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How to disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles

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 Disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light-Armored Vehicles

You know, the toy replicas..........

As of 2013, constitutional Americans have witnessed an increase in hostile posturing by the federal government. These hostile actions were clearly outlined by the CMF Website Administrator in the article ‘The American Government continues to target Preppers’. One of the most notable actions outlined in this article was the purchase of 2,700 MRAP Light Armored Vehicles by the Department of Homeland Security. A purchase warranted as unnecessary and irrational by seasoned military and police personnel. This single purchase of MRAPs is understandably unnerving for those in the survival community.

Its high-time Americans wake up and realize our nation is under a continual threat of tyranny. Now let’s step off the soapbox and get informed. When and if (when stressed more than if) the federal government uses light-armored vehicles against Americans, we will need to be fully informed prior to their use. You will need to know what an MRAP is, its capabilities, and its weaknesses. This guide will assist you and your survival group.

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Bolton is a blithering idiot


Wonder what their reaction would be if they were after TWO suspects?

Love it!:)

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Quick '57 Chevy

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Keep It

"There are some things worse than hanging and extermination. We reckon giving up the right of self-government one of those things."
-- Jefferson Davis, first president of the Confederacy.


Why We Can't Have A "Reasonable Discussion" On 2A


 ROE For Encounters 
(Graphic from Bracken)

 I remind everyone that with some 300,000,000 guns in America and about 11,000 homicides a year 0.004% of them are used in a murder annually.  In other words 99.996% of the firearms owned are not used to murder someone in a given year.


The other night I got into a twitter-flamefest with Dylan Ratigan on, you guessed it, guns.

He tweeted something about The Senate and "reasonable" gun control and I went after him.  He responded and the game was on.  You can back through my timeline (as Tickerguy) and have a look if you want.

The conversation quickly degenerated when he started with the "So you're for private ownership of nukes, right?" crap and "The Second Amendment was written in a time of muskets, so that's what it covers" nonsense.

I retorted with "So the First Amendment is about movable type, paper and ink -- hand-driven -- right?"

Ah, no answer.

Didn't think I'd get one, by the way, so rather than keep hammering that I instead pointed this out the following (and it took three tweets to do it @ 140 characters each):

The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution (no government can give what it does not have)

2A recognizes the fundamental human right to self-defense, irrespective of the attacker's identity.
The Bill of Rights PROTECTS Rights, it does not GRANT them as government NEVER HAD THEM TO GRANT.

This is why we can't have a "reasonable" debate on this point with people on the other side of the debate.

They refuse to recognize these essential facts:

Unclaimed: Vietnam Veteran Tells Story In New Film After Being Left Behind For 44 Years

Update: Just found this.




Many of our brave men and women in uniform carry a motto that they will not leave a man behind. Sadly, in many instances that happens and it’s not because that is what those men want to happen. Such is the story of Special Forces Green Beret Master Sgt. John Hartley Robertson, whose helicopter was shot down over Laos in 1968 on a classified mission. He was declared dead in that same year. A new movie by Emmy-winning Edmonton Filmmaker Michael Jorgensen titled Unclaimed is Robertson’s story.

Robertson never forgot that he was a husband, a father and an American soldier who was born in Alabama. However, he did forget English and learned to speak only Vietnamese.

Robertson was captured by the Vietnamese and was accused of being a CIA spy. As a result, he was tortured for a year. He was badly injured and confused, but finally released and ended up marrying a Vietnamese nurse that had taken care of him during his captivity. The two had children and he assumed the name of her dead husband.

Jorgensen says that audiences will “lose their minds” and “come unglued” when they see Unclaimed. “They don’t hold anything higher than service to the country,” he said.

Ironically, Jorgensen said that there were roadblocks from the military in making the film, especially in contacting Mr. Robertson’s family. One high-0placed government source told him, “It’s not that the Vietnamese won’t let him (Robertson) go; it’s that our government doesn’t want him.”

