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America’s Civil War: Pre-Dawn Assault on Fort Stedman

Near Petersburg, Virginia, in the frosty pre-dawn hours of March 25, 1865, a Union sentry in front of Fort Stedman could hear the faint rustle of dry cornstalks quite clearly. ‘I say, Johnny,’ he shouted as he brought his weapon to full cock, ‘what are you doing in that corn?’ Sharpshooters might rule the daylight hours, but at night the opposing pickets, separated by less than 500 feet, often became quite chummy.

‘All right, Yank, I am just gathering me a little corn to parch,’ came the answer.

‘All right Johnny, I won’t shoot.’

A bit later the Federal asked, ‘I say, Johnny, isn’t it almost daylight? I think it is time they were relieving us.’

‘Keep cool, Yank; you’ll be relieved in a few minutes.’

Slavery Way Up North Buy Slavery and Freedom in Niagara Book Online at Low ...

The Simcoe Compromise bill of July 1793 did not free any slaves in then-Upper Canada, but did forbid the importation of slaves into that Province. Ironically, once Michigan was incorporated as a US territory in 1805, slaves escaping from Upper Canada were fleeing across the border – by 1806 there were sufficient free blacks in Detroit for form their own militia unit, as would be the case in New Orleans and its Louisiana Native Guards. In 1861, the latter was the first black unit to serve in the American Civil War, and for the South.

Slavery Way Up North

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C Span: Walter Williams on The Confederate Flag

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"32,000 Christians Butchered to Death": The Persecution of Christians, May 2020

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"The atrocities against Christians have gone unchecked and risen to alarming apogee with the country's security forces and concerned political actors looking the other way or colluding with the Jihadists." — The Nigerian Voice, May 14, 2020

Earlier this year, Christian Solidarity International issued a "Genocide Warning for Christians in Nigeria."

"This [using a church as a personal toilet] is only the latest incident ... [I]t has become extremely common for Greek Orthodox Churches to be vandalised and attacked by illegal immigrants on Lesvos.... As a deeply religious society, these attacks on churches are shocking to the Greek people and calls to question whether these illegal immigrants seeking a new life in Europe are willing to integrate and conform to the norms and values of their new countries." — Greek City Times, May 16, 2020.

Maidan Revolution

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If @realDonaldTrump wanted to make a real impression on these unelected bureaucrats talking about longstanding U.S. policy that actually started when he took office he would do the following:

He would direct Secretary Pompeo to begin an investigation into the activities /1
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LIMBAUGH: America’s Survival Hangs In The Balance

American flag.

How long can this nation survive when its main cultural and educational institutions preach a relentless, unchallenged stream of anti-Americanism to young people (and others) who lack the background to resist this toxicity?

Along with others, I have long argued that the American left has a major problem with America as founded. Yet Democrats are outraged by the suggestion, and too many Republicans seem insufficiently concerned about it. They better wake up.

Woman Celebrates The State Taking Her 7 Kids Away

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Trump/Biden Polls

 Biden says he would make wearing face masks mandatory for ...

With the leader of the rabid Trump-hating neocon warmongers (who are always wrong on everythingBill Kristol optimistically saying about President Trump yesterday: “You look at the polls and think he can’t win”, this report concludes, being kept by the leftist mainstream from the masses of the American people is that new voter registrations for the socialist Democrat Party “have fallen off a cliff” because of what they claim is the coronavirus—but whose truest reason for was recently stunningly revealed by a little noticed ABC News brief that warned: “strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters – at just 24% – is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/Post polls”—a massive lack of enthusiasm for Biden not shared by President Trump, whom 68% of his voters enthusiastically support—which explains why on the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for 25 June, it shows Trump being at 47%, as opposed to Obama being at 45% on this same date just prior to his 2012 reelection victory—an important poll to note because Rasmussen was one of the most accurate polls in the 2016 election—but whose most accurate to the point prediction about the 2016 election was a collaboration poll between Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence —an IBD/TIPP poll conducted and paid for by the world’s top financial analysts, none of whom will accept even the slightest whiff of propaganda in the polls they pay millions-of-dollars for—is why the IBD/TIPP Poll was America’s most accurate national poll in the 200420082012 and 2016 presidential elections, making it the most accurate in each of the last four election cycles—and who this past week posted on their public news page an article titled “TRUMP WILL WIN BIG BECAUSE CIVILIZATION IS AT STAKE”.

So cheer up, I know a lot of people are feeling and even saying that Trump’s chances aren’t looking so good lately. Even the Wifely Unit was saying it yesterday.