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Steelers Coach Blasts Player, a Former Army Ranger, for Standing During National Anthem +2

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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva stands outside the tunnel alone during the national anthem. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The head coach of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers blasted one of his players, a former Army Ranger, for his decision to break from the team and respectfully stand for the national anthem on Sunday.

After a non-unanimous "team" decision, Coach Mike Tomlin had insisted the entire team—reflecting the actions of some other NFL teams—stay in the locker room prior to their game against the Chicago Bears, and not be present for the national anthem, Fox News reports. One Steelers player decided to break with Tomlin's decision, and came out to stand for the national anthem with his hand over his heart.

Offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva stood alone on the Steelers sideline to pay tribute to his country.

Villanueva is a retired Army Ranger who was awarded the Bronze Star and served three tours of duty in Afghanistan.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

At Long Last: Jessica Chambers murder trial to begin in October

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The trial date for the man accused of setting a Panola County teen on fire then leaving her to die on a country road several years ago has officially been set.

Quinton Tellis’ trial will begin Tuesday, October 10.

According to detectives, Tellis doused Jessica Chambers with gasoline then set her on fire near Courtland, Mississippi back in December 2014. Chambers sustained burns to 98 percent of her body and died the next day.

Several state and federal agencies were involved in the investigation, but there were never any breakthroughs until two years later when authorities announced a grand jury had returned an indictment against Tellis.

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NFL may lose bigly with social justice antics

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It's DEFCON 1 this weekend – not between the U.S. and North Korea, despite the battle of insults between "Dotard" President Donald Trump and "Rocket Man" Kim Jong-un.  Instead, the war is between the president and the sports world, specifically the NFL and NBA.  It led the Drudge Report on Saturday.

Since when have professional sports become political?  Long before Trump moved into the White House.  The NFL is famous for its activism.  Support for Black Lives Matter after Ferguson.  Solidarity with Trayvon Martin.  Lectures from Bob Costas – not on the upcoming game, but on gun control or global warming.  Now it's disrespecting the National Anthem by taking a knee or sitting down.  Colin Kaepernick popularized this before Trump was president.  It's activism is spreading through the NFL and beyond, even to eight-year-old football players in Illinois.

NFL TV ratings are down.  The 49ers and Rams played to a half-empty stadium, despite selling tickets for $14, less than the price of a hot dog and a beer.  Declining advertising revenue is predicted to cost networks $200 million, a number likely to increase.  As Rick Moran wrote recently in American Thinker, "Have we ever seen a pro sports league self-destruct? Stay tuned."

Tea Party Patriots ‘Keep Your Promises’ Rally Calls for Republican Majority to Act

Vi comment by Sean Henderson on Tea Party Patriots Rally in Washington, D.C. on Sa...

Tea Party Patriots held a Capitol Hill rally on Saturday calling on legislators to keep the promises they made to the American people on issues like repealing Obamacare, enforcing the border and immigration laws and cutting taxes.

Rally attendees enthusiastically held up a myriad of signs, many of which were centered around the theme of the day, calling on GOP members of Congress to keep their promises. Close to 400 people gathered in Upper Senate park for the event.

TPP leader JennyBeth Martin told the crowd, “We have to hold Congress accountable, we have to hold their feet to the fire. President [Donald] Trump needs us so that he can keep his campaign promises.” She said she was going to everything she can and knew that those in the crowd would do everything they can.

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Dismay as Germany's hard-right AfD marches into parliament

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 For some reason, this seems vaugely familiar.............:)

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Sunday became the first hard-right, openly anti-immigration party to win dozens of seats in parliament since World War II, breaking a taboo despite mainstream politicians' calls to halt "the Nazis" in their tracks.

Exit polls credited the AfD with around 13 percent of the vote, making it the third biggest political force in Germany -- a stunning result for a party that was founded just four years ago.

"We will change this country," vowed Alexander Gauland, one of the party's top two candidates, pledging to "go after" Chancellor Angela Merkel's government.

It promised that it would make it a priority to launch a parliamentary probe against Merkel over her decision to let in more than one million asylum seekers since 2015.

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NASCAR owners say they wouldn’t tolerate national anthem protests at races

Several NASCAR team owners said Sunday they would not condone racers protesting during the national anthem, amid protests by sports players at football and baseball games.

There were no protests reported during “The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in New Hampshire, according to The Associated Press.

Former NASCAR champion Richard Petty told the AP that any member of his team would be fired if they chose to protest the national anthem. Petty now owns Richard Petty Motorsports.

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(5 Parts) Burning History Deceptions and A Teaspoon of Sand or The Art of Lying (On Ken Burns' Propaganda)

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Photo by the author: Confucian Order

Errors or abuses in the pursuit of freedom are not justifications of the abandonment of that pursuit.

Monday’s episode, Riding The Tiger, was wonderfully produced propaganda. It was technically better than episode one, but it was also far more manipulative. I’m trying to be nice here. Other words come to mind. If I did not have a bit of more background info from years of studying and writing about Southeast Asia, Burns would have me convinced that Diem, the autocrat, was far worse to his people than Uncle Ho. Diem, the Catholic strongman ruling a gentle Buddhist nation, cracked down on Buddhist homes of worship. Ho, the sweet old man, who, despite other leaders in his faction having gotten a bit out of hand by murdering between 50,000 and 500,000 of their countrymen, was far more a gentleman. Socialist excesses aside, Ho was beloved, Diem was despised.

Burns is very convincing. I cannot imagine anyone other than those with relatively deep subject knowledge, not being completely taken in by everything shown. We were softly set up by episode one, in episode two the filmmaker skillful weaves the story and sucks us further in. Episode three was worse yet. Those with original sin became narrators crafting stories to forever cover their tracks. Even with some depth of background in the subject, I had to recheck some of my sources to make sure I wouldn’t overstate my case because I found the programming so convincing. After spending hours rereading, my anger at his omissions and skewing of story grew to near rage. My working sub-title for today’s essay was: The Art of Lying. Perhaps I should have retained it.