Linda Barnard writes:
Unclaimed follows the dramatic quest of Vietnam vet Tom Faunce to prove that the man he was told about while on a 2008 humanitarian mission in Southeast Asia was indeed an Army “brother” who had been listed as killed in action and subsequently forgotten.

Faunce, a soft-spoken man who has suffered crushing loss and turmoil throughout his life, has devoted himself to helping the world’s most desperate people. He was determined to make good on his vow to leave no man behind after serving two years in a war that divided America and made him feel like a pariah when he finally came home.

“Tom went to meet him (Robertson) and was very skeptical, grilled this guy up and down trying to get him to break, to say, ‘Oh, no, I’m just making it up.’ And he was adamant he was that guy,” said Jorgensen, who was in Toronto to help host an invitation-only patrons’ screening of Unclaimed at the Hot Docs Bloor Cinema two weeks ago and sat down for an exclusive interview with the Star.

Robertson’s story seems unbelievable. And Jorgensen was equally skeptical when Faunce contacted him in 2012 about making a doc in the hope it would add muscle to his quest to reunite Robertson with his American family.

The film is complete with a touching meeting of Robertson and a soldier he had trained in 1960 and also a very moving scene when he is reunited with his only surviving sibling, 80 year old Jean Robertson-Holly, who had no idea that her brother could even be alive.

According to Jorgensen, “Jean says … ‘There’s no question. I was certain it was him in the video, but when I held his head in my hands and looked in his eyes, there was no question that was my brother.”
Both the soldier and the sister claimed there was no need of verifying fingerprints and DNA because they knew him at first sight. However, attempts were made to have DNA testing with his American wife and two children, but though they had previously agreed, they abruptly declined.

“Somebody suggested to me maybe that’s (because) the daughters don’t want to know if it’s him. It’s kind of like, that was an ugly war. It was a long time ago. We just want it to go away,” says Jorgensen. “I don’t know. What would compel you not to want to know if this person is your biological father?”

Hugh Tran, a Vietnam-born Edmonton senior police constable, was with Jorgensen to act as a translator between him and Robertson. He could find no evidence of an American accent at all. “To tell you the truth, after I interviewed him the first time, I was 90 percent sure he is MIA,” said Trans. “I still didn’t believe . . . until I saw the family reunion.”

Though Robertson appears to forget his birthday and even the names of his American children, Jorgensen says that there are moments that were not in the film where his memory is quite sharp.

“These memories pop out,” says Jorgensen. “I’ll give you an example that’s not in the movie. The minute he (Robertson) walks in that room in Edmonton, he knows it’s Jean. He says to Henry, her husband, ‘Oh, I remember, you worked in the drugstore.’” Jean’s husband had been a pharmacist for 50 years.

Both Jean and her husband want answers as to why he was left in Vietnam. They were both involved in a car crash within days of their reunion with Robertson.

Mr. Robertson is back in Vietnam now, having fulfilled a long awaited wish to see his American family one more time before he dies.

When I think of men like John Kerry being promoted to Secretary of State after the treasonous actions that he engaged in and the politicizing of his “service” in Vietnam in his presidential bid and I compare him to someone like Mr. Robertson, I genuinely am disgusted with how such a man could ever be seen as anything but a coward. Perhaps if enough people were to flood the U.S. State Department on behalf of Robertson’s sister and brother-in-law, the pressure might be enough to get some answers for this family that were separated by nearly a half a century.

Unclaimed is scheduled to be screened at the G.I. Film Festival in Washington, D.C. in May. Please visit the Unclaimed website or take the time to introduce this generation to what men like Mr. Robertson and many in this audience have endured in the service of their country.

The New Pledge of Allegiance

Constitutional Rights

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Will the Amnesty Bill Lead to Gun Confiscation in 2035?

Turning America "blue" could lead to California-style gun control

"Immigration reform could be a bonanza for Democrats [and] cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily." — Politico, April 22, 2013

In 1984, California was sufficiently conservative so that it cast its electoral votes for President Ronald Reagan. It was not fiercely pro-gun, but, then again, it wasn't New York.

