Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1965 Shelby GT350 Fastback Shelby No. 277, Highly Original

My '65 Hi-Po was maroon. So much bourbon had been spilled on the carpet that you could probably get high just sniffing. :)




$475,000 - $575,000


  • No. 277 of 521 Street GT350s produced in 1965
  • Three owners, 27,000 miles from new
  • Spent an amazing 43 of its 51 years carefully stored
  • One of two 1965 GT350s known to retain its original window sticker
  • Shipped to McAnary Ford, Inc. in Gary Indiana on May 26, 1965
  • Factory LeMans stripes and Cragar wheels
  • More @ MECUM


  1. Beautiful,

    Back in AZ my old shop did race prep for several of these for SVRA vintage racing. One of the cars was an original Hertz car, very rare, awesome history and worth a metric ton of money.
    It's kinda funny but with modern 'vintage' engine builds, shock technology, tires and brake fluid/pads these cars are significantly faster than they ever were but still slow compared to the modern hunks of crap they build these days.

    Anyways, A 65 fastback is at the very top of my list for a 'driver', with modern A/C and some suspension upgrades.

    1. A 65 fastback is at the very top of my list

      Look for two! Brand new with all the goodies it was $3,200, but I got a friend's who lost his insurance with 5K on it for $2,500. I sold it when I went to Vietnam for $1,950. It wouldn't downshift into third anymore and the roof had been poorly repaired after a girlfriend stomped the top in after she caught with another. :)