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Dem Compares Obamacare Fight to Gettysburg

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Rep. Jim McDemott

Well, all I've got to say is that it is fine with me, as long as it turns out differently this time.:)

 Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) compared those who oppose Obamacare to the South in the Civil War saying, “This is Gettysburg, this is the big battle and after this the Civil War was pretty much down hill for the South. That’s really what’s happening here for the forces against Obamacare.” 

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Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) compared those who oppose Obamacare to the South in the Civil War saying, “This is Gettysburg, this is the big battle and after this the Civil War was pretty much down hill for the South. That’s really what’s happening here for the forces against Obamacare.” - See more at:

Stanton and His Radical Masters

 Should have had him on the list also, JWB.

Longtime-Democrat Edwin Stanton was appointed Attorney General during the cabinet crisis by Buchanan in December 1860, though at the same time hobnobbing with Charles Sumner and other influential radical Republicans.  As noted below, freeing the slaves was not so much a humanitarian policy as much as denying their use to the American South as soldiers or agricultural labor -- a replay of Lord Dunmore’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1775, and Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane’s edict in 1814, and for the same purpose.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Stanton and His Radical Masters

“Crusades, like politics, sometimes make strange bedfellows. Few antislavery Radicals in 1860 would have guessed that a member of [President James] Buchanan’s cabinet, an outspoken critic of Lincoln and the Republican party, would become, by 1862, a valuable and enthusiastic ally.  But then, few men ever were ingenious enough to predict the course Edwin M. Stanton might follow from one day to the next.  Even today it is difficult to assess the degree of Stanton’s Radical Republicanism.

Although he had been a Democrat since his college days and had served in a Democratic cabinet . . . He was in complete sympathy the Radical’s demands for a vigorous prosecution of the war and for the emancipation and military employment of Negro slaves.  Yet, he never committed himself clearly to the economic program of the Republican party: the high tariff, the Homestead Act, national banking, and a sound currency. 

Though he used the considerable power of the War Department to aid Republican candidates in wartime elections, he used it also to benefit War Democrats, many of whom could never quite believe that he had really deserted the old party. 

Stanton, then, was a true Union man, a partisan of any politician who believed, as he did, that the Southern Confederacy was a conspiracy of traitors and that total war was necessary to destroy it. 
In his hands, emancipation and the military use of Negroes became weapons of war.

Seldom did he consider the long-term implications of the war; his concern centered on the immediate task of defeating the Confederacy with every means at hand. But he had the prescience enough to realize that emancipation, though it would eliminate the problem of slavery, would at the same time create the problem of the freed Negroes.  Impetuous and forceful , Stanton could not sympathize with Lincoln’s cautious approach to the problem. 

[Horace Greely prophetically predicted that under Stanton] “no General or other officer of the army will more than once return a fugitive slave.”  [Stanton’s predecessor, Simon Cameron in his final report stated:] “Can we afford to send them forward to their masters to be by them armed against us, or used in producing supplies to sustain the rebellion?” 

Stanton recognized in the Radicals the strongest single bloc in Congress, a group to be cultivated and respected [as they had] worked hard to put him in the War Department. 

It was [then] easy for the Radicals to demand publicly a war policy which would include emancipation and the military use of freed Negroes.  [General David Hunter was rebuked by Lincoln for arming Negroes and Stanton publicly denied any responsibility, but] General Hunter’s subordinates charged later that Stanton had expressly authorized the action and that he had furnished guns and uniforms for the troops. 

In spite of the Hunter affair, and without the President’s consent, he had tolerated isolated instances of using Negroes as soldiers . . .  and few obstacles impeded the secretary’s policy of enlisting and arming the fugitives.  The entire structure of slavery, he believed, could be transformed from a bulwark of the South agricultural economy into a weapon on which to impale its defenders.  

“The power of the rebels rests upon their peculiar system of labor,” he insisted, and it was the duty of the Union to strike down that system, to “turn against the rebels the productive power that upholds the insurrection.”  Next to the armed might of the Union, he considered the Emancipation Proclamation, with its military implications, the strongest weapon in the Northern arsenal.” 

(Blueprint for Radical Reconstruction, John G. Sproat, Journal of Southern History, Volume XXIII, Number 1, February 1957, pp. 25-29, 31-33)

Oil Patch Town

                                               Story of my life, and someone else wrote it.