But, in 1986, Reagan signed an immigration amnesty bill, called Simpson-Mazzoli. The bill was small compared to the current amnesty bill. Three million illegals benefited.

But that was enough to change California from a sometimes "swing state" to a state almost wholly controlled by Leftists. Within 20 years — and continuing to this day — California couldn't pass enough gun bans, gun registration, ammunition limits, and ammunition registration.

So it is with some concern that Chuck Schumer’s amnesty bill (S. 744) which is currently on the table would cover 11,000,000 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens — four to seven times the size of the Simpson-Mazzoli bill.

We predict that, if the bill is passed, by 2035, the American electorate will have changed so fundamentally that California-style gun control could become a very real possibility in this country!
We know you're tired. We have just fought a hard-fought battle over explicit gun control in the Senate — a battle which we won.

But it does strike us as interesting that the same gun control crazies who pushed gun control want to slam immigration amnesty through the Senate quickly so they can redirect their fire against us again.

Who are the chief architects of forging a more anti-gun electorate? Well, the chief sponsor of S. 744 is Chuck Schumer, and he is joined by other Second Amendment haters such as Dick Durbin (D-IL), Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and compromiser John McCain (R-AZ).

Over the next week or so, we'll let you in on some of the anti-gun specifics of Schumer's "amnesty bill," as it’s correctly dubbed. But for starters, the bill would push us towards a biometric ID card, which is something that GOA has opposed for years — given that a de facto National ID poses a huge threat to gun owners’ privacy.

But then there’s the fact that Schumer’s “amnesty bill” requires the government to give its okay — in a Brady Gun Check-type procedure — before you could get a private job in America (section 3(c)(2)(A)(iii)). Does anyone not see why this might be a problem?

We've just gone through excruciating pain to stop the expansion of Brady Checks for guns. Now we turn around and the same parties who were pushing that are now pushing Brady Checks for private jobs.

It’s ironic that those pushing for background checks are adamantly against ID’s for voting because that would disenfranchise the elderly, the poor, and minorities. Hmm, so they do understand that background checks  as a prior restraint — are a fundamentally flawed concept?

But this is where the real fun starts. You feed the potential employee’s info into a government database and, according to Senator Durbin, "up pops a picture." And, says Durbin, "if that picture doesn't match [the one on your ID], you may not be employed."

The Brady Check deals with a list of names which is in the millions. It deals only with things like names and social security numbers, not pictures. Yet it gives “false negatives” 8% of the time. And if you’re one of those 8% who are illegally denied a gun, the FBI’s response, more often than not, is “So sue us.” If this weren’t bad enough, the system breaks down for days at a time — normally the times when the most people need it.

Do we really want to expand this flawed concept to other areas of our lives?

If this weren't bad enough, we know that, once the government has to give its approval before you can do something, it’s an almost iron-clad guarantee that it will exercise that power in a political manner. Under the Brady Check system, 165,000 law-abiding honorable veterans have lost their gun rights, not because they have done anything wrong, but because they sought counseling from the VA on the basis of a traumatic experience in the military.

Watching Schumer explain on the Senate floor why those veterans should lose their constitutional rights without any court order — while he vigilantly defends due process for foreign terrorists — is like watching a dung beetle drag its “prey” back to its lair.

So we know 165,000 non-politically correct veterans lost their gun rights under Brady Checks. Who will become politically incorrect unemployable non-persons under Brady Checks for Jobs?

Now, one would think that the fact that one million people in Boston were put under house arrest last week because our current immigration system allowed two asylum-seekers from terrorist-filled Chechnya to become legal residents and, in one case, a citizen of our country, will put the skids on the "inevitability" of Schumer’s amnesty bill. After all, gun control was "inevitable" too.

But the bottom line is this: Just as we saw the gun ramifications of ObamaCare, we will also see the problems with a bill that alters the electorate in such a way that the Second Amendment will cease to exist. In doing so, we will need to make sure that we don’t have most of our guns registered or confiscated in 2035 because short-sighted politicians listened to MSNBC and turned our country blue.

