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~Final comments on Kyle Rittenhouse. If you are shocked by this “Not Guilty” Verdict, I suggest you find other news sources to get your information.~

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For instance, did you know Kyle’s father and grandparents lived in Kenosha? Did you know the gas station where Kyle stayed until they singled him out to attack him is owned by his grandparents? Did you know Kyle's reason for going to Kenosha was to protect his grandparents and their livelihood? Did you know they began their attack on Kyle because he extinguished a dumpster fire that the crowd started and was rolling into his families gas station with the intention to blow up the gas station? Did you know the attackers came on to his grandparents property to begin the attacks?
Did you know the city of Kenosha where Kyle's family live are only a 20 minute drive from where Kyle lived with his mother in Illinois? Did you know Kyle legally possessed his rifle and was legally allowed to carry it? Did you know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed and citizens attacked? Did you know Kyle tried to turn himself into these police after he first defended himself but his surrender and ask for assistance were denied by these police? Did you know Kyle was returned to the Meyhem by the police? Did you know that one of the perpetrators of the attacks (a felon) was standing next to the police with a loaded handgun and followed Kyle from the police to start his attack before being shot?
Did you know that someone knocked Rittenhouse down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head and that his identity was illegally withheld by the prosecution. Did you know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard before he was shot? Did you know Gaige Grosskreutz was the man who followed Kyle from where he was standing with the police before pointing his illegally possessed pistol at Kyles head and being shot in the arm? Did you know each of these individuals were White and of the same race as Kyle?
Did you know that each of the individuals shot that night were felons? Rosenbaum was a 5 time convicted child rapist, Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater? (his wife and Grandmother) and that Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record.
Again, if you did not know these facts, you watch the wrong news outlets and are being sucked into what seems to be a desire for political retribution against Americans who live by traditional American set of values.

The Morrill Tariff: Furious National Debate over Protectionism vs. Free Trade – Part 2

 As South Carolina statesman and political philosopher John C. Calhoun frequently pointed out, any tax measure that has a disparate and damaging effect on different regional or commercial interests is inherently unconstitutional. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution provides that:

“…all duties, imports, and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

Article 5, Section 9 ordains that:

“No tax, or duty, shall be laid upon articles exported from any State. No preference shall be given, by any regulation of commerce or revenue, to the ports of one State, over those of another.”

The clearly manifest spirit of these Constitutional provisions is not that duties should be uniform in rate, but that they should be uniform in effect. The intent of these measures is to prohibit any legislation that gives preference to special commercial interests, geographic regions, states, or ports. Surely, it prohibits any tariff that damages other commercial interests or geographic regions for the benefit of another. The Confederate Constitution, recognizing the injustice and turmoil caused by much of the tariff legislation of the past 40 years, allowed for low-rate revenue tariffs but prohibited protective tariffs.

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“A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends”: Providence and the American War of 1861-1865

“There’s a divinity that shapes our ends,/ Rough-hew them how we will.” –  Hamlet V, ii, 10-11

“I could see that there was two Providences, and a poor chap would stand considerable show with the widow’s Providence, but if Miss Watson’s got him there warn’t no help for him any more.” – Huckleberry Finn, Ch. 3

That the concept of Providence was much discussed in various writings—speeches, letters, sermons, and so on—during the American War of 1861-1865 should not be surprising. It was a time of great turmoil, conflict, and violence over fundamental issues dividing the country. Among these were the relation of the States to the United States, the interpretation of the Constitution, slavery and the Constitutional sanction of that institution, the meaning and scope of freedom and equality—all of these and others considered in the context of a country “realizing westward,” in the phrase of that Yankee poet, Robert Lee Frost. Both North and South hoped and prayed to the same God and hoped and prayed that He would bless each of their causes.

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December 4 was First Thanksgiving, in Virginia, not Plymouth

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Ross Mackenzie, Richmond Times-Dispatch

It is altogether fitting and proper to conclude that the first Thanksgiving was held here.

