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Excellent & by a native:The Free State of Jones: History or Hollywood?

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Hollywood has struck again with another “Civil War” movie that, unsurprisingly as it may seem, does not do justice to the real Southland or the Confederacy.  The latest episode is an epic by director Gary Ross, “Free State of Jones,” starring Matthew McConaughey as the film’s hero, Newt Knight.

“Free State of Jones” tells the story of a Knight-led rebellion against the Confederacy in Jones County, Mississippi, whereby the county allegedly seceded and declared itself a free state.  This rebellion against the Southern Republic centered on the infamous “Twenty Negro Law” that exempted large slave-owners from the draft, raising the cry “rich man’s war, poor man’s fight.”

But aside from trashing history, the film has made Hollywood, and many of those on the political left, leap for joy because it does two things:  It supposedly destroys the “Lost Cause” narrative of a monolithic South, for here is a new hero fighting against the Davis government who is pro-union and, most importantly, anti-Confederate, thereby giving them a club to beat against the mythic notion of a strong and unified Southern Confederacy.

Now it is Captain Con :)

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These key facts of Capt. Kahn have been missing from all of the media propaganda which are smarmy and unsettling in Capt. Kahn's "men" were not Americans in the least at the base he was stationed. It explains a great deal more how Americans injured there reported Iraqi "workers" were entering the gate and that they noticed the suicide bomb vehicle there and no one was doing anything about it.

Here are the quotes from By Yoichi Shimatsu.

Pay particular attention that this Suni Muslim (Pakistan is predominantly Suni) was training Iraqi assassins in MASS at Baquba Air Base.

This Muslim was in the military to gain a free education to be a lawyer. That is why he was a Captain as he was awarded this position of high rank and high pay and did not achieve it.
By Yoichi Shimatsu
 To correct easy assumptions, Capt. Khan was not a front-line infantryman. He was an officer at Headquarters of the 1st Infantry.
“During his three months in Iraq, Khan helped put Iraqi civilians to work for $5 an hour patrolling the streets of Baquba under the U.S. Army, his father said. The program, dubbed the United States-Iraq Sponsorship Program, was intended to help combat high unemployment and provide the local population with security and peace, his father said.”

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NC: The Bright Leaf hot dog turns 75

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From left, employees Kurt Byrd, Johnny Hayes, Chris Moore, Sunni Queipo and Donnie Moore stand next to a rack of Bright Leaf hot dogs in the Smithfield plant.

Bright Leaf hot dogs, which have filled buns and bellies in Eastern North Carolina for 75 years, come in a one-pound bag.

That’s not the typical hot dog package, but the bag with the tobacco leaf on the front is nearly as iconic as the hot dog itself.

“People would be real upset if we ever changed that,” says Johnny Hayes, vice president and plant manager at Carolina Packers, maker of the Bright Leaf brand of hot dog.

Carolina Packers has been making sausages, bologna, chili and red hots, a spicy, bite-size frankfurter, since 1941, but it all began with the Bright Leaf hot dog.

“That launched the other products,” Hayes said, noting that the hot dog, found mostly in Eastern North Carolina, is slowly making its way across the Tar Heel State and even into Virginia.

“Hippopotami for Dixie”


In America, there are a lot of places you can go that will make you feel like you’re in a foreign country.  Certain areas of Miami, Phoenix, or San Francisco immediately come to mind, and you might feel like you need a passport to go there.  However, I firmly believe that when I travel to some parts of Louisiana, I feel like I’ve left the planet entirely.  Louisiana is the ultimate alien experience.  They have people, plants, and creatures there that simply defy description.

Remember the Rodents of Unusual Size in the Fire Swamp of the “The Princess Bride?”  Well, they actually have them in Louisiana.  They are called nutrias, and they are basically rats the size of small coyotes.  As the story goes, they were brought into Louisiana in the 1930’s by E.A. McIlhenny, who was the same guy that invented Tabasco Sauce.  His plan was to keep them in captivity on Avery Island and breed them for fur.  At this point, the story gets confusing, because it keeps changing.

Either the rats unintentionally escaped into Vermilion Bay, or McIlhenny let them out on purpose to eat some invasive vegetation.  At the time, McIlhenny boasted and bragged that he was the first person in Louisiana to release nutrias into the wild.  Later, when they multiplied into ridiculously destructive hoards, he kind of rolled back that story a little bit.  Even the Tabasco Sauce website goes to a lot of trouble to distance Mr. McIlhenny from the controversy.

Sheriff Paul Babeu: More Obama Lawlessness - DHS Posting "Safe Haven List" for Illegal Immigrants

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McCain v Ward: Tied at 41%!

Lets kick his worthless butt out! :)

 We just received this amazing news from our political team in Arizona, where we are supporting Dr. Kelli Ward's challenge against globalist gun-grabber John McCain. One of the other candidates opposing McCain has dropped out of the race to allow voters to unite behind Dr. Ward.

This is great news, as that candidate could have possibly been a “spoiler” in the race, allowing McCain to hold on to his seat.