But we will also make sure that we do not take bad gun law and turn it into bad employment law.
ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and ask them to oppose the anti-gun Schumer amnesty bill (S. 744).

Judge's Halt to Terror Questioning 'Mind-Boggling' & Feds Search Landfill for Boston Suspect's Laptop

PHOTO: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was transported overnight to the Federal Medical Center Devens, a federal prison facility that offers treatment to inmates requiring specialized or long-term medical care.

Republican outrage is rising over the decision to read teenage Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights just as he was beginning to open up about the blast that killed three and injured about 270 people.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said it was “ridiculous” that a judge stopped the questioning while the 19-year-old was talking to FBI agents.

And House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers called the decision to intervene a “God-awful policy.”

Lawmakers are demanding to know why Tsarnaev, who has confessed to being involved in the planting of two bombs near the Boston Marathon finish line, was read his Miranda rights in the middle of his interrogation.

“That’s just mind-boggling,” Giuliani said in an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

“This guy is kind of telling you about how he’s coming to New York and do a bombing, a judge walks in and we cut off the questioning?” Giuliani said. “What are we, crazy?

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Feds Search Landfill for Boston Suspect's Laptop

Investigators in white hazmat suits are searching a landfill for a laptop tied to the accused Boston Marathon bombers, a potential lead that emerged as a result of interviews with two men from Kazakhstan who knew the terror suspects, law enforcement sources told ABC News. 

Immigration officers arrested the two men, Dias Kadyrbayev, 19, and Azamat Tazhayakov, 20, on Saturday on suspicion that they had violated the terms of their student visas because they were no longer attending classes. They are being detained on the administrative charges at the Suffolk County (Mass.) House of Corrections. 

The men lived in an apartment near the campus of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, had been enrolled as a student. Both Tsarnaev brothers were believed to have visited the New Bedford apartment of Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov after the bombing, according to three law enforcement sources, who spoke on the condition they not be named because they were discussing an ongoing investigation. The police sources told ABC News they traced calls and Russian language text messages from one of the bombing suspect's cell phone to the Kazakhstani men. 

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VMI to mark 150 years since Stonewall Jackson's death


 VMI to mark 150 years since Stonewall Jackson's death

Virginia Military Institute plans a May full of events in honor of one of its most notable faculty members: Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.

A special exhibit opens May 1 at the VMI Museum, featuring Jackson's bullet-scarred raincoat, his blood-stained handkerchief and the surgeon's needle used in the amputation of Jackson's arm.

Later in May, a National Park Service historian will discuss Jackson's final hours and last journey to Lexington.

One-hundred-fifty years ago, Jackson was wounded by friendly fire in the din and confusion of battle. He died several days later On May 10, 1863.

Gun porn

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Nonprofit Group Steps Up Efforts to Arm Vulnerable Americans

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A nonprofit group in Houston, TX known for helping single mothers has begun an ambitious new effort to help an entire neighborhood, and ultimately, the entire nation. This nonprofit stands apart from most others because of how it is trying to help. Namely, they arm single mothers and other vulnerable groups in society. They are the Armed Citizen Project.

The group formed earlier this year and raised funds to purchase and provide firearms, specifically shotguns, along with legal, safety, and tactical training, to single mothers and single women across the city of Houston. The group’s founder and executive director, Kyle Coplen, says they have already helped about 15 women to better protect themselves and their children. Coplen is a faculty member at Rice University and directs their aquatics program.

The Armed Citizen Project is now expanding, according to Coplen. “We are now stepping up our efforts to train and arm an entire neighborhood. We’ve sent mailers out to the targeted area and people began contacting us."

More @ Breitbart

DHS Bullet Inventory Is 246,451,611, Chief Procurement Officer Testifies


The Department of Homeland Security’s chief procurement officer testified at a House hearing Thursday that the agency’s bullet stockpile is almost 250 million, and the procurement of ammunition has “remained constant” in relation to the number of employees that carry and use firearms.

