Friday, April 10, 2015

Ronnie Hawkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Jeff Healey live on stage Toronto 1995

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                      Hey, Bo Diddley, used to listen to this while shooting pool. 
              James Brown gives the introduction.  What more could you ask for? :)

Virginia Flaggers Update: Charlottesville Braces for a Confederate Flag/Smoke & Mirrors Continues at W&L

"News" report on proposed Memorial Battle Flag in Charlottesville

"City Councilor Kristin Szakos, who has suggested it might be time to get rid of statues of Lee and Jackson in downtown parks, said she finds it "petty" that the Flaggers want to put up a flagpole here "because they're not from Charlottesville. Why they care, I don't know."

Because WE (the Va Flaggers) are not "from Charlottesville"????...says the woman who is FROM....Long Island, NEW YORK.

What Obama Is: A Non-State, Non-Uniformed Enemy Belligerent


Not to sound like a broken record (or skipping CD for you younglings), but I think one of the reasons I am struggling to summon the drive to comment on current events is the fact that nearly everything I read is built upon a false premise.  And when you have to not just rebut conclusions, but the very premises those conclusions are built upon; when every single conversation, argument or exchange requires total remediation of the base premise, and no matter how many times you do this, no progress ever seems to be made… it gets tiring.

So with regards to Iran, the question is why is the Obama regime giving them nukes, actually advocating FOR the Ayatollahs?  No one can make any sense out of these events, when the answer is obvious, and has been obvious all along for that tiny group of us who have manfully engaged the historical dataset and dealt with it like adults.

Barack Obama and his handlers are not loyal Americans.

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The Long Retreat in the Culture War

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The Long Retreat in the Culture War

The Republican rout in the Battle of Indianapolis provides us with a snapshot of the correlation of forces in the culture wars.

Faced with a corporate-secularist firestorm, Gov. Mike Pence said Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act would not protect Christian bakers or florists who refuse their services to same-sex weddings. And the white flag went up again.

Politics follows culture. And the cultural revolution of the ’60s is triumphant. Traditional Christianity, driven out of schools and the public square, is being whipped back into the churches and told to stay there.

America has gone over to the revolution.

Looking back, the sweep of the capitulation becomes stark.

Is this the real reason Obama returned that Churchill bust?

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There’s one specific artifact — and one particular person — in the White House that seems to have caused some discomfort in the Obama administration. You might recall the bust of Winston Churchill, which was given on loan from the British government to the White House after the September 11th attacks back in 2001, where it remained for the rest of George W. Bush’s tenure as president, according to Eagle Rising. The British offered to extend the loan of Churchill’s bust for Barack Obama’s presidency, as well. But Obama refused. So the sculpture was returned to the custody of the United Kingdom and now finds its home at the British Ambassador’s Residence.

There is one more bust of Churchill that remains in the White House – this one is displayed outside The Treaty Room, but there’s little chance Obama will be hanging out there, considering he has little interest in actually discussing treaties with Congress.
Nonetheless, it is perhaps this quote from Winston Churchill that makes him less than welcome in the White House:

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Family of Walter Scott Tell Al $harpton to Get Lost, Keep His ‘Ferguson Circus’ Away

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The family of South Carolinian Walter Scott, the man shot five times by a North Charleston cop. has told Sharpton to get lost.

According to Daily Mail:

Walter Scott’s family just don’t want Sharpton’s “circus” to descend upon them in their time of grief.
Walter Scott’s family have asked Al Sharpton not to attend the funeral, it is claimed.

Victory as WV School Board allows students to debate global warming

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The West Virginia Board of Education voted yesterday to put an end to months of controversy and open up teaching standards to permit students to consider both sides in the climate debate.

The Board voted 6-2 in favor of amending the standards to, as the Charleston Daily Mail reports, “allow students to use scientific models to form their own conclusions on the debated topic.”

“Supporters of the changes, including board members Wade Linger and Tom Campbell, argued that ‘science is never settled’ and that debate will lead students into a deeper understanding of the issue,” the paper added.