The Boehner-Cantor Republican Dream Act Inviting Titanic Disaster

About two-thirds of an iceberg is underwater. The underwater portion in the case of a Republican Dream Act is the 1965 Act's expanded family reunification rules allowing new citizens to sponsor not only spouse and minor children, but also siblings, PARENTS, etc.

So instead of about 3 million, you would get 6 to 9 million, and probably with much Democrat sympathy and encouragement for speedy execution. However, it will get no cheers from the unemployed or underemployed, or any thinking person who desires an improved job market. Also, as a very reliable rule of thumb, amnesties beget more amnesties AND more illegal immigrants.

Review the fiscal and political consequences of such move, and you will find the proposed Boehner-Cantor Republican Dream Act to be a golden chalice filled with deadly economic and political poison. Lets hope that very few Republican members of Congress fall for this Republican Party and nation destroying back door to a major amnesty.

The RMS Titanic received 8 iceberg warnings before gashing its starboard side on an iceberg and sinking a few hours later. Lets hope the sinking of the Titanic does not become an appropriate analogy to the Republican Party sinking itself by a failure to see past the emotional appeal of amnesties to the reality of their deadly fiscal, economic, and political consequences.

The Heritage Foundation has some other good reasons to avoid a Republican Dream Act.

Write, call, fax, email, or visit your Member of Congress ASAP to make sure they are not on the path to national, Republican, and their own political disaster.

 Mike Scruggs

Gowdy: Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer a ‘demagogic, self-serving, political hack’

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy slammed Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer as a “demagogic, self-serving, political hack,” at the conclusion of a House immigration hearing Tuesday.

Gowdy’s comments came in reaction to a tweet Pfeiffer dispatched earlier in the day that highlighted an editorial in “La Opinion” and read, “La Opinion nails the cruel hypocrisy of the GOP immigration plan:allow some kids to stay but deport their parents.”“When I see quotes like I did today from someone named Dan Pfeiffer — who apparently works for the president — I think he’s the same Dan Pfeiffer that once said that laws are irrelevant. And he tweeted out today that our plan is to ‘allow some kids to stay but deport their parents. He summarized this entire debate with that tweet.”

“So I want to complement you and thank you for not being a demagogic, self-serving, political hack,” he said to the assembled witnesses, noting that Pfeiffer also could not be elected to Congress.

“I want to thank you for not being that and understanding these are complex issues where reasonable minds can perhaps differ,” he concluded.

Report: Snowden Granted Entry to Russia


Russia's immigration services has granted permission to NSA whistleblower/leaker Edward Snowden according to a source. 

“The American is currently getting ready to leave. He will be given new clothes. Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena will bring the papers he needs to leave the transit zone of the airport,” says Interfax citing an airport source familiar with the situation. The migration service would not immediately confirm the information.

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Congress to probe " Extortion 17" crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members

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Congress has launched an investigation of the helicopter crash that killed 30 Americans in Afghanistan, including members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 unit, The Hill has learned.

The victims’ families say the Pentagon hasn’t provided answers to their many questions about the deadly attack, which took place on Aug. 6, 2011, three months after Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by Team 6 forces.

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Sen. Richard Shelby: Obama had nothing to do with Airbus

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U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, criticized President Barack Obama for a jobs speech today in which Obama touted Airbus' plans to build an aircraft assembly plant in Mobile.

Obama mentioned the Airbus project during a major economic address delivered today at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill.

“Add it all up, and over the past 40 months, our businesses have created 7.2 million new jobs. This year, we are off to our strongest private-sector job growth since 1999," Obama said during the hour-long speech. "And because we bet on this country, foreign companies are, too. Right now, more of Honda’s cars are made in America than anywhere else. Airbus will build new planes in Alabama."

Shelby fired back in an interview on CNN, saying the Obama administration "has always been about more taxes and more regulations."

"That’s not what creates jobs in this country. That’s not what brings foreign direct investment," Shelby said. "My state of Alabama has benefited from foreign direct investment. Look at Airbus. The President has nothing to do with that. Not to my knowledge. We’ve got a good workforce. We’ve got a good engineering school in Mobile, Alabama. We have the right to work laws. What we need is structural reform, not more rhetoric."

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Can We Become the 52nd State: West Carolina?

Effort To Create New State Called 'North Colorado'



Seriously. Western North Carolina (and Eastern North Carolina) is not even considered to be flyover territory in Raleigh. Consider what would happen if a new 52nd state (assuming North Colorado is 51st) of West Carolina was formed that would not be under the control of Raleigh/Charlotte power brokers. We could have a new Constitution which was not illegally mandated by the federal government in 1868 (see surrender letter). We could decide our regulatory guidelines and tax base.