“As of April 15, 2013, this amounted to DHS having approximately 246,451,611 rounds in inventory,” Nick Nayak said in prepared remarks to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations and Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Regulatory Affairs hearing.

“On average, over the last three fiscal years, DHS procured approximately 120 million rounds of ammunition per year of all calibers and types and fired approximately the same number of rounds per year, almost exclusively for training purposes,” he said.

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A box of .223 ammunition / AP

GOP Bill Seeks to Cut Back Government Ammo Purchases

Senate and House Republicans are set to introduce a joint bill Friday that would significantly limit the amount of ammunition that federal agencies are permitted to purchase and stockpile over the next six months.

The bill, authored by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R., Okla.), comes as numerous lawmakers across Capitol Hill have expressed concern that certain federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are stockpiling high quantities of ammunition.
DHS, for instance, has placed two-years worth of ammunition, or nearly 247 million rounds, in its inventory.

Inhofe said these agencies must provide greater “transparency and accountability” over its ammo stockpiles so that the public can learn about its precise use.

“President Obama has been adamant about curbing law-abiding Americans’ access and opportunities to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Inhofe said in a statement provided to the Washington Free Beacon. “One way the Obama administration is able to do this is by limiting what’s available in the market with federal agencies purchasing unnecessary stockpiles of ammunition.”

GOP charges Obama officials lied on talking points


Did CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell mislead lawmakers when he told senators in a briefing that references to terrorism and al-Qaida were removed from the White House’s Benghazi talking points in order to “prevent compromising an ongoing criminal investigation?”

The claim of scrubbing terrorism from White House talking points for security reasons was also made to the news media by other officials within the CIA and by the office of the Director for National Intelligence.

But those claims are now contradicted by a 46-page House Republican report probing the Benghazi attacks.
In perhaps one of the most damning but until now unreported sections of the report, lawmakers who penned the investigation wrote they were given access to classified emails and other communications that prove the talking points were not edited to protect classified information but instead to protect the State Department’s reputation.

More @ WND

Holder: Amnesty is a 'civil right'


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in remarks that largely have escaped notice, has claimed that “creating a mechanism for [illegal aliens] to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows… is a matter of civil and human rights.”

Holder also said that the federal government will work hard “to safeguard the rights of language minorities.”

These claims are likely to add fuel to the growing controversy over the Senate amnesty proposal developed by the so-called “Gang of Eight.”

Holder made these remarks in an April 24 speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Awards Gala. MALDEF’s notable activity includes suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio and opposing Arizona’s immigration law.

Holder said, “[I]t is long past time to reform our immigration system in a way that is fair; that guarantees that all are playing by the same rules…”

However, one of the primary criticisms of amnesty is that it does not treat all immigrants according to the same rules. Instead, according to critics, amnesty would reward illegal aliens by allowing them to bypass established procedures required for legal entry.

More @ WND

UN Disabilities Treaty on the Move

Contact Members of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee!
Dear Champion of Parental Rights,

We are hearing from multiple sources that the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee is gearing up to hold hearings on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The plan is to hold the hearings sometime next month.

The Senate needs to hear from you immediately that this already defeated UN treaty must not be ratified by the U.S. Senate. The United States Senate must not surrender our domestic sovereignty and the care of children with disabilities to unelected, unaccountable UN bureaucrats. Parents know best how to care for their children with disabilities. U.S. law is the gold standard for ensuring that people with disabilities are protected and able to participate in all areas of U.S. society.