The Real Constitution

 US Constitution

The real U.S. Constitution, which was scrapped long ago, does not permit judges to be its final interpreters, executive orders, coercion of the people of a State by the federal government, delegation of control of the currency to a private banking cartel, the subsidy of private corporations, or calling the militia to active service except in case of invasion or rebellion and at the request of the State.

The Constitution should have been reverently buried long ago. Except that its rotting corpse provides lucrative pickings for lawyers and pseudo-respectable cover for power seekers. The central government has no check on its power that is not determined by the politicians in control of its various branches. They seldom check each other but frequently check the people and the States. The 14th Amendment, illegitimately promulgated in the wake of Lincoln’s revolution, has provided power seekers with everything they need to fulfill their limitless ambitions.

Attack Cobra & Guns A Go-Go 'Birth Control'

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 Image may contain: outdoor
 Cobra. Vĩnh Long 1968-69. Photos by William Baker 20th Engineer Brigade.

 Image may contain: outdoor

1966, Vũng Tàu Airfield. An ACH-47A Chinook (Chinook gunship, also known as Guns A Go-Go) from the 53rd Aviation Detachment, United States Army, which operated from Vũng Tàu in 1966. This aircraft is 64-13154, named 'Birth Control' and it is armed with six Browning .50 calibre machine guns (two each side and two fitted on the cargo ramp to cover the rear). Two 20mm cannons and two 19 tube, 2.75 inch rocket pods are mounted on weapon pylons fitted to each side of the fuselage, plus a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, mounted under the nose. 

M-134 miniguns and other types of rocket pods could also be fitted to the weapon pylons. The stencilled name in white, is clearly visible, as are the two crossed .50 calibre machine guns (other photographs of this aircraft show it marked with a red kangaroo, which was a favourite pass time of many Australians known as tagging). In February 1968, 'Birth Control' was forced down by enemy gunfire, the crew were evacuated but the aircraft was destroyed by enemy mortar fire.

Note that by 1968, only one gunship remained, and logistical concerns prevented more conversions. It was returned to the United States, and the program stopped.

Photo by Gee, Robin Frederick, via AWM

The Elephant in the Room

This morning on a panel discussion on FOX I watched an interview about the response of the NFL to President Trump's comments on the "take the knee for the anthem" business. Oh, dear, it was suggested, was he too harsh? But I soon realized that in this controversy there is one thing that is not being discussed; it isn’t even being alluded to tangentially. This is the elephant in the room that everyone is trying their damnedest to ignore—that is, the race of most of those "taking the knee." I'm sure that there are players doing this who are not black, but I would say that the vast majority involved are black and those who are not, do so to placate their black teammates and not because they are particularly against the National Anthem. This huge fact, however, was never mentioned on FOX and I doubt very much if it ever will be. Ol' Kevin K. (who apparently started the whole thing) was simply called out for being “untalented” as if this was the reason for his behavior.

As also might be imagined, nobody is talking about the new race-based action by black players who, having brought down a white player, make the "black power" salute as if somehow they had accomplished something for blacks! This is akin to the natural response that baboons exhibit when they have bested an enemy—and that's scary! Given that most team sports (except hockey) are largely represented by minorities (blacks and Hispanics with the occasional Japanese thrown in) in far greater numbers than their percentage in the general population, this fatuous nonsense bodes ill for society in general and the sports world in particular. If this open hostility towards whites by blacks on the field—irrespective of their teams—continues, we are going to see played out in the sports arenas a mini-race war that spectators will have to pay a great deal of money to see! And since most of those buying tickets are white, one has to ask, will they—and, if so, why?

At this point I doubt very much that the owners and officials in football can do a great deal about what is happening except to support their very expensive and infantile players in hopes of keeping the seats filled (with whites) and their revenues up in order to pay those same expensive and infantile players. It's far easier to blame Donald Trump (and in doing so they will get all the media support one could wish!) than it is to admit to what is actually going on. I usually don't think that anything “sports” is all that important but I believe that this may represent a very "up front" launch of that "civil war" we have been promised by the left.


If Democrats insist on chain migration, they'll kill the DREAM Act

...............chain migration would make it possible for the DREAMers to pass on legal status and a path to citizenship to the parents who brought them to the United States in violation of our laws, which is sure to be unacceptable to many Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced recently that they had reached an agreement with President Donald Trump to pursue legislation that would protect the participants of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is being phased out. They also agreed to enact border security measures that would not include building a physical wall.

But problems have arisen since that agreement was reached. Both sides have declared additional conditions.

More @ The Hill

Nigel Farage to campaign for Moore in Alabama

 Nigel Farage to campaign for Moore in Alabama

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), will campaign in Alabama for former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, according to The Guardian.

Farage will campaign at a rally in Fairhope, Ala., on Monday, along with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” will also campaign for Moore at the rally.

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Scarborough: NFL players refusing to stand help Trump

 Trump praises show of NFL 'solidarity' amid protests

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Sunday said it helps President Trump politically when NFL players protest during the national anthem.

"This may be unpopular but it is a political reality," Scarborough tweeted Sunday.

"Every NFL player refusing to stand for the national anthem helps Trump politically."

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'Steven Mnuchin doubles down on Trump's NFL statements: 'They can do free speech on their own time

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended President Trump's comments on the NFL Sunday, saying sports leagues should question whether their players should be allowed to refuse to stand during the national anthem.

"The NFL has all different kinds of rules," Mnuchin said on ABC's "This Week." "You can't have stickers on your helmet, you have to have your jerseys tucked in. I think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand and respect the national anthem. this isn't about Democrats, it's not about Republicans, it's not about race. It's not about free speech. They can do free speech on their own time. This is about respect for the military and the first responders in the country."

Mnuchin raised an incident from this summer when Dallas Cowboys players were told they could not wear stickers on their helmets to honor Dallas police officers who were killed.

"The NFL is picking and choosing what they want to enforce," Mnuchin said.

Russian Ads on Facebook Seems Too Small an Amount to Affect Election

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Catalonia's Separatists Defy Spain With Ballots for Vote

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The grassroots groups driving Catalonia's separatist movement responded to the crackdown by Spanish authorities to stop next week's independence referendum by distributing one million ballots on Sunday.


