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Nathaniel Macon and North Carolina Independence


Although I have been in exile many years, I am a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred, and when I die I will be a Tar Heel dead.

Nathaniel Macon is a perfect subject for a Tar Heel. He is not well-known today, but he is the best possible example of the true spirit of North Carolina. And comparing Macon with the politicians of today gives us a benchmark as to how dreadfully far America has degenerated from the principles on which it was founded.

In his time Macon was widely admired by Americans as the perfect model of a republican statesman. By republican I mean republican with a small “r.” I definitely do NOT mean the Republican Party, which, from its very beginning, when it stole the name from better people, right up to this minute, has stood for the exact opposite of what Nathaniel Macon meant by republican government.

When North Carolina had occasion in the early 20th century to pick two figures to represent us in the Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol, we chose Zeb Vance and Charles Aycock. At the time it was natural to honour Vance who had seen us through the horrible war of conquest waged against us, and Aycock, who removed the last vestiges of Reconstruction. That’s understandable, although it overlooked Macon, who might easily qualify as the greatest Tar Heel of all.

Trump should order all materials related to Mueller investigations be declassifiedand allow the American people to decide

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Mueller has a partisan pack of wolves and an illegitimate investigation

It seems every day we're finding out more about the partisan and conflicted nature of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team. Some of the conflicts have been known for months. But others, such as the actions of some FBI investigators on the independent counsel’s team, are just coming to light and further call into question the objectivity and non-partisanship, and therefore the legitimacy of the investigation.

The texts between Peter Strzok and his alleged mistress, Lisa Page, from which we’ve learned their general loathing of President Trump, are perhaps the most troubling. The questions now being raised as to what they meant by an “insurance plan” should Trump be elected require a deeper dive than the recent excuse that it was simply code to hide the affair.

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Was the FBI weaponized to take down the Trump presidency?

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It appears the Obama Administration weaponized the Federal Bureau of Investigation just like they weaponized the Internal Revenue Service.

The Obama administration used government agencies to wage a covert war on their political enemies. This is an all-out war.

We have a growing of mountain of evidence to suggest the FBI was attempting to overthrow a duly elected president. We have evidence to suggest the FBI was protecting Hillary Clinton so she might be elected president.

There is no smoking gun just yet – but the evidence is staggering – it is simply staggering.

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Porcher: Rooting Against Trump Like Boarding a Plane and Hoping It Crashes

Mobilizing the Hate of the People

The Lincoln administration utilized both censorship and propaganda in its effort to conceal the immense carnage and early defeats from the Northern public, as well as portray the South as murderers of noble Union soldiers who were defending the Founders’ republic. After Lincoln’s reelection in 1864, the campaign of hatred toward the South intensified to ensure that the South would remain a subject colony and economic wasteland — plus a source of freedmen votes to ensure Republican political hegemony.  That mobilization of hate toward the South continues unabated to this day.

It is true that Northern men hated the draft and did not flock to the colors; generous bounties were required to attract recruits and most often these were foreigners. Many posed the question the North was reluctant to ask: “If the cause of the Union was such a noble one, why was there so much violent opposition to the idea of fighting for it.” It was British propaganda that helped bring America into the First World War, despite a president being elected on a pledge of no American boys dying on European battlefields.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Mobilizing the Hate of the People

“There was no richer field for propaganda than the United States of America in the first years of the war. Atrocities, Germany’s sole responsibility, the criminal Kaiser, and all the other fabrications started in Great Britain, were worked up by American liars with great effect.

The Belgian baby with no hands was a special favorite. There was hardly a household in which it was not discussed all over that vast continent, and even so ridiculous a scare as the concrete platforms for German guns was current in California. Villages were burned [by the Germans], women carried off, and various cruelties perpetrated.

After America entered into the war a number of “actual war picture” films (prepared at Hollywood) were released. An immense army of speakers and pamphleteers were employed by the Committee on Public Information, and the country was flooded with literature describing the inequities of the Hun.

An interesting volume on the technique of propaganda was recently published by [political scientist and communications theorist] Professor [Howard D.] Lasswell, of Chicago, from which the following passage may be quoted:

“So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about whom the public is to hate. The war must . . . be due . . . to the rapacity of the enemy. Guilt and guilelessness must be assessed geographically, and all the guilt must be on the other side of the frontier. If the propagandist is to mobilize the hate of the people, he must see to it that everything is circulated which establishes the sole responsibility of the enemy.”