The U.S. Senate will be in recess next week, which means that your senators are back in your state meeting with constituents. Please do three things:

  1. Call and email your two U.S. senators and urge them to oppose the UN CRPD. The Capitol Hill Switchboard is 202-224-3121, and you can use this link to email your senators.
  2. Find out if there is a constituent meeting in your area, or see if you can visit your U.S. senators while they are on recess. You can visit our States Page, click on your state, and then click on your senators to find their personal webpage.
  3. Please forward this email to your friends and family, and educate them about the dangers that this UN treaty poses to parental rights, homeschool freedom, and our nation’s sovereignty.
Your message to your senators can be as simple as the following:

“I urge you to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental care of children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect Americans with disabilities. This treaty is unnecessary and will hurt families by giving bureaucrats the power to decide what is in the best interests of a child with disabilities, not the child’s parents.”

To find out more about the CRPD please click here. To read the text of the CRPD please click here.

Thank you for joining with us in this battle to protect our children and our children’s future. You defeated this treaty last year. Standing together, we can defeat this treaty once again.

For liberty,

Michael P. Farris, J.D., LL.M.

“If you want an example of the failure of socialism, don't go to Russia, come to America and go to the Indian reservations.”

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Imagine a country that has a corrupt authoritarian government. In that country no one knows about checks and balances or an independent court system. Private property is not recognized in that country either. Neither can one buy or sell land. And businesses are reluctant to bring investments into this country. Those who have jobs usually work for the public sector. Those who don’t have jobs subsist on entitlements that provide basic food. At the same time, this country sports a free health care system and free access to education. Can you guess what country it is? It could be the former Soviet Union, Cuba, or any other socialist country of the past.

Yet, I want to assure you that such a country exists right here in the United States. And its name is Indian Country.

More @ Mises

USDA to Mexico: Illegal immigrants can have food stamps

With food stamp spending in the United States skyrocketing since the beginning of the recession, the Department of Agriculture is paying to promote food stamp usage to illegal immigrants for the sake of their American children, according to documents obtained by a government watchdog.

“The promotion of the food stamp program, now known as “SNAP” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA with a statement advising Mexicans in the U.S. that they do not need to declare their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance,” Judicial Watch announced today. 

“Emphasized in bold and underlined, the statement reads, ‘You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children.’”

A Letter From An Aging Patriot


I recently received an email from an older Patriot concerned about his role in the III% movement.  His email along with my response is posted below.
I am 59 years old. I am a Vietnam Era Air Force veteran who has never seen combat or fired a weapon at a human being. I am an Oath Keeper, in my own mind at least. In my younger days I was an above-average athlete. I was given my first firearm by my WWII combat veteran father at age 12.
In the past few years I have been lurking the internet for III-per information and contacts. I fancy myself a III-per but the embarrassing fact is that I have no combat experience, and as I age I begin to think I would be more of a hindrance to an active III-per unit than a asset. I am still fairly healthy and strong. All my parts work. I can do about a 12 minute mile.
I have made substantial investments in AR platforms in 7.62 and 5.56 with ACOG optics. I also have built a Remington 700 (.308) long-range rifle with HorusVision optics and I am very accurate at up to 300 yards. I am sure I can add to that effective range. I have better-than-avaerage woodcraft skills. No plate carriers or LBE.
I have acquired basic handgun training and I am proficient but certainly no expert.
I have not been trained in the tactics of any kind.
Am I kidding myself to think that I could actually serve in an active III-per unit if TSHTF?
Would you have someone like me in a unit you were leading, or tell me to beat it?
I am not asking to be coddled. I am asking what it would be like to be you, if you had to choose between allowing an old man into a unit simply because he had gear and could shoot fairly well, but would surely slow down a unit of 20-year olds.
Thank you for your honest comments if you have the time.
- Aging Patriot
I understand your concern that you aren’t combat experienced but neither were most of the original III%.  And neither are most of the III% community today.  As a very unscientific estimate of the US population, it’s something like 1% in the military; of which maybe 50% have been deployed to an actual combat zone (I don’t know the exact percentage); and perhaps 10% of that fraction have trigger time.  Very, very few people.  There are active militias out there that have no combat experience among their ranks.  There are plenty of Americans like you; but combat experience isn’t a prerequisite to defend the Liberty and security of the Republic.

