Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comment On Civil War (Sic) Requiem
53rd NC Ft. Mahone, Petersburg

53rd NC Ft. Mahone, Petersburg. The boy above was 14.


Saw the video had to replay it several times, as these pictures unlike the thousands we all have viewed, caused me to sense these deaths in a more personal AND heartfelt sorrow.

For all who view this wonderful site, please remember:


For, as long as but a hundred of us remain, alive, never will we on any condition be brought under Union rule.


Jerry Wells

Armed Gangs Free Muslim Militants In Egypt And Sectarian Riots Continue
"Gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn Sunday, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates as police vanished from the streets of Cairo and other cities."
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Christians, Muslims clash in Alexandria; police fire live rounds; 40 injured
"The riots were touched off Friday by knife attacks at three Coptic Christian churches, which killed one man and wounded up to 16 other people. A mentally ill man is being held in the stabbings."

ATF Reportedly Retaliating Against ‘Project Gunwalker’ Whistleblower


AP reportedly has copy of Grassley letter to ATF

One of the ATF sources involved with “Project Gunwalker” (allegations by insiders from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that bureau management allowed guns to be transported across the border into Mexico and kept the authorities there in the dark) indicates management pressure is now being brought to bear against at least one suspected whistleblower."

ATF Shotgun Study: Nothing Less Than An Assault On Our Culture/Military Traditions And Interests

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" This is going to get mighty ugly. It is also one of the STUPIDEST things I think Obama could do --- people are really angry that the Government allowed a bunch of thieving bankers to walk away unscathed; to keep what amounts to fraudulently obtained/stolen money; and bailed the thieving bankers out --- while letting THEM economically dissipate, losing houses, savings, 401(k)'s, and their jobs. Obama STILL doesn't get the jobs thing. When he starts messing around trying to make gun control a central issue at a time of serious economic hardship, the implication that the Government is going after private ownership of guns, is going to provoke a lot of hostilities, but that's just my view."

Death On A Pale Horse

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"His tall gaunt form, his grey locks floating in the breeze, and the color of his steed distinguishing him from the other Americans, and the British gave him the name of 'Death on the Pale Horse'.The utmost endeavors of his enemies to kill him were unavailing. He passed through the whole melee unscathed and unhurt. Once a bayonet charge drove the old man and the party with which he was acting to a distance from the foe, but he was out of ammunition and was then compelled to pick some up, but he ere long returned to the charge and this time killed an officer, and after that exploit, the report of his piece was frequently heard till the close of the fight. His powerful white horse careening at full speed over the hills with the dauntless old man on his back, was continuously seen. The British learned to dread the frequent appearances of this dire rider at unexpected points along he route of their passage, for his aim was true, and the economical principals in which he was trained forbade his wasting powder and ball."

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Gerald Celente: Government Hijacked By Wall Street

Criminals, all.

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Politicians Have Run Out Of The Middle Class's Money

"The American middle class is on the verge of collapse, at which point it will almost certainly revolt in some manner"

AmRen Conference Attacked Again

This last statement, according to Jared Taylor, is an abosolute lie. “Safety of the guests?” From what? From whom? The Communists thugs and the City Councilmen, apparently. Certainly not from American Renaissance. The opposition alone is making the threats, just like last year.

Virtual Civil War (Sic)

A North Carolina reenactor pauses to think about the soldier he is portraying by the North Carolina Memorial during Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA.  © Mike Lynaugh North Carolina reenactors retrace the steps the soldiers they are portraying took during the charge that has become known as "Pickett's Charge" on that fateful day on this exact land 145 years ago during Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA.  © Mike Lynaugh

Much more HERE.

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IDF Fields Merkava Tanks With M339 Kalanit 120mm Multi-Purpose Round

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Armored Corps were recently equipped with Israel Military Industry's (IMI) new High Explosive Multi-Purpose (HE-MP) M339 tank round (Hebrew: Kalanit).

Mubarak's Survival Strategy And Looting As Counter-Insurgency!/image/71600809.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_600/71600809.jpg?image=2

"Mubarak's strategy for combating the open source protest is now becoming clear. It's to create a vacuum. De-escalate and out-wait the protest.

Here it is with more detail:"



"It could also help provide cover to the regime globally (hitting the Egyptian Museum was smart in this respect, given how many people around the world care much more for the artifacts there than the freedom of 80 m Egyptians)."

Unknown Rifle

Does anyone have a clue?