Our radio ad exposing McCain and supporting Dr. Ward is currently running across Arizona but we need to reserve airtime for the rest of the month. Early voting starts Wednesday so we don't have any time to waste!

A Public Policy Polling survey had McCain polling at just 39%.  That’s a horrible number for any incumbent, let alone someone so entrenched.  Kelli was at 26% and climbing, but when the poll narrowed the field to just McCain and Ward, it was tied at 41%.

Well, the field has just narrowed so now it’s pedal-to-the-metal from here to the August 30 primary election.

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The Plague of Ignorance, Apathy and Ancient Evils.

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A week or so ago I wrote a piece asking when the public would reach its tipping point in regards to the ongoing human slaughter at the hands of Islam. Well today I reached a tipping point of my own. Not in regards to Islam per se, but in regards to all the whimpering, crybaby, selfish, petulant jerks of the so called Republican pundit class. These self appointed Czars of conservative orthodoxy have finally pushed too far.

I can't  and won't claim to speak for anyone but myself, but I know I am not alone in the feelings I am about to express. But I would appreciate my readers who share this opinion to pass it on to any and all of their like minded friends.

Collectively this entire bunch of know-it-all's has been bellyaching about the poison of political correctness for the last two decades at least. For nearly as long we've heard lecture after lecture about how foolish and destructive Bush Derangement Syndrome was/is and that it was little more than a rhetorical distraction from the political class's (both Republicans and Democrats) inability and to get anything done beyond running their mouths about what they claimed to think needs to be done.

Well now the primary season is over and for the first time in over a third of a century the Republican voters have demonstrated loud and clear who and what they want. And guess what, it is exactly what these selfish jerks have been claiming they stand for for just about as long.  Only problem is Trump actually means it and he is giving no indication that he is going to sell out to the apparatchiks of Wall Street and the one party state.

The Napoleon of the Current Year

Via comment by indyjonesouthere on Special Alert from KrisAnne Hall and Liberty First..."These politicians MUST be removed. Just the other day Sipsey Street had posted a YouTube speech by Richard Spencer titled "The Napoleon of the current year". It is the best political speech supporting a candidate that I have ever heard...and he supports DJ Trump. Listen to it and understand the fork in the road we must take in order to rid ourselves of the current flock of political misfits and perverts in government. There is not perfection in Trump but he is the leader required to plow under the current corruption."

Special Alert from KrisAnne Hall and Liberty First

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Congressman Admits to Ignoring the Constitution and Blames it on You and Me”

On August 1st, I taught a class on the Constitutional remedy for controlling the federal government in Hillsdale, MI.  In the audience was Congressman Tim Walberg, who represents Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.

Mr. Walberg disagreed with the way the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, describes the duty and obligation of Congress over the budget. When I tried to discuss the matter with him he said the truth of the Constitution is not reality and Congress can vote anything into law unlimited by the Constitution.

This self-proclaimed unfettered power exercised by those bound by the Constitution is driving America into unrecoverable debt and destroying the fundamental principles that created our Constitutional Republic. The people are sick of it.

Mr. Walberg is evidence that the real problem in America rests with the persistent and unconstitutional acts of Congress.  They no longer act as servants of the people, but consider themselves unlimited masters over all.

The entire exchange between me and Congressman Walberg was captured on video and live streamed to Facebook. I have since posted it on YouTube and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

As a member of the Liberty First Brigade you’ll be shocked by what he says and the way he says it. Please watch the video, and share it as this is the kind of video that needs to go as viral as possible so others can see exactly what goes on in the mind of Congress and what many of them (some self-proclaimed conservatives) think about you, me, and our Constitution.

1965 Shelby GT350 Fastback Shelby No. 277, Highly Original

My '65 Hi-Po was maroon. So much bourbon had been spilled on the carpet that you could probably get high just sniffing. :)




$475,000 - $575,000


  • No. 277 of 521 Street GT350s produced in 1965
  • Three owners, 27,000 miles from new
  • Spent an amazing 43 of its 51 years carefully stored
  • One of two 1965 GT350s known to retain its original window sticker
  • Shipped to McAnary Ford, Inc. in Gary Indiana on May 26, 1965
  • Factory LeMans stripes and Cragar wheels
  • More @ MECUM

Trump Basher Khizr Khan DELETES Law Firm’s “Pay-for-Play” Website

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khizr and wife

Democrats, the liberal media and #NeverTrumpers criticized Donald Trump for responding to Muslim Khizr Khan’s attacks at the DNC Convention.

Khan attacked Trump over his plan to restrict Muslim immigration to the US.
Khan’s son was killed in Iraq War in 2004.

Hillary Clinton supported the war.

Donald Trump did not.

Donald Trump has NOTHING to do with the death of Khan’s son.

Yesterday, Khizr Khan said he did not want to be in the limelight — He made the announcement during his umpteenth media interview of the week.

Last night he deleted his law firm’s website from the internet.