 The grassroots groups driving Catalonia's separatist movement defied Spanish authorities on Sunday by distributing one million ballots for an Oct. 1 independence vote that the central government in Madrid has called illegal and vowed to halt.


Jordi Cuixart, president of the separatist group Omnium Cultural, announced the ballots were being distributed during a rally in Barcelona.

"Here are the packs of ballots that we ask you to hand out across Catalonia," Cuixart said.

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science

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Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it

Matthew Walker has learned to dread the question “What do you do?” At parties, it signals the end of his evening; thereafter, his new acquaintance will inevitably cling to him like ivy. On an aeroplane, it usually means that while everyone else watches movies or reads a thriller, he will find himself running an hours-long salon for the benefit of passengers and crew alike. “I’ve begun to lie,” he says. “Seriously. I just tell people I’m a dolphin trainer. It’s better for everyone.”

Walker is a sleep scientist.

SCV Private Bryan Jackson Buck Camp 1769, Peletier, NC September 21, 2017 Meeting

Member Tom Frith gave a historical account of the Battles of South Mountain and Sharpsburg from the perspective of family members involved that included at least three of his gr-gr grandfathers and five gr-gr-gr uncles who fought in the Maryland campaign.   

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Syrian Christians Look To Assad Regime For Protection From Jihadis

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 AP Photo


Al-Monitordelivers one of the most sobering assessments of the bloody mess in Syria to date, as author Edward Dark returns to his hometown of Aleppo for a look at the plight of the dwindling Christian community, and finds them turning to dictator Bashar al-Assad for protection from the jihadis fighting to overthrow him. 

The Syrian Christian community has always been an under-reported element of the civil war. Assad was inflicting gruesome horrors upon his citizens long before he uncorked his first tank of chemical weapons, taking him across a humanitarian “red line” that the world could not ignore, in part because that red line was meant as an excuse for ignoring atrocities the civilized world is not supposed to tolerate. Once the WMD forbidden zone was entered, it was no longer possible to overlook the lesser evils. The Syrian rebellion, on the other hand, began as the heroes in the Western world’s favored narrative of resistance against tyranny, only to be revealed as a jihadi jungle in which effective “moderate” forces that could be safely armed from the arsenal of democracy were hard to find.  No one enjoys choosing sides in a conflict between villains and monsters.

Caught in the crossfire from Day One were Syria’s Christians, a minority Assad went to some lengths to protect. Dark interviewed a Christian community leader in Aleppo named Abu Fadi, and he was blunt about the situation his community faces: “There is no question at all about whom we support: the government, of course. It is the only force protecting us from the jihadists and extremists.”

Abu Fadi explained that resistance to the Assad regime was founded upon solid complaints at first, featuring protests against corruption and calls for reform, but the Christians soon concluded it was really about extremists seeking to take power for themselves, no matter how much damage they inflicted upon the country.  “They soon showed their true faces, the religious extremism they were hiding. Anyone who took up arms against the state is wrong,” he declared.

He denied the notion that all the trouble is coming from foreign infiltrators such as al-Qaeda and ISIS, noting that local rebel units have also destroyed Christian homes and churches, and not just as collateral damage from shots fired at government forces. “They want to get rid of us, drive us from our lands that we have inhabited for centuries,” he asserted. “They have destroyed churches. Look at Kassab and Maaloula, do you need further proof?”

He’s referring to two towns where Syrian rebels drove out Christian populations. Kassab’s Armenian Christians say Turkish troops stood by and watched while Islamist rebels overran the town. Maaloula was reduced to rubble in the struggle between rebels who made a point of desecrating its historic churches, and Syrian government forces who presented their recapture of the city as evidence of Assad’s determination to protect religious minorities.

Unable to form their own effective militia units, as the Assyrian Christians have done, Aleppo’s Christians see enlisting with the Syrian military as their only option for self-defense. They appear acutely aware of how the outside world views them for throwing in with Assad. Dark’s narrative of Aleppo mentions that regime troops have been accused of looting towns they liberate from jihadist forces, but this is considered merely “annoying” compared to what rebel forces are prone to do when occupying Christian areas. The people he spoke with said they felt as if the very existence of their community was threatened, in a way no one could recall from before the rebellion began. They have memories of oppression, reminiscing darkly about times when it was extremely unwise to speak out against the government, but there is a difference between oppression and annihilation.

Latest WikiLeaks release shows how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins of its hacking attacks and 'disguise them as Russian or Chinese activity'

Via comment by Average Joe on Sharyl Attkisson explains what we are up against

 WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange (pictured), claims its Vault 7 files come from the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence

It says: 'This would permit a forensic attribution double game, for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese. WikiLeaks has published hundreds more files today which it claims show the CIA went to great lengths to disguise its own hacking attacks and point the finger at Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

The 676 files released today are part of WikiLeaks' Vault 7 tranche of files and they claim to give an insight into the CIA's Marble software, which can forensically disguise viruses, trojans and hacking attacks. 

WikiLeaks says the source code suggests Marble has test examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi (the Iranian language). 

More @ Daily Mail

Take Em Down NOLA Wants to Increase taxes on white-owned businesses and eliminate homestead exemptions for white-owned property

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Anarchists and racists are nested in New Orleans. Two posters and an email produced from a records request to Mitch Landrieu show the extreme attitudes of the allies of Mitch – and in particular, the Take Em Down NOLA gang – in destroying New Orleans history.

The first flyer is for “Sites of Resistance” and features pictures from the integration era in New Orleans, but it also shows a sign supporting the removal of the Andrew Jackson monument in Jackson Square.  These “Sites of Resistance” appear to go on from September through April at the Small Center which is part of Tulane University’s School of Architecture. Also depicted is a sign calling for the boycott of shopping on Canal Street.  It’s scary that any department or facility of Tulane would support a group or movement like this.

