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Intel Agencies Warned US Embassy in Egypt of Possible Violence

U.S. intelligence cable warned the American Embassy in Cairo of possible violence in response to Arabic-language broadcasts of clips from an anti-Muslim film, U.S. government sources said on Monday.

The cable, dispatched from Washington on Sept. 10, the day before protests erupted, advised the embassy the broadcasts could provoke violence. It did not direct specific measures to upgrade security, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

However, under standard diplomatic procedures, Egyptian government officials and security forces were notified of U.S. concerns, since host governments are responsible for ensuring the security of foreign diplomatic missions on their soil, the sources said.

Copies of the cable were not sent to other U.S. outposts in the region, including the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where violence took the life of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. The ties between the Benghazi violence and the crude anti-Muslim film are still unclear.

The sources said the cable, which is still classified, was sparked by the broadcast on Saturday, Sept. 8 by al-Nas, an Egyptian satellite TV network, of what its presenters described as extracts from an English-language film denigrating the Prophet Mohammad.

That broadcast said the clips from the American film had been uploaded on the YouTube website by "migrant Coptics," a reference to exiled members of a Christian sect with a large minority presence among Egypt's Muslim majority.

The film, called "Innocence of Muslims," portrayed Mohammed as a womanizer, thug and child molester.

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Two goodies from Ol' Remus

Is a slave free to determine the course of his own life? Or do others set down terms and conditions which he must obey? Is he free to do business with whomever he chooses to do business? Or is he told exactly with whom he must do business – and under what conditions? May he travel freely? Or is he required to travel with permission – and only under certain conditions?

--Eric Peters in this article, A Few Questions to Ask, at Eric Peters Autos.

The greater Balkanization of Europe would be accomplished rather neatly by using this intermediate step of the European Union to first break down specific national laws and barriers, and then deliberately bankrupting that structure quickly enough so that individual nations would have a difficult time reconstructing the former economy and law enforcement capability.
--George Ure at

4 dead: “Did I make it to the liquor store?”

Gary Lee Hosey Jr.

Metro Police investigate after a car crashed into a bus stop on Spring Mountain Road east of Decatur Boulevard, killing four people, on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012.

The graveyard shift bartender at the Crown & Anchor heard a mighty crash and ran outside to find scattered body parts, a demolished vehicle and four dead people.

The bus stop outside on Spring Mountain Road east of Decatur Boulevard was demolished by a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The scene was horrific.

Not everyone was dead, though. And as rescue crews worked to free the driver from the wrecked car, he asked loud enough to be heard by the bartender:

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Ol' Remus reveals his true face

"They're self-proclaimed sovereignties no less than the Confederacy was, so if things turned ugly there's always General Sherman's playbook."






Think it through again. If the federal government was willing to remove the Confederacy, they should be willing to remove Sharia law enclaves. It's a simple argument for consistency.





Crowds to stay away from

Ol' Remus

The survivalist knows things could go on like they are for the rest of his life, after all, ships get scrapped with their full compliment of life boats all the time. They zigged when Murphy's Law zagged and good on them. But if you're reading this you've already fled the "everything's going to be okay" crowd. Next up will be the "everything's going to be okay in six to eight weeks" crowd. They'll matter even less then than now, come a real catastrophe there are more dangerous crowds to stay away from. Chief among them is the "Official crowd". More crowds to avoid are upcoming but this crowd is well positioned to dominate at the outset so it deserves the first look.

The improvident by choice, whose only plan is, and always has been, for someone else to take care of them, have a powerful ally you can't afford to ignore: federal and state officialdom. Not only will their agents forcibly take your stuff for 'redistribution' to them—they call it "social justice", and not only will they commit other real injustices, they'll publicize them to be seen as doing so. They've sourced the care and feeding of hostile parasites to you for so long they believe it's your lawful duty to be picked totally clean on their behalf. Self-sufficiency smells like evasion to them, and evasion is actionable. They're also trained to believe persecuting the provident expresses solidarity with the "least among us". It's a fundamental part of their career track. Avoid them, they're serious about this, federal and state agencies alike.

The states are, in practice, administrative subdivisions of the central government and states don't have to pretend to be about external threats. They're closer the the problem too, which would be you. Law enforcement at the local level, county and smaller, is more likely to be helpful simply because officers and deputies are local people. In fact, in a societal breakdown the military equipment your sheriff or police chief received from the federals may be used—how to say this?—to serve his own community rather than to serve state or federal interventions. This is one reason it's wise to elect a "less qualified" but proven local man as sheriff over an outsider with dazzling qualifications and influence in high places. Influence works because it works both ways. It's also wise to support local candidates for chief of police.

