Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lessons from the Vietnam War: The Establishment Media Misinformation Campaign Continues

Via Mike
To my knowledge, I am one of only two people to survive bailing out of a burning A-26K (aka B-26K) at only 700 feet altitude at night. At my best count, about one-third of the A-26 aircrew members during the Vietnam War were KIA (killed-in action). I was fortunate to suffer only five months in Air Force hospitals doing physical therapy. I got some medals, but the one I most identify with is the simplest common denominator—the Vietnam Service Medal—that shows I belong to a special band of brothers and sisters whose sacrifice and patriotism is largely unheralded and sometimes misrepresented. I have an emotional identity with them and my own record and service, of course, but I also have a strong attachment to the truth. Therefore, I am doubly concerned when uninformed, misinformed, or Marxist agenda-driven media distorts the truth and thereby slander my former comrades in arms.


  1. I will not watch or recommend watching any ken burn production. no history is better than false history.

  2. Burns is like Goodwin...same old crap but its always PBS worthy. indyjonesouthere

  3. Don't know if I despise him more than the $PLC.