More @ The Hay Ride

Clashing polls muddy Alabama Senate race

Public polls give Roy Moore a comfortable lead in the Alabama Senate GOP runoff. But private polls commissioned by allies of Sen. Luther Strange show Tuesday’s election is much closer — within the margin of error.

The disparity between the two sets of polls is no small matter: The private polling helped persuade the White House to go all in for the appointed senator, including President Donald Trump's rally for him Friday night in Huntsville.

What explains the different numbers? To begin with, polling off-year special elections is difficult: Fewer voters turn out, and enthusiasm among even a small segment of the electorate can swing a race. Add the fact that it’s a primary runoff, taking place six weeks after the initial vote, and it’s an even smaller universe of voters who will be participating.

More @ Politico

Franco Harris on how ‘Mean Joe’ Greene and Jack Lambert would have handled Kaepernick tantrum

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris says his colleagues back in the day would not have tolerated a football player disrespecting the national anthem the way unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick has.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers superstar said his teammates and coach would have confronted Kaepernick about his unpatriotic temper tantrum and nipped it in the bud.

“We had two of the meanest guys in football who I think would’ve dealt with it that way, and that would’ve been Joe Greene and Jack Lambert,” Harris told Mediaite.

A Thousand Points of Truth

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A Thousand Points of Truth

Author V. P. Hughes paints a more realistic, intimate and human portrait of Col. John Singleton Mosby based upon thousands of newspaper articles from over seven hundred publications dating from 1862 through 1916. These articles contain countless firsthand testimonies about Mosby by friends, enemies, scholars and Mosby himself.

The Long Night Ahead

Facebook just declared war against "disruptive" information.  In addition to hundreds of new human censors, they are training AI censors capable of identifying and deleting 'unacceptable' information found in the discussions of all two billion members in real time. This development highlights what the real danger posed by a socially networked world actually is.

The REAL danger facing a world interconnected by social networking isn't disruption.  As we have seen on numerous occasions, the danger posed by disruptive information and events is fleeting.

Disruption, although potentially painful in the short term, doesn't last, nor is it truly damaging over the long term. In fact, the true danger posed by an internetworked world is just the opposite of disruption. 

DHS to 21 States: Russian Hacking Attempted but ‘Unsuccessful’

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The Department of Homeland Security notified 21 states Friday that Russian hackers attempted unsuccessfully to interfere with their voting systems in the 2016 election.

DHS reported that no votes were changed by Russian hacking, Reuters reports. DHS refused to disclose which state governments it approached, but Wisconsin officials made it known that they were among the group.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Michael Haas said that he was informed that "Russian government cyber actors" targeted his state's voter registration systems.

Russian hackers "scanned internet-connected election infrastructure likely seeking specific vulnerabilities such as access to voter registration databases, but the attempt to exploit vulnerabilities was unsuccessful," Haas said.

Oregon Dems Push Phony Precedent To Block Ninth Circuit Court Nominee

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Oregon's two Democratic senators are blocking one of President Trump's judicial nominees with claims that a "longstanding" state tradition mandating that nominees be chosen from their "judicial selection committee" was violated, but the tradition they cite has never applied to picks for the U.S. Circuit Court, according to records viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley alerted the White House that they would be blocking the nomination of Oregon native Ryan Bounds for a seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Bounds is currently serving as assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon.

White Nationalist Groups Are Splitting Over Gay Inclusion

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(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Lauren Walker / Truthout)

With the recent blowback from Charlottesville, the churning wheel of fascist infighting has once again kicked off, exposing a number of fault lines within white nationalist groups in the US.

One major fault line has emerged over homosexuality: While fascist and white nationalist movements have historically condemned queerness, many in the self-described "alt-right" wanted to dash this image, acknowledging that the social mood had shifted on gay issues and that they had a number of homosexual members in their ranks.

Over the summer months, as white nationalists and fascists who rallied under the banner of the "alt-right" were repudiated by their more mainstream counterparts at places like Rebel Media, a final rupture began to take place between those who decided to include gay fascists in their ranks and leaders who determined this to be the hill they wanted to die on.

More @ Truth Out

Kimmel Coordinated With Schumer For Months to Oppose GOP Efforts to Repeal Obamacare

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... 'Cause he ain't got enough money to pay ....

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) have coordinated behind the scenes for months to oppose Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Kimmel, whose son was born with a congenital heart disease, has been an outspoken critic of the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare because he believes that the most recent Republican efforts to replace Obamacare don't protect people with pre-existing conditions like his son, the Daily Beast reported.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host has performed multiple monologues in the past week decrying the bill proposed by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (La.) to repeal and replace Obamacare.

3/22/1975 - A VNAF UH-1 Huey gunship lands on highway 7 in Sông Ba area to evacuate refugees to Tuy Hòa.

Via Donald Nguyen
 Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor and water
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, child, shoes and outdoor
 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting
 The patch on the boy's shoulder is a Ranger one and the uniform looks like the same I bought before evacuation and which all five of my daughters have worn.  

Age: 13; Sex: Boy; Occupation: VC hunter

Friday, September 22, 2017

Palin: Alabama proves that the swamp is hijacking the presidency

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says the outcome of the GOP Senate runoff between establishment favored Alabama Sen. Luther Strange and conservative stalwart Judge Roy Moore will determine whether the swamp he’s trying to drain will ultimately absorb President Donald Trump’s administration.

Palin told Alabamians gathered at a Moore campaign rally that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s GOP establishment is trying to “hijack” Trump’s presidency and turn it against the voters who turned out last November to express their desire for conservative change in Washington.

“The forgotten man and woman in this country, they stood up and we beat the swamp. But, alas, 10 months later, guys, the swamp, it’s trying to hijack this presidency,” Palin said, according to a Washington Post report.

What’s Happened to the Southern Heartland?



With roots in urban America, the libertarian New Class, which staffs so many of today’s influential think tanks, is disinclined to view the troubles in rural America as a real crisis. This group tends to view a farm as simply another unit of production that, if inefficient, should wither away without public concern—indeed no more deserving of concern than the closing of an unprofitable convenience store or a failing fast-food outlet.