Federal and state officialdom will mismanage any emergency, lie to you and work against you. It's useless to get all indignant about it, it's just what they do. Treat them as another aspect of the calamity, the only predictable one, fortunately. Don't poke the bear in the eye. When interaction is unavoidable be civil and courteous. Comply to the extent you must. Take the instructions and list of no-nos and such they, ahem, offer. You don't have to be Stepin Fetchit, just the grateful ingenuous. The Moscow Rules at left are a pretty good guide for this stuff. Give them no reason to notice or remember you, then be rid of them lest they decide decent people need protection from you in particular.

Take special note of the Department of Homeland Security. It very nearly stands apart from government proper. The 'best fit' is the Sicherheitsdienst art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif, with a touch of Red Cross for cover.The DHS repeatedly reveals itself as malevolent, incompetent, devious art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif and gratuitously violent. It's beyond libel, no surprise, the place is a honeypot for ambitious political preeners, affirmative action incompetents and time-serving misfits, in short, a settling pond for overachieving sociopaths and their sycophants. You'll have no difficulty so bad they won't make it worse and feel good doing it. You have no rights DHS is bound to respect and it has a talent for inventing new forms of terrorism to discover. Also be aware the upper reaches of DHS have a reputation for preferring aggressive sexual deviants, currently displayed most overtly in the weird bullying and outright molestation of innocents by the TSA. With the absolute power a national calamity would confer on them, and assuming continued support from a reportedly compromised White House art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif, the entire DHS is poised to become an armed pimpocracy.

Skepticism isn't enough, the rule is: no voluntary contact with the DHS. If avoidance fails, know in advance what you will and will not do to appease them, after all, adequate preparation allows for setbacks. But if all options lead to total submission, bail. Bail any way you can.

STREAMING VIDEO — Main Street USA and the Fed (On QE3)

Jeffrey M. Herbener

Jeffrey M. Herbener

Dr. Jeffrey Herbener is chair of the department of economics at Grove City College and fellow for economic theory & policy with The Center for Vision & Values.

@ Visions and Values

Rotary magazine.

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Good man: Tony Katz: Tea Party Groups Should NOT Unite

What light and darkness meant for us

survival lights

I remember when all was over, and electricity came back in street. We managed to repair some installations and wires inside house and lights go on.

We were quiet for couple of minutes staring at the light bulbs like some tribe from Amazon that sees light bulbs for a first time. And then one of the older guys from the family breaks the silence and says: „Oh my God we lived in pig shack for a year“.

Wall paint was gone, holes were everywere, in corners there was all kind of junk, and everything had dark colour from improvised oil lamps, everything was sticky.

I guess we did not see all that because even during daytime, with covered windows you can not see too many details, not to mention that small lamps during the night do not give enough light to see everything. And also we did not care for some things I think, we did not have time.

Also we were not prepared for all that hell, when everything started most of the folks had few candles inside the house, and maybe one lamp in car or garage.

Soon we realized that we needed to „invent“ some new way of lighting. Actually not new, again old folks jumped in with solution from their past.

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The Chair

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Rupert Everett Blasts Gay Parents

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Though Rupert Everett blazed a trail for homosexual actors when he came out decades ago, he's now saying that gay men don't make good parents.

The actor best known for "Shakespeare and Love" and "My Best Friend's Wedding" told Britain's Sunday Times Magazine that his mother has met his boyfriend but "still wishes I had a wife and kids."

"She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her," he said. "I can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.

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Marine Attack Squadron loses eight Harrier jets in worst U.S. air loss in one day since the Vietnam War

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On Friday Sept. 14, at around 10.15 p.m. local time, a force of Taliban gunmen attacked Camp Bastion, in Helmand Province, the main strategic base in southwestern Afghanistan.

About 15 insurgents (19 according to some reports), wearing U.S. Army uniforms, organized into three teams, breached the perimeter fence and launched an assault on the airfield, that includes the U.S. Camp Leatherneck and the UK’s Camp Bastion, where British royal Prince Harry, an AH-64 Apache pilot (initially believed to be the main target of the attack) is stationed.

The attackers fired machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and possibly mortars against aircraft parked next to the airport’s runway. Two U.S. Marines were killed in the subsequent fighting whereas eight of 10 AV-8B+ Harrier jets of the Yuma-based Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 211 were destroyed (6) or heavily damaged (2): the worst U.S. air loss in one day since the Vietnam War.

