Saturday, July 16, 2016

WWII The Story of “Bad Angel”: American Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for Shooting Down an Unarmed American Transport Plane

Via Adam

P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel" in Hanger #4 at the Pima Air and Space Museum.
 Kill marks on "Bad Angel".

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving 2013, Ms. Karen, my 94-year-old father, Bill Gressinger, and I were visiting Pima Air and Space Museum.

We were in Hanger #4 to view the beautifully restored B-29, when I happened to take notice of a P-51 Mustang near the big bomber. It’s name … “Bad Angel”.

P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel" in Hanger #4 at Pima Air and Space Museum.

I was admiring its aerodynamic lines and recalled enough history to know that until the Mustangs came into service, the skies over the Pacific Ocean were dominated by Japanese Zeros.

Then something very strange caught my eye. Proudly displayed on the fuselage of “Bad Angel” were the markings of the pilot’s kills: seven Nazis; one Italian; one Japanese … AND ONE AMERICAN. Huh? “Bad Angel” shot down an American airplane?


  1. Wow, very interesting story, thanks for posting..

    1. Thank you and I had never heard it before. In Obama's"military' he would have been Court martialed