Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Plague of Ignorance, Apathy and Ancient Evils.

Via comment by JWMJR on The Napoleon of the Current Year


A week or so ago I wrote a piece asking when the public would reach its tipping point in regards to the ongoing human slaughter at the hands of Islam. Well today I reached a tipping point of my own. Not in regards to Islam per se, but in regards to all the whimpering, crybaby, selfish, petulant jerks of the so called Republican pundit class. These self appointed Czars of conservative orthodoxy have finally pushed too far.

I can't  and won't claim to speak for anyone but myself, but I know I am not alone in the feelings I am about to express. But I would appreciate my readers who share this opinion to pass it on to any and all of their like minded friends.

Collectively this entire bunch of know-it-all's has been bellyaching about the poison of political correctness for the last two decades at least. For nearly as long we've heard lecture after lecture about how foolish and destructive Bush Derangement Syndrome was/is and that it was little more than a rhetorical distraction from the political class's (both Republicans and Democrats) inability and to get anything done beyond running their mouths about what they claimed to think needs to be done.

Well now the primary season is over and for the first time in over a third of a century the Republican voters have demonstrated loud and clear who and what they want. And guess what, it is exactly what these selfish jerks have been claiming they stand for for just about as long.  Only problem is Trump actually means it and he is giving no indication that he is going to sell out to the apparatchiks of Wall Street and the one party state.


  1. I am fed up with them as well and have sent small sums to a few candidates trying to replace Ryan, McCain, and even some to Dan Almond. The rinos are as big a whiners as the old Indiana senator, Richard Lugar, who did all he could to sabotage the candidate who beat him in the primary. Expect the same from McCain and Ryan. It is time to throw the political perverts OUT.

    1. It is time to throw the political perverts OUT.

      Post haste! :)

  2. These political perverts are NOT, nor never have been republicans nor conservatives. They have been Trojan horses in our midsts for decades, hiding in plain sight. They should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on rails! Traitors, every last one of them!!! Remember their names well!...for they WILL try to enter our good graces again sometime down the road.....snakes!