Traditional conservatives, especially Southern conservatives who have their personal and intellectual roots in America’s agrarian past, find the scope and severity of change in rural America to be profoundly alarming and very deserving of public concern. They fear that the winds of economic change that are blowing across rural America will alter the national character. Change has been taking place for some years, of course, and adjustments have been made to it. However, the collapse of world markets for American agricultural products—and the dim likelihood of these being regained any time soon—has accelerated change alarmingly. The visionary planners who promoted the “Green Revolution” succeeded to an extent they and others never imagined. American agricultural assistance to Third World countries has caused their food production to soar. As a result, America has lost major foreign markets, and the country’s domestic agricultural economy has been devastated.

“I support Assad because he's the defender of Middle Eastern Christianity"

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The brutal leader at the center of Syria’s five-year-long war has found support in one of the least likely places — among the alt-right.

The white nationalists and trolls who identify with the alt-right have lifted up Bashar al-Assad as a hero in recent years. Support for the Syrian president means they can further tangled internet conspiracy theories, taps into a deep vein of anti-Semitism, anti-interventionism, and anti-globalism, and allows them to wind up their biggest enemy: liberals. (You got that right at least: liberals = commies)

More @ Buzz Feed

When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself

Russia threatens to retaliate against US forces in Syria


 War is good for us said ever President since .............

'Fire points in those areas will be immediately suppressed with all military means' says Major-General Igor Konashenkov

Russia has threatened to target areas in Syria where American special forces and US-backed militia are operating if its own forces came under fire from them - something it said had already happened twice.

The country's defence ministry said Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias fighting, had taken up positions on the eastern banks of the Euphrates alongside US special forces. 

The SDF had twice opened fire with mortars and artillery on Syrian troops who were working alongside Russian special forces, it claimed. 

Mueller team under fire for 'brass-knuckle' tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort

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When a report surfaced that federal agents picked the lock on Paul Manafort’s front door for a surprise raid over the summer while the former Trump campaign chairman was in bed, it was also a wake-up call for prominent Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall.

“Here is a United States citizen where the FBI is coming in, picking his lock, and raiding his home in the early morning, over what? It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. It’s just crazy. We’re not the Soviet Union. It’s appalling,” said Kirkendall, who has worked on cases involving one of the special counsel’s key investigators, Andrew Weissmann.

The intensity of the focus on Manafort is widely seen as a potential effort by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to pressure him into providing information on others, possibly President Trump himself, in the Russia probe.

But the “brass-knuckle” tactics have raised eyebrows in the legal community.

More @ Fox

Nat Turner’s 1831 Brutal Massacre

The following is a very graphic and long account Nat Turner’s massacre of innocents in Southampton County, Virginia in August 1831, during which he and his followers brutally murdered over sixty white citizens: women, children and old men. This tragic event led to severe restrictions on slaves, free blacks, and the ongoing emancipation of slaves that had been common in the South before 1831.  The South laid blame for the murders on Northern abolitionists who incited the slaves to such actions, and led to the South seriously reconsidering the value of political union with the North.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Nat Turner’s 1831 Brutal Massacre

“With no large plantations, there were no large slaveholders, and [Southampton] county typified older communities where slavery was passing by personal manumission; the slaves and freed Negroes outnumbered the whites to make a potentially dangerous problem. To 6500 whites, there were 7700 slaves and 1500 freed Negroes. Slave and free, all Negroes lived in intimate proximity to the whites, a situation which did not exist on large plantations where overseers came between the masters and field hands. Field hands in that sense scarcely existed in Southampton County.

The most successful plantations were operated avocationally by professional men, doctors and lawyers, since the plantation represented the aspiration of everyone. In the same way, many of the plantation-conscious farmers supplemented their agricultural incomes by working as artisans in small enterprises. Such a man was Joseph Travis, the honest coach-maker.

He had apprenticed to him a sixteen-year-old boy, who shared the bedroom of Mr. Travis’ foster son, Putnam Moore. Mrs. Travis, whose first husband had died, had a baby by Joseph Travis. This small family had no house servants as such. The few colored families of slaves lived in a single cluster of buildings around the farmyard and there was no distinction between house people and field hands. There the whites and blacks, working together and virtually living together, shared an hourly and constant companionship, and knew one another with the casual intimacy of members of the same family. Though everybody worked hard, the slaves were held to a fairly rigid schedule.

Working five days a week from roughly sunup until sundown, they had Saturday afternoons and Sundays off. They were encouraged to grow garden crops for themselves on allotted plots of ground, either to fill out their diets according to personal tastes or for use in trade or barter. Skills were taught them and, as in other families like the Travis’ who could not afford to free their lifetime investment, sometimes a Negro worked out his freedom at a trade.

Great attention was given to their religious education. They went to the whites’ churches, where the Methodist and Baptist preachers of the peoples’ religion evoked fiery and wondrous images, and they developed their own preachers, who supplanted the whites’. Such a Negro preacher acted as Joseph Travis’ “overseer.”

The overseer of this little family plantation, bearing not even unintentional similarity to Simon Legree, merely acted for the owner with the few Negroes who worked on the farm. With Joseph Travis busy at his coach-making, somebody had to be in charge of the work, though The Preacher extended his leadership over the total lives of the three families in the Travis farmyard, and exerted considerable influence over other Negroes in the scattered community.

He always said that Mr. Travis was a very kind man, maybe even too indulgent with his people, and Mr. Travis regarded The Preacher as something of a privileged character. He had been born in the county of an African mother and a slave father, who ran away when The Preacher was a child. He had been raised by his grandmother, who worked on his religious education, and by his mother, who was deeply impressed with the child’s gift of second sight.

When the owners’ attention was called to his precociousness, they encouraged him to read and gave him a Bible. He culled the Bible for predictions and prophesies which he used to impose his visions on his fellow slaves. He found portents in the sun and moon, portentous hieroglyphics in leaves and suchlike, and in general created of himself a mysterious figure of supernatural gifts.

