires aside, Ergodan's desire for Turkey as an Islamic state is to restore it as the seat of the Califate and both ISIS and Basher Assad stand in the way of that goal.

Turkey Coup Reprisals

 Soliders involved in the coup attempt surrender on Bosphorus bridge. Picture: Gokhan Tan/Getty Images

Story Summary
  • The attempted coup has failed
  • 2,800 soldiers arrested, 104 ‘coup plotters’ killed
  • 2,745 judges across the country dismissed
  • Eight Turkish soldiers involved in coup seeking asylum in Greece
  • Travel advice for Australians
TURKEY’S coup has been squashed and government reprisal promises to be merciless.
At least 2,800 military officers have been detained throughout Turkey, the state-run news agency Anadolu reports.

The latest death toll stands at 265, including 161 civilians and police. The rest are “coup plotters”, officials say.

A further 1154 were reported wounded in the bloody uprising.

According to one military official, more than 100 “coup plotters” have been killed.

“The coup attempt has been foiled,” acting army chief General Umit Dundar said.

Dundar said the coup attempt “was rejected by chain of command immediately” and 104 men responsible have since been killed.

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Overreach And The Invasion Of The Moral Conscience.

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In my previous post I asked at what point is the public going to demand that government take action against Islamic violence. Perhaps now we need to speculate as to what may have changed within the Public's conscience that will trigger these demands.

No one is questioning the moral revulsion that we all feel when events like just happened in Nice occur. Sad as such a state of affairs is, it's sadder still that we have developed almost a sense of numbness to these events. Just so long as they occurred every 6 or 8 months we could express our horror at the event but then within a few days or weeks the numbness sets in and we go back to our daily routines and the memories of these events fade from the forefont  our everyday lives.

Yes we do think that there but for the grace of God go I, but then the funerals are over the perpetrators are caught or killed, we breath a sigh of relief and push the thought that another such event can and will occur out of our minds.

We become almost thankful that we get that needed breathing space. The scenes of the horror in France, in Florida, in Germany and elsewhere are so awful, so stressful, so emotionally draining that we come to crave the opportunity to reset ourselves and resume some sort of normality it our daily lives.

But now that appears to have changed.