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Malzberg | Anti-Trump "Caesar" Protester: They Have Scalise's Blood on Their Hands

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Let’s Consider Secession

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This past week has made me realize the situation in this country is unlikely to get better. We have 320 million people who hate each other and the left shows no signs of toning down rhetoric after last week’s mass assassination attempt. If anything, too many of them regret there were no deaths.

At the same time, the left would have us believe that there is more violence on the right where history itself shows that is not true. From Nazism to Communism to progressivism itself, there has been more butchery from leftwing ideologies throughout human history than from the right — and yes despite popular historic revisionism, Nazism is from the left and had an American progressive fan club that included Margaret Sanger, patron saint of killing kids. On college campuses, conservatives are chased away by mobs and the left excuses it. After all, they say, the right deserved it. Steve Scalise deserved it. The Christian bigot needs to bake the cake, but the performer who does not want to perform for President Trump is a saint.

There is only a one way street and the crowd that demands tolerance only wants tolerance for themselves. All others must be silenced.

Recalculations of illegal votes by noncitizens puts number closer to Trump’s

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As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House, according to research organization Just Facts, (Associated Press/File)

A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates.

As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House.

The research organization Just Facts, a widely cited, independent think tank led by self-described conservatives and libertarians, revealed its number-crunching in a report on national immigration.

Just Facts President James D. Agresti and his team looked at data from an extensive Harvard/YouGov study that every two years questions a sample size of tens of thousands of voters. Some acknowledge they are noncitizens and are thus ineligible to vote.

Gingrich On Russian Investigation: ‘The Fix Is In’

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Former U.S. Rep. Newt Gingrich, with his wife Callista, addresses the press following meeting at Trump Tower (Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

Former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich is deeply concerned about Robert Mueller’s ability to lead a non-partisan, unbiased investigation, he said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation

“The fix is in,” Gingrich told TheDCNF. “This is the establishment counter-attacking legally when they lost politically.”

Gingrich is specifically concerned about the fact that Mueller’s ex-law firm, WilmerHale, gave $326,798 to Hillary Clinton in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, compared to the $628 that the firm donated to Trump.

HK Edgerton on AM Tampa bay 6 19 2017

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Unity Mitford, English Debutante

Unity Mitford (left), pictured with her sister Diana Mitford and members of the Nazi Party

News to me. 

Unity Mitford's scandalous liaisons are unveiled in a new biography

Aristocratic family tried to paint relationship with Hitler as youthful fancy

Author claims to have credible sources saying her antics were not naive

At 18 years old she is said to have met Oswald Mosley, who was married, at a party in 1932 when he was having an affair with her married sister, Diana

Letters reveal she boasted about her anti-semitism as a young woman

She met with Hitler once a fortnight between 1935 and September 1939

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Poland Refuses To Accept Any Refugees Without Clear Vetting Process

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 Shutterstock/ WARSAW, POLAND - FEBRUARY 06, 2016: Islam, sharia, terror, unidentified people during demonstration against refugees in Warsaw, Poland. Shutterstock/  Tomasz Bidermann

Poland is refusing to comply with the European Union’s (EU) pressure to accept refugees without a proper vetting process, Radio Poland reported Sunday.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were under obligations from the EU to relocate migrants from Italy and Greece in 2015. However, since the initial agreements, these Eastern European countries have not taken action to resettle the influx of refugees from Italy and Greece, citing security as their main concern.

The European Commission sued Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic Wednesday for not complying with EU refugee policy.

“Until we have a mechanism to verify people who can settle in Poland, we will not accept them,” said Deputy Defense Minister MichaƂ Dworczyk. “In some cases, we are unable to verify who these people are and what their intentions are. And if there is a shadow of a doubt, it is the duty of every state, including Poland, to ensure the safety of its citizens.”

Former NH Governor: Mueller Hiring Biased Democrat Lawyers Because He Knows There’s Nothing to Investigate

Why Does the Left Really Despise the Confederacy?


The South and its history are currently under assault, the most aggressive and far-reaching that we have ever seen, at least up to this point.  The monuments are gone in New Orleans and seem to be headed for extinction in Virginia and Maryland too.  And of course the flag is always under attack and that campaign is growing by the day.

The big question is why this is happening. Why are Leftist Democrats taking aim at the South? Why the Soviet-style erasing of history?

There are certainly explanations.  A recent one – “Why the Democrats Want You To Forget the Confederacy” – came from Joseph Farah at World Net Daily:

Will the 'safe space' generation be unable to defeat terror?

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June 23 @ 11:00 am - June 26 @ 7:00 pm: Suburban Propane to Support ABC13 Saving Lives Blood Drive in Hampton Roads Region

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In effort to spur blood and platelet donations, the Suburban Propane-supported event will offer the community an opportunity to volunteer for a worthy cause 

As part of the American Red Cross’ summer blood and platelet donation efforts, Suburban Propane, a proud national sponsor of the Red Cross Blood Services, will be supporting the ABC13 Saving Lives Blood Drives in Hampton Roads. This is just one of many blood drives as part of a summer long partnership for communities to get involved and build awareness about the constant need for blood and platelet donations.

And, courtesy of Suburban Propane, all those who come to donate will also receive a $10 Visa gift card.

More @ HR Scene

GOP considers canceling August recess to salvage agenda

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Alarmed by the stalemate on healthcare reform, lack of progress on tax reform and appropriations bills that are far behind schedule, Republican lawmakers across Congress are increasingly willing to consider canceling the month-long August recess.

Senate Republican negotiators reported that they are not close to a deal on healthcare reform and that scheduling a vote by July 4, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has pushed, is likely unrealistic.

That impasse has held up work on a budget resolution, which is necessary to move tax reform and the annual appropriations bills.

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Marco Rubio Delivers Perfect Response When Asked About Working With Trump After 2016 Primary

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Marco Rubio Delivers Perfect Response When Asked About Working With Trump After 2016 Primary

 One minute video @ Young Conservatives