Thursday, October 28, 2021

On “Southern” Slavery


It has become fashionable to bash the South – not only by removing war memorials or looking the other way as they are vandalized, but even in discussions of things like slavery.  It’s never just slavery; it’s Southern slavery.  The existence of slavery in the North has been whitewashed and sent down the memory hole.

Frankly, most of our American history as we learn it in school – especially in recent decades – is court history.  It is a narrative.  In the age of political correctness, our American history has been rewritten, often by Socialists and extreme leftists who have a Marxist (Economic or Cultural) agenda.  Often the best history books are the older texts.  And the very best ones are based on the original sources themselves – the compilation of which is painstaking and a great exercise in patience.

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Ireland Has Massive New COVID Outbreak Despite 91% Vaccination Rate

 Ireland COVID-19 numbers

Ireland has a 91% vaccination rate, one of the highest in the world.

Ireland also is experiencing a major outbreak.

New National Parks Guideline Advises We Avoid the Term ‘Americans’

Via Lew

If you thought the “cancel culture” movement was bad, just wait until you hear this story. On Tuesday, the nation’s leading parks nonprofit released a lengthy guide on how to speak in “woke” terms. The written diatribe included tips like this: avoid using the term “Americans.” It also gave details about how to keep the term “white” lowercase, but that the term “Black” should be capitalized.

This information came from the National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) exhaustive 17-page “Equity Language Guide.” This document is intended for parks and recreation professionals and it provided detailed instructions on what words were now acceptable or unacceptable in speaking about race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

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23,000 Votes Came From One Address In Wisconsin

Firefly222, 18 hours ago

The primary purpose of the Deep State instigated the Capital “riot” was to shut down the Senate debate AROUND THE WAY THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. That was its real purpose and I wish more people would recognize that. The “riot” was an orchestrated false flag intelligence operation closely coordinated with compliant elements of mainstream media. The only "insurrection" in Washington was the deep state coup that installed a senile puppet as our president. Of course, after they achieved their prime objective of shutting down the Senate investigation into the rigged 2020 election, they shifted to using it as the excuse for installing their totalitarian police state. DOMINION

Lori Lightfoot Booed Off the Stage for First Time Ever in Chicago

A red wave is coming. If Democrats are getting booed off the stage in deep-blue cities, then you know their days are numbered.,Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was speaking at a union fundraiser. Keep in mind that the unions overwhelmingly support Democrats.Well, at the fundraiser, things got so bad that Lori Lightfoot was booed off the stage.

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It Wasn’t About Slavery, Exposing the Great Lie of the Civil War by Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr.


Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr. has a remarkable ability to cut right to the chase when analyzing history. It no doubt comes from his extensive knowledge and perspective gained from a lifetime of writing (over 40 books) and reading about the events of the past which define us today.

The text of the inside front cover of Mitcham's It Wasn't About Slavery, Exposing the Great Lie of the Civil War starts with "If you think the Civil War was fought to end slavery, you've been duped."

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'Did You Seek An Ethics Opinion?' Cruz Fights With Garland Over Son-In-Law's Business

New Data: COVID Case Rates Among The ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Are Now Higher Than The ‘Not Vaccinated’


“In individuals aged greater than 30, the rate of a positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated.”

The American people have been inundated with the phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as the White House has embarked on a relentless push for universal Covid ‘vaccination’ for months regardless of medical necessity.

But new data out of the United Kingdom throws into question whether vaccination is a public health matter at all, given that the so-called vaccines’ ability to slow the spread is dubious at best.

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NC Teacher’s Group Run by a Communist Committed to Revolution

Via John

The Tarheel State’s largest teachers’ association is led by a high school history teacher called Bryan Proffitt. Sounds normal, except Proffitt is a “revolutionary” communist working for the Chinese-affiliated group Liberation Road.

Formed in 1970, the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) claims to be “the ONE VOICE of educators,” but the group also represents school employees (bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers), retired teachers, as well “student members.” According to think tank Civitas, NCAE has roughly 29K members and rakes in revenues of $8.3 million per year.

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The Remedy

Via Bill 

 I have a great deal to do today – yes, Gentle Reader, I have a life away from the computers, as implausible as that may sound – so this will be a brief piece. First, the response to:

 …has been overwhelming. It suggests that I’ve touched a nerve that’s been just short of firing, possibly for a long time. I hope that’s to the good.

Second, I’m not the only writer in the Internet Commentariat thinking along those lines:

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