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Texas Congressman John Carter Fights ATF Rifle Registration with Amendment to Defund Federal Registry, Passes!

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“Buying and owning a gun is the right of each and every American. Frankly the federal government has been stepping all over that right and it’s time to rein it in…The government has no business tracking the gun purchases of law-abiding citizens. American’s should not be placed on a watch list for simply exercising their constitutional rights. President Obama should focus his attention on criminals rather than honest citizens exercising their rights.”
 -Congressman Carter on defunding the ATF Southwest Rifle Registration Program

Texas Congressman John Carter is standing up for gun owners and the gun industry with new legislation targeting and stopping the ATF Federal Rifle Registration Program by defunding it.

Congressman Carter introduced his Amendment to the 2014 Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill, which would defund the unconstitutional ATF rifle registration program by forbidding any federal funds be used for it in accordance with Section 923 of Title 18, United States Code, US law related to licensing in the American gun industry. The Amendment passed and will go to the House of Representatives within the 2014 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Bill.
Quoting from Congressman Carter’s Pro-Gun Amendment:

VIRAL Pics of SC Governor Nikki Haley at the Shooting Range

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VIRAL Pics of SC Governor Nikki Haley at the Shooting Range

BS’s Charlotte affiliate reported:
Haley toured FN Manufacturing in Columbia Friday. During her visit, she took time to fire several of the company’s guns.
“We came to celebrate another one of our manufacturers,” Haley said in a video posted on YouTube. “What a source of pride this is for South Carolina and for the country.”
The Columbia gun manufacturer makes M4’s, M240’s and M249’s, which Gov. Haley’s husband Michael, who is in the National Guard, uses during his current deployment in Afghanistan.
“This is one of our great manufacturers in South Carolina. They happen to manufacture guns, but what I spoke about with the executives here is, ‘What’s the business climate like?’” Haley said. “The fact that we’ve got a lot of different manufacturers looking at South Carolina, whether they’re gun-related or not, continues to speak highly for our state.”

The Recipe

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Recipe for Success

There is absolutely nothing from the Founding Fathers – and I mean nothing – in which they said your number one course of action in response to massive, repeated constitutional violations should be to “vote the bums out.”

They never said that.  Nowhere.  Ever.

For some reason, though, opponents of endless federal power seem to pull the “vote the bums out” card first.  And a vast majority of them seem to have just that one card – and no others.

Wherever I speak around the country, “vote the bums out” is the first thing people tell me needs to be done to fix problems created by the federal government.  People everywhere back this up with their money.   The 2012 elections saw around $6 Billion dollars spent.

Six Billion dollars.  Anyone who complains about how Congress spends money should be appalled at this utter waste of resources.

When Congress spends hundreds of dollars on a toilet seat, at least they get something to sit on.

When you spend your hard-earned money on federal candidates that are going to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, you get nothing.  Zilch.

“Government today is bigger and more unconstitutional than it was before the last election.”

If you could travel through time, you could make that statement in any of the last 100 years and you’d almost never be wrong.

“Voting the bums out” has proven to be a complete and utter failure as a strategy.

Monsanto Buys BLACKWATER the largest mercenary army in the world

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A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (later called Xe Services and more recently “Academi”) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.

"Moratorium On Brains"


The best line yet from Atlas Shrugs.

Coming soon: America's own Islamic 'no-go' zones

Coming soon to dozens of locations across the United States: America’s own “no-go” zones where Muslims install their own courts, government, justice and punishment, much like the zones that already exist across the European Union.

That’s according to Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network.

His organization has been so strong in its opposition to radical Muslim expansion in the U.S., he’s been targeted in a $30 million defamation lawsuit by a group called Muslims of the Americas, founded by Pakistan Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani.

The claims are that Muslims of the Americas was damaged by CAN’s publication of the book “Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamist Terrorist Training Camps Inside America.”

The book accuses Muslims of the Americas of “acting as a front for the radical Islamist group Jamaat al-Fuqra.”

CAN leaders Tuesday told WND the case is at the stage of exchanging documents in preparation for further discovery.

Mawyer recently told Fox News that the leaders of the Muslim organization “feel they have to defend themselves to their own members,” because he would have expected the case to be dropped. It is based on the claims of a former New York informant who posed as a member of the Muslims group and alleged it was involved in “street crimes, drugs, brothels, unemployment fraud and other offenses.”

