Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Issa Has His Nails Out & Good!

Poll: Most support House look at radical Islam in USA
"One in five (22%) Americans believes U.S. Muslims want to establish Shariah law here"
Then I must assume that 78% of Americans are illiterate.BT

The chairman, primarily, wants information on borrowers who were a “current or former member, officer or employee of the U.S. Congress; a current or former officer or employee of a government-sponsored enterprise; or a current or former officer or employee of a state and local government.”
Stick it to them, Sir!

Saiga 12 Rifles/Magazines/Drums Update

"What this country needs are more unemployed politicians."
-- Edward Langley, American Artist (1925-1995)

We have been receiving several hundred calls each day for the last three weeks with customers wanting to purchase SGM Tactical magazines, MD 20 drums, and Saiga 12s. We are currently working overtime to get orders out, but there is still a 2 business day delay on shipping of all orders. Please do not call immediately after your order is made to check on the status. Calling to check on the status of your order only delays your order from being shipped. As soon as your package ships, you will receive a tracking number emailed to you on the order. If detailed tracking information is important to you, select FedEx or UPS from the drop down menu. Otherwise, the order will probably be shipped Priority mail. Priority mail is normally very reliable, but the tracking system is intended for delivery confirmation only.

Saiga 12 Shipment We just received a small shipment of Mach 1 Arsenal Converted Saiga 12s as well as a few unconverted Arsenal Saiga 12s. These have been added to the website under Saiga 12 and the firearms tab.

Magazine and Drum Back Orders We are receiving a large shipment of magazines on Friday. By Monday, we should have 90% of all backordered MD20 drums, SKS 75 round drums, SGM Tactical 12 round 12 gauge magazines, SGM Tactical 10 round 12 gauge magazines, and SGM Tactical 25 round 308 magazines. The balance will be shipped by Thursday ( 2/24/2011).

Thank you for being patient.
Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc.

Governor Schweitzer Says Montana Will Defy Feds

"Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says the state will defy federal protections for gray wolves and kill packs that have been hurting elk herds.

Schweitzer also told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he is encouraging livestock owners north of Interstate 90 to shoot wolves that harass their animals. He says state game wardens would stop investigating wolf shootings in that part of the state."

Senator Grassley: ATF "Refused To Answer Specific Questions About The Facts & Circumstances

ATF hearing protection

This is better than a three ring circus! Couldn't enjoy this more. What do these imbeciles think, that Grassley isn't going to follow through? Ridiculous.
"........they refused to say whether the approximately 103 weapons seized according to the Jaime Avila indictment were the only seizures related to the nearly 770 weapons mentioned in the indictment. They refused to say whether the third assault rifle purchased by Avila in January 2010—the one not found at the scene of CBP Agent Brian Terry’s shooting—has been recovered elsewhere. When asked whether ATF had encouraged any gun dealer to proceed with sales to known or suspected traffickers such as Avila, the briefers said only that they did not have any “personal knowledge” of that.

Therefore, please provide the following documents to the Committee:"

Muslim Student Association Pledges Allegiance To The Muslim Brotherhood

Their “pledge of allegiance” is as follows:

Allah is my lord.
Islam is my life.
The Koran is my guide.
The Sunna is my practice.
Jihad is my spirit.
Righteousness is my character.
Paradise is my goal.
I enjoin what is right.
I forbid what is wrong.
I will fight against oppression.
And I will die to establish Islam.

This pledge is an adaptation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s credo:

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
The Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Horowitz vs. Khan

"A sidelight, but a momentous one, of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was the ongoing controversy over the connections of CPAC Board members Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan to the Muslim Brotherhood. David Horowitz detailed many of the troubling connections between Khan and the Brotherhood during his CPAC address; when challenged directly about this, Khan declared flatly: “There is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.” Sean Hannity had both Horowitz and Khan on his radio show Monday for a contentious half-hour of charge and counter-charge that often generated more heat than light; however, when the dust settled it was clear that Khan had not answered many of Horowitz’s most serious charges – and that CPAC, and the conservative movement in general, have a formidable problem in the Islamic supremacists and Islamic supremacist enablers in their midst."

“Oh Mamma, I Want Something To Eat So Bad.......