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Kerry Says He Hopes to Allah Iran Nuke Deal Passes…

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Kerry Wall Blood

Once a traitor, always a traitor.


Looks like there might be one more closet Muslim in the White House.
How do we know?

When asked about the talks with Iran, John Kerry replied by saying, “Inshallah”

Here’s what the Examiner had to say about John Kerry’s use of the Islamic saying:

Desperation for Americans in Yemen as US refuses to mount rescue

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Heroes of the Vietnam Orphan Lift: High-Flying Ed Daly and His World Airlines

Perfect example of the difference in the military in 1975 and today.


A Michigan family with two toddlers and an infant was stranded in Yemen after being forced from its home by rebel gunmen. A California woman tried to flee through an arrangement with the embassy of Djibouti but failed. A mother of four from New York also tried that route, at the State Department’s suggestion, only to hear the same reply: There would be no help.

These accounts are among dozens presented in a lawsuit filed Thursday by Arab and Muslim civil rights groups seeking to force the Obama administration into taking action to bring home U.S. citizens who are stuck in Yemen’s worsening conflict.

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The Appalachian Messenger – April 10, 2015

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He Walked All The Way Home - Appomattox

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Lee's Surrender, By My Great Grandfather

My Great, Grandfather Private John Pelopidus Leach wrote:

"Needham and Jack, faithful and devoted servants of my Brother Geo. T. Leach who then commanded my company, and Capt. Richardson who was captured at Fort Stedman, informed of the surrender, came to the front in search of my Brother and myself. They awoke me and gave me the first information I had of Lee's army, which I did not believe, until returning with them past the courthouse to the bivouac of the remnant of my company I saw the open field about the village full of straggling men, moving in aimless fashion, artillery, ambulances and wagons gathering in parks, many men crying, some cursing and all in pitiful distress."

"My command stacked arms in front of the victorious federals on the 10th of April, with one lieutenant, nine white men--all with guns-- and two Negro servants, Needham Leach of Chatham and Jack Richardson of Johnston County." (The Lieutenant was my great Uncle, George Thomas Leach)

"I with Needham, a Negro servant, as my only companion turned south to my home, Pittsboro, NC, passed through Chapel Hill and the Federal brigade of Gen. Atkins stationed there.

At Byrnums Mill on the Haw River, Needham and I were rowed across the stream in a bateau carrying the family servant of Maj. London, Sr. returning home with a bag of corn meal which he carried on the back of a mule."

Illegal Aliens:"This also looks like it could become a voter registration racket.”Report: 39,000 immigrant kids coming to U.S.

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 Immigrant Youth Coalition protest (Facebook)

“We’ve always known this was about recruiting Democrat voters and fundamentally transforming America. Now they’re not even hiding it anymore,” the aide added. “USCIS doesn’t have the resources to conduct thorough background checks and process the applications it gets today.  Now thousands of community organizers are going to help overwhelm the system even further? This is classic Chicago politics, and it’s frightening.”

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Man arrested in Pinal County has been deported 20 times

Authorities say a man arrested after a high-speed chase in Pinal County is a native of Mexico who has been deported 20 times.

County Sheriff's officials say 26-year-old Genaro Cisneros-Delgado is being held on a $50,000 bond on suspicion of felony flight and endangerment.

They say Cisneros-Delgado took a sheriff's deputy on a 30-mile chase on Interstate 10 last Friday night and speeds reached more than 100 mph.

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 Report: 39,000 immigrant kids coming to U.S.

AF general who said protesting A-10 decision was ‘treason’ removed from post

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Maj. Gen. James N. Post III

The Air Force general who told airmen that speaking to Congress about plans to retire the A-10 Thunderbolt amounts to treason has left his command position and been reprimanded, the Air Combat Command said Friday.

The service’s inspector general found that the comments by Maj. Gen. James Post, then the ACC vice commander, had a “chilling effect” and caused airmen to feel constrained about their right to speak to lawmakers about important issues, according to the command.

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