More @ WND

"It will end how it has to end: in class war, race war, free men vs statists."

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 My time in the Marine Corps is coming to an end. I could stay in the organization as long as I wish, but I feel there is no point. All the talented officers I know are resigning

I wanted to share with Atlas readers a letter I received from a Marine captain I correspond with from time to time. His missive is tragic, and articulates all that I have warned of, predicted and worried so over for years. It bodes most ill ........

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Men carrying fake gun shot by real one in robbery attempt

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Two would-be robbers were shot Friday night after they burst into a home with a fake gun and, authorities said, met a person inside with a real one.

The two men were in serious condition at the hospital Friday night, and both had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies were called to the home in the 4400 block of Land O'Lakes Boulevard shortly before 6 p.m.

Five people, including a 2-year-old, were inside the home at the time of the attempted robbery, according to authorities.

No one inside was injured, deputies said, but a visitor to the home pulled out a .40-caliber handgun and shot the two men.

The suspected robbers stumbled outside and collapsed on the sidewalk.

New Yorkers attacked with hammers by black youths

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via The New York Post:

Two men were attacked blocks apart in Harlem early yesterday by a hammer-wielding gang of thugs, police sources said.

The first victim of the seemingly random violence, Timmie Sampson, 31, was hit in the head with a hammer outside 1370 Fifth Ave., at East 115th Street, at about 12:45 a.m.

Sources said he was set upon by a gang of five or six black males wearing white T-shirts, and that at least one of the goons struck him over the head with a hammer.

Although I'm a New Yorker, I have not stepped a foot into Harlem in over 20 years and for good reason. Ten years ago, Michael Bloomberg attempted to gentrify Black and Hispanic neighborhoods through NYC. Bloomberg's plan, if successful, would have relocated the people living in those communities, which also happened to be high crime area but in the midst of gentrification came the recession. Next came the useful idiots, i.e., young Caucasian Communists, Socialists aka Occupy Wall Street goons, most of whom are middle class or elitists with a trust fund don’t have a clue.

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

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Who's fault is it when someone chooses to rape, rob, beat someone, murder, deface or steal someone else's property and generally behave like a thug?

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This gets really tiring.... (Robert Reich vomits forth)
In other words, much in modern America depends on where you draw boundaries, and who's inside and who's outside. Who is included in the social contract? If "Detroit" is defined as the larger metropolitan area that includes its suburbs, "Detroit" has enough money to provide all its residents with adequate if not good public services, without falling into bankruptcy. Politically, it would come down to a question of whether the more affluent areas of this "Detroit" were willing to subsidize the poor inner-city through their tax dollars, and help it rebound. That's an awkward question that the more affluent areas would probably rather not have to face.
It is?

Look Robert, I happen to know more than a bit about what happened in Detroit.  My family on my father's side grew up and lived in River Rouge.  Yes, that suburb of Detroit -- a place of steel plants, car plants and other industry.  A gentrified area that slowly turned into a sewer.

Here's the real "awkward" question -- what is your rational response when crime starts to move higher where you live? Should you simply sit and take it as your cars are stolen, your building defaced, your daughter raped, your grandmother mugged on the way back from church, and in addition pay ever-higher taxes in order to "suppress" these changes?  Or is it more rational to move and let the animals fight among themselves -- a process that continues until there are only animals left?

While Diving Souza Rock on the Central California Coast Divers have a close call with HumpBack Whales

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NC: Spanish fort discovered in Morganton

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Before the Lost Colony at Roanoke Island, before the Jamestown settlement in Virginia, there was Fort San Juan in the North Carolina foothills.

Archaeologists studying a ceremonial mound from a Native American town called Joara last month discovered the first inland fort built by Europeans in the New World, near present-day Morganton.
For nearly three decades, researchers worked at what’s known as the Berry archaeological site, certain it could reveal clues about the presence of one of six Spanish forts from the 16th century. But they lacked the evidence for any of the fortifications until now.

The discovery “solidifies our interpretation that we have found Joara and Fort San Juan,” said David Moore, an archaeologist at Warren Wilson College near Asheville and a co-director of the 27-year excavation project.

Read more here:

Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System

 great seal of ussa

…The key ingredient in bringing tyranny to America is a left-right coalition that will institutionalize the Surveillance State, and destroy the last remnants of the Bill of Rights. United on the need to continue America’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere, this left-right coalition is closing ranks in Congress and in the hawkish wings of both parties in defense of the Surveillance State.

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