“Some time after her trip to Jonesboro [Georgia, Mary A.H. Gay] wrote,
late in 1864:

“We had spent the preceding day in picking out grains of corn from
cracks and crevices in bureau drawers, and other improvised troughs for
Federal horses, as well as in gathering up what was scattered on the
ground. In this way by diligent and persevering work, about a half
bushel was obtained from the now deserted camping ground of Garrard’s
cavalry, and this corn was thoroughly washed and dried, and carried by
me and Telitha to a poor little mill (which had escaped conflagration,
because too humble to attract attention), and ground into coarse meal.”

Returning from the mill one day, Miss Gay saw her mother running to meet
her to tell her that Mrs. Benedict, one of her neighbors, and the
latter’s little children were in an actual state of starvation. Mrs.
Benedict’s husband was in the Confederate Army and she and her children
had been supported by refugees driven from their own section by the
further invasion of the Federal Armies. Miss Gay at once cooked what
little food she had and prepared to divide it with the starving family.

“On the doorsteps,” she wrote, “sat the young mother, beautiful in
desolation, with a baby in her arms, and on either side of her a little
one, piteously crying for something to eat. “Oh mamma, I want something
to eat so bad. Of mamma, I am so hungry – give me something to eat.”
Thus the children were begging for what the mother had not to give. She
could only give them soothing words.”

(In Sherman’s Path, The Women of the South in War Times, Matthew Page
Andrews, pp. 307-308)

Via Richard, SWR

“Oh Mamma, I Want Something To Eat So Bad.......
Mush, Richard & PoP, SWR

"1 cup of yellow cornmeal; 1 cup cold water; 3 cups hot water; salt to taste. The cook combines the cornmeal with the cold water and allows it to sit for a few minutes, mixing the cornmeal with the water. Bring the 3 cups of water to the boil, and while it is heating, add the cornmeal mixture, stirring thoroughly. Add the salt and keep stirring until the mixture boils. Then, turn down the heat to low and allow it to simmer until thickened, about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally........add some hickory or hardwood smoked bacon drippings and some cracked black pepper."

England, Germany, France & Now The Netherlands: Multiculturalism Has Failed

"Christian Democrat leader Maxime Verhagen on Monday said the multicultural society has failed. He was speaking during the recording of tv show Nova College Tour, reports the Algemeen Dagblad"



SA Sucks shut down the EIGHTH time

"This is becoming a tad irritating. Sorry folks, they've done it again.

How they fear brings a smile to my face. This is fast becoming the most shut down blog of all time."

43 Wonderful Pictures

Julie Blackmon

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Senator Rand Paul Pushes Back On PATRIOT Act Extension

"The Senate yesterday proposed a three-year extension of the PATRIOT Act, a move that would not have allowed for any hearings, amendments, or debate. I objected to this deal. I realize that I might not have the votes to stop this bill, but we should at least discuss this in public as adults.

“We should have the opportunity to explain why the Constitution is being violated. We should talk about how we do not have to give up who we are in order to fight terrorism. It is not acceptable to willfully ignore the most basic provisions of our Constitution—in this case—the Fourth and First Amendments—in the name of ‘security.’

Roundabout via Bruce

An Amazing Dance

"It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world's believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition."
--Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, 1785

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What is States’ Rights? VI

“Our Rights are like a cookie, no matter how big the cookie and how small the bites, eventually you run out of cookie”

In Part 1 of this series a concept was presented that runs a bit contrary to current public conception – that the term States’ Rights can be used more for partisan benefit than a true effort to protect the God-Given Rights of the people. Part 2 demonstrated that as early as 1801 incursions attacking American Liberty and State’s Rights had already started and have continued to this day. Part 3 gave details on an obvious expansion of central government powers (authority) by legislative action. Part 4 began listing the causes of the failure of State’s Rights. Part 5 and this article continue listing the causes of the failure of States Rights.

Part 6 is the second continuation of: Cause # 2: Misconceptions about original Constitution of 1787 (prior to Bill of Rights) from Parts 4 and 5.

As a brief recap on the debate concerning the Virginia Plan (See Parts 4 & 5), a model for a“national” government, Mr. Morris of Pennsylvania clearly explained the difference between a federated and a national government as follows:

How Big Is The U.S. Debt? Unfathomable

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