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Liberal Intolerance of Whitey

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I posted the picture (above) t............ on Friday afternoon, writing of it, “These are the locations where Muslims are currently rioting. Peacefully, mind you, with fire and blood. Muslims are taking over the world. How’s that multicultural condescension working out for you, liberals?”

That’s all I said. An examination of these words by the savviest of students of rhetoric would unearth nothing remotely to do with race.

And yet a liberal responded to me in the usual manner by writing, “Turns out white people are still complete a**holes.”

Now, the only way this person could know I am white is by specifically seeking out the photo of my face that I have on my website. But what compelled him to look up my photo? To see if I was white. Why did he want to know if I was white? Because if I were anything other than a caucasoid, the liberal would not have felt comfortable bringing attention to my skin color the way that he did: “Turns out white people are still complete a**holes.”

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Pakistani Islamist Dies From Inhaling Fumes Of Burning American Flags At Mohammed Film Protest…

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Feel good story of the day.

LAHORE: Several Muslim parties and a Christian group held rallies on Sunday to protest against a movie released in America.

Around 10,000 people participated in the main rally organised on The Mall by the Tehreek Hurmat-i-Rasool (THR). The participants marched from Nila Gumbad to Masjid-i-Shuhada on The Mall. Despite a ban on rallies on The Mall, the road remained blocked for vehicular traffic from noon to 6pm.

The rally was addressed by Jamatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, THR head Ameer Hamza, JD leader Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, Pakistan Muslim League (Zia) head Ijazul Haq, Jamaat Ulema Islam-Sami (JUI-S) leader Asim Makhdoom and Jamaat Ahle Hadith ameer Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar Ropari.

One of the participants of the rally, Abdullah Ismail, passed away after he was taken to Mayo Hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling unwell from the smoke from US flags burnt at the rally.

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Bien Hoa Agent Orange report

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Putting on the Nostradamus Cap I & II


Putting on the Nostradamus Cap I

(I’m writing this article to share my thoughts on Matt Bracken’s excellent recent essay on what he foresees coming. While it will be obvious that I don’t agree 100%, that is not meant to disparage Mr. Bracken, in any way, shape, or form. This is just an illustration of different people seeing things through different lenses. –J.M.)

To begin, I agree 100% and then some, with Matt’s analysis that shit isn’t going to start in small, rural towns and communities, at least not on a large scale.

Putting on the Nostradamus Cap II

I got an email a couple days ago from a reader with a purported background in the intelligence community (since I don’t know him personally, I can’t verify this, but until proven otherwise, I’ll take him for his word). His email was centered on my statements on the criticality of perception in the psychological aspect of UW. He made some very valid points regarding the misconceptions of many in the Liberty/Preparedness movement.

As he pointed out, while many in the Liberty Movement who think and talk about armed resistance against a totalitarian government, but all too often do not consider, with any degree of clarity, what parts of the regime they will be facing.

Video Purports To Show US Ambassador Dragged From Benghazi Consulate - UPDATES

The translation of the text below the video reads: "Moment directed the U.S. ambassador before his death" and the headline translates to: “U.S. Ambassador and the people of Benghazi rescue attempt before his death.”

The victim in the video appears to be wearing the same pants, belt and t-shirt seen in this photo of Amb. Stevens.

The validity of the video and the accuracy of the description of the events it depicts are still under investigation, but through Twitter and Facebook the video has already taken a life of its own.


Various tipsters have offered differing interpretations of what they hear and witness on this video. The shouts of "Allauha Akbar" are clearly heard and many assume that the cry is meant as a celebration of the attack on the consulate and Amb. Stevens.

However, Arab-speaking readers have pointed out that they hear people saying “Lift him” and "bring him out." But they can’t discern why the crowd is cheering.

Jenan Moussa, who identifies herself as a "Roving Reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV from Dubai" took to Twitter when the video first broke. Moussa claims that some men in the video were saying "he's alive" and "lift him" (referring to Amb. Stevens.) She writes that after reviewing the video she believes the crowd began cheering because the man was found alive.


By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Mike Scruggs

In a July 19, 2009, article in the Russian online newspaper, Pravda, Stanislav Mishin, boldly remarked:

“It must be said, that like the breaking of a great damn, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath-taking speed….”

