Friday, April 3, 2020

I'm a 'scientist' -- a label that has lost its luster: Art Robinson, Ph.D of Robinson Self-Taught Homeschool


Ron Paul: Support Art Robinson for Congress 

Exclusive: Art Robinson, Ph.D., calls out those using descriptor to spread fear among us


"Let's Send a Scientist to the Oregon Senate" headlines a flier for my State Senate campaign. We are considering dropping "Scientist."

Scientists enjoy learning new facts about the physical world. They have been respected largely because some of their discoveries have led to engineering and medical discoveries that markedly enhanced people's lives.
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were all scientists – Franklin rated to be the greatest scientist of his century. Yet, their great legacy to our nation was not based on science.

It was based on their knowledge of history, their Judeo-Christian ethics and their resulting wisdom about the government best suited to enhancing the gift of life human beings have received.

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