Trump Statement In Response To President Obama’s Failed Leadership

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"President Obama has been a failed leader who along with Secretary of State Clinton created a foreign policy that has destabilized the world and made it an unsafe place. He is the one who is unfit to be President and Hillary Clinton is equally unfit.

Obama-Clinton have single-handedly destabilized the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya and Syria to ISIS, and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at Benghazi. Then they put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons. Then they allowed dozens of veterans to die waiting for medical care that never came. Hillary Clinton put the whole country at risk with her illegal email server, deleted evidence of her crime, and lied repeatedly about her conduct which endangered us all.

They released criminal aliens into our country who killed one innocent American after another -- like Sarah Root and Kate Steinle -- and have repeatedly admitted migrants later implicated in terrorism. They have produced the worst recovery since the Great Depression. They have shipped millions of our best jobs overseas to appease their global special interests. They have betrayed our security and our workers, and Hillary Clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office.

She is reckless with her emails, reckless with regime change, and reckless with American lives. Our nation has been humiliated abroad and compromised by radical Islam brought onto our shores. We need change now."

- Donald J. Trump

Muslim Rape Epidemic: Sweden Shocked Again after Woman Raped to Death by Somali Immigrant

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NDL News 

The woman died while being raped. Police say the perpetrator continued to rape the woman’s corpse well after she had died. The Somalian was apprehended by police while still in the act of raping the murdered woman. Source in Swedish. By the way, Sweden and Norway are in the middle of a massive epidemic of violent rapes. Crime statistics show that rapes in both countries are overwhelmingly perpetrated by Muslim immigrants.

2013 figures were given in a recent report by Swedish Public Radio. In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.

The Media Loves Grieving Parents (As Long As They’re Attacking Trump and Not Hillary)

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 MSM Khan Bullshit

For several days, the media has been gushing about Khizr Kahn’s emotional speech — and his forceful denunciation of GOP nominee Donald Trump — at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. Kahn’s son, 27-year-old Army captain Humayun Khan, was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004.

One cannot help but notice, however, the difference between the media’s reaction to Mr. Khan’s speech at the DNC and the speech that Patricia Smith, whose son was killed in the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, gave at the Republican convention one week earlier. Fighting back tears, Smith accused Hillary Clinton of lying to her face about the circumstances of her son’s death.

Israeli company shows interest in making Trump's US-Mexico border wall a reality

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An Israeli company credited with building the defense barrier that crowns the Gaza Strip has signaled its interest in helping construct a controversial border wall proposed by US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a report published by Bloomberg News Tuesday.

Sa'ar Koursh, owner of Magal Security Systems Ltd., told Bloomberg in an interview last month that his expertise in constructing security barriers in Israel and across the globe could help bring the candidate's proposal into reality. 

Franklin Graham rips pope over Islamic terror 'It's a religion that calls on soldiers to shout 'Allahu Akbar' as they behead, rape'

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 Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, who heads up the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse relief charity, has rebuked Pope Francis for saying that while the world is at war, the conflict has nothing to do with religion.

“It most certainly is a war of religion,” Graham said in a posting on Facebook.

More @ WND

Benghazi Victim's Dad: Hillary Clinton Is Still Lying to Us and American People

The pot calling the kettle black on a planted question: Obama calls Trump woefully unprepared :)

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Barack Obama held a press conference today with Prime Minister Lee of Singapore.

Obama and Lee promoted the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement in their opening statements.
Then Obama WENT OFF for SIX MINUTES ATTACKING TRUMP at Presser with Prime Minister of Singapore.

The first question from reporters to Obama was about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Obama went off for several minutes on Trump. The former community organizer criticized Trump for beng “woefully unprepared” to be president.

Syria: Children’s Hospital Destroyed In Yet Another Terrorist Attack By The US Led Coalition

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Just days after the terrorist attack in Nice, France which saw 84 people killed we saw the opposing Terrorist Organisation also know as the US Government and it’s allies kill over 100 civilians in Manjib, Syria. Now we see another attack on a ‘Save The Children’ Maternity Hospital in North-Western Syria.
The BBC reports:
The charity said several babies were hurt when incubators crashed to the floor, a pregnant woman lost a leg and two others suffered shrapnel wounds. 
Syria Relief, the aid agency that manages the hospital, said those killed were relatives of patients. Save the Children said the hospital was the biggest in the area, carrying out more than 300 deliveries a month. At the time of the bombing, two operations were under way and a woman was in labour, a statement said.
Sonia Khush, the charity’s Syria director, said the bombing was “a shameful act”.
“There is no excuse, and unfortunately this is only the latest in a series of strikes on health facilities in Syria,” she said.
“We condemn these attacks, which are illegal under international law, in the strongest possible terms. We need an immediate ceasefire across Syria and an end to the appalling bombing of medical facilities.”
The State funded mainstream media is of course not blaming the US Coalition for these attacks, however such attacks were unheard of prior to their ‘help’ in destroying Syria. However as Activist Post quite rightly points out bombs falling from skies was almost unheard of prior to the West’s Military Industrial Complex took up residence in Syria.
 More @ Middle East Rising