Berkeley Hundred

Now begins the season for giving thanks -- something that more of us could profit from doing more often. As an inevitable consequence, this also is the season for refueling the debate about where the first Thanksgiving occurred.

For centuries the New England version went practically unchallenged. Many children know the general story, even in this contemporary culture that so frequently reviles its past.


Rand Paul: Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chair Will Not Curb America’s ‘Inflationary Spiral’

 Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell listens during a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, on December 1, 2020 in Washington,DC. (Photo by Al Drago / POOL / AFP) (Photo by AL DRAGO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News in a statement Monday that Jerome Powell’s renomination to serve a second term as the Federal Reserve chairman will do nothing to curb “America’s inflationary spiral.”

President Joe Biden tapped Jerome Powell to serve a second term as the head of the nation’s central bank.

The decision to renominate Powell follows the nation continuing to grapple with soaring inflation. The Federal Reserve chair has escaped blame for the rising inflation, although the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy plays a significant role in managing the nation’s money supply and current inflationary environment.

Biden said in a statement:

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CEO of Trucking Org: I’m Already Short 80,000 Drivers, Losing More to Mandate Would Be ‘Catastrophic’

If it is allowed to proceed amid court challenges, President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate will make America’s supply chain issues worse, according to a major figure in the trucking industry.

Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, outlined the damage the mandate could do during a Wednesday hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

He said a significant number of truck drivers vehemently oppose the mandate.

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Fundraiser Explodes as Candace Owens Steps in to Help Officer Fired for Donating $25 to Rittenhouse

 Fundraiser Explodes as Candace Owens Steps in to Help Officer Fired for Donating $25 to Rittenhouse

 [Kelly’s] “spineless police chief, Larry Boone, a radical BLM supporter who attended BLM rallies in uniform— allowed the double standard of his firing to occur because to Boone, delivering mob justice mattered more than siding with truth.” Owens’ note reads.

Candace Owens was moved to action when she heard that the Norfolk Virginia Police Department fired Lt. William Kelly when it became known that he donated $25 in support of Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

Kelly had served as executive officer of internal affairs.

Owens started a support drive for Kelly on the Christian Crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo.

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Gun Safety 1956

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Waukesha: Alleged Attacker Is a Convicted Pedophile, Repeat Felon and Self-Described Black Terrorist Who Preached Violence Against White People

Via Amy Manumaleuga "Here’s the info that the MSM won’t even say or actually cover.  The establishment + media are trying to spin and cover this up as a racial hate crime against whites.As in that the black guys were fleeing from a knife crime but there was none. Have you even heard of any repubs, Democrats, or any one really be concerned about the intentionally murdered WHITE children? No, they’d rather support BLM or any blacks that has been set free. It should be obvious to any sane thinking white person in this country that there is absolutely nothing in this anti-white system for us. Inclusion, equality + diversity is our strength does not mean everyone else + whites. It means everyone MINUS whites. There is blatant anti-white exclusion and genocide going on right now" 

Last night, a red Ford SUV plowed through a group of overwhelmingly white people at a Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha, which is west of Milwaukee. 

Media reports have confirmed the identity of the alleged driver, Darrell E. Brooks, a registered sex offender who admitted in a video that he pimps children. The career criminal was released back into the streets on a paltry $1000 bond despite being charged with bail-jumping and facing a plethora of violent felonies and misdemeanors just over two weeks ago, according to Wisconsin Court Records. 

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Waukesha Massacre Suspect Released On 'Inappropriately Low' Bail, Accused Of Previous Hit-And-Run Attempt

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Update (1320ET): The suspect in the Waukesha mass murder, Darrell Brooks Jr., was released on an 'inappropriately low' bail on November 11 in an unrelated case, after posting just $1,000 cash bail following charges of Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Felony Bail Jumping, Battery, Obstructing and Officer and Disorderly Conduct in an existing case against him, according to Milwaukee County DA John T. Chisholm.

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‘Capitol Punishment’ Confirms Aftermath of Jan. 6 Was an Elite Psychological Operation Against Patriots