The Preacher did not regard himself as a humbug in imposing on his fellows. He actually believed he could read signs in the sky. “Behold me in the heavens,” the Holy Spirit said to him, and he beheld and he knew. He knew the signs were directing him toward a holy mission. In the spring of 1828, he heard a loud noise in the heavens and, he said, “The spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it in and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be the last and the last should be free.”

The twenty-first of August was a Sunday, in the season when the white people spent the day away at camp meetings. In The Preacher’s cabin, his wife was fixing Sunday dinner for their child. In the woods below the fields, six of The Preacher’s disciples were gathered in the glen, where to a Sunday feast they added some of the apple brandy which was always handy to acquire. Only one of them belonged to Mr. Travis – Hark Travis, a magnificently and powerfully built black man. Two others, Sam and the ferocious Will Francis, belonged to one of Mrs. Travis’ brothers. As farms were relatively few in the sparsely settled and wooded country, all the Negroes were intimately acquainted.

The Preacher, after his custom of keeping himself aloof, joined the frolic in the middle of the afternoon, when several hours of feasting and drinking had his followers in receptive humor. From then until full night he coached them in the details of his predestined mission in which they were to be allowed to participate.

At ten o’clock they left the woods and silently approached the dark farmyard of the Travis house. All lights were out in the house where the family, tired from their trip to the camp-meeting, were asleep. In the farmyard stood a Negro named Austin, who joined them, and brought The Preacher’s band to eight.

The seven followers went to the unlocked cider press while The Preacher studied the situation. When the silent man returned, The Preacher directed Hark, the Apollo, to set a tall ladder against an upper story window sill. The Preacher climbed the ladder, stepped through the open window, and tiptoed through the familiar house down to the front door. When he opened it, his disciples crept in. The fearsome Will Francis held a broadax and one of the men gave The Preacher a hatchet. Without any other weapons, the eight men crept into the master bedroom, where Mr. & Mrs. Travis were asleep.

When The Preacher stood over them, he paused, looking on the face of the kindly man who had given him so many privileges. The other Negroes told him the leader must strike the first blow. After another pause, The Preacher struck suddenly and awkwardly down at the sleeping man.

The hatchet glanced off, giving a blow to the side of the head. Mr. Travis, startled into wakefulness, struggled out of bed, sleepily calling for his wife. When his bare feet touched the floor, Will Francis, with no confusion of purpose, brought the broadax down on his head in a single long stroke. Without another sound, Mr. Travis fell dead to the floor. Whirling, Will came down with the broadax again, and Mrs. Travis died in her bed without ever coming fully awake.

The sounds had not aroused the two sixteen-year-old boys – Mrs. Travis’ son, Putnam Moore, and the apprentice, Joel Westbrook – asleep in the same bed in a room in another part of the house. They were killed before they were awakened.

Last, The Preacher went into the baby’s room. He had often played with the child and fondled it, and the baby smiled at him when he woke up. The Preacher backed out, unable to touch the child, and sent in Will and another follower to knock the baby’s brains out against the brick fireplace.

With the house theirs, they took four shotguns, several muskets, powder and shot, and exchanged their clothes for garments of the dead men. To give a dash to their new costumes, they got some of the red cloth with which the top of the gig was lined and tore that into sashes to go around their waists and shoulders. The material gave out and they made other strips from sheets, which they dyed in the freely flowing blood. The Preacher felt that this unit was now ready to serve as the nucleus around which all the slaves of the county would rally.

With some of the force mounted on Travis’ horses, they went to the small farm owned by Mrs. Travis’ brother, who was also the brother of the owner of Sam and Will. This younger Mr. Francis, a bachelor who lived with his one slave in a single-room house, came to the door when Will and Sam called to him that they had a message from his brother.

When he opened the door they grabbed him. He was a strong man and he fought, calling to his loyal slave for his gun. One of The Preacher’s men shot Mr. Francis’s slave, Nelson, who managed to stagger to the back door and escape in the darkness to the woods. He started out to give the alarm to his master’s brother, the owner of Will and Sam, but he didn’t make it that far. Mr. Francis was finished off before Nelson had reached the woods, going down under repeated blows from the hatchet.

From there The Preacher’s band walked on through the night to the home of Mrs. Harris, a widow with several children and grandchildren. Unbeknownst to themselves as they slept, this family was spared through the agency of their slave, Joe, who joined The Preacher on the condition that his people be spared.

With their first recruit, the band descended on the home of the widow Reese, whose front door was unlocked. They killed her in her sleep, her son as he awakened, caught the white farm manager who tried to escape in the darkness. He got off with his life by feigning death, though he was forever after crippled.

By then other slaves, too frightened to defend the whites but unwilling to join the insurgents, had fled before the band, and nearby plantations were warned. Not willing to risk losing any of his eight followers, The Preacher changed his course.

At sunrise on Monday morning they reached the substantial home of the widow Turner…Mrs. Turner’s manager was already at work at the distillery beside the lane to the house. He was shot and stripped, his clothes going to the last recruit, the Joe who had saved his own people. Mrs. Turner and a kinswoman were awakened by the shot and came downstairs to bolt the door. The fearsome will battered the door down with several strokes of his ax, and the two women were grabbed in the hallway.

While they pleaded for their lives, Will went about his skillful work of execution on Mrs. Turner, and The Preacher pulled Mrs. Newsom, trembling violently, out of the door. He kept striking her over the head with a sword he had acquired. The edge was too blunt to kill the screaming woman and Will, turning from the corpse of Mrs. Turner, methodically finished off The Preacher’s victim with his ax.

They got silver there and more decoration for their costumes, and when they left the silent plantation at full daylight their number had spread to fifteen. They divided, those on foot under The Preacher swinging by the Bryant’s, where they paused to kill the couple, their child, and Mrs. Bryant’s mother, before joining the mounted force at the pleasant establishment of Mrs. Whitehead.

When The Preacher’s force got there, Mrs. Whitehead’s grown son had already been hacked to death in a cotton patch while his own slaves looked on. Inside the house three daughters and a child, being bathed by his grandmother were dead. Will was dragging the mother of the family out into the yard, where he decapitated her, and a young girl who had hidden was running for the woods. The Preacher caught her and, his sword failing him again, beat her to death with a fence rail. Another daughter, the only member of the family to survive, had made it to the woods where she was hidden by a house slave.