Yet Mishin wrote this when Barack Obama had only begun his ”fundamental transformation” of the American economy and American society. He noted the unprecedented steps Obama had made in firing the president of General Motors, a non-government stockholder-owned corporation and in the Federal Government takeover of General Motors. In this swift robbery of General Motors stockholders and bondholders, he also put the company in the hands of the United Auto Workers Union, a de facto branch of the Democrat Party. Mishin predicted that under such Marxist leadership, America would wind up at best resembling the German Weimar Republic of the early 1920s, which suffered a hyperinflation that ruined the middle class, the elderly retired, and anyone on a fixed income. The left-leaning Keynesian socialism of the Weimar Republic, through irresponsible and excessive social spending, destroyed the hopes and work ethic of the German people and demolished their confidence in political democracy. This opened the door to a harder-nosed brand of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler. By 1945, Germany was a flaming ruin, half enslaved to brutal communist masters.

Within months of Obama’s inauguration, he had appointed 33 Federal Government czars answerable only to him, each in charge of some issue facing government, such as green-jobs, energy, climate, and many others. This placed $1.7 trillion of the U.S. economy directly under Obama without Congressional authority. His Green-Jobs program has so far resulted in a half billion-dollar loan loss to a now bankrupt solar energy company friendly to Obama and Democrat Party interests—Solyndra. This is the greatest business scandal since the Tea Pot Dome bribery scandal in 1922-3, yet the American media pays little attention to it.

Since Mishin’s perceptive article, Obama has continued to defy the Constitution and Congress in even bolder terms. Obamacare threatens to put at least another one-sixth of the U.S. economy under Federal control. The 2,700-page Obamcare bill is not just about healthcare. It is a deceitful quagmire of hidden taxes and Federal Government coercion.

Perhaps Obama’s boldest defiance of the Constitution and Congressional authority has been his recent administrative amnesty for over one million illegal immigrants. Many predict that deliberate laxity, already discovered in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services Department, will result in another one to two million amnesties at a heavy cost, at least a half trillion dollars, to U.S. taxpayers. Meanwhile, 23 million Americans are out of work or have been forced to part-time because of the absolute failure of Obama’s Keynesian stimulus gimmicks. Government consumer spending stimuli are for fooling voters. They do not fool intelligent business owners and managers and only interfere with rational investment and real economic recovery. Many of them are essentially a redistribution of wealth to political friends and other forms of corruption and corporate welfare. Long-term confidence in a favorable business climate unhindered by excessive government spending, taxes, and regulation is what is needed for economic recovery, jobs, and prosperity. Obama and the Democrats don’t get it! There can be no recovery until they are out of office. Obama’s job program is essentially for illegal immigrants, who will soon swell his political constituency.

President Obama is also running up another trillion dollars in deficits every year. Nearly 40 percent of our budget has to be borrowed from Communist China. Our $16 trillion debt now exceeds the annual U.S Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Yet he continues to charm the press and his clueless supporters, who are going to be the most devastated victims of his misguided Marxism and economic and business ignorance.

The Democrats were once a conservative party upholding Constitutional principles. How far they have fallen! Keith Davies, writing for Walid Shoebat’s Forum for Middle East Understanding, believes the shameful actions of the Democrat Party Platform Committee in Charlotte reveal that the difference between an Obama-Democrat and a communist is becoming hard to detect. He writes:

“It appears that the Democrats are just one step away from an admission that they are a full-fledged communist party. The Democrat party removed from the convention platform the mention of God (it is rumored that Allah will replace God at the next Democrat convention’s party platform) and it also removed the policy statement that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel which also happens to be God’s capitol, too. When government replaces God we have tyranny. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany both denied the existence of God, and they are no more but not until millions perished under the yoke of their oppression.”

The convention managers were booed by a strong majority of delegates, when for political expediency; they tried to put God back into the platform. The delegates were overruled in an obvious sham of parliamentary order. In an indirect but revealing way, a large majority of Democrat Party convention delegates were booing God. Their shocking rejection of the God of Scripture, however, is in harmony with President Obama’s increasingly anti-Christian executive orders such as his efforts to push any mention of Jesus out of our Armed Forces, even attempting to ban Bibles in military and naval hospitals. His recent endorsement of homosexual marriage shows his contempt for Biblically based moral values. Those who defy God in such militant terms should take Psalm 1: 4 into fearful consideration:

“For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”

Voters should consider the consequences to themselves and our country if we continue to walk in the counsel of the wicked. We must throw off the yoke of godless tyranny before it destroys freedom, justice, prosperity, and even the safety and future of our families.

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

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