(Falsehood in Wartime, Propaganda Lies of the First World War, Arthur Ponsonby, E.P. Dutton, 1929, excerpts pp. 180-182)

The True Variable of the Islamic Immigration Invasion

Guest post by NITZAKHON

First, thanks to Brock for giving me a venue to put this out.

Let me introduce myself.  I am a Jew, a Conservative (religiously) Jew.  I am also a political capital-C conservative who stands for the Star-Spangled Banner with my hand on my heart, reveres the Constitution, wanted to name my son after George Washington (the wife prevailed, however – happy wife, happy life), and thanks every veteran I see for their service (and am teaching my kids to do the same).  I look back on my life and, with 20/20 hindsight, regret not reciprocating the Navy’s interest in my background.  Just so you understand where I stand, religiously and politically.

Over a year ago now I was watching a video about the ongoing and relentless tide of Islamic invaders flooding into Europe in particular, and by extension (albeit unspoken) into America too.  And up pops a woman, Barbara Spectre, who announces that the flood of Islamic immigration into Europe is a necessary and good thing, and that Jews need to be at the front of this, leading and facilitating this intentional demographic and cultural change.

I. Blew. Up.

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Doug Casey on What Happens After the Next 9/11

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Doug Casey on What Happens After the Next 9/11
Is a police state in the US possible? Absolutely.

That’s because people are essentially the same the world over, regardless of their culture, religion, race, or what-have-you. A certain percentage of them are sociopaths.

There is a standard distribution of sociopaths across time and space. It’s a function of Pareto’s Law, better known as the 80-20 rule. 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Another 20% are responsible for 80% of the crime. 20% of the population always winds up with 80% of the wealth. And so forth, through all areas of human endeavor. This observation can be represented by a bell-shaped curve—a “standard distribution”—with a small minority at each extreme, but the large majority in the middle.

The people who will take us to a police state are sociopaths—criminal personalities who don’t respect the liberty or property of others. And sociopaths gravitate towards government, and eventually come to control it.

YouTube threatens to shut down Health Ranger channel over this podcast that discusses the FBI’s routine obstruction of justice and forensic science fraud

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Seven weeks after the posting of a podcast that examines the FBI’s corruption and cover-up regarding the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, YouTube has threatened to censor the Health Ranger channel for obvious political purposes. It’s part of the worsening pattern of censorship of political speech by YouTube, which is owned and operated by Google, the police state surveillance giant of the ‘net. (Last year, Google de-listed the entire domain for six days for a completely fabricated technical reason, by the way.)

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Hillary: GOP Agenda Fanning the Flames of ‘White Supremacy and Misogyny and Homophobia’

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She sounds worst every day.

Friday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said the Republican agenda was fanning the flames of “white supremacy and misogyny and homophobia.”

When asked if Trump will last four years, Clinton said, “I can’t predict it, but I believe that it really does come down both to the investigation that’s going on and to whether Republicans will decide that they have to put our country before their party. And I hope that enough of them will decide to do that.”

She continued, “It’s disturbing, and it’s obviously upsetting to me because I see things happening around the world that are bad for our country that are dangerous that really pose a threat. And then I see all this happening inside our country when they push through this tax plan — it’s going to hurt so many people. Look, it’s going to help a lot of really rich people—who they care about, that’s who their donors are—but it’s going to hurt, I mean can you imagine taking away the deduction for a teacher who buys supplies for their classrooms—I mean who thinks like that? And so there is a lot that is going to end up hurting people And then obviously flaming [sic] the flames of white supremacy and misogyny and homophobia and everything else that is unfortunately at work.”

She added, “So I think there will be an—the investigation will go on, and that will lead where it leads. But at some point, Republicans who control the Congress have to say, ‘You know, we don’t want this to go on, we have to investigate.’ Or we have to win back the House and Senate next November, which is something I hope we do, and then we can get back to doing the people’s business.”

DACA Amnesty Chain Migration Would Exceed Four Years of U.S. Births

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The Democrats’ draft Dream Act amnesty would likely add as many chain-migration foreigners to the United States population as are added by the total number of Americans who are born in four years’ time.

As House and Senate Republicans, Democrats, the big business lobby, the cheap labor industry, and the open borders lobby have teamed up to push an amnesty for potentially millions of illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible for the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the impact the move would have on Americans would be likely unprecedented.

Under the current legal immigration system, immigrants who are given a pathway to U.S. citizenship are eventually allowed to bring extended family members, children, their parents, siblings, and extended family members to the country. This process, which makes up more than 70 percent of the current legal immigration, is what’s known as “chain migration.”

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