NY Officials: Boston Suspects Planned to Blow Up Times Square

The Boston Marathon bombing suspects made an impromptu decision to drive to New York City and detonate their remaining explosives in Times Square, New York City officials said on Thursday.

“Last night, we were informed by the FBI that the surviving attacker revealed that New York City was next on their list of targets,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at an afternoon news conference.

Bloomberg was referring to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, who was captured on Friday in suburban Watertown, Mass., after an intense manhunt by authorities. His brother, Tamerlan, 26, was killed in a fierce overnight shootout with police earlier on Friday.

“He told the FBI apparently that he and his brother intended to drive to New York and detonate additional explosives in Times Square,” Bloomberg added. “They had built these additional explosives — and we know that they had the capacity to carry out the attacks.”

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the suspects had a pressure cooker bomb like the two used in the Boston blasts and five pipe bombs that they wanted to set off.

They said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told Boston investigators from his hospital bed that he and his brother had discussed going to New York to detonate their remaining explosives. They said they decided it spontaneously.

“In the car, they made a decision to go to New York with the remaining explosives to detonate in Times Square,” Kelly said.

The brothers’ plan “fell apart,” Kelly said, when they realized that the Mercedes-Benz SUV they had stolen — after fatally shooting MIT security officer Sean Collier — had run out of gas.

The SUV’s owner, who had been driving with the suspects inside, escaped after the suspects forced him to stop at a gas station, Kelly said.

 More @ Newsmax

Guns & Indians

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U.S. female sailor beats Dubai rapist bus driver into submission

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Good girl!  

An off-duty U.S. navy sailor wrestled a Dubai bus driver to the ground and beat him into submission after he tried to rape her at knifepoint on Jan. 19, a courtroom heard Wednesday.

The woman, 28, was on 24-hour shore leave in Dubai when she was attacked by a bus driver after he picked her up from the Mall of the Emirates shopping center.

“I noticed he did not take the main road and when I asked him he told me not to worry,” she said, according to the Daily Mail

He then stopped where several other buses were parked and tried to kiss her. After she refused, he pulled out a knife and tried to rape her.

Prosecutors said that she knocked the knife from his hand, broke it in two, bit him in the hand, forced him to the ground and locked him between her thighs, the Daily Mail reports.

How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny


I have no personal experience in the business of false flag terrorism, but I imagine that engineering a successfully staged terror attack to be blamed on innocent or semi-innocent parties with the goal of psychologically manipulating a population requires that one also be an accomplished storyteller. It demands an avid imagination and an organized sense of foresight. And, most of all, it requires a consistency of narrative. Without consistency, the audience’s ability to suspend its disbelief is damaged, and they become disconnected from the fantasy being portrayed.

If I were the “writer” behind the “story” of the Boston Marathon Bombing, I would consider my efforts an abject failure.

The narrative of the event has changed multiple times in only a few days, following a hailstorm of conflicting observations from the government and the establishment-run media. The “villain” of the original plotline was clearly meant to be “rightwing extremism” as numerous mainstream talking heads, led by federal agency inferences, began repeating the “homegrown right wing terrorist” meme everywhere. This meme was partly abandoned after the alternative media and the Liberty Movement began its own investigation, revealing a large federal presence on the scene, including military Civil Support Teams often tied to the DHS and NORTHCOM, as well as the witnesses who observed what on-scene officials called “training exercises” during the marathon. I have no doubt that these citizen investigations forced the establishment to change the direction of their crime tale, and use Plan B patsies instead. This, however, complicated the momentum of the fiction, and created even more questions.

The Chechen brothers now implicated in the attack have been revealed as long time FBI contacts. This is a bit awkward for the FBI considering they asked the American public to help them “identify the suspects in on-scene photos” while they failed to mention that they knew EXACTLY who the two young men were already (this is what we might call a contrived story arch). Today, the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is conveniently dead. The younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, had his throat conveniently shot out. The feds are now supplying the media with “written confessions” from Dzhokhar to which there is no proof of legitimacy. For all we know the boy hasn’t written a word.

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