Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tip Of The Spear

"These tactics are not about security… they’re about submission, obedience, and cultivating the slave mentality– that people should be afraid of their government and happily yield to authority without question or hesitation."

Rio Violence: Slideshow

A bullet hole in the window of a small police station in the Del Castilho neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Police officers ride on a vehicle after a police operation at the Vila Cruzeiro slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The police force has been bolstered to try and wrest back control of several of the city's slum areas.

Food Court Flash Mob: Hallelujah Chorus

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Willie Nelson Charged With Pot Possession In Texas

Country legend Willie Nelson

Now, who would have thunk'?!

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Ghetto Thugs And White Trash Thugs

The following is my summary of my first & last Iron Bowl. I will be covering the idiots of both schools' teams & fan base. If my observations offend you then perhaps you too are one of those who need mental help & don`t even realize it. Actually, at this point God is probably the only one who can help you.

First the game itself, while Alabama was running up the score in the first half it was embarrassing to see our black players skipping around on the field & sidelines like giddy school girls on a playground, Auburn's did the same thing in the second half.

Next is the practice of players waving their arms in the air trying to tell the fans to get into the game. You know players, if you want fans into the game, then do something on the field that will get them into the game instead of skipping around & shucking & jiving.

The game is your business & you should stick to business & play it instead of taking the time in the middle of it to celebrate every small move you make. After the game is for celebrating. Both schools have players that are ghetto thugs with no evidence of even a minimal amount of a proper upbringing. This too has rubbed off on far too many fans.

Now for the worst part, the fans. After the game as I was trying to leave two college girls ran from behind & all the way around me waving their shakers in my face. I looked at them & told them to show some class. I got this dazed & confused look from them like, " what is that? " Then they shuffled away.

Outside the stadium some 70 or 80 year old paw-paw was being confronted by a late 20 or early 30 something white trash thug pointing his finger in the old man's face shaking his finger & screaming we're number 1, we're number 1! My son stepped between him & the old man & said, " well then act like it, Oops you can`t, you`ve never been there." At which point this over-grown white kid stopped tormenting the old man & walked away.

Next was a young " woman " dressed in Auburn attire screaming at her boyfriend & calling him a MF`er at the top of her lungs in front of several hundred people. Then there was what I took to be an Alabama frat boy screaming junk into outer space & to no one in particular about his teams loss of the game. From the hate in his eyes you would have thought the German army had just invaded Poland & had raped & killed his mother & sisters.

I love the pageantry that surrounds college football, however there are fewer & fewer signs of people even trying to act like decent Christian folks anymore. Without this, the game we call football from high school to college is doomed to eventual failure like the NBA & NFL. Unless of course we all convert & lower ourselves into this thuggish cesspool in the name of " supporting our team. "

Call me old fashioned & make excuses for other fans white trash actions & speech in a public places but, it's still disgraceful, not needed & uncalled for.

After, this experience I`m doing some deep & serious soul searching as to whether or not I will ever again support this ungodly venture we call sports.


"Physically Speaking, We Cannot Separate......"

Cant' separate, huh?

Somali-American Plotted To Bomb Tree-Lighting Event

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would blow up a van laden with explosives but instead brought federal agents and Portland police swooping in to take him into custody.
Mohamud yelled “Allahu Akhbar” and tried to kick agents and police as the arrest came, according to prosecutors.

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P-51 Mustang

Gray Eagles Film by Chris Woods

Uploaded By: AirShowBuzz 09/02/2009

Filmmaker and P-51 Mustang Pilot Chris Woods has put together a wonderful film that captures the emotional reunion between a humble WWII Mustang ace (Virginian Jim Brooks) and the historic plane he thought he'd never see again.

Inspired by the flood of memories triggered by this unimaginable encounter with a long lost friend, the 88-year old pilot finally breaks his silence, sharing his stories and experiences of war with the grandchildren who never thought they'd hear them.

Wood's interviews with Brooks, his grandchildren, and other airmen who were touched by the Mustang's role in history are cut together to create a compelling narrative that is framed in stunning high-definition photography.

ASB.TV loves beautifully done aviation storytelling films. Fellow Mustang pilot and director Chris Woods has put together one of the very best!

And he flies it at the end! It'll get you.


Bridge Stampede Leaves 349 Dead

CORRECTS PHOTOGRAPHER'S ID - In this photo released ...

I've been across this bridge a few times. There are some duplicate slides and the most telling ones are quite a ways in.