When they left the seven dead and mutilated bodies at the Whitehead’s, The Preacher’s band had grown and acquired more weapons and horses. They had also drunk more cider and brandy, and they moved boldly ahead to continue the massacre although they knew that the alarm was out by then. Several of the next small plantations in their line of march were deserted. The band divided again, with Will the executioner leading the mounted force toward the house of his own master, Nathaniel Francis, the brother of The Preacher’s Mrs. Travis and of the bachelor whose slave, Nelson, had been among the first to give the warning.

Though the warning had not reached the Francis plantation, a Negro boy had told Mr. Francis a wild tale of the slaughter of his sister’s family. Having heard nothing of The Preacher’s band, Mr. Francis and his mother were on their way to investigate the grisly scene awaiting them at the Travis household.

Two of Mr. Francis’ nephews, eight- and three year-old boys, were playing in the lane as the Negroes rode silently toward them. The three-year-old, seeing the familiar Will, asked for a ride as he had many times before. Will picked him up on the horse, cut off his head, and dropped the body in the lane. The other boy screamed and tried to hide, but they were too fast for him.

Henry Doyle, the overseer, seeing this, ran to warn Mrs. Francis. He was shot dead in the doorway of the house, but not before he had warned Mrs. Francis. A house slave hid her between the plastering and the roof in one of the “jump” rooms, and kept The Preacher’s band away from her hiding place by pretending to hunt for her. When the Negroes had gone on, the house slave of necessity among them, Mrs. Francis came down to find the other house women dividing her clothes, including her wedding dress. One attacked her with a dirk and another defended her. She escaped to join her husband and be taken to safety.

When the band left the Francis plantation, the alarm by then was general and the Negroes were beginning to get drunk. They headed for the road to the county seat. They found more deserted houses, where faithful slaves had left to hide their masters, and met other slaves who had waited to join the insurrectionists. At young Captain Barrow’s the warning had been received and the overseer had escaped, but Mrs. Barrow, a woman of beauty, had delayed to arrange her toilet before appearing abroad. She tarried so long that the Negroes reached the house before she left. Her husband called to her to run out the back door while he fought from the front.

In leaving, Mrs. Barrow had the same experience with her house slaves as had Mrs. Francis. A younger one tried to hold her for the mob, while an older one freed her and held the young Negro woman while her mistress escaped. In front, Captain Barrow emptied a pistol, a single-shot rifle, and a shotgun, and fought with the butt of the gun across the porch, through the hall, and into the front room. He was holding them off when a Negro on the outside reached through the window sill and, from behind, sliced his throat with a razor.

The Preacher’s men had great respect for Captain Barrow’s bravery. They drank his blood and spared his corpse mutilation. Instead, they laid him out in a bed quilt and placed a plug of tobacco on his breast.

It was ten o’clock Monday morning when they left there, and the two bands soon converged. They then numbered about fifty. The Preacher’s vision of a mass insurrection was coming true. White men were trying to form a force ahead of the band but some of the men, on seeing the bleeding and mutilated bodies of women, hurried back to their farms to hide their own wives and children. Hundreds of women and children were gathering in the county seat at Jerusalem, unaware that the band’s winding course was directed there.

On the way The Preacher’s formidable force passed more deserted places, but got its biggest haul at Walker’s country corner. A children’s boarding school was there and a large distillery, a blacksmith shop, and the wheelwright, and it had taken some time to gather all the people in the neighborhood. Before they could start for Jerusalem, the Negroes were on them. Some escaped to the screams of those being chased and butchered. More than ten were killed there, mostly children.

From the Walker massacre, the band headed directly for Jerusalem. By then eighteen white men had gathered with arms at some distance from the town, where four hundred unarmed people had collected. The Preacher’s band of sixty would have reached the town first except that his lieutenants overruled him when they passed the famous brandy cellar at Parker’s deserted plantation, three miles from town. They tarried there to quench their thirsts.

The eighteen white men came on them in Parker’s field and opened fire. In a short, pitched battle the boldest Negroes, leading a charge, fell, and most of the insurrectionists fled. The Preacher escaped with twenty of his most faithful followers, and headed for the Carolina border.

He was seeking new recruits then. They were slow coming in and victims were getting scarce. Late in the afternoon The Preacher, still supported by the Apollo-like Hark and Will with his broadax, allowed a single armed planter to hold off his band from a lady with two children. That planter’s family had already escaped to safety.

[After camping that night,] . . . at dawn, The Preacher started for the large and handsome home of Dr. Blunt, one of the county’s few plantations of the legend, and on the edge of the district of yesterday’s triumph. Not seeking victims then, The Preacher wanted fresh supplies and recruits to put heart and strength back into the insurrection.

He reached the Blunts’ yard fence just before daylight. A precautionary shot was fired to see if the darkened house was deserted, as expected. Then the powerful Hark broke down the gate, and the group advanced toward the house, looking for salves to join them. The band was within twenty yards of the house when firing broke out from the front porch. Hark Travis, one of the original conspirators . . . fell wounded in the first volley. When The Preacher, shaken but grown desperate, tried to rally his force for an attack, another volley dropped two more. His men broke. At that moment, Dr. Blunt’s slaves came swarming out of hiding places, armed with grub hoes, and rushed the insurrectionists. The Preacher fled with his men, Dr. Blunt’s slaves rounded up several prisoners, including the wounded Hark, crawling toward a cotton patch.

Dr. Blunt, his fifteen-year-old son, and his manager had done the firing, while the women loaded single-shot rifles and shotguns. Before The Preacher’s men arrived, Dr. Blunt had given his own slaves the choice of fighting with his family or leaving. They chose unanimously to fight.

More in desperation than purpose [The Preacher] led the dozen remaining followers to retrace their triumphant steps of the day before. At the first plantation the Greenville County cavalry militia rode them down. They killed will, the ax-executioner, and killed or captured all except The Preacher and two others. The insurrection was over then, though the alarmed neighbors did not know it.

