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Exposed | Biden Center Recieved More than 50Mil From China After Campaign Announcement


Fox News has reported another article to add to the pile of Joe Biden’s shady dealings with foreign superpowers for personal gain.

We know about Hunter Biden leveraging his father’s name for special treatment in China and the Ukraine.

Americans remember Biden using Air Force 2 as his personal Brinks Truck, bringing Hunter along to close personal deals on taxpayer fuel and resources.

What many may not know about is the Biden Center that operates out of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

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Is This The William Wallace of Our Day?

American General Ted Walker Resigned Over Handing Out Conservative Material to US Troops in 1961 – General Milley Should Resign for Pushing the Critical Race Theory on American Troops In 2021

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 Gen Edwin “Ted” Walker was fired in 1961 for handing out John Birch Society material to his troops in Germany.  Today’s wholesale across-the-board woke indoctrination of the military is 100,000 times worse than what Walker did and he got canned. 

According to the FDA, the Hatch Act relates to the following:

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Preview: The Fourth Branch of Government

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After many years of granular research about the intelligence apparatus inside our government, in the summer of 2020 I visited Washington DC to ask specific questions.

The goal was to go where the influence agents within government actually operate and discover the people deep inside the institutions that no-one pays any attention to.

It was during this process when I discovered how information is purposefully put into silos, essentially a formal process to block the flow of information between agencies. While frustrating to discover the silos were important to understand, because comprehension of communication networks leads to our ability to reconcile conflict between what we perceive and what is actually taking place.

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Pig Day for the 4th!

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NPR Celebrates Independence Day by Portraying Declaration of Independence as Racist & Black People Still Aren’t Free’

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The headquarters for National Public Radio, or NPR, are seen in Washington, DC, September 17, 2013. The USD 201 million building, which opened in 2013, serves as the headquarters of the media organization that creates and distributes news, information and music programming to 975 independent radio stations throughout the US, …

Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) reluctantly repeated its tradition of staff reading the Declaration of Independence, this year framing its report to point out the “flaws” and racist elements of one of the most cherished U.S. documents.

The left-wing media outlet said it started the tradition as “a way of marking Independence Day”:

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Black People Still Aren’t Free’

Those Immune to Conscience


The sight of politicians, especially Republican politicians, bemoaning the state of affairs is more than a sane person can take, if that description still fits. The U.S. is in a full-blown Constitutional crisis, caused by the lack of integrity of the Republicans as the opposition party. The Democrats are communist and have been for a while, but only lately have we discovered why Republicans have for the longest time lacked spine. It’s not weakness, it’s corruption so deep that they can’t even do what is in their political best interest, much less the people’s.  

The election fraud is so pervasive that it doesn’t speak to the level of fraud in our elections, it speaks to the level of corruption throughout the government. The DOJ refusing to look at the fraud in any state, but threatening to intervene where fraud is being discovered is only part of the story.

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More Evidence Reveals DC Police Attacked Trump Protesters on Jan. 6, Hurled Flash Bombs at Crowd, and Now Dirtbag Chris Wray, Democrats, Media and DC Police Refuse to Release the Evidence

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Democrats and the Deep State will never release this video that exonerates the imprisoned Trump supporters. And they continue to lie to the American people about the fake “insurrection” that appears more and more likely to be a government setup.

On Jan. 6 Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters with US and MAGA flags.

From the video you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers.
There were children, veterans and seniors in the crowd.

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Lawsuit: Illinois School District Forced Students on ‘Privilege Walks,’ Compared ‘Whiteness’ to the Devil

Lawsuit: Illinois School District Forced Students on ‘Privilege Walks,’ Compared ‘Whiteness’ to the Devil

A lawsuit filed against an Illinois school district Tuesday alleges that the district violated anti-discrimination laws while teaching “anti-racist” course work.

Stacy Deemar, a middle school drama teacher, sued the school district over its curriculum allegedly forcing students to participate in “privilege walks” separated by race, comparing “whiteness” to the devil, and other lessons that pit “different racial groups against each other,” according to the suit.

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Canaanland Moors Rise of the Moors

Get Your Kicks on Route 66: Stunningly detailed images of 1950s America chronicle the daily life at barbershops, drugstore and diners along the historic highway

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Charles Custer and his wife Irene ventured on a road trip across America on Route 66 for their honeymoon in 1950. The newlyweds set out to make some extra cash for their future as roving photographers. They traveled through small-town America and stopped to photograph the many mom-and-pop shops, like the drugstore above, along the way - selling prints to their subjects. The Custers likely took some of the images in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, according to the Chicago Sun-Times

A trove of retro images taken by Charles Custer, a Chicago-based lawyer were discovered after his death at the age of 91 in January; they depict small-town America across the historic US Route 66

The photos depict daily American life during the early 1950s at barbershops, drugstores and diners

Charles and Irene Custer road tripped across the old Route 66 in the early years of their marriage, making extra cash by selling prints to their subjects before traveling to the next town
70 years later, the film was discovered in an old Kodak box by Custer's son and friends, who digitally restored the images. OK More Photography preserved 150 pictures out of thousands of negatives

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Are You a Bigot? Take The Test!

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I guess I'm a bigot..... 🙄

I get called a racist, a bigot, a white supremacist on a daily basis. Usually for backing up women’s rights and equality for all.

What if the Marxist-Amerikans are right and I AM that horrible person? How would I know?

I decided to look at all of my beliefs that have gotten me branded a bigot and create a test. There is no hope for my hateful heart. I can’t be helped at this point. Perhaps you can take the test and save your yet-to-be-woke soul.

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