Following the Greenville cavalry, other militia units poured into the county during the next two days, and US Marines from Norfolk. The two men who had escaped with The Preacher were captured. Many who had followed the leader during the successful stages of Monday had returned to their homes. They were hunted down, some killed and others taken to jail. But The Preacher eluded them until the beginning of October.

While changing hiding places on another Sunday, he encountered a poor farmer in some woods. Like his neighbors, this Mr. Phipps was carrying a gun when he came upon the ragged, emaciated, and wretched-looking Preacher, who immediately surrendered.

No demonstration was made against The Preacher when he was brought to jail or when he and fifty-two others were brought to trial. Of these, seventeen were hanged and twelve transported. Of five free Negroes among them, one was acquitted, the others went to Superior Court, where one more was acquitted and three convicted. The Preacher confessed fully to his leadership and to the details of the murder of more than fifty white people.

With The Preacher’s execution, the case was closed and entered the record books as Nat Turner’s Rebellion.

In history, the unelaborated reference to “Nat Turner’s Rebellion” has been made so casually for so long that the tag has no association with the terror and horror of mass murder. Also, to the population of the United States today the slave insurrection in Haiti is a remote thing, part of the inevitable and the just march of events. But to the South, where white refugees had fled – at least one to Southampton County – the Haiti massacre was the dread reminder of what could happen to them. With Nat Turner, it had happened. The deep fear of the blacks’ uprising against them had been implemented. It was never to leave.”

(The Land they Fought For, Clifford Dowdey, Doubleday & Company, 1955, excerpts, pp. 14-22)

Virginia Store Clerk Escapes Prosecution After Shooting Fleeing Thug in the Back


A clerk at a convenience store in Virginia will not be prosecuted for shooting and killing a man who had robbed the store at gunpoint, a grand jury decided this week.

After viewing multiple angles of surveillance video and hearing eyewitness testimony, the grand jury determined that the clerk acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Milton Terrell Gaithers, 35, at the Little B Convenience Store last June.

Video footage shows Gaithers enter the store wearing a black hoodie and a black mask, according to a report from the Southside Messenger. Gaithers struck the clerk in the face with the muzzle of his gun and demanded that the clerk empty the cash register.

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The Uniparty, unmasked

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It is hard to underestimate the furious rage of conservatives who, whether or not they supported Trump during the campaign, used to believe in the Republican Party.  No more.  The Republicans have a majority in both houses of Congress and a Republican in the White House.  Are they doing their job as members of the majority party?  Absolutely not.  Of course, some of them are trying, but to no avail; they are a righteous minority, too few in number to win.  The leadership, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, are intransigent to the point of being traitors to the constituents who put them in office. 

There are plenty of other traitors as well.  Clearly, they never meant to actually repeal the disastrous Obamacare.  They voted to repeal it all those times only because they knew that Obama would veto their bills.  So we conservatives have learned an important lesson: there is only one party in Congress, and it is the Establishment Party, and it is a swamp thing.

The Difference Between Ben Carson and Maxine Waters Perfectly Explained


The difference between two prominent African-American political leaders in the Republican and Democrat parties couldn’t be more stunning. Just listening to Republican Ben Carson and Democrat Maxine Waters for a few minutes exposes the deep divide between traditional American values and unhinged leftism. The chasm in intelligence between the pair is likewise vast.

Yet, while Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Doctor Ben Carson, largely ignores Mad Maxine, Waters has been mounting relentless attacks against him for the sole transgression of working in the Trump administration.

Black Confederate Soldiers Website



Welcome to the Black Confederate Soldiers website which focuses on connecting families with their ancestor's genealogical records and citations. The purpose of this website is to provide a one-stop location of free genealogy records by state about 19th Century slaves and freedmen who served in various capacities with the Confederate States Army and Navy during the American Civil War.  

Primary and Secondary sources of information are made available to family historians researching ancestors who lived in the southern states during the American Civil War (1861-1865).  

DATA: Voter Registration Trends Favor Republicans Bigly

In short, Democrats saw the trend in their direction in only one state (DE) and even where they had a net gain (CO), it had fallen from previous months. While one or two states might be exceptions or quixotic, the same cannot be said for a sample of twelve battleground states. This represents a net gain by Republicans across these states of over 290,000 votes. As I have said in previous columns, these numbers suggest if the election were held today, Trump would win all the electoral votes he carried in 2016 and add New Hampshire, and probably Maine and New Mexico. But other states are rapidly coming in to play.


An ongoing analysis of voter registration trends since November 2016—the election of Donald Trump—continues to show significant trends toward Republicans almost across the board. A couple of notes on the data are necessary:
  1. In many cases—almost all except Arizona and Delaware—the total number of registered Democrats and Republicans both has fallen. This is normal. Secretaries of State purge voter rolls of those who have moved, died, or asked to be removed from the rolls. The baseline month is November 2016, but some states have not updated up to September. I used the most recent date in these cases. Pennsylvania’s data has still not been updated from May, but I’ll include it anyway.
  2. New Jersey was the only state to show one party declining (the Democrats) and the other gaining (the Republicans, though only by 287 voters).
  3. Unfortunately MI, WI, OH, MN, VA, GA, and TX do not register voters by party, so tracking these states is not possible. Once some of them—such as OH—have primaries, a comparison to previous primary turnout would be beneficial.
So here we go:

Sharyl Attkisson explains what we are up against

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This is easily the read of the day.  Sharyl Attkisson is the bravest reporter of her generation, so much of a threat to people with access to the capabilities of our intel agencies that she was spied upon and worse.  Today she faces the ugly truth about what recent reports (if true) reveal:

Nobody wants our intel agencies to be used like the Stasi in East Germany; the secret police spying on its own citizens for political purposes. The prospect of our own NSA, CIA and FBI becoming politically weaponized has been shrouded by untruths, accusations and justifications.

She goes on to review a number of instances of us being lied to about spying, about spying on journalists, and then gets to her personal experience in fighting back against an actual hack she experienced while at CBS News: